; All Saints Boots Current Must-Have Footwear
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All Saints Boots Current Must-Have Footwear


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									The military boots by high-street fashion retailer All Saints are a common sight on the
streets of London town, on TV and in the magazines.

It would seem that for almost a year, whether on the busy brand avenues of Regent
and Oxford Street in central London, or in the up-and-coming fashionable East End of
Brick Lane and Spitalfields, where the HQ of All Saints can be found, you were
bound to come across members of the army of All Saints parading their military boots
manufacturer with pride. Now, as reported by Marie Clare, it would seem the army
has recruited on television and in magazines as well.

A unisex design, the calf-high military boots lends itself to be worn either under or
over the apparel adorning the legs, making it a versatile wear for their owners. Smart
yet edgy, it can be worn in almost all situations, whatever the tone might be.

The Military Look
The military boots manufacturer are comfortable, stylish and yet pretty hard-wearing.
Like all good boots, once the sole has worn they lend themselves easily for
replacement and are not likely to leave the foot tattered and torn, blistered after a
day’s walking around the city streets.

As the fashion has been for the last few years, the interest in the military look has
remained, though evolved from the brass button and sailor stripe look that
reintroduced the look from the '70s a few years back. The current look seems to look
toward the rough and rugged look, yet still with a sleek style. Something that All
Saints has no problem offering to its customers.

All Saint’s Over-Sea’s Expansion
All Saint’s, which started in 1994 as a menswear collection, offers a range that
offers a darker, grungier edge, which gives it a uniqueness over its leading high-street
fashion competitors.

The recent celebrity interest in the All Saint’s Military style military boots
manufacturer is publicity that could not have been timed better. The fashion retailer
has just opened its first outlet on American soil, setting up amongst the boutiques of
glamorous LA. It is a perfect home for the brand who clearly takes a lot of influence
from some of the great rock stars and icons who have, or still do, reside in the city.

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