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									Modern CAD tools such as AutoCAD, Revit, Microstation and Tekla has changed the
way engineers prepare drawings and documents for any given project. Computer
Aided Design or CAD tools are widely popular across construction, manufacturing
and production industries. CAD design offers many benefits as compared to
conventional manual processes.
  Automatic update of drawings, shared platform across various trades, electronic
transfer of data and quicker turn around time are some of the major advantages that a
CAD system offers to project manager along with saving time and money.
  Major advantages of CAD design system includes following: 3D Modeling: In case
of manual drafting it is difficult to produce 3D models and is very time-consuming
job. 3D CAD system comes with excellent modules to create and analyze 3D models
easily and efficiently. Easy Reproduction: With manual drafting drafters take many
days to complete a drawing and reproduction means produce drawing from the
beginning. However, in case of CAD drafting, you can regenerate the drawing with
quicker turnaround time and create as many copies as you require. Computer Aided
Design: CAD systems use 3D geometry as input. The system can replicate the loading
conditions and present whether the structure can sustain the real loading conditions or
not. This feature is unavailable with manual drawings. Automatic Simulation: The 3D
CAD geometry can be utilized to simulate real-time mechanism, thus you can control
the functionality of a machine without generating in prototype building. Manual
drawings cannot perform such mechanism simulation. Electronic Database: The CAD
drawing files can be digitally stored on FTP server. Once created, the CAD documents
can be accessed through internet or shared network. Higher efficiency: Since project
specifications and CAD models are logically connected, a change in model is
implicitly reflected into the drawing automatically. The drawings prepared using
manual drafting process do not have such measures resulting in less efficiency.
Savings in cost: Manual drawing process may require hundreds of papers, but with
CAD each drawing is modified, stored and used electronically saving time and money.
Access Control: With CAD systems it is possible to restrict some users from
accessing critical project information and drawings. You can easily share or restrict
users from accessing such drawings and can also define access levels for each CAD
documents. Such features can not be realized in case of manual processes. Post your
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