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					Generally people go for plastic surgery either for aesthetic reasons as in improve your
appearance or restorative reasons i.e. to undo a damage that may have occurred due to
a accident or which existed during birth. With a tool as effective as plastic surgery,
there are chances that these could go wrong as well. Stories of the well intentioned
plastic surgery 鈥檚 gone awry are abound. Some of these can be corrected through
corrective surgery, some changes can 鈥檛 be undone. There are a number of Plastic
surgeons in Los Angeles. Almost everyone claims to be member of 鈥榯 he board 鈥?
Be wary of this statement. Affiliation to any board of medical council does not mean
affiliation to the board related to the specific branch of surgery.(In some states it is
legal for an unqualified physician to perform plastic surgery procedures in which they
have received no training) A plastic Surgeon has to be qualified by the American
Society for Plastic Surgeons. This is particularly important, because if you were to
scourge through the web directories looking for plastic surgeons in Los Angeles,
chances are you would find out that there are many doctors who actually haven 鈥檛
specialized in the field, yet, practice it. Having a doctor who has a board certification
from ASPS means that this plastic surgeon has gone through at least three years of
training in plastic surgery, apart from the usual three to five-year training in general
surgery. In addition to this, board certified plastic surgeons have to undergo
continuing medical education to keep themselves abreast of the latest developments
and take written tests every 10 years. Plastic surgeon Los Angeles A best way to check
for the credentials is to check the website of the doctor; if he is qualified in a
specialized procedure, the plastic surgeon would make sure to display it prominently
in his website. For example Dr. Jay Clavert who has listed out the different specialties
that he has undergone. If you or your loved one is going for a plastic surgery there are
a few things that you need to know before you opt for one. Plastic surgery can be
divided into two categories, one is reconstructive and the second is aesthetic surgery.
While plastic surgery was always popular among those looking to undo a defect
caused as a result of an accident or trauma, aesthetic plastic surgery is now becoming
increasingly popular. As people realize that they are not happy with their appearance,
they are looking for ways and means to correct it. Aesthetic plastic surgery includes,
breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tucks, nose jobs and eyelid surgery. There is
a sea of difference between reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery. While the
former is used to undo damages causes by accidents or traumas, aesthetic plastic
surgery is often used to enhance an already beautiful face. Beverly Hills is blessed
with a number of skilled cosmetic surgeons, thanks to the plethora of celebrities who
have patronized aesthetic plastic surgery. Plastic surgeon Los Angeles But make sure
you choose your cosmetic surgeon in Beverly Hills with care as not everyone
manages to deliver what they promise. Checking for things like certification form the
board of plastic surgeons in America, affiliation to a reputed service center, a clean
track record go a long way in assuring you that you are in safe hands. Looking for the
right cosmetic surgeon in Beverly Hills? Dr. Jay Calvert is a very good choice. He is
not only a member of the American Board of Plastic Surgeons but also a member of
the Rhinoplasty Society and specializes in facelifts and breast augmentation besides
rhinoplasty (nose jobs). For more information on plastic surgery and other cosmetic
procedures please visit