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Multiple Sclerosis Society

 July 2008                                   Volume 3                                         Issue 3

                               MESSAGE FROM KATHY FINCH

2008 – 2009 Committee Members
Hello everybody! Perhaps summer is here at last! We held our AGM on the 1st of May at the Ladywell
Day Centre, sadly poor attendance. The committee was voted in with only a few slight changes as follows:

Peter and I continue in our old roles, vice-chair and chair respectively. Mikko Saressalo continues as
our treasurer. The Julias have exchanged duties – Julia Wilson is now the support officer and Julia
Gray is the assistant support officer. Cristina Saressalo continues as the newsletter editor but has now
left the secretary position which has kindly being taken over by Evelyene Jackman. Pauline Shaw,
our dedicated MS nurse, continues for another year as a committee member and Mick Jackman, who
set up the Lewisham website, has volunteered to continue administrating it. I would like to thank all
the committee for their dedicated help.

Julia Gray has been through a rough patch over several weeks but hopefully is now on the mend.

Boat Trip
The Branch is organizing a boat trip in the Medway on the 24th of July from 2.00 pm until 4.30 pm.
If you are interested, please contact Julia Gray (020 7652 2022) ASAP as the spaces are limited.
Transport will be provided by the Lewisham Council.

Golf Day

I’m pleased to say that the Golf Day, organized by Peter, held on May 14th at Woodlands Manor
Golf Club, was a great success and raised £682.22 for the Branch.

Collection Day

But we need more money to continue helping our members. So, Peter has kindly arranged a
collection day on Tuesday 8th of July 2008 at Tesco in Catford (SE6 4JU). WE NEED
VOLUNTEERS to take it in turns in the store. If you have some time to spare, and would like to help
out on the day please call me (020 8852 4708). We feel we should have a go at this opportunity,
especially because we did not have any collections on MS Flag Day this year.

In Memory of our Former Chair Mr Bill Glenon

It was with great sadness that I heard about the passing of our long standing chairman, Bill
Glenon, who did so much for the branch for so many years - since its beginning over 50 years
ago. Bill passed away on June 5th and the funeral took place on June 19th. Our sympathies and
thoughts go to Mrs Glenon and family.

                         If you have memories of Bill and would like to write a few words about him,
                                  please send it to Julia Gray (jecd.gray@virgin.net) as we are putting
                                       together a short book of memories in his honour for his family.

Yours, Kathy Finch, Chairperson.

                                         PAULINE’S PAGE

Summer has arrived and some of you will be
planning your summer holidays. If you are                  Should we have a heatwave remember to:
prescribed one of the injectable disease modifying
therapies and planning on flying don’t forget to           • Keep out of the heat and stay in the shade
organise a letter from me confirming that the              • Wear a hat and light, loose fitting clothes,
medication is for your own use. Those of you who             preferably cotton
may be on a longish flight and will have to take a         • Stay cool – a loose cotton damp scarf on
dose of any prescribed oral medication should                the back of the neck or spraying or
also request a letter for customs confirming you             splashing your face and back of your
need to take the medication for a medical                    neck with cold water several times a day
condition. Medical insurance is a must if you are            to help keep you cool
travelling abroad, and each of the 3 main                  • Stay inside in the coolest room
charitable organisations – the MS Society, MS              • Reduce heat from sunlight coming
Trust and MS Resource Centres have agreements                through windows by drawing curtains
with individual insurance companies so you may             • Keep windows closed while the room is
get a cheaper quote.                                         cooler than outside
                                                           • Drink regularly even if you don’t feel
Wherever you are going or, in fact, if you are               thirsty- water or fruit juice is best
staying at home and the weather does get hot it is
                                                           • Try to avoid alcohol, tea or coffee – they
important to keep yourself cool to prevent heat
                                                             make dehydration worse
exhaustion. Symptoms of heat exhaustion include
                                                           • Try to eat more cold foods particularly
headaches, dizziness, nausea and vomiting,
                                                             salads and fruit which contain water.
muscle weakness or cramps, pale skin and a high
temperature. You should move somewhere cool
                                                           So, whatever you are doing enjoy the
and drink plenty of water or fruit juice. If you can,
                                                           summer and keep cool!
take a cool shower or sponge yourself down with
cold water.

