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					                              Agenda         Congress to fully repeal the law that                     IN THIS ISSUE
                                                                                                                       JULY 2008

    WCC ACTS                                 delays or denies financial aid eligibility
                                             for college students with drug convic-
                                                                                          1. WCC ACTS
                                                                                          2. Changing Health Care 2008:
This section highlights the advocacy         tions. In response to WCC's and other             Problems with the American System
actions WCC has taken since our last         organizations' advocacy, additional          3. Changing Health Care 2008:
  issue of AGENDA. For details of            congressional representatives added               Lessons from Abroad
   each, please visit our website at         their support.                               4. Subprime Mortgage Crisis in NYC
           www.wccny.org.                                                                 5. Self Help among Immigrant Women
                                             APRIL 2008:
MARCH 2008:                                  •Contacted the U.S. Department of            6. Rockefeller Drug Laws
•Wrote NYC Council Member Bill de            Labor opposing regulatory changes            Insert: Civic Spirt Gala 2008
Blasio asking his help in obtaining          that would undercut protections pro-         7. Fiscal Crisis and NYC Schools
answers to WCC concerns regarding            vided by the Family and Medical Leave            New Museum Tour
City services to homeless individuals        Act (FMLA). WCC opposed limiting a           8. Poverty: The Forgotten Cause
and families, including criteria used to     worker's ability to use accrued paid         9. Poverty: Views of Presidential
deny families emergency shelter and          leave to cover unpaid FMLA leave; giv-           Candidates
the number of children turned away.          ing employers more direct access to          10. Changing Health Care 2008:
•With coalition of 27 organizations,         workers' health care providers and                 Building a Better System
wrote the Governor asking him to             medical information; requiring more
                                                                                          measures to tackle congestion in the
include $25 million in this year's capital   frequent medical visits for workers;
                                                                                          downstate metropolitan area.
budget to enable the Governors Island        and altering current rules on FMLA
Preservation       and        Education      leave and employers' attendance poli-        •Joined the Equal Pay Alliance that is
Corporation to move forward with the         cies. WCC supported regulations to           working to end gender-biased salary
parks and infrastructure essential to the    ensure that injured service members'         discrimination by passage of a Fair Pay
Island's redevelopment as a great civic      families can access expanded FMLA            Bill to make equal pay for comparable
and educational space.                       leave as Congress intended and sup-          work a reality in New York State.
•Wrote Council Member John Liu com-          ported expanding the FMLA to provide         •Supported       Ready     Access    to
mending his leadership in advocating         paid family and medical leave. This          Assistance Act (Intro #359, 2006) initi-
a congestion pricing program for NYC.        caused the Department of Labor to scale      ated by Brennan Center for Justice to
                                             back proposed regulatory changes.            allow representatives of not-for-profit
•With coalition of nearly 140 national
                                             •Wrote Governor Paterson welcoming           organizations access to public areas of
and local organizations, wrote
                                             him and outlining WCC's State priori-        NYC government offices to advocate
Congress urging members to adequate-
                                             ties including government reforms,           on behalf of individuals seeking public
ly fund human needs.
                                             transparency in state government, cam-       benefits.
•With coalition of nearly 200 national
and local organizations, urged               paign finance reform, ethics rules           MAY 2008:
                                             reforms, repeal of Rockefeller Drug          •Urged the Mayor to renew last year's
                                             Laws, increasing the welfare grant and       $300,000 increase in the budget of the
                                             ensuring a humane and non-punitive           Landmarks Preservation Commission.
                                             approach to welfare laws and welfare         •With coalition of nine organizations,
                                             clients, assuring full reproductive free-    supported "congestion busting" legisla-
                                             dom for women, and establishing a            tion including bus-mounted enforce-
                                             true affordable housing trust fund with      ment cameras to monitor block-the-box
                                             a dedicated funding source.                  and residential parking permits.
                                             •Following the New York State legisla-       JUNE 2008:
                                             ture's failure to act on congestion pric-    •Wrote New York City Board of
                                             ing, WCC approved a position in sup-         Elections commending it for the 2006
                                             port of the implementation of measures       annual report, but requesting that
   WCC PRESIDENT RUTH ACKER                  to improve public transit and reduce         future documents, and an addendum,
      ACCEPTS PROCLAMATION OF                traffic congestion in New York City.         include more statistics.
              WCC’S WORK FROM
APPRECIATION FOR                             •With coalition of seven organizations,
  MANHATTAN BOROUGH PRESIDENT                wrote the Governor asking for his lead-               (please turn to back cover)
      SCOTT STRINGER                         ership in this legislative session to win
     Published by the Women’s City Club of New York, 307 Seventh Avenue, Suite 1403, NY, NY 10001
           CHANGING HEALTH CARE 2008:
Too many Americans view the nation's           diovascular disease, stroke or diabetes.      do. [Under a mandate] anyone with
fractured health care system as not            In data from 18 countries with some           proof of legal residence has insurance."
their problem. You are a working per-          form of universal health care, the mes-       Both candidates for the Democratic
son. You have employer-based health            sage was grim: If the U.S. had attained       presidential nomination have made the
insurance. You have your health. But,          average performance of the top coun-          health insurance mandate part of their
clearly, access to high-quality, afford-       tries (Japan, Iceland, Finland) there         agenda. (Barack Obama would limit
able health care is not only a poor per-       would have been 75,000 to 100,000             this to children.) "Then again," Mr.
son’s problem. It is everybody's prob-         fewer deaths annually.                        Kerrey acknowledged, "the Medicare
lem, regardless of age, employment or                                                        benefits program, and Medicaid…,
health status.                                 "So clearly a lack of investment in uni-      enacted in the 1960's, are prime exam-
                                               versal health care for our population         ples of what federal law can accomplish
Thus the chair of the WCC Health               plays a major part in these deaths", Dr.      [via] statutory health insurance" with-
Committee, Annette Choolfaian, R.N.,           Boufford stated. "A 'healthy health poli-     out a mandate.
