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A Cup of Tea


									If you haven 鈥檛 tried tea drinking then this is the right time to seek one. A cup of
tea can give you a lot of benefits that you can 鈥檛 imagine. If you want to maximize
the delightful tea drinking then you need to learn the art of brewing it. Indeed in some
country like Japan, tea ceremony is very sanctuary and must be prepared only by the
experts. The preparation even takes an hour, according to them it must be held at
peaceful and silent place to fully contemplate while drinking tea. Whites, Greens,
Oolongs, and Blacks are the different types of tea. It has been prepared and
manufactured on different process and fermentation. The tea leaves came from the
same tea plant known as the Camellia sinensis. Tea leaves were processed by different
methods: steamed, fermented (oxidized), dried, or bruised. These following methods
make the tea differentiate from each other. Herbal tea is very popular especially on
Asia. This beverage is believed to have medical benefits mainly if drunk on regular
basis. Nevertheless the phrase 鈥渉 erbal tea 鈥?was just a word that connotes with
the medicinal purpose of tea. Since herbal product needed to be herbal based and tea
came from the tea plant Camellia. There are two types of tea that you can see in the
market today. The loose-leaf tea and tea bags, loose-leaf teas are typically made up of
whole leaves or broken leaves, at the same time as tea bags are typically filled with
fannings or dust. Most people prefer the tea bags since it is more convenient to
prepare than the whole leaves. You just need to boil water in your cast iron tea kettle
and pour it to your cast iron tea pots then serve it with cookies or cakes. But if you are
self-confessed tea connoisseurs then you definitely prepare more the brewing of
whole-leaf tea since this is the best tasting than tea bags. A whole leaf does have
additional exterior area for water to take out the natural flavor characteristics of the
tea. Another reason for a delightful cup of tea is in fact the water. You need to have
fresh and clean water then let it boil. The tea cups must be clean so there will be no
different taste than the tea flavor. Below are the packaging instructions and guidelines
for brewing and steeping your tea. White tea needed to have 185 temperature 0 掳 F
with 4-15 minutes for steeping. For green tea, 160 temperature 0 掳 F with 1-2
minutes steeping time. Oolong tea 203 temperature 0 掳 F for 1-9 minutes of steeping
and for Black tea, 203 temperatures 0 掳 F with 3-5 minutes of steeping. Tea drinking
is the perfect alternative for your coffee. Tea has less caffeine so you can actually
drink it before you sleep, in fact chamomile teas gives you the relaxing mood that
allows you to sleep safe and sound. If you have problems on sleeping then this tea is
definitely helps you a lot.
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