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					As credit card usage is now universal, it is essential for businesses to have the ability
to accept credit card payments both online and over the telephone in order to
maximise sales of their products and services.
 Doing business online requires an ability to accept credit card payments and/or debit
card payments securely from customers. This entails processing authorisation requests
in real time and ensuring the cardholder has sufficient funds. Whether your business is
exclusively online, wholesale, retail or a combination, setting up the ability to accept
credit card payments takes a few straight-forward steps: .
 鈥?Set up an e-commerce merchant agreement with your bank. This will allow you
to process online payments but it will in most cases also allow your customers to
purchase items over the telephone (via a Virtual Terminal device). 鈥?Ensure that
your site is safe and secure by obtaining a secure encrypted certificate for your
website to assure customers that their personal information is held or processed
securely. 鈥?Find a reputable web developer to build and setup your website and
shopping cart. 鈥?Choosing your payment gateway provider is critical to your card
payments strategy. Your payment gateway provides the link between your customer
and your bank account providing credit card authorisation, fraud scoring and
multi-currency services.
 Realex Payments are one of the industries leading credit card payments solution
companies in Europe. By providing a state-of-the-art internet payments solution, they
allow the automation of online sales and payments processing for hundreds of
merchants across Europe.
 Merchants can integrate any Realex Payments 鈥?service directly from their website.
Sample code comes in various programming languages and for many shopping cart
solutions ensuring speedy implementation.
 While every effort has been taken to ensure the accuracy of this article it is
recommended that you seek up-to-date professional advice. For specific advice in
relation to accepting credit card payment and related payment topics, please contact
Realex Payments directly at online payments .
 Realex Payments provide a range of services that will allow you to accept credit card
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