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					                             Society of Women Engineers
                               FY11 Board of Directors
                              Motion Submission Form

 Date:             06/11/2010                    Item #: B1070   Consent

 Title:            Adopt BOD 4Reports

 Description:      Move to Adopt BOD 4 Reports

 Motion Maker:     Stuart                        Second:         Consent

Report a - President
Report b - President Elect
Report c - Secretary
Report d - Treasurer
Report e - ED (BOD Version)
Report f - Director Education
Report g - Director External Affairs
Report h - Director Membership Initiatives
Report i - Director Professional Development
Report j - Director Regions
Report k – Special Director Academia
Report l – Speaker of the Senate
Report m - Collegiate BOD Representative

This is an administrative governance motion and needs to be approved.





The past three months have been the busiest time of the fiscal year. We had the virtual BOD3
meeting and two BOD conference calls. In addition, I participated in many conference calls with
various SWE leadership teams to address different issues. I traveled a lot representing SWE in
many events. I presented the FY10 President Award to Ms. Brenda Manuel, NASA Associate
Administrator of Diversity and Equal Opportunity, and a SWE Certificate of Appreciation to
Representative Vernon Ehlers (R-MI). My participation at the NAE Grand Challenges of the
21th Central – Chicago Summit was well received and provided a strong visibility for SWE.

The IRS Form 990 was filed prior to the expended due date, May 15. The FY11 election went
smoothly and all candidates were notified according to the notification procedure. The Election
Manual was updated by HQ and Tellers and it is now being updated by the Nominating
Committee. The Leadership Pipeline TF is wrapping up its white paper. The estimated
completion date is the end of July. The Planned Giving TF continues its effort. A webinar is
planned for July 29 to train the team members on how to ask SWE members for money. The
TF will not be able to complete its assigned tasks and I am working with the chair to determine
by when they can wrap up their work.


-   I hosted the virtual BOD3 meeting and April and May conference calls. I also participated in
    many conference calls with various SWE leadership teams (Future Board 2020, Personnel
    Subcommittee, Finance, LCC, Leadership Pipeline TF, etc) to address different issues.
-   I attended two more region conferences (D and J) and presented the “State of SWE”. I also
    presented the “Finance Best Practices” for safeguarding SWE money at the region J
-   Betty Shanahan and I visited Real Admiral Craig Faller of Navy Recruiting Command in
    Millington, TN on March 8. This meeting was initiated by Navy as Real Admiral was new to
    his position. We had a very pleasant visit. Real Admiral Faller asked many questions
    regarding SWE and how Navy could work with SWE to recruit and retain more women and
    further its diversity goal.
-   Diversity Capitol Hill Day was held in DC on March 24-25. I presented the FY10 President
    Award to Ms. Brenda Manuel, NASA Associate Administrator of Diversity and Equal
    Opportunity, in recognition of her outstanding work related to Title IX and STEM. I also
    presented a SWE Certificate of Appreciation to Representative Vernon Ehlers (R-MI), for his
    longtime champion of the need to improve STEM education during his many years of
    services in Congress. The congressional visit with Congresswoman Judy Biggert went well.
    I also had brief visits with the staffers of Illinois Senators.
-   I represented SWE in several events on April 19-20 in DC. They included the Annual
    National Academy of Engineering (NAE) Convocation, AAES Awards Banquet, Engineering
    Public Policy Symposium, and AAES Board meeting.
-   The 1st Chicago area’s Women in Science Symposium was held on April 17. I served as the
    moderator for a panel discussion on the “State of Women in the STEM fields”.
-   The NAE Grand Challenges of the 21st Central – Chicago Summit was held on April 21-22. I
    served as the emcee of the event as well as a panelist at the wrap-up session. Many
    women engineers expressed how pleased they were when they saw SWE had a strong
    presentation at the event.
-   The Cedar Valley section held its chartering banquet on April 24 and the South Central
    Michigan section’ chartering banquet was held on May 20. I attended both events.
    Elizabeth Bierman, outgoing Region H Governor, Wendy Landwehr, incoming Region H
    Governor, and Stacey DelVecchio attended those events too.
-   I worked with Tellers and notified candidates once the FY11 election results were out.
-   I reviewed and updated the Board Procedure. The procedure is submitted for the board’s
    review and approval.
-    I worked with the Audit committee, Treasurer and HQ to ensure we filed the IRS Form 990
    on time.


