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									Reform (as per Beijing + 5)   Commitments                                          Status 2002-2003
                              (CEDAW, NAP, I-PRSP)
Women and Poverty             Disaggregation of data by gender                     MoWCA pilot project working with BBS on
                                                                                   making work gender sensitive

                              Gender sensitive I-PRSP                              MoWCA working with ERD on making I-
                                                                                   PRSP gender sensitive, in addition to
                                                                                   supporting LCG WAGE initiatives: ERD/IMF
                                                                                   2001 seminar and Gender Analysis of I-PRSP

                              Implementation of Gender Equity Strategy for         No timeline on implementation of strategy

                              I-PRSP: The budget will be made gender               Achievements:
                              sensitive in order to ensure that the benefits are       VGD, Food for Works programs,
                              distributed in an equal and equitable manner.               Safety net programs etc.
                              The government would take effective measures             Awareness increased to make macro
                              to encourage the private sector to become                   economic policies more gender
                              gender sensitive, facilitate women‟s                        sensitive. Gender differentials in
                              participation in private sector activities and              different aspects are fairly addressed at
                              create institutions like childcare centres to               micro levels but these are hardly
                              facilitate women‟s enhanced participation. The              addressed the macro interventions and
                              Government would adopt measures to remove                   more often aggregation of needs and
                              restrictions on women‟s employment and                      interests is found in macro economic
                              economic opportunities embracing a                          analysis and interventions.
                              multidimensional intervention package.                   Micro credit          programs,      Micro
                                                                                          enterprise programs
                                  Ensure integrated
                                  and pro poor                                     I-PRSP indicators to be monitored:
                                  gender sensitive                                      Evaluate selection criteria of target
                                  growth of                                               groups, targeted activities skill
                                  employment and                                          development component of VGD and
    output                                              poverty alleviation programs to make
                                                        them more growth generating
    Formulate gender sensitive macro                   programs.
    economic policies for reducing                   Take appropriate measures for
                                                        generating sustainable employment
    poverty and gender equity                           than specific period of employment
                                                        under VGD for ensuring growth
   Increasing entitlements of women to labor           potential.
    and capital markets                              Ensure programs benefits of these
                                                        programs through efficient
                                                        management of cost.
                                                     Provide public supports and incentives
                                                        to private sector to create favorable
                                                        environment for women so that they
                                                        can improve their condition from
                                                        segregated and segmented Labor
                                                        markets and get accessibility to high
                                                        growth and return potential of Labor
                                                     Evaluated and regular review on
                                                        gender implications of macro policies.
                                                 Reviewing existing policies and measures,
                                                    which have influenced on entitlements and
                                                    undertaking pilot projects to improve
                                                 Women Producers‟ Marketing Centre from
                                                    Grassroots to National level
                                                 Development of micro enterprises training
                                                    production and network certer
                                                 Establishing linkages and enhancing
                                                    capacity of women entrepreneurs for
                                                    export market
                                                Establishing employment information and skill
                                                development network centre for urban migrant
                                                female Labor and international migrant female

                            Women-specific projects                           Management of VGD program (WFP)
                                                                              GoB/Donor join Food Aid Leakage study to
                                                                              minimize loss to beneficiaries

                                                                              MoWCA/IMED women-specific project
                            Review of programs for growth potential and
                            generating reinvestable resources

                            Review of credit programs in generating self-

                            Gender sensitive labour laws and
                            implementation of ILO Convention

                            Land ownership for women (farmers)                Less than 1% land owned by women
Women and Decision-Making   Greater participation of women in the political   One third seats reserved for women in local
                            arena by engendering the political environment    government and elected directly
                                                                              - Number of reserved seat for women in
                                                                              Parliament still not renewed
                            Clarification of role of women in Union           - Increase in number of women voters in 2001
                            Councils                                          election

                            Women in the Public Service                       Women recruited in police service and army

                            Quota system for women in the public system
                            introduced: 10 % gazetted officers, 15% other     Quota yet to be reached - 5% of senior posts
                            categories                                        are held by women. 7% post filled by women
                                                                              High Court judge: 2Joint Secretary: 3
                                                                              Deputy Secretary: 24
                                                                              Deputy Commissioner: 1
                                                                                     Additional Deputy Commissioner: 5
                                                                                     Appointment of District Administrators and
                                  Regular annual meeting of NCWD                     Police Superintendents

                                                                                     NCWD met in 2003 (after 2 years)

                                                                                     No timeline given on implementation of

                                  I-PRSP: .                                           No parliamentary committee on women
                                  The Parliamentary Committees would be established
                                  encouraged to address gender issues.                Mid-Term Agernda:
                                                                                          Clear roles and responsibilities will be
                                  Ensure effective participation of women in decision         framed for women representatives of LGIs.
                                  making process.                                         Women participation in every tiers of local
                                                                                              government will be ensured.
                                                                                          Provision for women participation in local
                                                                                              level development activities will be in