M.P.A., opened the first of a three-part       cy' is our goal." That would assure suffi-
forum "Changing Health Care 2008,"             cient and sustained investment in             SARA COLLINS, Ph.D., Vice-President
organized and conducted by the                 health, encompassing social, behavioral       of The Commonwealth Fund and
Committee. Ms. Choolfaian is Professor         and environmental factors plus biomed-        Director of its Program for Future
and Chair of the Department of Health          ical research, universal access to care       Health, discussed some of the perform-
Policy Management, New York Medical            emphasizing prevention and health             ance shortcomings in the U.S. health
College School of Public Health.               promotion, and finally a policy creating      care system. "The failure in the U.S. has
                                               an understanding that health care is          become more pronounced with each
On January 28th, JO IVEY BOUFFORD,             everyone's concern. "While everyone           passing year," Dr. Collins noted. In
President, New York Academy of                 with means can procure medical servic-        2006 there were 47 million uninsured,
Medicine, examined the "Problems with          es, meaningful protection of the public's     an increase of 8.6 million since 2000. A
the American Health Care System" and           health must be a communal effort. It's        report by The Commonwealth Fund
urged public support of effective deliv-       an election year so let's all get to work."   Commission on High-Performing
ery of health care by universal insur-                                                       Health Care Systems argued that the
ance coverage. "The public is extremely        "I was injured in a war," said ROBERT         U.S. health insurance system is a major
resistant to change, and a very impor-         KERREY, President of the New School           reason why the U.S. performs unfavor-
tant part of this resistance is lack of con-   University and former Senator from            ably relative to other countries in
sensus on what direction to take."             Nebraska. "As a consequence of federal        access, quality and efficiency.
                                               law, the government is providing med-
There were discouraging statistics: In         ical care for the rest of my life through     Those who lack insurance are less
adult life expectancy, the United States       the military health care system. And          likely to have a regular source of med-
ranks 21st among 27 industrialized             when I need a new prosthesis I go to a        ical care. They lack access to screening
nations. In infant mortality the U. S.         private sector provider, expenses paid        tests or other preventive measures. It is
ranks     23rd.   A     January    2008        by the government."                           no surprise that adults with no insur-
Commonwealth Fund analysis com-                                                              ance, or unstable insurance, have more
pared international rates for deaths           As senator, Mr. Kerrey was committed          problems paying medical bills.
before age 75 from treatable and poten-        to improving health insurance. "Those         Further, 40% of uninsured adults had
tially preventable causes, such as car-        attending town hall meetings … wanted         problems in paying for food, heat, rent.
                                               to break the link with employment.
                                               They wanted eligibility to occur as a
                                               consequence of being an American citi-
                                               zen. So Senator Moynihan and I intro-
                                               duced legislation for a national system.
                                               ... But the effort failed."
                                               What are the barriers? A deep distrust
                                               of government and private insurance
                                               companies that restrain costs by only
                                               covering healthy people, Mr. Kerrey
                                               noted. "I am for an individual mandate
                                               by government to confirm universal
                                               insurance coverage," Mr. Kerrey
                                               declared. "A mandate is different from
  JO IVEY BOUFFORD, PRESIDENT                                                                    ROBERT KERREY, PRESIDENT
                                               enacting a federal law, as we tried to
  NEW YORK ACADEMY OF MEDICINE                                                                      OF THE NEW SCHOOL

2 - Agenda
                                            single-payer system; they would like
Why does the current health insur-
                                            more openness. If you advocate single-                  LESSONS
ance system fail to promote high per-
formance? Dr. Collins: Access to care is
                                            payer insurance, change the name to
                                            statutory health insurance, which is
                                                                                                  FROM ABROAD
unequal. Limited access is linked to
                                            more descriptive of the end result.                Compared to the United States, other
low-quality care. The fragmented
insurance system makes it difficult to      Given that women often are man-                    industrialized countries have lower
control costs. Insurance markets and        agers of health care for families, what            health care costs yet better outcomes.
benefit design lack positive incentives.    can women do to fight for high-quali-              This surprising fact was demonstrated
                                            ty and dependable health care for all?             in data presented by speakers at the
ROBERT M. HAYES, J.D., President of                                                            second WCC forum on Changing
the Medicare Rights Center and the          Dr. Boufford: The issue of women as                Health Care 2008, "Lessons from
second discussant, spelled out his posi-    managers of health care for their fami-            Abroad," with focus on the French and
tion: "The pharmaceutical industry …        lies is really important. There are                German health care systems. The
can arrange for the government to pay       efforts to promote health literacy, pro-           March 12th meeting was again moder-
many billions of dollars for Medicare       grams to promote better information                ated by Annette Choolfaian, chair of
and Medicaid Programs … through             about how the health care system                   the WCC Health Committee.
legislation that expressly outlaws the      works and what benefits are available.
government from bargaining for lower        The more people know, the more they                "When we started to examine health
drug prices. … Massive overpayments         can be prudent providers.                          care policies across countries, 11 years
to insurance companies …to Medicare                                                            ago, the conventional wisdom was that
private health plans now cost                                                                  Americans really had the best health
the government an average of    "While everyone with means                                     care system in the world," recalled
                                                                                               ROBIN OSBORN, Vice President of
13% more per enrollee than
the original Medicare."
                                can procure medical services,                                  The Commonwealth Fund and direc-
                                meaningful protection of the                                   tor of its International Program on
"Yet I believe that we are
poised at a generational        public's health must be a com-                                 Health Policy. "We soon found out
                                                                                               how universal insurance coverage
opportunity to do something     munal effort. It's an election                                 assures good health care for all in other
progressive about health
care… combining a mixed
                                year so let's all get to work.”                                countries."

private-public health care
                                                   Jo Ivey Boufford                            Studies by The Commonwealth Fund
system."                                    With Ms. Choolfaian, members of the Changing       show that the United States not only
                                            Health Care 2008 planning committee included       spends much more per capita on
Highlights of Q & A moderated by            Phyllis Lusskin, vice-chair; Susan Alt, Marilyn    health care than any other country in
Ms. Choolfaian included:                    DeLuca, Paulette Geanacopoulos, Louis Levitt,      the Organization for Economic
                                            Katherine S. Lobach, M.D., Amy J. Schwartz.        Cooperation and Development, but
If there were to be a single-payer sys-
tem, how could we afford to pay for         Supporting organizations for the Changing Health   has the fastest growth rate in health
                                            Care series: Institute for Women and Girls,        expenditures among industrialized
services? How can we recruit doctors
                                            Fordham University Graduate School of Social       nations. By 2005, U.S. spending for
with low reimbursement?                     Service; Hunter College/ City University of
                                                                                               health care amounted to 15.3% of gross
Mr. Kerrey: The Congressional pro-          New York, office of the president; New York
                                                                                               domestic product, far more than the
                                            Medical College School of Public Health; Public
posal right now is to cut reimburse-                                                           8.3% in the U.K., 9.2% in the
                                            Health Association of New York City;
ment to doctors by 10% over the next                                                           Netherlands or 9.5% in Australia. The
                                            Rekindling Reform. Partial funding was pro-
five years. It is not just the reimburse-   vided by: The Fund for the City of New York;       U.S. spends twice the annual average
ment but also the regulatory cost and       Joanne Lukomnik Fund for Health Care               for other countries, e.g., $6,401 per
the cost of litigation for the profession   Reform; The New York Community Trust.              capita compared with $3,128 in
that make it harder to encourage peo-                                                          Australia.
ple to stay.