Approve the updated Board Procedure


1. Audit Committee – Worked with the auditor, Treasurer and HQ to finalize the Form 990. The
   form was filed to IRS by HQ before May 15. The Audit committee and BOT have concerns
   about the quality of services received from the auditor.

2. Nominating Committee – FY10 objectives and status:
       Put forth at least one best qualified candidate for each open position for FY11: Slate of
        FY11 candidates delivered 1/28/10. Election held and completed by HQ and Tellers.
        Results announced 5/25/10 by President and President Elect.
       Publicizing the nomination process, eligibility requirements, and position duties of
        Society offices during region meetings at Conference: Done via eblasts to SWE
        members and by committee members during region meetings.
       Updating our hopelessly obsolete and confusing procedure, contained in the “Election
        Manual”. This will be done in the March-May timeframe, after we present the slate.
        Manual was updated by HQ and Tellers by 3/31/10. Updates to process, policy, and
        documents used by the nominating committee and chair have been incorporated into
        draft version 2.0a of Election Manual, dated 5/21/10. Committee intends to complete
        new draft and submit to Secretary by 6/30/10.
       Updating all sets of questions used in our process –the candidate’s self evaluation
        questions, the feedback questions sent to all members of the Society, and the
        evaluation questions used by the nominating committee reps. Done during the
        execution of our process; information included in new draft of election manual.
    The committee has selected Faith Kay, Region i, as the FY11 Society Nominating
    Committee Chair.
3. Teller Committee –
   The Teller Committee reviewed and made comments on the Teller portion of the Election
   Manual and submitted them to Naomi Brill near the end of March. (Additional clarifications
   still need to be made as a result of the elections held in May 2010.)
   The Teller Committee received election results from Karen Zilora of Creative Scanning
   Solutions on May 3, 2010. After a couple of clarifications and corrections, the results were
   approved and sent to the President, Secretary, Speaker of the Senate, Headquarters’ Staff
   and the Nominating Committee Chair on May 10, 2010. The Teller Committee clarified a
   few notification issues for the President.

4. Leadership Pipeline Task Force –
   The task force was inactive for several months because the chair had to take care of some
   family issues. The team had a conference call on June 2 to identify the remaining work and
   a plan to wrap up the white paper. The current goal is to complete if by the end of July.
5. Planned Giving Task Force –
   The task force had a couple of conference calls during this time period. The team is still
   working on the technical documents (bequests, trusts, etc.). A webinar for team members is
   planned for July 29 to go over the basic guidance on how to ask SWE members for money.
   The TF will not be able to complete its assigned tasks by June 30 and I am working with the
   chair to determine by when they can wrap up their work.


The Planned Giving TF will assess by when they can complete their assigned tasks. The TF
has also identified that SWE is currently lack of expertise in raising funds from individual donors.
The chair will prepare for the material and provide a webinar to go over the basic guidance on
how to ask SWE members for money.

The Audit committee and BOT have concerns about the quality of services received from the

Strategic Planning Committee (SPC): The committee has received BOD approval for updated Strategic
Plan, which is now with the Senate for adoption. The committee is working on procedures and
succession planning. Many thanks to Stacey DelVecchio, Holli Pheil and the SPC members for their
great work in FY10!

I attended and supported several SWE meetings and calls. The FY11 BOD and BOT Installation and
Reception, CPC, BOD, BOT, CLF meetings and RG Summit meeting preparations are underway. These
                                                                        th         th
events will be held at Genentech in South San Francisco, CA on August 12 through 14 .

The FY11 CBR has been selected and approved by the FY10 Board. She is Rachael Stedman from Olin
College. Many thanks to Melissa Tata and Alyse Stofer for their assistance in the selection process.


