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(1) You must contact the college via email as soon as you know you will be applying. Email the following
details to exstudentucas@wqeic.ac.uk :

Name, contact details [mobile & home telephone number + email address], student number, former tutor,
former A2 teachers, degree courses applying for, retakes/resits planned.
Please DO NOT turn up at College unless instructed to by the allocated tutor.

(2) DEADLINES- (All students have to adhere to the following deadlines): If you are applying for any of the
following courses:
Oxbridge, Medicine, Dentistry & Veterinary Science- Please note that the deadline for applications to
reach UCAS is 15 October 2010. However your completed application needs to be finished by 17
September 2010 so it can be processed by the College.

   •   All Courses Deadline: 19 November 2010 [WQEIC Internal]

   •   UCAS DEADLINE: 15 January 2011 [UCAS]; (NOTE: Art and Design- 24 March 2011 except for
       those courses with a listed 15 January deadline)

(3) Guidelines for registering & completing your application follow on pages 2-4 of this document. Please
follow the instructions carefully as mistakes made can delay your application. We recommend that you treat
any application as a matter of urgency and aim for completion well before deadline.

   •   When you do register, ensure that you register for UCAS 2011- and you must select ‘through my
       school/college’ if you want us to supply a reference for you. The college buzzword for 2011 is
   •   For tutor/application group, select ‘ex-student’.
   •   Note your personal ID and verify your e-mail address

(4) Once we have received your email, a tutor will be allocated and will make contact with you to deal with
your application. The tutor will oversee & check your application and write your reference.

(5) Please note that the longer you leave completion of your application, the longer it will take to process.
Completed applications received after 19 November cannot be guaranteed to reach UCAS by Friday 15
January 2011. It can take up to 4 weeks to process your application, it will not be sent immediately once
we have received your completed form.

(6) Payment MUST be made by credit/debit card.

  • Enrolment period is: (24/8 – 10/9) when ALL staff are incredibly busy.
  • Half Term holiday is: Monday 18 October – Friday 23 October 2010.
  • Christmas holiday is: Monday 20 December 2010 – Friday 31 December 2010.
  • Be patient! We deal with over 1000 of these forms during the Autumn term!

For any enquiries: College telephone number 0116 223 1900

We CANNOT assure completion of any form that does not meet stated deadlines. Whilst staff are happy to
support you in the above process, you must be aware that they will be heavily involved in working with
current students who are also applying to UCAS.

Ex-student UCAS Team.

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      WQEIC Ex-student guide to registering and completing your UCAS
                        application for 2011 entry

You will need to register and apply for UCAS 2011 at http://www.ucas.ac.uk/students/apply/
Complete the first section of registration, making a note of the answers to your security questions and
your username. Proceed to log in - you must select ‘through my school/college’ if you want us to
supply a reference for you. The college buzzword for 2011 is captainswipe.

For tutor/application group, select ‘ex-student’.

Note your personal ID and verify your e-mail address.


Some common points to look out for are as follows:

(1) Personal Details

Include an up to date mobile number and e-mail address that you check regularly.

Nationality is whatever is on your passport, so UK national for most students. Area of permanent
residence Leicester or Leicestershire – check with your parents whether they pay council tax to
the city or county council. Residential category ‘A UK citizen/EU national’ unless you know

The Unique Learner Number (ULN) is a 10-digit identifier number found on all of your previous exam
certificates but is a non-compulsory field.

Fee code usually 02, student Support arrangements ‘Leicester’ or ‘Leics’, whichever matches your
area of permanent residence.

Nominated access can be left blank, unless you think you may not be able to access your form for
some reason throughout the year.

Disability declaration – you don’t have to declare a disability if you choose not to, but if you’re going to
need support, e.g. loan of laptop through Uni, tell them now! If you don’t, you may not get the support
you are entitled to. Later on you should also apply for the disabled student allowance (DSA).

Previous application – IF you have applied before you MUST declare this and put in your previous

(2) Student Support Arrangements

You MUST complete the sections about area of permanent residence AND Student support– these
must be the same eg Leicester/Leicester (choose from list) or Leicestershire/Leics (choose from drop
down menu). If unsure – check with parents/carers which Council they pay taxes to.

Student Support arrangements for most of you
will be Fee Code 02 & Area of Permanent
Residence A. if you think you may not be one of
these categories then check with your personal
tutor immediately.