                                                                                               In fact our government spending on
Ms. Choolfaian: There is an associa-                                                           health matches that of the other coun-
tion in this question between single-                                                          tries. But besides government funding,
payer and affordability. A single-payer                                                        in the U.S. the high costs of private
system is one way to organize and sim-                                                         insurance and out-of-pocket spending
plify payment. It does not define a sin-                                                       for services that insurance does not
gle rate. Studies have shown that a sin-                                                       totally cover often render health care
gle-payer administrative system                                                                unaffordable. And Americans are
would save considerable money with-             DR. VICTOR RODWIN,                             short-changed on delivery of health
out affecting care.                           ROBIN OSBORN, ANNETTE                            care, receiving less primary care and
                                            CHOOLFAIAN, PHYLLIS LUSSKIN,                       less time with their doctors.
Mr. Kerrey: Most people don't want a
                                                 KATARINA JANUS                                           (Please turn to page 10)
                                                                                                                           Agenda - 3
High-cost mortgage lending charac-        for one month only, that she was          gages were high cost loans compared
terized one out of three loans in         buying the house "as is," and there       with only 1% in Manhattan.
New York City in 2006. And it has         was no warranty.                          What are the solutions? One remedy
continued growing. Neighborhood                                                     under consideration is a foreclosure
                                          The seller employed the mortgage
Housing Services of New York City                                                   moratorium for some period of time.
                                          broker and the lawyer representing
has for 25 years assisted lower                                                     Other proposals include restructur-
                                          Carol in the transaction. The loan
income families in minority neigh-                                                  ing of mortgages in bankruptcy court
                                          was sold into a bundle of securities
borhoods to get responsible and                                                     and authorizing F.H.A. to purchase
                                          so it is virtually impossible to trace.
affordable mortgages totaling over                                                  mortgages at a discount and modify
                                          The irony is, Ms. Gerecke pointed
$202 million. The CEO of NHS,                                                       the terms.     Differences between
                                          out, that Carol's credit was good
SARAH GERECKE, a Harvard-                                                           Congress and the administration are
                                          enough to have bought a $150,000 co-
trained lawyer, met with WCC's                                                      holding up action. (Although as of
                                          op at the prime rate and be a respon-
Housing and Planning Committee                                                      May 26th, both the House and Senate
                                          sible payer. But because she had no
on April 9th to talk about how high                                                 have passed reform bills that may be
                                          counseling and was fooled she ended
cost and subprime lending victimize                                                 enacted.)
                                          up in a horrible situation. Federal
minority neighborhoods in NYC.
                                          studies show that over half the bor-      Counseling of home buyers is urged
                                          rowers in the subprime market could       by Ms. Gerecke to prevent mortgage
                                          have qualified for conventional           problems. The newly passed New
                                          loans.                                    York State budget provides $25 mil-
                           SARAH                                                    lion for housing counseling, avail-
                          GERECKE,        "If you buy a used car                    able through the NYS Department of
                           CEO OF         there is more protection                  Housing and Community Renewal.
                            NHS                                                     The Center for New York City
                                          than if you buy a house.”                 Neighborhoods, composed of City
                                                        Sarah Gerecke               agencies, nonprofits and the private
                                          There was an assumption of some           sector, has been formed to coordinate
To examine the causes and conse-                                                    action in New York City. Counseling
                                          regulartory protection. “If you buy a
quences of the subprime mortgage                                                    is supposed to be available through
                                          used car there is more protection
crisis and remedies to relieve it, Ms.                                              the NYC complaint line, 311, and a
                                          than if you buy a house.” Ms.
Gerecke recounted the story of a mis-                                               national hotline, 888-995-HOPE.
                                          Gerecke observed the lemon law lets
informed buyer who suffered fore-
                                          you return a car under extreme con-       The crisis has promoted a plethora
closure. Carol, a transit worker with
                                          ditions, but there is no law providing    of ads offering to lower interest rates
$10,000 in savings, earned $32,000 a
                                          a way out for even the most inappro-      for mortgage borrowers in distress,
year and lived in Bedford-Stuyvesant
                                          priate mortgage.                          but many are scams, Ms. Gerecke
in a one bedroom apartment with
two grandchildren. She was talked                                                   reported, giving relief for only a
                                          Not only borrowers but investors
into buying a three-family house                                                    month or so. In response, the NYC
                                          who bought subprime loans were
from which she was promised rental                                                  Department of Consumer Affairs is
                                          misled. Rating agencies rated such
income; the seller would provide the                                                asking people to join its "Stop
                                          paper as AAA. Wall Street was
tenants. The down payment was                                                       Predatory Practices" campaign.
                                          shocked when these mortgage pools
$9,995; the first mortgage payment                                                  Persons aware of ads or businesses
                                          did not perform as predicted.
was 1%, or $1,500. She signed.                                                      engaging in what might be deceptive
                                          Price appreciation is another cause       practices, e.g., promises of credit
"I felt so stupid when I realized there   of the subprime mortgage crisis.          repair or foreclosure rescue, are
were no tenants," Carol told an NHS       Across the U.S. home prices went up       asked to contact the Department of
counselor after foreclosure on her        74% from 2000 to 2006, Ms. Gerecke        Consumer Affairs which will investi-
new house. The low interest rate was      stated. But incomes rose only 15%.        gate whether the City's laws have
a one-month deal which went up to         When returns to mortgage investors        been violated.
an 8.5% rate. And there was no water      were not as advertised, lending dried
                                                                                    For a copy of the NYC Department
on the 2nd floor.                         up and prices decelerated.                of Consumer Affairs reporting
Despite oral misrepresentation by         The crisis has especially impacted        form, please contact the WCC office
the broker, documents and paper                                                     at 212.353.8070 x 203, or request a
                                          Latino and African-American neigh-        form from 311.
work were all legal. Buried in them       borhoods. In Jamaica and Bedford-
were statements that the 1% rate was      Stuyvesant more than 50% of mort-          Reported by Marilyn Wellemeyer
4 - Agenda
Women's History Month was high-        connect the betterment of individu-      ers hurts the entire community. She
lighted by a panel discussion on       als with that of the community and       cited restaurant workers who can-
Self Help among Immigrant              to create models encouraging polit-      not take sick days, thus putting the
Women on March 27th at the             ical participation and advocacy.         public at a health risk.
Marble Church. This program was
                                       PURVI SHAH, Executive Director           KARINA AYBAR, Dominican
organized by WCC's Carol Leimas.