This time of year has been very busy with all of meetings, SWE travels and prep work for FY11.

       Attended the virtual BOD3 meeting and May conference calls. I also participated in many
        conference calls with various SWE leadership teams (SWE Board of 2020, Personnel
        Subcommittee, Finance, budget planning meeting etc.) to address different issues.
       Attended the Region E Conference on March 19-20 at the University of Pennsylvania in
        Philadelphia, PA and presented the “State of SWE” at both conferences
       Attended the SWE “Step Forward Conference” on March 26-27 in Mannheim, Germany. Gave
        the welcome remarks on behalf of SWE. I would like to thank Anca Eisele for organizing a
        wonderful PD conference and John Deere for their sponsorship.
       Coordinated the call for the FY11 Leadership roster (Committee Chair/Chair Elects) and the FY11
        CBR. Prepared the motion for the first round of the FY11 leadership appointments.
       Also attended the local SWE events, e.g. the SWE Golden Gate Section Scholarship Banquet on
        May 13

Motion to Approve the Round 1 of the FY11 Leadership roster


Strategic Planning Committee - ACCOMPLISHMENTS:
   The committee is working on a procedure for their committee. Within the procedure there will be
    several subsections that are being worked on by the ES sub committee and Mega Issues committee
    members and the chair and chair-elect.
   The Strategic Plan went through the BOD approval process and is now with the Senate for adoption.
    They have two week period to review and will be submitted to the Governance Community as soon
    as we have their result.
   The ASPR/Senate Meeting for FY11 has been set for the weekend of February 12th, 2011. Location
    has yet to be determined.
  The chair and chair-elect have identified two candidates for the SPC chair-elect position for FY11.
   They are in the process of filling out the application to be considered.
Corporate Partnership Council (CPC):

    The next CPC meeting will be hosted at Genentech in South San Francisco on August 12 .

The SPC continues to be on track with their deliverables and submitted the request for adoption of the
“SWE Strategic Plan” to the Senate.

FY11 planning is continuing. Calls for the FY11 CBR and Committee Chair/Chair Elects were issued out.
FY11 BOD and BOT Installation/Reception work continues.


   In FY10 it was great having a MI liaison between the Senate and the SPC, but the committee also
    feels it would be good have the Deputy Speaker of the Senate on our committee in addition to the
    Senate MI Liaison. Having the Deputy Speaker can with coordination of the ASPR/Senate meeting,
    adoption of the strategic plan, setting a date for the ASPR meeting, etc.
   SPC would like to know if there is a better process we all can follow or start a process for choosing
    the ASPR/Senate meeting in the future. Suggest to make one person responsible for setting this

FY 10 has been a long and busy year. I have been unable to submit reports for BOD 1, 2, and
3 but am submitting an FY 10 summary report for BOD 4.


Role: Board Secretary

      Attended and supported BOD 1, 2, 3(virtual), and 4 with agendas and minutes
      Attended and supported seven scheduled telecons with agendas and minutes
      Attended and supported one called in person and one called telecon with minutes and
      Processed 70 BOD motions
      Worked with Parliamentarian on electronic voting for consent motions; first electronic
       consent motion was passed in May
      Coordinated master schedule for BOD 1 and associated meetings for Board of Trustees,
       Region Governors, and Collegiate Leadership Forum
      Attended Annual Conference in Long Beach, California; attended numerous meetings
       and worked career fair exhibitor contact list; supported Over the Hill Suite logistics
      Attended and supported November Senate meeting as timekeeper
      Attended Annual Strategic Plan Review Meeting in Chicago, Illinois
      Attended winter Senate meeting in Chicago, Illinois
      Prepared status matrix for leadership group charters and procedures and other
      Set up individual files for 21 leadership group charters and submitted to HQ for posting
       to governance site
      Attended Regions ABJ annual meeting in Whidbey Island, Washington and gave update
       on electronic communications
      Represented SWE at AISES Annual Conference in Portland, Oregon
      Attended Region B Conference in Phoenix, Arizona and presented Financial
      Attended Region A Conference in Stockton, California and presented Financial
      Attended Region F Conference in Lexington, Kentucky
      Attended Antelope Valley Section 5th Anniversary Banquet in Palmdale, California; was
       Region Governor when they chartered
      Attended Orange County Section 25th Anniversary Banquet in Southern California; am
       two term Past Section President
Role: BOD Contact for Bylaws and Procedures Committees

