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Adorable Bunny Plush Toys


									The talk of bunnies usually brings to mind one thing: Easter and lots of eggs made of
chocolate. Around the same time, bunny plush toys become just as popular as the
chocolate eggs, although you don't have to wait for Easter to roll around for the sole
purpose of purchasing them 鈥?bunny plush toys are a lovely treat for any child no
matter what time of the year it is.
  You can't help fall instantly in love with bunnies when you see them, whether it's in
your own backyard or at an animal sanctuary. Everything about them says 'cute and
cuddly,' even though they likely don't think so. Bunny plush toys are equally as
endearing (especially ones with floppy ears) and are really the perfect stuffed animal
for snuggling up with.
  The whole notion of the Easter bunnies and chocolate eggs, all comes from pagan
roots. There is certainly nowhere in the Bible that refers to a rabbit with long ears or
children that hunts for eggs that the Easter bunny left for them. For that matter, rabbits
don't actually lay eggs. Easter bunnies and eggs found there way into Easter
celebrations that were completely separate from the day Jesus Christ was honored for
rising from the dead.
  According to one reputable American University, Easter celebrations and the Easter
bunny originated in the 13th century where gods and goddesses were worshipped by
the population. Feasts were held on the Vernal Equinox to honor Eostra, the goddess
of spring and fertility. Eostra's symbol was also the rabbit because of how much the
animal was able to reproduce. In addition, spring was the symbol of new life and
rebirth and eggs represented fertility. In the 1500's the first legends of the Easter
bunny were documented. Then, by 1680, a story was published for the first time about
a rabbit laying eggs and hiding them in a garden. In the 1700's these legends came to
the United States and not long after, making nests for the rabbit to lay its eggs in,
became a tradition. Over time, those nests turned into beautifully decorated [Easter]
baskets and the colorful eggs were exchanged for candy and other treats.
  It's not a stretch to think that as the popularity of the Easter bunny legend grew,
bunny plush toys would not be far behind. Given teddy bears became established as
the world's most popular soft toy based purely on their incredibly good looks (not to
mention their equally soft plush fur), why shouldn't bunnies have found a place in the
world of plush? And, on a yearly basis, since the Easter bunny appeared much like
Santa Clause did, children would certainly want some kind of keepsake of the
mysterious bunny they never got to see. Luckily for them, bunny plush toys fit the
  Angeline Hope is a collector of wildlife plush toys. You can view a selection of
wildlife plush toys including bunny plush toys at MyBigPlush.

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