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					B                  OFT 1301)
Business English (PO       )

Credit: 3 semester cred hours (3 hours lecture
          s           dit        h           e)

P         te/Co-requ
Prerequisit        uisite: Non

C        scription
Course Des
 ntroduction to a practica application of basic lan
In           t           al          n                      ge          h          on
                                                  nguage usag skills with emphasis o
 undamentals of writing and editing for business. .
fu          s             a          f

R        T        a       rials
Required Textbook and Mater
   1. Business English, Dr. Mary Ellen Guffey, 9th edition, Thomson/Southwestern
                                 E           ,                                 n.
                     mber is 0-324
           a. ISBN num           4-66239-4.
          1        dbook for Off Professi
   2. How 12: A Hand          ffice                             nd       Clark,
                                        ionals, James L. Clark an Lyn R. C
           a. ISBN numb is 0-324-66239-4

C       bjectives	
Course	Ob
U         etion of this course, the student will be able to:
Upon comple
          y            ules    mmar, spelling capitaliza
   1. Apply the basic ru of gram            g,                    er         d
                                                       ation, numbe usage, and
           uation. (SCA
      punctu                    6,          2,         7,
                       ANS C5, C6 C8, F1, F2 F5, F6, F7 F12)
                       gy         e           al         ess                F2,
   2. Utilize terminolog applicable to technica and busine writing. (SCANS: F
      F5, F6 F12, F14, F16)
          lop       ding and edi
   3. Devel proofread                                F2,       F12, F14, F16
                               iting skills. (SCANS: F F5, F6, F           6)
            ffective sente
   4. rite ef                       aragraphs for business ap
                         ences and pa           r                                F2,
                                                            pplications. (SCANS: F
      F5, F6 F12, F14, F16.

S      kills C       cies
SCANS Sk and Competenc
Beginning in the late 198             S.          ent        r           s
                         80’s, the U.S Departme of Labor Secretary’s Commissio on   on
Achieving Ne              ills
              ecessary Ski (SCANS conducted extensive r
                                     S)           d                      d          s
                                                              research and interviews with
 usiness own
bu           ners, union leaders, sup              nd
                                      pervisors, an laborers in a wide variety of work
 ettings to de
se                        at         ge
             etermine wha knowledg workers n                 der         rm
                                                 needed in ord to perfor well on a job.
 n           C                        i           in         rk
In 1991 the Commission announced its findings i What Wor Requires in Schools. In its
 esearch, the Commission determin
re           e                        ned that “wworkplace kknow-how” consists of two
 lements: fou
el                                   kplace comp etencies.
              undation skills and work

C       utline
Course Ou
A            F
A. Laying A Foundation                              1.   Nounss
   1. Referen Skills                                2.        ssive Nouns
   2. Parts of Speech                               3.        nal
                                                         Person Pronouns
   3. Sentenc           ts,          ypes
             ces: Element patterns, ty              4.        uns
                                                         Pronou and Ante  ecedents

B           he
B. Knowing th Namers                            C.        the
                                                C Showing t Action

A          /2010
Approved 10/
POFT 1301
Course Syllabi

   1. Verbs: kinds, voices, moods, verbals            1. Commas
   2. Verb tenses and parts                           2. Semicolons and colons
   3. Verb and subject agreement
                                                   F. Writing with Style
D. Modifying and Connecting Words                     1. Capitalization
    1. Modifiers: Adjectives and adverbs              2. Numbers
    2. Prepositions
    3. Conjunctions
. Punctuating Sentences

Grade Scale
   90 – 100               A
   80 – 89                B
   70 – 79                C
   60 – 69                D
   0 – 59                 F

Course Evaluation
Final grades will be calculated according to the following criteria:
   1. Spelling tests, quizzes, homework      25%
      (No make-ups)
   2. Project with oral presentation         25%
   3. Major tests and final exam             50%

Course Requirements
   1. Attendance.
   2. Use reference books and other library resources efficiently.
   3. Apply effective oral communication techniques.
   4. Preparation and presentation of report.
   5. A grade of “C” or better must be earned in this course for credit toward degree

Course Policies
   1. Proper classroom decorum must be maintained at all times.
   2. No DISRUPTIONS will be tolerated and in this classroom, we will respect one
      another’s right to learn.
   3. No food, drinks, or use of tobacco products in class.
   4. Cell phones, headphones, and any other electronic devices must be turned off
      while in class.
   5. Do not walk out of class early without talking to me before the class begins.

