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									En primeur is a term that's quite familiar for a wine connoisseur. Meaning "wine
futures", it is a purchasing method where you buy wine at an early stage when it is
still in a barrel. It is a way to buy wine at a lesser cost as the wine is not yet bottled. In
fact, low price is the biggest advantage of en primeur as wine is not yet in the bottle
with the brand name and has not been released in the market yet. The wine offered for
en primeur normally comes from places like Bordeaux, Port, the Rhone Valley,
Burgundy, etc.
  How is en primeur done?
  After the grapes are harvested and the wine is made, the experts and merchants will
taste the wine that is only 6 to 8 months old. The wine would still be in the barrel
during this time and the winemaker would have made a sample to taste. Merchants
would decide after tasting whether to purchase the wine or not. Once a merchant
decides to buy, he would pay for it immediately without waiting for the wine to
complete its maturing time.
  What are the advantages and disadvantages of en primeur?
  It benefits the producer as well as the consumer. For the winemaker, it brings some
good sales and cash early helping him to invest in more production of wine. In the
case of the consumer, it saves him money as the wine is not as costly as when it is
bottled and marketed. Moreover, it gives the consumer a chance to get hold of some
quality wine that may be otherwise sold in very limited quantities. Also, the consumer
could get the wine in any amount that he wants, not the default quantity that the
winemakers decide.
  However, it has its negative side as well. As the consumer pays the amount earlier
even if the wine loses its quality as it ages, though the popular saying is quite the
opposite, he or she doesn't get the money back. Also, in case you weren't able to buy
the wine through en primeur, you might not get the wine later as other consumers
would have got it through the same method.
  Investing in en primeur with Bancroft Wines is an opportunity to buy wines at their
first release price to maximise the investment potential.

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