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					                     New London News
                     July/August 2007
                     Tammuz/Av 5767
 HIGHLIGHTS         From the Chairman
                    At the end of July Reuven and
                    Rahel Hammer return to Israel after
                       their time with us.

                I would like to take this opportunity
                to express my appreciation to both
   Farewell     of them for all the assistance that
 Kiddush/Buffet they have given to us at New
Lunch for Rabbi London Synagogue during the past
 Reuven and     two years.
Rahel Hammer        Their arrival coincided with the very difficult period in our
                    history. Our Founder Rabbi, Dr. Louis Jacobs was in
        8.00 pm     failing health and the congregation was
     Lecture by     dispirited. Differences of opinion as to the way forward
                    threatened to split the congregation and attendances
Rabbi Hammer :      were falling. Not an easy task to undertake but Reuven
 Jerusalem His-     achieved this with a sense of purpose, balancing the
 tory & Mystery     requirements of our members and their differing views
                    and drawing them together in a way which I do not think
          Guest     we have experienced for many years. Certainly we have
                    our differences of approach but Reuven has managed to
          Rabbi:    address these with tact and aplomb at all times doing that
Stuart Altshuler    which he considers to be in the best interest of New
                    London. He has not sought to impose but merely
      Communal      suggest, and to open our eyes to the various possibilities
        Shabbat     that lie before us.
         Lunch There is no doubt whatsoever about his wisdom and
                    knowledge. His approach is friendly and welcoming
                    earning the respect not only of our founder Rabbi from
        6.30 pm     the outset but of everyone who has come in contact with
     Opening of     him.      His sermons are learned, interesting and
Summer exhibi-      informative. Of particular interest to me is his perspective
 tion of Art and    on matters relating to Israel where he is able at the same
          Crafts    time, to be subjective but also objective. I recall his
speech at our UJIA Dinner last year which I consider to be one of the finest
of its type that I have heard.

Since I took over as Chairman this time last year he has provided invaluable
advice and guidance on all aspects of Shul life. Our Friday staff meetings
have been conducted in a great atmosphere but at the same time in a busi-
ness like manner and he has provided considerable input into the plans now
in place and being implemented for the smoother running of the Synagogue
administration. He leaves us stronger, fitter and more vibrant than for

Rahel has played her full part in the life of the Synagogue, especially with
her unique artistic skills and has been a most hospitable and charming host-
ess throughout. They will both be sorely missed but I hope that they will
take the opportunity to visit us frequently as they will always have a second
home with us in London.

I am delighted that Reuven has accepted our invitation to return on Shabbat
8th September en route to Washington in order to preach on Shabbat morn-
ing and at our second Selichot service that night.
                                                              Adrian Marks

Tribute to a friend and colleague

I think it was Cyril Korn who was the Shadchan ; When he suggested that
Reuven Hammer may come and be our interim Rabbi, I said “Do you think
he really might come?” I knew of Reuven through his wonderful books on
liturgy all of which I owned, and was truly thrilled.

Some suggested that maybe he was too old - Anyone who has worked with
Reuven and observed his enormous stamina and energy was soon disillu-
sioned of that premise!

At any rate, the introductions were made, the deal was done and Reuven
and Rahel came to us - strictly just for one year - and we owe much to the
Executive led by Julian Futter for making it all happen.

One year became two, and what a constructive two years we have had!.

To work with Reuven is a joy. He is meticulous when planning services and
events, a most creative thinker, punctual always and above all, able to moti-
vate those around him to give of their best with his winning smile and the art
of gentle persuasion. It has been a privilege to work with and learn from
him and I will always cherish his and Rahel’s friendship.
                                                            Stephen Cotsen
From the Rabbi
Since this is the last time I will be writing to you as the
Rabbi of New London Synagogue, permit me a few
words of farewell. I have been with New London for
two seasons – somewhat under two full years. On the
one hand I wonder where the time has gone, on the
other it feels as if I have been here for much longer
and have established ties that are much stronger
than that brief time would allow.