                                        TAI CHI CLASSES
                                         Tai Chi classes have been continuing at the Albany in Deptford;
                                         however they will finish in July as Janet, our teacher, is having a
                                         baby in September.

                                         We would like to thank her for being such a brilliant teacher. We
                                         hope we may be able to run a class next year if we have enough
                                         people who are interested.

                                         In the meantime, if people have ideas for other activities they
                                         think we could set up please contact Julia Wilson or Julia Gray
                                         (phone numbers overleaf).
                         Peter Hayes and friends from
                    THE MERIDIAN CYCLE CLUB sponsored

                         LANDS END TO JOHN O’GROATS
                               CYCLE RIDE 2008

                    MS SOCIETY LEWISHAM and MOSEY

Seven members of the Meridian Cycle Club are cycling from Lands End to John O’Groats raising
funds for various charities and Peter has the MS SOCIETY Lewisham Branch and the MOSEY
drop in centre among his chosen ones.

The1048 mile ride will start on June 24th and finish on July 13th.

Donations to these great causes can be made in a variety of ways:

       on line http://www.justgiving.com/peterhayes. If you are UK tax payer, then an extra 28%
       in tax will be added to your donation

       cash with sponsorship form via Peter or any member of MS Society Lewisham Committee
       or Mosey Committee

       Cheques made payable to the MS Society Lewisham to be sent to Peter Hayes, 95 Marvels
       Lane, Grove Park, SE12 9PH.

         Peter will be working really hard to complete the 1048 miles!
             Dig deep; please be generous in support of his effort.

                      SPONSORSHIP FORM
                  Lands End to John O’Groats 2008

Sponsors name           Contact no.     Amount      Paid


                                MOSEY drop-in: 6 months already!
It’s hard to believe 6 months have passed since the launch of MOSEY drop-in. We’ve seen an amazing
response from you all. Your support and encouragement has been vital in the set-up of this much used drop-in
facility. Mosey is now well established and we continue to average 19-25 people a session to chat, share
experiences and relax. Some come for just a cup of tea while others stay for the entire session. All are made
welcome and newcomers continue to drop-in to make and meet friends both new and old.

Mutual friendship, support and fun is a priority at MOSEY and each session has achieved that. Activities, such
as arts/crafts play a part of the 1st session in the month. People can get involved in learning to sketch, use
pastels, talk through interior design ideas or have a hand massage and much more.

The 3rd Thursday of each month has sessions based on what Mosey drop-ins have expressed an interest in. We
have enjoyed having guests such as Jo Mitchell and her colleagues from a local complementary therapy centre
advising on posture and explaining about Pilates & the Feldenkrais Method. Another session was on the
services, value & opportunities of volunteering with Voluntary Care Centre, Lewisham. Guest speakers are
invited for 11am for an 11.30 start.

Some of the highlights of the last 6 months have been:
• To have one of our couples, Peter & Barbara, drop-in on their 40th wedding
anniversary. (We love to party!)
• To learn that MS Society (National Centre) have awarded MOSEY funding
to enable us to stay open and plan a programme for the next year
• Dyeing and painting eggs at Easter
• Our first evening social – ten pin bowling
• Improvised singing sessions where the MOSEY theme tune was started
• Peter Hayes talk about his pending 3-week sponsored cycled trip from Lands End
to John O’ Groats. Our mascot ‘Mo the Hippo’ has gone with him. (Mo was last
seen safely placed in Pete’s rear pocket.)

Ten-pin bowling evening

Screams of laughter and disbelief, along with ‘sight to behold’ victory dances as strikes were obtained, nearly
had our group barred. The evening, kicking off at 6.30pm on Tuesday 17th June, was a real ‘family’ occasion
with our youngest bowler being 12 and oldest… (We’re better to leave that!) Competitiveness certainly came
through, whether it was bowling from a wheel chair, with the aid of the ‘guide bowling run’ or MOSEY family
members toppling over in their determination to achieve a strike. The prize for the most points on the night
went to Ian Bertie. The prize for the most determination for getting to the occasion went to Lin and her family.
Well done to all! Those who didn’t come…you really missed a treat.