Education and Training of Women   I-PRSP:                                            I-PRSP:
                                  To create more access to quality education and      Cash for Education Program has been
                                  maintaining gender equity                              introduced
                                  Meeting MDG targets                                 Female Stipend Program at secondary
                                                                                         level has been introduced
                                                                                      Free tuition for female students upto
                                                                                         higher secondary level has been introduced
                                                                                      Female Stipend Program has been
                                                                                         introduced at higher secondary level
                                                                                         Establishment of private universities is
                                                                                         Community participation in management
                                           More class rooms and physical facilities
                                            enhancement program has been

                                        The country has achieved gender parity in
                                        primary education and nearly removed gender
                                        gap in secondary education

                                        No timeline given on implementation of

Implementation of Education Policy      Considerable gender gap in enrolment in age
  - female education                    group 16-20, which becomes especially
  - eradicate illiteracy by 2005        pronounced after 21

                                        Gender parity has been achieved in enrolment
                                        of primary schools
                                        Dropout rate at secondary school remains high
                                        Stipend got girls up to grade 12
                                        Food for Education program continuing
                                        Retention rate still an issue
Filling of female teacher quota         Quota not fully realized: 34% filled
60% of primary school teachers in GoB
primary schools to be women

Reducing gender gap in literacy rates   935 village education centres set up to
                                        maintain literacy skills with provision of
                                        reading materials

                                        Primary education and gender issues in the
                                                                     context of Bangladesh have been incorporated
                                                                     in the Foundation Training courses for upazilla
                                                                     education officers

                                                                     Three women Polytechnic Institutes
                                                                     established at divisional level

                                                                     “How to read” project implemented

                                                                     Post Literacy and Continuing (PLC) project for
                                                                     women being implemented

                                                                     Lack of gender parity in training and technical

                                                                     Education budget still relatively low compared
                                                                     to needs
                                                                     Teacher/student ratio still low

                                                                     Need for gender-sensitive curricula

                                                                     New Department of Women‟s Studies at DU
Women and Health   I-PRSP: reaching MDG targets                      I-PRSP: country is close to achieving parity in
                   implementation of the sector-wide approach to     life expectancy at birth
                   health care with special focus on improvement
                   of reproductive health, especially for the poor   No timeline given on implementation of
                   and the most vulnerable. A significant            PRStrategy
                   reduction in maternal mortality would require
                   a comprehensive intervention package
                   involving improvement in maternal nutrition
                   and antenatal care, expansion of institutional
                   delivery, increased supply of skilled birth
                   attendants, dissemination of health education,
                   development of local level capability for
providing emergency obstetric care, and
sustaining further reduction in the fertility rate.

Implementation of Health & Population Sector
Strategy and National Health Policy, Food &
                                                      GoB decided not to integrate health with
Nutrition Policy and National Action Plan for
                                                      family planning services
                                                      HPSP due to conclude in June 2003.
Enactment of National Health Policy
                                                      Still to be made gender sensitive
Implementation of Women Friendly Hospital
                                                      May 28th declared as Safe Motherhood Day by
Initiative (UNICEF)

Gender Equity Strategy for Ministry of Health
                                                      Strategy yet to be implemented.
& Family Welfare
                                                      TA to GIO (RNE) still to be approved by GoB
                                                      and implemented
                                                      GNSP removed as unit
Functioning GIO and Gender cells in all 3
                                                      Gender cells yet to be activated and reporting
                                                      to GIO

                                                      Maternity leave increased from 3 to 4 months

MDG of reducing maternal mortality                    Decrease in rate not to be met by target date

Provision of Emergency Obstetric Care                 Maternal Health Strategy Developed

Gender sensitive medical services                     Socio-cultural factors still having negative
                                                      impact on women‟s health
                                                                             3 donor/GoB supported pilot projects to allow
                                                                             NGOs to provide services through community