POFT 1301
Course Syllabi

   6. On exam day, all desks MUST be clear except for exam materials. All purses,
      backpacks, notebooks, etc. should be stored under the desks - including CELL
   7. Makeup exams will not be given, unless arranged for in advance. If you miss an
      exam (including the final) for any reason, without making arrangements with me
      prior to the exam, you will receive a zero on that exam.
   8. Exams will begin on time. If you are more than 5 minutes late for the Final Exam,
      you will not be allowed to take it.
   9. If you wish to drop a course, the student is responsible for initiating and
      completing the drop process. If you stop coming to class and fail to drop the
      course, you will earn an ‘F’ in the course.
   10. Attendance is expected and required.
   11. Additional class policies as defined by the individual course instructor.

Disabilities Statement
The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1992 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of
1973 are federal anti-discrimination statutes that provide comprehensive civil rights for
persons with disabilities. Among other things, these statutes require that all students with
documented disabilities be guaranteed a learning environment that provides for
reasonable accommodations for their disabilities. If you believe you have a disability
requiring an accommodation, please contact the Special Populations Coordinator at (409)
880-1737 or visit the office in Student Services, Cecil Beeson Building.

Course Schedule
Week of      Topic                                                  Reference
Week 1       Course introduction and policies
             Chapter 1: Reference skills                            pp. 1-15
Week 2       Chapter 2: Parts of Speech                             pp. 16-27
             Chapter 3: Sentences: elements, patterns, types        pp.28-44
Week 3       Unit Test 1 (Chapters 1-3)                             pp. 1-44
             Discuss proofreading skills                            pp. 45, 46
             Discuss spelling skills                                pp. 361-370
             Chapter 4: Nouns                                       pp. 48-63
Week 4       Chapter 5: Possessive nouns                            pp. 64-81
             Spelling Test 1 (Lists 2, 6, 14, 18)
             (spelling section is 361-370)
             Chapter 6: Personal Pronouns                           pp. 82-99
Week 5       Chapter 7: Pronouns and antecedents                    pp. 100-117
             Unit Test 2 (Chapters 4-7)                             pp. 48-117

POFT 1301
Course Syllabi

Week of     Topic                                                Reference
Week 6      Chapter 8: Verbs: Kinds, voices, moods, verbals      pp. 126-143
            Spelling Test 2 (Lists 7, 11, 15, 19)
            Techniques for effective sentences and do the
            exercises in class                                   pp. 119-123
            Chapter 9: Verb Tenses and Parts
                                                                 pp. 144-163
            Read and discuss techniques for effective
            paragraphs p. 183-187 and do Skill Check 3.1 p.      pp. 183-187
            184, Skill Check 3.2 p. 185, Skill Check 3.3 p.
            186. Type your work and have it ready to turn in
            the next class time.

Week 7      Turn in homework
            Chapter 10: Verbs and subject agreement              pp.164-182
            Unit Test 3 (Chapters 8-10)                          pp. 126-182
Week 8      Chapter 11: Modifiers: Adjectives and Adverbs     pp. 190-205
            Spelling Test 3 (Lists 1, 5, 9, 13)
            Chapter 12: Prepositions
            Writer’s Workshop (Discussion of memorandums
            and e-mail) Writing assignment: Memo’s Answer
            Skill Check 4.1 p. 245 and Skill Check 4.2 p. 246
            and do Writing Application 4.1 p. 248. Type your
            work and have it ready to submit next class.
                                                              pp. 243-248
Week 9      Turn in memo assignment
            Chapter 13: Conjunctions                             Pp. 220-242
            Unit Test 4 (Chapters 11-13)
Week 10     Spelling Test 4 (Lists 4, 8, 12, 16)
            Appendix C: Reference Guide to Document              pp. 379-390
            Writer’s Workshop: Informational Business            pp. 309-314
            Letter writing exercise
            Skill Check 5.1p. 310-311, Skill Check 5.2 p. 313-
            314(make sure you read the letter in the writing
            application 5.1 as you are responding to this
            Chapter 14: Comma                                    pp. 250-267

POFT 1301
Course Syllabi

Week of     Topic                                             Reference
Week 11     Chapter 15: Semicolons and Colons Spelling Test   pp. 268-285
            5 (Lists 3, 10, 17 and 20)
            Unit Test 5 (Chapters 14, 15)
Week 12     Chapter 17: Capitalization                        pp. 316-333
            Discuss Writers Workshop: Reports                 pp. 355-360
Week 13     Chapter 18: Numbers                               pp. 334-354
            Report Preparation project discussion
            Hand out packets
Week 14     All reports are due.
            Begin oral presentations.
            Have discussions following each report.
Week 15     Complete oral presentations and begin reviews
Week 16     Final Exam                                        pp. 316-360