      Bylaws Committee is very active and holds monthly telecons that I attend when
       requested; great progress has been made in getting current bylaws in place; committee
       charter was approved at FY 09 BOD 4 and the committee has been working to it;
       committee has been working on its procedure which should come to BOD for approval in
       early FY 11; Betty Leonhard will continue as chair for FY 11 and we are working on
       identifying a chair elect to succeed her; made a request for Parliamentarian time in FY
       11 Operations budget
      Procedures Committee has not been as active as planned due to a lack of activity on the
       part of leadership groups on updating their procedures; the chair contacted all leadership
       groups and compiled a status of procedures; the chair also reviewed Share Point
       Governance site for completeness in procedures section; chair provided sample charters
       and other information when requested; Wendy Landwehr will be moving to the Region
       Director position for FY 11 and Chair Elect Diana Joch will become the committee chair
Role: Governance Secretary

      Have been working with Proposed Hawaiian Islands Section on logistics of changing
       Region A and B boundaries to move the section’s boundaries to Region B; will be
       travelling to Hawaii at end of June to do some networking; attend a section meeting; and
       a section tour of the complex of telescopes high atop the Big Island
      Worked with Region D on timing for Governor to resign and Lt. Governor to fill rest of
      Worked with Region C on bylaws interpretation for timing on Governor to resign and Lt.
       Governor to fill rest of term
      Worked with Region C Governor on BOD motion to revoke Section C007 charter
      Worked with Region F member on bylaws interpretation of qualifications for Region
      Approved region bylaws were lost in the move from web pages with links to the
       communities; the Bylaws Committee and Region Governors could only provide Region
       i’s; I contacted my predecessor who fortunately had archived them in her personal
       records and sent them to me
      Supported bylaws amendment cycle for November Senate meeting
      Supported bylaws amendment cycle for January Senate meeting
      Working on bylaws amendments for November 2010 Senate meeting
      Worked with Bylaws Committee to incorporate approved bylaws amendments from
       November and January Senate meetings
      Reviewed and approved 26 sets of professional section bylaws
      Reviewed and approved 31 sets of collegiate section bylaws
      The Future BOD Team recommended delegating approval of the professional and
       collegiate section bylaws to the Bylaws Committee Chair; had a conversation with the
       Parliamentarian about this and then prepared a BOD motion to approve the delegation;
       will continue to approve Society, region, MAL, and non-standard/template bylaws
      The Bylaws Committee Chair has reviewed and approved 9 sets of professional section
      The Bylaws Committee Chair has reviewed and approved 79 sets of collegiate section
      Worked with Bylaws Committee Chair and HQ to make sure that all existing approved
       bylaws were posted to Share Point based Governance and that process is in place for
       future approved and revised bylaws to be posted.
      Reviewed and approved Member at Large bylaws.
      Reviewed and approved 5 sets of region bylaws.
      Worked with Bylaws Committee to revise region bylaws template and submitted BOD
       motion for approval
Role: BOD Teams

      Member of BOD team that worked to prepare Oath of Office and Code of Conduct
      Member of BOD team that worked on Future BOD project
      Prepared Secretary’s Roles and Responsibilities document
      Worked with Collegiate Board Representative on BOD motion for bylaws amendment
       proposal to move forward with creating a Director position to be be filled by a collegiate
      Although no longer a BOD representative to the Finance Committee continued as a
      Member of BOD Operations subcommittee that was basically not used in FY 10
      Member of BOD Governance subcommittee that was basically not used in FY 10
Role: Mentoring and Pipeline

      Mentored one RCR
      Have had conversations with potential candidates for SWE Secretary for next three
      Have had conversations with a collegiate Senator who will be moving to Albuquerque
       when she graduates this year
      Continue mentoring Region B officers, professional members, and collegiate members
Role: Member at Large

      Served as Teller for FY 11 MAL Officers election
Role: Personal Life

   There have been two major personal events in my life during FY 10. I bulged a disk in my
   lower back in June of last year and have been working with health care providers for pain
   management and rehabilitation since then. It is nearly healed and I have a lot of catching up
   to do. Our household was impacted in many ways by the sale of the small advanced
   robotics company my husband had been CEO of for over ten years to Stryker Orthopedics
   at the end of 2009. He is now Vice President Technology for Stryker’s Innovative Medical
   Technologies Division.