                                       of Sakhi for South Asian Women,          Women's Development Center, is
Dr. GUILLERMO LINARES,                 described her organization's work,       currently a student at Hunter's
NYC's Commissioner of Immigrant        originally founded on domestic           School of Social Work. She has
Affairs, who emigrated from the        violence and its surrounding prob-       organized rights marches against
Dominican Republic as the oldest       lems but now enlarged to public          domestic violence, dramatizing this
of nine children in a poor rural       education and advocacy. They             with protesters in bridal gowns.
family, spoke of his mother as a       train interpreters, work with the        She is active in advocacy work-
"visionary," determined that her       Association of the Bar and with the      shops, student training endeavors,
children should have the education     media -- she showed a video of a         hot lines and partnerships with
she had not had. In New York they      public service announcement as an        advocates in other states.
achieved that dream and Dr.            example. "The community will pre-
                                                                                In the general discussion, Ms.
Linares, who started his career        vent," that is the true solution, said
                                                                                Jayaraman noted that undocu-
driving taxis and working in the       Ms. Shah.
                                                                                mented workers have rights in the
garment trade, dedicated himself to
                                       NINAJ        RAOUL,       Executive      U.S. She reads the Constitution to
education and to helping the immi-
                                       Director of Haitian Women for            her students to show that our
grant community. He served even-
                                       Haitian Refugees, described her          Constitution offers equal protec-
tually as the first Dominican
                                       agency's comprehensive and cul-          tion of the law to all persons, not
American elected to public office in
                                       turally sensitive program, which         limiting it to all citizens.
the U.S. He spoke of the desperate
                                       includes advocacy, language and
need for emerging leaders in a                                                  She said that although big business
                                       leadership training. She noted that
"male dominated society."                                                       and anti-immigration voices are
                                       domestic workers, like farmers, are
                                                                                "the big voices" in the current
The moderator, CHUNG-WHA               excluded from labor laws; that
                                                                                national debate, a voice for reform
HONG, Executive Director of the        most are their families' primary
                                                                                is needed as counterbalance.
NY Immigration Coalition, criti-       supporters, while not earning a liv-
cized the failure of federal reform    ing wage. Assemblyman Keith              The website, National Network for
last year. New coalitions are chal-    Wright has a bill in the NYS             Immigrant and Refugee Rights,
lenging traditional organizations in   Assembly to address some of these        was recommended.
an effort to serve and empower the     inequities and Ms. Raoul and oth-                Reported by Blaikie Worth,
growing immigrant population, to       ers visit Albany monthly to advo-         Co-Chair, Membership Committee
                                       cate for the needs described.
                                       SARU JAYARAMAN is founder of
                                       Women and Youth Supporting
                                       Each Other (WYSE), and the
                                       Alliance for Justice as well as the
                                       Restaurant Opportunities Center of
                                       New York, all focusing on leader-
                                       ship and opportunity for needed
                                       changes. She spoke specifically on
                                       workplace justice for those work-
                                       ers, largely undocumented, who
                                       lost their jobs at Windows on the
                                       World after 9/11; almost none were
                                       unionized. She emphasized that
DR. GUILLERMO LINARES, NYC’s           "collective prosperity" issues affect           SARU JAYARAMAN,
COMMISSIONER OF IMMIGRANT AFFAIRS      all of us and exploitation of work-               FOUNDER OF WYSE
                                                                                                        Agenda - 5
 ROCKEFELLER DRUG WAR:                                       The Human and Fiscal Price We Pay
This year marks the 35th anniver-                                                               even though drug
sary of the Rockefeller Drug                                                                    abuse and use are
Laws. Advocates for repeal have                                                                 evenly distributed
called these laws wasteful, ineffec-                                                            in the general popu-
tive and unjust, marked by racial                                                               lation. Changing
bias. To acknowledge this com-                                                                  this dynamic must
plex situation, the Women's City                                                                be part of reform,
Club hosted a Women's History                                                                   he feels.
Month program, "New York's
Rockefeller Drug War: The                 CHRISTIAN D’ALESSANDRO; GLORIA BROWNE- A very different
                                        MARSHALL, JEFFRION AUBRY, AND ROBERT GANGI perspective was
Human and Fiscal Price We Pay,"
                                         (F) CHERI O’DONOGHUE AND WCC’S RUTH ACKER shared by CHERI
on March 6th with the Correctional
Association and the Ethical              and 15 years had to be served          community activist and steering
Culture Society.                         before parole. Following modest        committee member of Families
To place this issue in an historical     changes in 2004, judges can now        Rally for Emancipation and
context and move it beyond talk to       impose sentences of 8 to 20 years,     Empowerment (FREE). The mother
action, we invited a diverse panel       but still do not have the discretion   of a son currently incarcerated
with extensive experience in crimi-      not to send the offender to prison.    under the Rockefeller Drug Laws,
nal justice. The moderator was
                                         CHRISTIAN D'ALESSANDRO,                she had never heard of those laws
WCC member Gloria Browne-
                                         Chief Criminal Investigator and        when her 20-year-old was arrested
Marshall, Associate Professor of
                                         Director of Operations in the          and was shocked to learn of the
constitutional law at John Jay
                                         Albany County District Attorney's      severe prison term for a first
College of Criminal Justice. She is
                                         office, first worked in law enforce-   offense, non-violent crime. She and
the author of “Race, Law and
                                         ment 21 years ago, when the police     her husband have become tireless
American Society” and “The
                                         used terms like "war on drugs" and     campaigners against these laws
Constitution, Major Cases and
                                         treated drug users as enemies.         and think they are unfairly carried
Conflicts,” as well as the founder of
                                         D'Alessandro credits D.A. David        out, favoring those who have the
the Law and Policy Group, Inc.
                                         Soares with reframing his outlook.     money and connections to avoid
Today 13,400 drug offenders are          He warned that any meaningful          going to prison.
locked up in New York State pris-        discussion of Rockefeller reform       The effect on women of the
ons, more than were there for all        must be paired with a strategy to      Rockefeller Drug Laws has been an
offenses before the drug laws            reenter the community or prisoners     ongoing concern of WCC. In 1973
passed in 1973. The vast majority        will continue to return to prison.     there were 380 women in NYS pris-
have no history of violence or
                                     Legislation      to    repeal     the      ons. Today 2,800 women are incar-
predatory behavior, declared
                                     Rockefeller Drug Laws has been             cerated. Most are housed in upstate
ROBERT GANGI, the Executive
                                     introduced in the New York State           prisons far from families. Their
Director of the Correctional
                                     Assembly annually by JEFFRION              children, cared for by family or in
Association of New York for over
                                     AUBRY, Chair of the Committee              foster care, can rarely visit due to
26 years. The operating expenses
                                     on Corrections. Mr. Aubry                  the distance from their homes.
for confining those particular pris-
oners cost New York State $500       described the complicated econom-          In the question and answer period,
million a year. This prison popula-  ic and political structure in upstate      many were interested to know
tion has increased mainly because    New York. Prisoners are counted            what else we can do to help achieve
before 1973 sentencing was up to     as residents of the district where         our goal of repeal. Mr. Gangi
the judges who could send drug       the prison is located, thereby influ-      described the "call to action" started
offenders to treatment facilities.   encing allocation of state monies,         this year that is collecting signa-
After the drug laws passed, only     and prison jobs sustain the eco-           tures on petitions (the goal is
district attorneys could.            nomic viability of these counties          35,000).