Nationality often confuses people. Your nationality is what is on your passport! If in doubt – check at
home before completion.
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(3) Education

Note: You must include all exam results for GCSE, AS and A level, whatever the grade.

In the education
section, before
entering any
qualifications it asks
the following (at this
stage you will only
have ‘below
honours degree
level qualifications’:

GCE Advanced Levels - enter the full A Levels you took, including unit grades and date. Do not
enter any retake units as ‘pending’ qualifications (retakes should be covered in your personal
statement – see below. We will also include this in your reference.)

GCE Advanced Subsidiary Levels - your AS levels. Only include here subjects that you did not
continue to A2. Make sure you include any AS subject dropped at the end of your first year as well as
any new ones you took in your second year, including General Studies. Check dates are correct, plus
unit grades for all.

Other qualifications, e.g. EPQ, GCSE retake, Key Skills courses (portfolio and exam completed and
passed). If you completed the EPQ you need to add this WITH the title of your project under ’other

NOTE: If an ex-student is retaking units: Ex-students must complete the ucas form as normal- but
also add another section in Education on their form stating they are still at WQEIC with centre number
and with start and end time (as an added year) and being P/T, then state the subject they expect to
gain an improved grade for with results pending. Although you are not studying here- you are using us
as an exam base. So if you were applying as an ex-student and are also using WQEIC to retake an
exam, then your application could look like this:

Wyggeston & Queen Elizabeth I College (25270, 09/2010 - 06/2011, PT)

GCE Advanced Level

Psychology                                 06/2010              OCR

Wyggeston & Queen Elizabeth I College (25270, 09/2008 - 06/2010, FT)

GCE Advanced Level

Geography                                            B    06/2010             WJEC

Psychology                                           D    06/2010             OCR

Sociology                                            C    06/2010             AQA

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GCE Advanced Subsidiary Level

General Studies                                         B    06/2010              AQA

Biology                                                 C    06/2009             AQA

Under your SCHOOL
GCSEs - please make sure these are correct, including the exam board and date. Short courses
and double award GCSE’s need entering under separate headings – select ‘add other
qualifications not listed here’ and under ‘G’ and you will find ‘GSCE Double Awards’ or ‘GCSE Short

(4) Employment – only add in any jobs you have/had that you got PAID for. Unpaid work
experience which is relevant to your application goes in your personal statement.

(5) Choices – Based on the guidance given to you and your research- make appropriate choices.
Ensure you choose correct point of entry (especially if considering deferring) and also select the
appropriate campus if required. You should really be choosing courses that are similar. It is going to
be hard to write a personal statement to reflect all the different courses without coming across as
lacking commitment to any one.

Also, make sure your choices are realistic. Look at your AS and A2 grades and apply for courses
that will accept you with these. If you are retaking any units, you could perhaps aim slightly higher, but
remember that selective courses (i.e. ones which require high grades) often prefer students who have
gained high grades first time around.

(6) Personal Statement – if you already have one from last year, this can often form the starting
point for your new application, but be sure to explain reasons for your retakes or gap year (as
appropriate) and what plans you have. The tutor allocated to your reference can give you some
assistance with this if time permits but ultimately the personal statement is YOUR responsibility
reflecting you as a person, provided that you contact them early in the Autumn term. Further
information for completing your Personal Statements that includes documents and videos can be
found at: http://www.ucas.ac.uk/students/applying/howtoapply/personalstatement/

(7) Finishing Your Form & Next Steps

Save every time you move from section to section. Check each section of the form and mark ‘section
completed’. You must ‘preview’ your personal statement before you get the box stating section

When you are sure it is complete, let the tutor dealing with your application know, so that they can
check it through. Only click ‘pay and send’ once they have confirmed that it is all ok! There are
often edits required by the student at this stage, so please make sure that you are easily contactable.
Please have your debit/credit card ready with you to pay for it – it will be £21, and we accept card
payments only. You can contact your allocate tutor should you require any further advice but you will
need to be patient whilst your form is processed and checked. Once it is sent you can check your
form’s progress on UCAS Track and respond to offers at http://www.ucas.ac.uk/students/track/

Further Useful Guidelines:
Please look at the wealth of information and resources that your form tutor and the college has
provided you with in the past and also look at the resources that include videos on the UCAS site.

                    Good Luck with your Application!- Ex-student UCAS Team

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