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					At BioPharm Systems, we pioneer innovations based on customer needs.
Our CTMS accelerator, ASCEND, speeds up implementations and brings
down costs.

ASCEND is a pre-configured and enhanced version of Siebel Clinical that is attractively priced
for small to medium-sized life sciences organizations. In addition to saving you time and money,
it includes robust capabilities found on many companies’ wish lists.

CTMS implementation options:                      Integrate your CTMS with these systems:
• On-Premises                                     • Clinical Data Management (CDM)
• Dedicated Hosting                               • Electronic Data Capture (EDC)
• Shared Hosting                                  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
• Subscription-Based                              • Financial
                                                  • Safety/Pharmacovigilance
                                                  • Electronic Document Management (EDM)
                                                  • Clinical Data Warehouse
                                                  • Systems at Partner Organizations

Contact us to learn more about how ASCEND can help your company rise to the top.

Description: Brochure that describes BioPharm Systems’ accelerator for Siebel Clinical. This accelerator enables sponsors and CROs to implement the clinical trial management system in approximately 10 weeks and for less money than a typical implementation.