The programme for the next 6 months is still being finalised but the following dates are confirmed:

03 July 08 - Social – art/craft                                      02 October 08 - Social – art/craft
17 July 08 - Nutrition for health – Selina Eldridge                  16 October 08 - (TBC)
07 August 08 - Social – art/craft                                    06 November 08 - Social – art/craft
21 August 08 - (TBC)                                                 20 November 08 - (TBC)
04 September 08 - Social – art/craft                                 04 December 08 - Social – art/craft/planning
18 September 08 - Beauty (male & female) – Joyan Best                18 December 08 - Christmas Event

Guests still to be confirmed:

Info & basic Introduction to Tai Chi – Nick Chapman
Talk on Mentoring – Kim Bowden

We look forward to seeing you there!
                                         NEWSLETTER BY E-MAIL

                             If you prefer to receive your newsletter by e-mail (PDF),
                                 please let me known at cris.saressalo@yahoo.com.

                                         FORTHCOMING EVENTS

•   Lewisham Branch Boat Trip – 24 July, 2.00-4.30pm. To book your place contact Julia Gray (020 7652 2022).

•   Collection at Tesco, Catford (SE6 4JU) – 8 July. Please call Kathy Finch (020 8852 4708) for more details.

•Tai Chi Class at the Albany in Deptford on Wednesdays at 7.15-9pm. This class is funded by the
Lewisham Branch and a specially trained instructor teaches the class. Tai Chi is especially good for
balance, co-ordination and relaxation. It is an opportunity to meet other people in a relaxed social
environment whilst improving your sense of wellbeing. Now the nights are getting lighter and as it doesn’t
cost you anything there are fewer excuses not to turn up, so do come along! For information please call
Julia Gray (0207 6522022) or Julia Wilson (0208 6997444) and visit www.taichijanet.co.uk.

•MOSEY drop-in centre is a partnership between the Lewisham Branch and the MOSEY volunteers.
The centre is significantly improving the level of support available to people with or affected by MS and
we hope that our members and other people affected by MS can make the most of it.

When & Where: 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month from 10am-2pm at St Lawrence Church Hall, Catford.
For more information call 07972442613 or email moseydrop-in@hotmail.com.

              MS SOCIETY - LEWISHAM BRANCH                                        USEFUL CONTACTS
                W: www.mssociety.org.uk/lewisham
           E: mss.lewisham@ntlworld.com T: 07948 727 240                MS Helpline:            0808 800 80000
                                                                        Mon-Fri 9am-9pm
           Branch Officers/Committee Members 2007-2008                  MS Society Website: www.mssociety.org.uk

    Chairperson/                  Kathy Finch        020 8852 4708      MS Nurses:
    Transport for Socials                                               Pauline Shaw (Lewisham)    020 3299 6119
    Vice Chairperson/             Peter Hayes          020 8857 1878    Fiona Barnes (Lambeth)     020 3299 6570
    Fundraiser                                          07831 623 837   Joan Regan (Southwark)     020 3299 6588
    Treasurer                     Mikko Saressalo 020 8297 6349         Local Services:
    Support Officer               Julia Wilson         020 8699 7444    Lewisham Town Hall         020 8314 6000
    Assistant Support Officer     Julia Gray           020 7652 2022    Adult Social Services      020 8314 7766
                                                 jecd.gray@virgin.net   Carers Lewisham            020 8699 8686
    Secretary                     Evelyne Jackman 020 8613 7073         Blue Badge Applications    020 8314 9844
    Newsletter Editor             Cris Saressalo       020 8297 6349    Lewisham Hospital          020 8333 3000
    Website Administrator         Mick Jackman         020 8613 7073    The Shane Project: Support, information
    Committee Members             Pauline Shaw         020 3299 6119    and advocacy for African and Caribbean
    Committee Members             Vacancies                             people affected by MS      020 8805 1579