I have been serving as an interim rabbi. Usually the task of an interim rabbi
is simply to tread water, that is - to keep the congregation afloat between
rabbis. I was well aware, as I have stated many times, that as an interim it
was not my business to impose my personal vision upon the congregation
but to help the congregation clarify its needs and its goals. I hope that I
have done that. Certainly there were many things that I did not attempt to do
because it would have been inappropriate. Nevertheless it was obvious to
me that treading water was not sufficient. The congregation had immediate
needs that had to be met.

When I look back at what we have accomplished together - Chazan Cotsen,
the staff, the officers, yourselves – and –myself – I have a feeling of satis-
faction. I think that they can be summarized as follows:
     -        we have increased the activities, religious, educational, cultural
         and social in a substantial manner so that the synagogue is a hive
         of activities;
     -       we have enhanced the services, making them more participatory,
         more instructional, more personal and have increased the atten-
     -        we have increased the number of young people who are mem-
         bers and who are active in the synagogue;
     -         we have created an atmosphere of openness and cordiality in
         which even sensitive issues can be discussed without rancour;
     -        we have clarified our position within the Masorti Movement, lo-
         cally and worldwide, and have found a way to conduct a construc-
         tive discussion of the issue of women’s participation in the service.

I will not tell you what we have not done. There is so much more that must
be done. Suffice it to say that there is a world of opportunities awaiting your
new rabbi. The congregation, I believe, is now strong enough and confident
enough to move forward toward the future. It has a strong basis upon which
to build and if I have contributed to that, I am pleased. As of this writing, I do
not know who your new rabbi will be, but I wish him well and I hope that you
will give him your support as you have given it to me and will co-operate
with him in the same way.

Rahel and I are deeply appreciative of the friendship and hospitality that
many of you have offered. We return to Israel enriched by our experiences
here and by the close ties that have been forged. We hope to keep those
ties strong and that we will see you in the future both here and in Israel.

I admit that I came to New London with some trepidation knowing that there
were many challenges here and that - interim or not - the future of the con-
gregation depended in large measure on what would be done at this junc-
ture. I leave with a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment. In the words
of Rabbi Tarfon in Pirke Avot, “You are not obliged to finish the task, but
neither are you free to neglect it.”

Shalom u’l’hitraot!

              Monday 2nd July
    Lecture by Rabbi Dr Reuven Hammer

                  Jerusalem -
                  History and Mystery.
At the beginning of the period of the
 three weeks leading to Tisha B’Av,
Rabbi Hammer will discuss the role
  of Jerusalem in Judaism and its
         8.00 pm - Admission free
New London Synagogue invites you to join us for a

Communal Lunch
    On     Shabbat 14th July
Rabbi Hammer will give a
      talk entitled:

 Join us for another relaxed lunch with good company,
     good food and a warm Shabbat atmosphere.

           Cost is £12 (Students/children £6)

  Please book on the Booking Form enclosed with this
 Newsletter or direct to the office by telephone or email.
  The First Yahrzeit for Rabbi Louis Jacobs
  Memorial Service & Lecture
On Wednesday 20th June the first Jacobs Memorial service and Lecture
was held in the Synagogue. Following the Minchah service led by Rabbi
Jonathan Wittenberg, Rabbi Elliot Cosgrove from Chicago gave the Memo-
rial tribute . Focusing on the influences that helped shaped the thinking of
Rabbi Jacobs we were treated to an excellent analysis of the outstanding
contribution made by Rabbi Jacobs to Jewish scholarship. Rabbi Cosgrove
spent a great deal of time interviewing Rabbi Jacobs in recent years for his
doctoral thesis and it is clear that he was the perfect choice to give the trib-
                                                     Rabbi Marc Saperstein
We were then treated to a fascinating lecture
by the new Principal of Leo Baeck College,
Rabbi Professor Marc Saperstein. A widely
published author, Rabbi Saperstein is widely
recognized as perhaps the pre-eminent au-
thority on the history of Jewish preaching.
His topic was “Jewish Preaching on Social

The two lectures are available to read on the
web site, just click on the “Rabbi Jacobs”

The second Memorial Lecture will take place
on Monday 7th July 2008.