                                     and towns. Mr. Aubry noted that
Sentences of 15 years to life became drug arrests come disproportion-
                                                                                         Reported by Marjorie Ives,
mandatory (even for first offenses) ately from communities of color
                                                                                           Chair, Women's Issues
6 - Agenda
     FISCAL CRISIS AND NYC SCHOOLS                                                NEW MUSEUM
KATHLEEN GRIMM introduced              A major aim of the DOE has been         More than 30 adventurous WCC
her talk to an overflow audience       to preserve the principles of the       members and guests made the
of Women's City Club members           Mayor's Children First Initiative.      trek to the Bowery to consider
and guests on April 8th by point-      Among reforms instituted, Dr.           decidedly avant-garde art created
ing out that on this day the feder-    Grimm listed the following: prin-       by international artists at the New
al income tax was ruled to be          cipals were given greater discre-       Museum, which opened in
unconstitutional. That was in          tion to make decisions and held to      December. The astonishing build-
1895, she hastened to say; the deci-   rigorous accountability; Fair           ing, on a still-gritty section of the
sion was overturned eight years        Student Funding was implement-          rapidly gentrifying Bowery, was
later by the 16th amendment.           ed; teachers are paid 43% more          designed by two young Japanese,
As Deputy Chancellor for Finance       than at the beginning of this           Kakzuyo Sejima and Ryue
and Administration at the NYC          administration; 1,800 more teach-       Nishizawa, lead architects of the
Department of Education since          ers have been hired; class size is      firm SANNA. The dramatic series
August 2002, Dr. Grimm had             smaller; public school empower-         of six stacked, off-center boxes
overseen budgetary good news           ment has advanced; higher stan-         clad in perforated aluminum, was
under this Mayor's administration      dards for principals have been set;     designed to maximize natural
until the current downturn in the      parents have been given a more          light which infuses all the gallery
economy. Facing major chal-            hands-on role; new progress             space. The flooring of variegated
lenges, the Governor's executive       reports have been published;            tones of gray poured concrete is
budget falls short of the school       more students are on target; and        perfectly attuned to the enormous
system's needs. The City's budget      graduation rates are better.            gallery spaces designed for
has had to face a decline of $2 bil-   As the administration faces the fis-    today's large scale works.
lion for the coming year. So all       cal year 2009, cuts in the $20.9 bil-
                                                                               The opening exhibition, titled
City agencies were asked to cut        lion budget for education will
                                                                               “Unmonumental”, exposes trends
5% of their budget. The Office of      have to be strategically targeted.
                                                                               in international sculpture, most
Management and Budget revised          Costs are rising, for debt service,
                                                                               particularly the reinvention of col-
this cut down to 4%, but an addi-      food, energy. Midway in the fiscal
                                                                               lage. Two immense murals were
tional 3% cut has since been           year, the school budget had to be
                                                                               created specifically for the vast 70-
deemed necessary. The DOE,             reduced by $100 million (2.5%),
                                                                               foot long expanse of wall on the
which is allocated one-third of the    more difficult than before the year
                                                                               2nd and 3rd floors. Kenyan artist
City's $60 billion budget, has to      begins. All Central and field
                                                                               Wangechi Matu's “Perhaps the
absorb its proportional cut.           offices are being looked at to
                                                                               Moon Will Save Us” is a glittering
Dr. Grimm stressed that "...we         shave more from Central's budget
                                                                               collage she created working five
can't afford to spend what we          of $500 million out of the system's
                                                                               nights at the museum. From a dis-
don't have." Not yet having decid-     $20 billion. How best to take these
                                                                               tance it seems to be a fairy tale but
ed what will be cut, she said          reductions? Dr. Grimm said she
                                                                               on closer inspection it is seen as a
"everything is on the table," and      wanted to hear suggestions.
                                                                               collection of found fragments,
the administration is reaching out            Reported by: Dorothy Wilner
                                                                               including blankets, plastic pearls
to key stakeholders for sugges-        Editor’s Note: On June 29th the
                                                                               and pig skins. Artist Mark
tions.                                 City Council restored $129 million
                                                                               Bradford's brilliantly colored
Despite current challenges to the      to the education budget.
                                                                               mural that resembles aerial topo-
economy, there are four key                                                    graphic maps, has embedded in
points to keep in mind about the                                               the work old posters he found in
state of public education in New                                               south Los Angeles.
York City, she said. Since 2002, the
City has set a record of increasing                                            Another huge mural is Mexican
DOE's budget 72%. A vast majori-                                               artist Jonathan Hernandez's pho-
ty of this was sent to the schools,                                            tographic collage with 47 images
$350 million having been redirect-                                             that superimpose mass market
ed from the bureaucracy. One-half                                              posters with those of animals and
of new dollars went for teachers'                                              idyllic scenes. Said to be a state-
                                               DEPUTY CHANCELLOR
salaries, one-third to programs.                                               ment against war, it references the
                                              KATHLEEN GRIMM
                                                                                (Continued on page 9)
                                                                                                        Agenda - 7
Have we in America lost the war on in your own country. And that, neu-           education and training of women on
poverty?     Is the widening gap roscientists tell us, is what poisons a         welfare to improve their chances of
between rich and poor inevitable -- child's brain."                              making a good living.
or can we do something about it?
