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									When you are a sinusitis sufferer, do you sometimes get no relief from the standard
treatments? Even with your doctor prescribed antibiotics, are you finding it difficult to
clear up your sinuses? This isn 鈥檛 an uncommon condition. Of the almost 35
million Americans suffering from their sinus problems every year, many actually
never get any long term relief from their antibiotic treatments. That 鈥檚 why we 鈥
檙 e here to help with some alternative sinusitis remedies that can help you out with
your health woes.
  Sinus Background
  The sinuses are very important parts of your respiratory system. They are cavities in
our skull lined with tissues that serve as air filters for our bodies. The air you breathe
passes into the sinuses and the sinus cells clean up any undesired materials present.
The materials are then collected in mucus and the body flushes out these mucosal
secretions to keep the sinuses clean.
  Mucus Problems
  There are certain times when the body gets too excited about the mucus. If the body
perceives any material filtered in the sinuses to be a serious threat, it can start to
overproduce the mucus. This will make sure that the potential threat is trapped.
However, the excess production can sometimes become too great that the flushing
system has difficulty keeping up. When this happens, clogs and other problems start
鈥?eventually leading to sinusitis.
  Another problem is the constricting or narrowing of the passages that the body uses
to drain mucosal secretions. If these passages get swollen shut, the secretions and the
contaminants get trapped. Recent studies have revealed that there are many other
causes other than bacteria that cause this particular dilemma. This is why your
antibiotics may not be working for you.
  To start, it is always best to consult your physician for a proper diagnosis. Finding
the cause is definitely worth the time and effort. Allergies, fungi, or viruses can all be
at the root so take the time to get a proper diagnosis.
  Although there are many different causes, there are certain remedies that you can use
to help out the process. As was described above, the problem is in the overproduction
of mucus. This doesn 鈥檛 mean you have to stop the production. The mucosal
secretion is there to help out and trap the contaminants. What you want to do is help
the body flush it out.
  Sinus Irrigation
  A great technique you can try is some nasal irrigation with the use of a neti pot. The
Mayo Clinic suggests the use of saline or salt solution with your neti pot to help drain
the mucus. Don 鈥檛 use regular tap water or plain water; without the salt content,
the water can worsen the situation.
  There are some wonderful medicinal herbs out there. Consult your physician about
medicinal herbs that can help you flush out the mucus. Pepper, horseradish, and
eucalyptus are all great natural decongestants. They can be applied directly in oil form
(eucaluptus), inhaled (horseradish),or taken orally (pepper). Some of the oils can be
inhaled through steam inhalation.
  Keeping your body 鈥檚 natural defenses up is a very good way to keep yourself
sinusitis free. The body 鈥檚 immune system, functioning at a high capacity, has the
ability to defend the body against most common infections. You can boost your
immune system through some good daily living habits: eating, sleeping, and
exercising right.
  Drinking the proper amount of water actually helps too. Recent studies show that
most Americans don 鈥檛 drink the proper amount of water per day. Try drinking
more water; you 鈥檇 be surprised how much this can help you with your nasal

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