On the 8th September we are holding our second Selichot concert
and Service (see back cover). Last year's event was an outstanding
success and this is exactly the kind of programme we should be
developing. However, it is an expensive event. A Grand Piano has
to be hired, advertising is expensive performers have to be en-
gaged and the event budget is more than £3,000.

If you can help please contact Stephen Cotsen - 07976 802 555 or
by email - stepcots@msn.com
   The Chairman, Honorary Officers and Council
       invite you to a Kiddush in honour of

          Ruth Ben Adir
              On Shabbat 14th July
Ruth who is an active member of the Synagogue, joined the office
team two years ago to help out while we sought a replacement for
 Temmie who left to live in Israel. A temporary position became
 longer term and she is now leaving to pursue a different career..

   Ruth has been the cheerful and helpful voice on the end of the
telephone and we are deeply grateful to her and hope you will join
                    us for this special tribute.

 If you would like to contribute to a leaving gift, please send your
 donations to the office for the attention of Ronnie Cohen clearly
            marked ‘Ruth’ on the back of the cheque.

    ...and we extend a warm welcome
   to our new Community Administrator

      Who begins work on 16th July
                               July 2007
           Sunday                          Monday                   Tuesday

1                                      2                      3
                                       Lecture by Rabbi       Fast of Tammuz
Shacharit 9.30 am followed by          Hammer 8.00 pm
Breakfast. Rabbi Hammer’s Talmud Shiur “Jerusalem - History
10.15 am Cheder 9.45 am Hebrew         & Mystery”
Reading with Rabbi Elaina Rothman
10.00 am

8                                      9                      10
Shacharit 9.30 am There will be no
Talmud Shiur today Reading with Rabbi Membership commit-      Activities committee
Elaina Rothman 10.00 am 9.45 am Che- tee 8.00 pm              8.00 pm
der - end of term and Summer family
Barbecue (1.00 pm) 7.00 pm Book
Launch Edna Halle & Rabbi Julian Sinclair

15                                     16                     17
Shacharit 9.30 am followed by
Breakfast. Rabbi Hammer’s Talmud Shiur
10.15 am Hebrew Reading with Rabbi
Elaina Rothman 10.00 am
Services committee 11.15 am
6.30 pm Opening of Summer Art          Rosh Chodesh Av        Westminster Faith meet-
Exhibition by Rabbi Hammer             Shacharit 7.30 am      ing at NLS 5.30 pm

22                                     23                     24
                                                              Tishah B’Av
Shacharit 9.30 am followed by
Breakfast.. Rabbi Hammer’s Talmud Shiur
10.15 am Cheder 9.45 am Hebrew
Reading with Rabbi Elaina Rothman
10.00 am                                Tishah B’Av service
                                        8.30 pm

29                                     30                     31
Shacharit 9.30 pm followed by
Breakfast. Rabbi Hammer’s Talmud Shiur Executive 7.00 pm
10.15 am

Regular Services - Friday evening 6.30 pm    Shabbat morning - Shacharit 9.15 am
                     Tammuz/Av 5767
    Wednesday             Thursday               Friday               Shabbat

4                    5                    5                      7

                     Learning @ New
                     London - L’Haim
                     with Angela Gluck
Art Group am         8 - 9.45 pm          Shabbat begins 9.04 pm Shabbat ends 10.31
11                   12                   13                     14

                     Learning @ New
                     London - L’Haim                             Minyan Chadash
                     with Angela Gluck                           9.45 am
                     8 - 9.45 pm          Shabbat begins 8.59 pm Shabbat ends 10.23

18                   19                   20                     21

                                                                 Baby Blessing -
                                                                 Sophie Taylor
                                          Shabbat begins 8.51 pm Shabbat ends 10.13pm
25                   26                   27                     28
NLS Book Club
8.00 pm

                                          Shabbat begins 8.42 pm Shabbat ends 10.00
1 Aug                2                    3                      4

                                                                 Minyan Chadash
                                                                 9.45 am
                                          Shabbat begins 8.31 pm Shabbat ends 9.46 pm