                                     Our measures of poverty need fix-         The impact of hunger on the high
A WCC panel discussion, Poverty: ing, according to TRUDI REN-                  costs of our failure to solve the
the Forgotten Cause, on February WICK, Senior Economist at the                 problem of poverty was cited by
29th addressed the growing disparity Fiscal Policy Institute, and a WCC        BICH HA PHAM, Director of
between rich and poor Americans, member. Kennedy's administration              Policy, Advocacy and Research at
New Yorkers in particular. Co- set $3,000 a year as the poverty level          the Federation of Protestant Welfare
sponsors were Hunter College for any size family.                  Molly       Agencies and formerly Executive
Public Service Scholar Program, Orshanksy, analyst at the Social               Director of the Hunger Action
Fund for the Advancement of Social Security Administration, later found        Network of New York State. "The
Services    and     Federation    of that families spent about a third of      U.S. spent $90 billion last year for the
Protestant Welfare Agencies.         their income on food. She estab-          economic costs of hunger," she said,
                                                                                      "$60 billion of that pertained to
Efforts to fight poverty have stalled
over the past three decades. While
                                        "To be poor in America                        the health-related costs of
                                                                                      hunger." FPWA calls for an
productivity grew, real wages           today... is to be an outcast                  increase in the cash portion of
dropped for some and the real value     in your own country."                         a family's public assistance
of the minimum wage declined lead-
ing to a widening gap between the                             Paul Krugman grant, which hasn't changed in
                                                                                      18 years and equals only 50%
richest and poorest Americans. The
                                         lished poverty guidelines by multi- of the federal poverty level. It also
number of poor in New York State
                                         plying a family's food spending by calls for change in the law which
and City exceeds the national aver-
                                         three. Today spending on food con- makes families ineligible for public
age. One out of five NYC residents
                                         stitutes much less than a third of a assistance once their income reaches
(1.5 million people) and almost a
                                         family's spending. Also the guide- 185% of the standard of need, below
third of NYC's children live in
                                         lines don't take into account food the federal poverty level in NYS.
                                         stamps, tax credits and other pro-
                                                                               Getting attention to the issue of
                                         grams that augment income.
                                                                               poverty requires getting the right
                           NYS           Renwick concludes that we need to
                                                                               people in Albany, said Sen. Krueger.
                         SENATOR         restructure measures of poverty so
                                                                               "The poor are perceived as non vot-
                       ELIZABETH         that programs linked to poverty will
                                                                               ers," she noted. "The most important
                       KRUEGER,          serve those intended.
                         A WCC
                                                                               issue related to poverty is campaign
                          MEMBER         "Children have not been a focus of finance reform.”
                                         any antipoverty programs in recent
                                                                               She challenged the audience to take
                                         years," complained Prof. SHEILA
                                                                               responsibility. "You have let us off
"Poverty affects all of us," said NYS    KAMERMAN            of    Columbia
                                                                               the hook." she said. "Get people in
Senator LIZ KRUEGER, moderator,          University's School of Social Work.
                                                                               government to spend money on
opening the discussion with a plea       She advocated raising benefit levels
                                                                               solving the problem of poverty…Be
for more attention to the problem.       including     TANF      (Temporary
                                                                               mean and tough to all the people
"Legislators in New York and             Assistance to Needy Families) and
                                                                               who want us to spend our money on
Washington are not spending a lot of     cited the earned income tax credit as
                                                                               Yankee Stadiums."
time on issues of poverty." Nor, she     the most important income transfer
added, is the media paying enough        benefiting children. "We need poli- In conclusion, Trudi Renwick struck
attention.                               cies that enable women to work, a note of hope: "The new President
                                         such as adequate parental leave and isn’t going to want the level of pover-
No one pays a higher cost than our       subsidized child care."               ty to go up on his or her watch."
children, New York Times columnist
Paul Krugman wrote: "To be poor in Both Renwick and Kamerman urged                    Both reports on poverty programs
America today … is to be an outcast that more TANF funds be spent on                  were written by Joan McAllister
8 - Agenda
        POVERTY - VIEWS OF                                                          NEW MUSEUM
                                                                                          (Continued from page 7)
 The Fund for the Advancement of         ties where poor people live are
Social Services (FASS) devoted its       places where people have been
spring forum at Hunter College on        neglected. Obama views inner
April 28th to "Poverty-Fighting          cities as places of great potential.
Strategies: Priorities for the Next      He has promised to create a "White
President." Elaine Walsh, chair of       House office of urban policy"
FASS and Director of the School of       where programs enabling commu-
Public Service at Hunter, voiced the     nities and markets to work could
forum's premise: "Poverty must be        be coordinated and have access to
a priority for our nation," and intro-   the President. He would support
duced three distinguished surro-         facilitating entrepreneurs, devoting
gates to explain the positions of        capital to minority business, and
each of three candidates.                making housing affordable in
                                         mixed income neighborhoods.
On behalf of John McCain's cam-                                                      THE NEW MUSEUM,
                                         Obama has said he would stop giv-
paign, DAVID TUKEY, team                                                         235 BOWERY AT PRINCE STREET
                                         ing tax breaks to companies send-
leader of the New Jersey campaign,
                                         ing jobs abroad. He would increase revolutionary Mexican muralist
said "Human decency is the foun-
                                         the Federal minimum wage and David Alfaro Sequeiros.
dation of what we do."
                                         index it to inflation.
According to Tukey, in the short                                              Among the most intriguing works
run McCain would deliver relief by       Speaking for Senator Hillary is Urs Fischer's “Untitled” (Kerze),
(1) declaring a national Federal gas     Clinton, NYC Council member originally a full-size female wax
tax holiday from Memorial Day to         GALE BREWER, a WCC member, figure, backlit by a candle. The fig-
Labor Day; (2) stopping Federal          listed some of Clinton’s poverty- ure gradually melts into a mass of
purchases for the strategic oil          related positions:                   wax on the floor.
reserve to drive prices down and
                                         Provide universal and affordable          The exhibition displays 100 three-
(3) allowing people with subprime
                                         health care; raise the minimum            dimensional works by 30 artists,
mortgages to swap them for 30-
                                         wage and tie it to raises for             including works of new media
year fixed rate loans backed by the
                                         Congress; invest $1 billion in an         sound artists. These unfamiliar and
Federal government. Over the
                                         affordable housing trust fund; sup-       often dissonant musical pieces add
longer run, McCain would encour-
                                         port creation of green collar jobs;       depth and texture to the viewing
age job creation through lower cor-
                                         end prison's revolving door by cre-       experience.
porate tax rates, lower taxes on div-
                                         ating opportunities for housing,
idends and capital gains, and make                                                 It was a challenge to try to discern
                                         health and jobs before people leave
10% of all research and develop-                                                   the intent of these artists. Our
                                         prison; create job training opportu-
ment budgets tax deductible.                                                       knowledgeable       docent      was
                                         nities for at-risk youth; invest $10
On health care, he said the senator                                                extremely helpful in guiding us to
                                         billion in universal pre-K and early
sees making it more "accessible and                                                possible meanings of the works.
