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Airsoft Electric Rifle - G_G GR15 Raider Blowback Airsoft Rifle


									This airsoft electric rifle is a very versatile electric gun that will give you exceptional
performance, especially in close quarter combat.
 It features a very realistic look and feel. It incorporates a rail monting system, a high
capacity magazine capable of holding 450 rounds of ammunition, and blasts the .2g
ammunition at 340 feet per second.
 The battery is located in the buttstock, which will allow you the freedeom to adjust
the stock length to fit your needs all the while protecting the battery wires as well.
The overall length when fully deployed is 34.5 inches, 4 inches less when not
extended. This gives you the advantage of crouching into tighter places to hide from
the enemy or fire from a protected location.
 The motor is a high torque short axis 25,000 round per minute blasting machine. It
incorporates a custom version 2 metal gearbox, which has the 8mm oil-less gear box
 Upon firing, it produces a loudness factor of 3 which is medium for most electric
airsoft rifles. It weighs in at a fairly light weight of 5.5 pounds, another reason why
this is an excellent choice for younger shooters.
 The front sight is adjustable for elevation, and the rear sight is adjustable for
windage and elevation. The buttpad is rubber, and it fires in the fully automatic and
semi automatic modes. It also incorporates an adjustable hop up, allowing you to dial
in on your opponents.
 Included with the rifle is the 450 round high capacity magazine, 1ooo .2g bbs and
cleaning rod.
 It also features the pneumatic blow back system, developed by G&G. This is a piston
driven mechanism that actually mimics the real life bolt actions of guns. It uses
compressed air to move the action, thus putting less stress on the gear box. This new
development in airsoft technology represents a significant advancement in the airsoft
industry and is going to revolutionize how airsoft electric rifles are made.
 You can take a closer look at the G&G GR15 Raider Blowback Airsoft Rifle and
other great airsoft electric rifles by visiting, Airsoft
Addiction's blog dedicated to airsoft enthusiasts and the sport of airsoft.

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