                                                                             2 One stop Crisis Centres set up

                                                                             Health programs for sex workers

                                                                             Lack in provision of mental health services
Violence Against Women   I-PRSP: . The Government would undertake            No timeline given on implementation
                         several measures to address this concern as
                         summarized below:                                   GOB Commission set up the look at laws,
                                Ensuring fast track trial procedures        policies & program interventions for
                                 particularly for victims of violence        elimination of VAW
                                 against women (VAW);
                                Allocation of sufficient funds,
                                 adequate and skilled human resources
                                 as well as reorganization of relevant       Implementation of SAARC Convention still a
                                 services such as investigation,             challenge
                                 collection     and    preservation     of   - MoWCA prepared draft for SAARC
                                 evidence (including the posting of          convention on “Combating the Crimes of
                                 more women doctors in the forensic          Trafficking of Women and Children”
                                 department),      witness     protection,   submitted and signed at SAARC meeting in
                                 congenial court environment to              Jan.2002
                                 facilitate the testimony of the victims     - Collaboration between MoWCA and Min. of
                                 in order to ensure effective prosecution    Social Welfare
                                 on cases of VAW;                            - MoWCA pilot project to “Combat Child
                                Abolition of current practices of so-       Trafficking in Bangladesh”
                                 called „safe custody.‟ Magistrates must       - MoWCA multi-sectoral project “One
                                 not be able to send women to safe                 Stop Crisis Centre” for women victims
                                 custody arbitrarily and without                   of violence
                                 assessing woman‟s assent on the
                                 question of her own safety. Set up of special courts with Session Judges or
         Amendment of the legislation enacted          Additional Session Judges in each District
         in 2000 to stop violence against              National Council for Women‟s Development
         women and children (Nari o Shishu             (NCWD) chaired by PM met in September
         Nirjaton Daman Ain 2000) is needed            2002 decided to amend Act so that it is not
         to accommodate women‟s consent in             misused
         their safe custody;
        Encouragement of regular jail visits by       Implementation process needs to be
         social workers, human rights workers,         strengthened
         particularly women visitors and
         lawyers, to monitor the condition of          Problems of increasing dowry and child
         female inmates. The Government                marriage not decreasing
         would seriously take into account the
         findings of these visits in designing
        Allocation of funds for providing half
         way homes, shelter or temporary
         protection under both GO and CSO
         arrangements to victims of VAW in
         case of such demand;
        Recruit more women into the police
         force (including the posting of sub-
         inspectors for each thana);
        Provide special transport facility for
         women and handicapped workers; and
        Undertake public education programs
         to raise awareness and condemnation
         of VAW.

Sound law and order situation at local level will be
                                                       Necessary steps will be initiated for institutional
ensured in order to foster the pace of economic
                                                       recognition of Alternative Dispute Resolution/Salish
                                                       and will take necessary steps for amendment in the
                                                       relevant laws.
                           Increasing services at local levels
                           Combating trafficking against women &
                           children: Ensuring holistic approach
                           Promote multi-sectoral interventions
                           Encourage curative & preventative measures
                           Participate with NGOs
                           Facilitate regional & transnational cooperation

                           Implementation of Prevention of Women
                           Repression Act 2000: Punishment given to
                           kidnapping or abduction of women or children
                           Passing of Acid Crime Prevention Act 2002
                           and Acid Control Act 2002

                           Implementation of Marriage Registration Act
                           and Dowry Prevention Act
Women and Armed Conflict   Implementation of CHT Peace Accord                Full implementation of Accord still not a
Women and Economy          Undertake promotional and regulatory              Provision of special services by specialized
                           activities for helping entrepreneurship among     GoB and private institutions. Institutions and
                           women                                             their services need to be more gender sensitive

                                                                             GoB poverty reduction projects:
                                                                               - MWCA: VGD, etc.
                                                                               - LGD : RMP, etc.
                                                                               - Allowances, loans, credit shelter, etc.
                                                                             Ministry of Industry has changed its AOB to
                                                                             allow budget to include gender empowerment
                                                                             Proposal to introduce life insurance schemes
                                                                             for women in government & industry proposed

                           Garment export quota system to be changed in      Need to:
                                               2004                                               -   invest in women‟s capabilities
                                                                                                  -   increase women‟s accessibility to
                                                                                                      technology & information
                                                                                                  - ensure access to economic resources &
                                                                                                      supportive services
                                                                                                  - gender-disaggregated data base (BBS)
                                                                                                  - participatory governance
                                                                                                  - gender-sensitive planning
                                                                                                  - gender-sensitive national budget
                                                                                                  - retrain garment workers who will loose
                                                                                                      their jobs after 2004
                                                                                                  - women accepted as land owners
                                                                                                proper implementation of labour laws & ILO
Institutional mechanisms for the Advancement   Full implementation of CEDAW                     Must still withdraw reservations to articles 2
of Women                                       Withdrawal of 13(a), 16(f), 2 and 16.1(c)        and 16.1(f)
                                                                                                GoB reviewing if Article 2 is in direct
                                                                                                contradiction to the Religious Personal Law

                                               Role of MoWCA in monitoring NAP                  Allocation of Business changed for MoWCA