                                         childhood education; make college
affordable" by letting market forces
                                         affordable; remove barriers to Food       The museum is not forming its own
work, giving choices to people, not
                                         Stamps for the 300,000 eligible not       collection but intends to offer New
the government, and enabling peo-
                                         now enrolled; change measures of          Yorkers and visitors a continuing
ple to buy across state lines. On
                                         poverty, both City and Federal.           fresh look at the contemporary art
improving schools, he emphasized
giving Americans more choices.           Co-sponsors for the forum were the
                                                                                   scene. Both the sleek modern build-
                                         Women's City Club of New York, Hunter     ing and the surprise of contempo-
    On behalf of Senator Barack          College Public Service Scholar Program,   rary art give the City a decidedly
Obama, PROF. RACHEL D.                   National Association of Social Workers    vibrant new cultural experience.
GODSIL of Seton Hall University          New York City Chapter, and NASW-NYC
School of Law said poor people are       Chapter Political Action for Candidate            Reported by Jane McCarthy
not the problem; rather communi-         Election Committee.
                                                                                                              Agenda - 9
     LESSONS:                                 The citizen never sees a bill from the
                                              doctor or the hospital. Free choice of
                                                                                               BUILDING A
   FROM ABROAD                                doctors is a third principle.                  BETTER SYSTEM
          (Continued from page 3)             The World Health Organization                Most countries in the advanced world
                                              judged the French care system as #1 in       have more or less replaced private
Ms. Osborn cited a review by Uwe                                                           health insurance with a system in
Reinhardt, a Princeton professor, in          the world, Dr. VICTOR RODWIN,
                                              Professor of health policy at N.Y.U.,        which public funding provides a major
Health Affairs: Pharmaceutical spend-                                                      share of health care expenditures.
ing is high in the U.S. because we don't      reported. Germany uses a combination
                                              of cost-sharing and fixed co-payment,        Critics protest that the United States
have national formularies, or lists of                                                     would never accept socialized medi-
drugs recommended for common ill-             while the French are closely attached
                                              to co-payments. The French system            cine in any form. Yet every American
nesses. The government as purchaser                                                        65 or older is covered by a government-
does not negotiate drug prices.               uses largely public payments for
                                              health care, rejects free choice of insur-   run program called Medicare. And
Net costs for administration amount-          ance, but allows free choice of doctors.     Americans like that program very
ed to 7.9% of expenditures in the U.S.        While pointing out that "Ours is the         much, thank you.
and only 1.9% in France, according to         only country that has not eliminated         Economist PAUL KRUGMAN, a New
an analysis of health insurance plan          financial barriers to access in a major      York Times columnist and Princeton
data by The Commonwealth Fund.                way," Rodwin argued that "We are not         professor, made this observation on
                                              going to make Americans healthier by         April 23rd at the final forum in the
A sample population in different coun-
                                              better reimbursement for doctor visits       WCC series, "Changing Health Care
tries was interviewed: In the U.S.,
                                              or taking care of the uninsured." Citing     2008."
more than one-third had to forgo nec-
                                              the low rate of life expectancy at birth
essary care because of costs. For the                                                      While most Americans have health
                                              in the U.S. and the high infant mortali-
chronically ill, or surgery patients, it is                                                insurance through private policies, the
                                              ty rate, he stated "None of that will
about 50%, noted Ms. Osborn.                                                               government pays far more medical
                                              change if we pass national health
KATHARINA JANUS, Assistant                    insurance tomorrow, or it will change        bills than private insurers. "Actually
Professor at Columbia's School of             marginally. To raise life expectancy         we are more than half way to a single-
Public Health, came to the U.S. from          and reduce infant mortality requires         payer system in terms of money," Prof.
Germany nine years ago to learn about         wider distribution of income, better         Krugman noted. Employer-based
managed care at a state hospital as a         poverty programs and education. "            insurance is heavily regulated while
possible solution for Germany. "It did-                                                    providing a tax subsidy for employees
                                              Health care in the Netherlands was           untaxed on this benefit. Government
n't take long to find out that our sys-
                                              outlined by Ms. Osborn. Universal            funding of Medicare, Medicaid and
tem had advantages beyond any in the
                                              insurance coverage, formerly two-            SCHIP (State Children's Health
U.S.," she said.
                                              thirds in the public domain and one-         Insurance Program) has worked well
Universal health insurance coverage           third private, changed to mandatory          for many years, providing a safety net
is an integral part of the German sys-        all private insurance in January 2006.       for the eligible.
tem. Currently, 90% of the population         The employer pays and is reimbursed
has statutory health insurance provid-        from employee wages and taxes on             "Everything suggests that the econom-
ed by the government. When your               them. Everyone has a choice of insur-        ics of health care are … getting worse,"
earnings are above a certain level, you       ance and must choose and register            stated Prof. Krugman. In 1960, health
can opt out of government insurance           with a general practitioner. "You don't      care spending accounted for a small
in favor of private insurance. Either         see a specialist unless referred by a        portion of the economy. Now it is
way, contributions are based on a fixed       G.P.," Ms. Osborn noted.                     huge. The numbers of uninsured con-
percentage of salary, not linked to                                                        tinue to rise. In statistics for 2000-2006,
                                              Questions and answers:
health status or level of risk. The
                                              How does Germany handle foreign-
unemployed also have health insur-
                                              ers and undocumented immigrants?
ance which the government pays from
a sickness fund.                              Dr. Janus: They are enrolled for health
                                              insurance but are not allowed to work.
In Germany, the first principle of the
                                              This generous package of benefits plus
health care system is solidarity: the
                                              support for housing all paid for by the
richer pay to protect the poor, the
                                              government is causing controversy.
young pay for the old, the healthy for
the sick, and small families pay for          How is home care covered?
larger families. The second principle is      Dr. Rodwin: In France and Germany
benefit-in-kind. Doctors and other            national insurance gives everyone
providers are directly reimbursed             with significant disability, regardless
from the government sickness funds.           of income, home nursing and care.                       PAUL KRUGMAN
10 - Agenda
the U.S. population increased by 16          ing force, Prof. Krugman concluded. "I      Benjamin said. No mandates requiring
million while the numbers with               am less optimistic than I was that we       insurance for all to start with. The pro-
employer-funded insurance decreased          will get the health care reform that we     gram would include immigrants; 30%
by millions.                                 need in the next President's first term,”   of the uninsured are immigrants.
                                                          he noted. “For the long
"Everything suggests that the                             run, I do predict a system     CSS has been conducting polls
                                                                                         statewide: What would you most want
economics of health care are                              to provide high-quality
                                                          affordable health care for     your state elected officials to do to
… getting worse"                                          all, to include not only       improve health care? At every income
                                                                                         level in every region, providing pre-
                                                          public funding for insur-
                Paul Krugman                              ance coverage but public       scription drugs was the winner 4 to 1,
                                                          funding of providers as        Ms. Benjamin said.