        Torah service 10.00 am (approx)         Sunday morning service - 9.30 am
      August 2007 Av/Elul 5767
          All services continue as normal during August.
     As many regulars will be away, please make an effort to support
               the services to ensure there is a Minyan.
                         ROSH CHODESH ELUL
     There will be a Shacharit service on Wednesday 15th August
                     at 7.30 am followed by breakfast

          Sunday                    Friday               Shabbat

5                            10                     11

                                                    Auf ruf Robin
Shacharit 9.30 am            Shabbat begins 8.18 pm Shabbat ends 9.31 pm
12                           17                     18

Wedding of Robin Yacoubian
and Bilyana Novakovic

Shacharit 9.30 am            Shabbat begins 8.05 pm Shabbat ends 9.15 pm
19                           24                     25

Shacharit 9.30 am            Shabbat begins 7.50 pm Shabbat ends 8.58 pm
26                           31                     1

Shacharit 9.30 pm            Shabbat begins 7.35 pm Shabbat ends 8.41 pm
Book Launch - Sunday 8th July at 7.00 pm
                  Probably a first anywhere in the world,
                  we are pleased to announce that a dou-
                  ble book launch will be held here at New
                  London of a Autobiography written by
                  Edna and her late husband Robert and
                  also a book by her grandson Rabbi
                  Julian Sinclair of his JC Columns enti-
                  tled “Let’s Schmooze”. We are not sure
                  if a grandmother has ever shared a book
                  launch with her grandson before but are
definite that never before has one of the books been free!
See leaflet enclosed with this Newsletter for full details.

Jewish Journeys with Rabbi Chaim Weiner
Speyer, Worms and Mainz 25 - 28 October 2007
This is an advance notice of an exciting trip Chaim is organising this
coming autumn to Speyer, Worms and Mainz in the Rhineland region
of Germany. This group of small towns is the heart of Ashkenaz — the
place where Jewish life as many of us know it began. It was here that R.
Gershom prohibited polygamy, where Rashi studied Torah and where
R. Amnon of Mainz composed the haunting words of the U’Netana
Tokef prayer that we still sing on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.
Spend a weekend in these charming towns, and discover how our Jew-
ish world came into being.

This is a trip Chaim has wanted to lead since he started to lead trips in
Europe. Every page of Jewish history resonates with life of these com-
munities. We regularly follow the customs and recite the prayers that
were composed here.

           For more information and to register your interest
                email: jewishjourneys@supanet.com
                         or Tel: 020 7870 7959
                                         On Wednesday the 30th May 2007,
                                         the UCU annual congress voted to
                                         adopt a number of pro-boycott
                                         measures including:

                                         •       Encouraging members to
                                            “consider the moral implications of
                                            links with Israeli academic institu-
                                            • Campaigning for a “moratorium
    on research and cultural collaborations with Israel via EU and European
    Science Foundation funding”.
•   They have also voted that “criticism of Israel cannot be construed as
•   Circulating a boycott call to all its local branches.

This boycott would be significantly detrimental to British Universities and the
Palestinians. A boycott could result in the loss of jobs and research grants
within British academia and, above all, stifle academic freedom.
The Board of Deputies has been leading the fight against the UCU Aca-
demic boycott of Israel, by lobbying the Higher Education Minister, Bill Ram-
mell, and Sally Hunt the General Secretary of the UCU. She has empha-
sised her opposition to the boycott and her willingness to see that a formal
boycott would not be implemented.

The Board and the Jewish Leadership Council have set up the Fair Play
Campaign Group (FPCG), staffed by a professional based at the
Board. FPCG and BICOM have come together with other partner organisa-
tions in the community to form the Stop the Boycott Campaign. The Times
and Guardian have carried advertisements with the names of more than 300
academics against the boycott.

The imperative is to build up as large a network as possible for a national
campaign. The Board of Deputies now has a vital role in reaching out to the
community to achieve this task. Please help in the following ways

Members of the community are asked to notify the Campaign of academics
who can lend their support and assistance to this task by visiting the website
www.stoptheboycott.org or emailing support@stoptheboycott.org.