                                               Implementation of Bangladesh Decade Plan         Commitments for implementation by the year
                                               for the advancement of girls (1990s)             2000 are outdated and must be updated
                                               Commitments on reduction of mortality rates,
                                               availability of safe water, increasing social
                                               support services, access to sanitary latrines,
                                               reduction of severe and moderate malnutrition
                                               Implementation of National Policy and Action     Steps taken to uphold positive image of
                                               Plan (NAP) for Advancement of Women              women in curricula, textbooks, print &
                                                                                                electronic media
                                                                                                Maternity leave increased from 3 to 4 months
                                                                                                New Department of Women‟s Studies at DU
                                                  Women recruited in police service
                                                  Technical & vocational schools for women
                                                  Special media programs
Strengthening of implementation of mandate        LCG WAGE working to develop coordinated
of MoWCA                                          donor support to MoWCA

                                                  MoWCA reviewing curriculum of core
                                                  Training Institutes to incorporate gender
                                                  Notification of Policy Leadership and
                                                  Advocacy Unit into a permanent agency of
I-PRSP:                                           No timeline given on implementation
Accelerating the pace of social development
(with particular emphasis on empowering the
poor and achieving gender equality) have been
made the overarching strategic goals.

Attaining the MDG targets.

Strategic elements of anti-poverty policies and
institutions will cover policies to support
women’s advancement and closing of gender
gaps in development.

    (a)   reviewing existing policies and
          institutional measures, which have
          influenced      entitlements     and
          undertaking priority projects to
          improve entitlements, (b) setting up
          of women producer‟s marketing
          centers from the grassroots to the
          national level, (c) enhancing and
          easing women‟s access to banking
                                  services; (d) developing micro
                                  enterprises training, production and
                                  networking centers, (e) establishing
                                  linkages and enhancing capacity of
                                  women entrepreneurs for the export
                                  market, (f) establishing employment
                                  information and skill development
                                  network centers for the urban
                                  migrant      female     labor    and
                                  international migrant female labor.
                                  Specific affirmative measures such
                                  as child care and safe transport
                                  facilities will be initiated for
                                  sustaining and supporting women‟s

                        The implementation of National Action Plan
                        (NAP) for Women designed through the
                        initiatives of the Ministry of Women and
                        Children Affairs is a priority task.

                        Promotion of women‟s participation in the
                        political decision making process at all levels.
                        Increased female participation in diverse
                        economic activities, as witnessed over the past
                        decade, calls for creating women-friendly
                        institutional environment.

Human Rights of Women   I-PRSP: several areas deserving priority           No timeline given on implementation
                        attention from the viewpoint of formal (legal)
                        rights would be given full consideration in the
                            course of implementation of the proposed
                            strategy: from CEDAW to legal reform.

                            Implementation of Prevention of Women and      Court systems have yet to adjust
                            Children Repression Act 2000
                                                                           Creation of Human Rights Commission being
                            Implementation of Dowry Prohibition Act        considered
                                                                           CEDAW not yet fully implemented with
                            Further strengthening of Family Court          incorporation of the principles of CEDAW into
                            Ordinance 1985                                 domestic legislation

                            Implementation of Child Marriage Restraint     Courts are overloaded giving delays to most
                            Act 1929                                       litigations

                            Implementation of Muslim Marriage and          Enforcement of laws are inadequate and
                            Divorce Registration Act 1974                  ineffective and some are still discriminatory

                                                                           Need for implementation of labour laws

                                                                           Need for a uniform family code
Women and Media             Projecting positive images of women in mass-   Steps taken to uphold positive image of
                            media                                          women in curricula, textbooks, print &
                                                                           electronic media.

                                                                           Ministry of Information taking steps to make
                                                                           Ministry, programming and training institutes
                                                                           more gender sensitive: from training curricula
                                                                           to day-care. WID Focal Point working with
                                                                           MoWCA. Initiative taken to include 30%
                                                                           women on censor board.

Women and the environment   GoB adopted the National Environment           Focus on needs of women
                            Management Plan and Sustainable                Provision of safe water in arsenic
                                             Environment Management Plan                     contaminated areas
                                                                                             Inclusion of women in water management and
                                             National Water Management Plan                  waste disposal programs

                                                                                             Little action on NAP implementation
Girl Child                                   Effective Immunization program                  Yearly vaccination campaigns

                                             Improved nutrition                              Exclusive breastfeeding programs
                                                                                             Implementation of NNP problematic

                                             Implementation of the National Plan of Action   Girl child education as a Govt. priority
                                             for Children
                                                                                             Compulsory birth registration

Documentation reviewed:
   1) MoWCA, Review and Appraisal of implementation of Beijing Platform for Action, June 2000
   2) NGO Committee on Beijing Plus Five, Bangladesh, Bangladesh NGO Alternative Report, June 2000
   3) LCG WAGE/MoWCA, Institutional and Organizational Assessment, May 2002
   4) GoB, A National Strategy for Economic Growth, Poverty Reduction and Social Development (I-PRSP), March 2003

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