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The following information has been provided by Matthew TenEyke, who is
coordinating the recycling program. Amy Sigler is helping him. A big thank
you to Matthew and Amy!

Thank you for recycling inkjets and toner cartridges, cell phones, cans and bottles.

Inkjets - You may bring any empty inkjets cartridges and put into the inkjets
recycling box in the Band Room designated for ink cartridges. As some inkjets
empties may leaks and will stain, I recommend that you put the empty inkjet
cartridge into a sandwich bag. If you work in a company that goes through a lot of
inkjet cartridges, please tell me and I will be happy to get you a nice looking box
with a hole on top for inkjet cartridges.

Toner Cartridges - We can only recycled the OEM(new) empties and not
remanufactured empties. But as most of you may have trouble telling the
differences between the two, please bring them all and I will sort them out.

The different between toner cartridges and inkjet cartridges - toner is powder while
ink is liquid.

Cell Phones - We also have a box for cell phones in the Band Room. To prepare a
cell phone for recycling, please do the followings. 1) Erase all contacts and
messages. 2) Remove SIMs cards (if your phone has one) 3) Remove memory chip.

Cans and Bottles - Please bring them to the Band Room every Thursday to be picked
up at the end of Band practice. If you can't do that, then either Fridays or on
Saturdays where we have stadium cleanup. Please bring them prior to stadium clean
up as any cans and bottles found in stadium clean up are recycled promptly

Here is a thought - Almost everyday, I see an empty can or bottle out in the public.
If we all take a little more effort, we can pick up those cans and bottles. Not only we
are cleaning up the environment, I believe we can easily triple our cans and bottles
empties for recycling!

Thank you again!

Matthew TenEyck

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