•   Please ask any academics you know who are UCU members to attend
branch meetings where the boycott issue is discussed, to argue against its
implementation and for a national ballot of UCU members.
               New London Synagogue
        hosts the Westminster Faith Exchange
              Faith perspectives
            on Health & the Body
              Tuesday 17th July at 6:00pm
   We are hosting a meeting of the Westminster Faith Exchange (WFE).
The WFE is the City of Westminster's local interfaith body. Launched by Sir
Simon Milton in 2001 it is a partnership between the Council and faith com-
munities in Westminster. One of its key aims to promote religious awareness,
    understanding and tolerance. For more information visit the website

 The meeting in July will be looking at how different faith traditions look at
health and the body and provide the opportunity to learn about the similarities
                    and differences across different faiths.
The meeting is open to all and congregation members are particularly welcome
 to attend. Please do come and learn about other faith communities in West-
minster. Agendas will be available shortly - if you would like to attend please
                   contact Nazia Mirza on 0207 641 3047

                      NLS BOOK CLUB
                       Thursday 25th July
            The Book Club meets regularly in member’s homes.
                  We discuss books of Jewish interest
                         or by Jewish authors.
                        This month we are discussing
                       ‘Gaza Blues’ by Etgar Keret
                   ‘The Schopenhauer’ by Irvin Yalom.
                    For details call Ronnie Cohen at NLS
  The staff and pupils of New
  London Cheder invite all NLS
   families to join us for our:

   8 July
 At 1.00pm
   At the
  home of
RSVP: Susannah Alexander 020 7328 1026
                       Social and Personal
Mazal Tov
To Robin Yacoubian and Bilyana Novakovic who are getting married on
Sunday August 12th . We wish parents Yeheschel and Rosa Yacoubian and
Simon and Nevenka Novakovic.
To Michael Posnansky and Rachel Hayim on their engagement and to par-
ents, Caroline and Nicholas Posnansky and Grandparents Anthony and
Doris Posnansky

The Stone setting for Ester Gluck will take place at Hoop Lane Cemetery,
London NW11, at 2.30 pm on Sunday 9th September . Afterwards there will
be refreshments nearby and a gathering of memories and tributes from Es-
ter's friends. If you would like to attend this, please email

            You are invited to the opening of the
           New London Synagogue
 Seventh Summer Exhibition of Arts and Crafts
              By Rabbi Dr Reuven Hammer
          On Sunday 15th July                 At 6.30 pm
                  In the New London Hall
              Special Guest - Roman Halter
                Celebrated Author and Painter
                      Wine will be served

              Please note that the closing date for submissions
        for the September Newsletter will be Monday 13th August
               Tel: 020 7328 1026 Fax: 020 7372 3142
 Email: office@newlondon.org.uk Website: www.newlondon.org.uk
             New London Synagogue
           Saturday 8th September
                  Concert at 9.15 pm
    Two pieces from Baal Shem for Violin and Piano (Ernest Bloch)
      1.     Vidui (Contrition)    2.    Nigun (Improvisation)
    Four Jewish songs for Mezzo Soprano and Piano (Julian Dawes)
             1.    Avinu Malkeinu            2.     Adon Ha’Selichot
             3.    Ki Eshm’ra Shabbat        4.     Hitragut
   The Dybbuk Melody for Solo Violin        (Joseph Horovitz)
   Three Choral Pieces
          1.     L’Dor Vador                      (Meir Finkelstein)
          2.     Shema Koleinu (trad)             (Arr: Julian Dawes)
          3.     Sim Shalom                        (Joseph Finlay)
   Kol Nidre for Cello and Piano        (Max Bruch)
           Serena Leader – Violin        Andrea Hess – Cello
                    Camille Maalawy – Mezzo Soprano
                    The New London Synagogue Choir
           Joseph Finlay – Conductor     Julian Dawes - Piano

Choral Selichot Service at 10.45 pm
               Address: Rabbi Dr. Reuven Hammer
   Chazan Stephen Cotsen & The New London Synagogue Choir
* All welcome * No admission charge * Refreshments after concert *

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