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					Often abbreviated as TFT-LCD, a Thin Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display
monitor is the latest model of computer monitors that have become highly popular
these days. Bypassing the era of CRT monitors, TFT LCD monitor now rules every
household & office. In spite of being on the costlier side, these monitors add comfort
to the eyes & give better picture quality to the users. The flat paneled TFT LCD TV is
also increasingly gaining popularity.
  Mostly shortened to just LCD monitors, the liquid crystals in these monitors display
the dual property of liquid & crystal thereby providing flexibility & sophistication in
design. The transistor is instrumental in providing high voltage & thus giving
excellent picture quality. TFT LCD monitor comes in 2 varieties. An active-matrix &
a passive-matrix TFT display. The main difference between the two is as the name
suggests passive matrix TFT LCD monitors offer low refresh rate & lower picture
quality. Active-matrix TFT displays have greater control over the individual pixel thus
allowing a higher refresh rate that in turn gives high quality picture resolution. Thus
while you will find active-matrix TFT LCD used in TVs & monitors, passive-matrix
is mostly used in mobiles, calculators & other digital devices where high clarity is
  However the only drawback of LCD monitor is in the fact that they have fixed
resolution i.e. native resolutions which means that they can only display an image in
the fixed no. of pixels present in its matrix. So lower resolution images are either
extrapolated i.e. overlapped, or shown in a fraction of the existing pixels. But the fact
that eye fatigue is reduced drastically in TFT LCD monitors, make them more
preferable. When going for a LCD monitor one should check the screen size, the
monitor resolution & also opt for a good contrast ratio that shows the vivid colors on
screen with good clarity. The viewing angle of a monitor is also an important factor to
look out for. Many TFT LCD monitors have default moving angle.
  The same criteria should be followed when shopping for a TFT LCD TV. Just like
the LCD monitors these also take up less space & are light-weight. And when power
consumption is taken into account, LCD monitors are the best bet. Many dealers offer
a wide range of flat-panel display monitors & TVs these days at affordable prices.
One can have the choice of shopping online & get good LCD monitor deals. A good
collection of online websites have on offer a wide range of LCD products. Samsung
monitor is one such high-quality brand that is available for you to purchase online. It’s
considered as one of the best brands worldwide when it comes to LCD products.
Samsung LCD products have carved a niche for themselves as far as quality &
customer satisfaction is concerned. So next time you wish to replace your monitor,
research well & go for a good TFT LCD one.
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