Relatively few people account for            well."                                      "When it comes to health care, people
much of health care expenditures, such                                                   are afraid of losing what benefits they
as when the money is for ongoing dial-       ELIZABETH R. BENJAMIN, M.S.P.H.,
                                             J.D., is director of the New York Health    already have," Ms. Benjamin conclud-
ysis, or a triple coronary bypass.                                                       ed, in agreement with Prof. Krugman.
                                             Restructuring Initiative at the
There is a view that competition in the      Community Service Society (CSS). She        "People are super-scared across
marketplace can help solve the prob-         spoke of reform initiatives on the state    America. Once the insured are at
lem of health care costs. Cheaper insur-     level, all the more important with frus-    [incomes] over 400 percent of the
ance becomes available through an            tration at the national level.              poverty level, and using a progressive
approved       Health      Maintenance                                                   sliding scale, there is still anxiety about
Organization that can set priorities.        From a Republican perspective, dereg-       high-cost premiums and having to
But Prof. Krugman pointed out that           ulation of health insurance becomes a       make payments out of their own pock-
"...people didn't trust H.M.O.s to make      means to allow more cost-shifting and       ets. This is something to keep in mind
the right decisions" for them.               fewer benefits; then premiums would         as the states move forward toward uni-
                                             be reduced. The flip side is that the       versal health care".
The federal tax code favors an employ-       Democrats want more government
er-based system. The marketplace             oversight and enforcement.                  The three programs, Changing Health
view holds that "...the best way is to                                                   Care 2008, on pages 2, 3, 10 and 11 were
allow more consumer-directed health          As the states move forward the center       all reported by Amy Selwyn
care. But then there is the ignorance        of attention is Massachusetts, she
issue -- consumers would be expected         reported. It has adopted the principle
to deal on their own with what seems         that employers pay for health insur-
like an excess of doctor visits, or too      ance for employees, or pay into a gov-
many tests, or finding the best sur-         ernment pool. But the Massachusetts
                                             program has been underfunded.                                      ELIZABETH R.
geon," Prof. Krugman noted.                                                                                       BENJAMIN,
"There is an island of highly successful     She called attention to the large per-                             DIRECTOR OF THE
cost control," he pointed out, in the        centage, depending on the state, of the                               NEW YORK
Department of Veterans Affairs. "Over        nation's population who cannot afford                                   HEALTH
a six-year period, Medicare adminis-         insurance. The uninsured are likely to                              RESTRUCTURING
trative costs accounted for 30% of its       be poor, immigrants, men. "Medicaid                                INITIATIVE AT THE
budget. In the V.A., it's only 1.7%."        is more generous on income eligibility                                COMMUNITY
                                             for women," Ms. Benjamin said.                                      SERVICE SOCIETY
A single-payer system (i.e. the govern-
ment), in Krugman's projection, would        Talk about pegging insurance cover-
include a payroll tax in proportion to       age to gross family income and the
income, and everyone receives the            federal poverty line, a countrywide
same coverage. "But, although 50% of         average is "...bad news for New
                                             Yorkers where everything is so
health care spending is already the
                                             expensive," Ms. Benjamin           A large percentage of the
government's responsibility, the costs
would be prohibitive. More fundamen-         noted. In New York four million    nation’s population can not
                                             are already enrolled in Child
tal, satisfaction with an existing insur-
ance plan would be a deterrent to mak-       Health Plus and Family Health      afford [health] insurance.
ing changes."                                Plus, publicly funded and pub-
                                             licly run programs. The
                                                                                The uninsured are likely to
It is difficult to imagine the U.S. adopt-   Community Service Society's        be poor, immigrants, men.
ing a single-payer system, short of a        objective is to "...open that up
massive health care crisis as the driv-      on a sliding fee scale," Ms.               Elizabeth R. Benjamin
                                                                                                                     Agenda - 11
                            RUTH E. ACKER
                            SHARON YAKATA
                                                                         WCC ACTS Continued from front cover
                            BARBARA ZUCKER                             JUNE 2008 Continued:
TREASURER:                  JOAN FABIO                                       •In response to WCC's and other organizations’ advocacy, the
                                                                             NYC Council overwhelmingly approved resolutions calling for
SECRETARIES:                   ARDEN DOWN                                    the passage of the New York Fair Pay Act and comparable fed-
                               NADA L. WESTERMAN                             eral Pay Equity legislation.
CO-COUNSEL:                    ELEANOR JACKSON PIEL, ESQ.                    •Signed a letter with 13 organizations urging State Board of
                               HELEN D. REAVIS, ESQ.                         Elections to develop auditing regulations to give NYS voters
                                                                             confidence that their votes had been accurately counted, ensure
EDITOR:                        MARILYN WELLEMEYER                            an adequate mechanism for audits to confirm election results
EDITOR EMERITA:                GERALDINE RHOADS                              with confidence, and allow candidates to request inclusion of
CONTRIBUTORS:                  MARJORIE IVES, JOAN MCALLISTER, specific machines or polling places.
                               JANE MCCARTHY, AMY SELWYN                     •Wrote NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn, Council
                               MARILYN WELLEMEYER, DOROTHY                   Members David Weprin and Bill de Blasio, with copy to Deputy
                               WILNER AND BLAIKIE WORTH                      Mayor Linda Gibbs, urging restoration of Human Services cuts.
PRODUCTION:                    JORGE C. RUIZ, MEMBERSHIP AND                 •Met with President/CEO and VP/General Manager of
                               DEVELOPMENT COORDINATOR                       Meadowlands Sports Complex following our letters expressing
                                                                             concern with disrespect of women at Jets home games. Were
EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR: PAULETTE GEANACOPOULOS, LMSW introduced to new "Fan Code of Conduct," to be implemented
BOOKKEEPER:                    KURT A. RICHWERGER                            in the Complex affirming management's commitment to
                                                                             address the problem and to create a safe entertainment experi-
Women’s City Club of New York is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that
 shapes public policy through education, advocacy and citizen participation.
                                                                             ence for fans. At WCC's request, the policies were modified to
                                                                             state that each fan will be treated with respect by other fans.
   AGENDA IS PUBLISHED BY THE WOMEN’S CITY CLUB OF NEW                       •Testified before City Council Committee on Governmental
   YORK, 307 SEVENTH AVE, SUITE 1403, NEW YORK, NY 10001                     Operations with recommendations for the September 2008 trial
 FOR INQUIRIES CALL (212) 353-8070, FAX (212) 228-4665, EMAIL of ballot marking devices required by federal court order for
  INFO@WCCNY.ORG OR VISIT OUR WEBSITE AT WWW.WCCNY.ORG.                      HAVA implementation.

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