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									AAP KI RASOI, a noble initiative of the Akshaya Patra Foundation, has come to the
rescue of thousands of people affected by floods in the National Capital Territory
(NCT) of Delhi. AAP KI RASOI program under 鈥楤 hagidari scheme 鈥?has come
forward for providing free meals to the flood affected victims. On Wednesday more
than 200 people were evacuated from the banks of the Yamuna in the capital as the
water level in the river touched an alarming level of 205.70 metres. With this, a total
of over 1,500 people have been shifted to around 160 relief camps set up by the
government. The river had crossed the danger level of 204.83 metres last week
following heavy and continuous rains. On 25th August, the foundation provided 350
meals to victims at the Yamuna bazaar and Jagatpura Village. The administration,
being pleased by the quantity and quality of food supplied, requested Akshaya Patra
Foundation to thereby continue to provide 1000 free meals to the affected. The
foundation has promptly responded and has started supplying 1050 hot cooked meals
to the affected areas including Burari Pump House and Vijay Ghat. Heavy rains
continued in the capital till noon on Tuesday, making it the fifth consecutive day of
heavy rainfall. Several low-lying residential areas along the Yamuna riverbank were
flooded. The Akshaya Patra Foundation is the largest NGO serving school meals
(mid-day meals) in government run schools of India. The behemoth program is a
strategic intervention in education which today serves nutritious mid-day meals to
about 12,28,580 school children in 18 locations in 8 states in the country. The
Akshaya Patra Foundation also provides free mid-day meals to the destitute
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