      Rescind Motion B1038
      Approve April telecon minutes
      Approve May telecon minutes
      Approve moving forward with bylaws amendment proposal to add Collegiate Director to
      Adopt BOD 4 reports

No specific FY 10 goals Secretary


N/A – an action item list has not been maintained in FY 10

Governance Documents - The governance was moved for the second time in two years to a
different electronic platform. Both of these launches took place in the Annual Conference time
frame. An FY 09 BOD team worked on a plan to move the governance from the communities
back to web pages with links. HQ independently chose to implement Share Point. The team
was not asked to revise their web pages with links document to reflect the change to Share
Point. It will take time to populate the Share Point site. As the documents have been moved
around some have been lost. Documents also continue to be located in the communities.

FY 11 Operations Budget – The Bylaws Committee request for Parliamentarian time in the FY
11 Operations was drastically cut; only 6 hours of the Parliamentarian’s time was approved;
either more budget will have to be provided or the committee will not be able to complete FY 11
work to prepare bylaws amendment proposals for the Senate meetings, work with sections with
special bylaws requirements, or work with changes to Robert’s Rules of Order

The Finance Committee has completed Safeguarding presentations at all Region conferences
and attendance was very good. The assessments were also covered as time permitted. Finance
Manual re-write was started with some areas needing full re-write, committee of 2 will need to
be expanded. The committee also worked with the ED and Treasurer to evaluate the
Conference and OPS budgets prior to presentation to the Board.
The FY10 Program Development Grant Committee (PDG) is reviewing the committee documentation
and updating them as needed and to reflect that the restriction for grant applications to be new was
removed. The evaluation criteria will be update for FY11.

The committee continues efforts to close out grants from FY07 - FY08. In the past year we have been
able to close sixty percent of the older grants. Sixty-four percent of the FY09 grants have been closed.
Treasurer worked with the ED to complete the first drafts of the Conference and OPS budgets and held
walk-thrus with the Finance committee. Both budgets were presented and approved by the board.
Quarterly reports were posted for the Senate with no comments back after reviews. Strategic Financial
Plan will be provided to the board in June. Monthly financial reports provided to the BOD. Interviewed
and identified new Chair-Elects for PDG and for Finance Committee with assistance from current chairs,
chair elects and future Treasurer. Initiated requests to Chairs on WE10 committee meetings.


Finance – Monthly finance Calls are working to review budget items and identify any concerns.
Completed the 2 budget reviews prior to motions.
PDG Committee Work Group Tasks

    1) Documentation Work Group

        a) Undocumented rules – Document the rules so they are clear. (Example - Clerical work
           usually not funded. SWE volunteers should be used if possible. )

        b) Documents are on the community site and difficult to find (This is also in the PR work group)

        c) “Best Practices” document

        d) Include cost basis to justify large costs

        e) Better documentation of project expenditures (copies of the receipts). Detailed list of
           expenses that are categorized receipts required for large expenditures (amount to be
           determined). (This is also in the grant maintenance work group)

    2) PR Work Group
        a) Documents are on the community site and difficult to find (This is also in the documentation
           work group)

        b) Most commonly asked questions and answer document

        c) Post good examples of final reports and deliverables

        d) Way’s to get better visibility for PDG

    3) Grant Maintenance Work Group

        a) Templates (we need to understand why are we receiving very few application prior to
           making new templates)

        b) Grant deliverables that can be used by others

        c) Shorten the time it takes to get final grant documents (better follow-up on quarterly and
           final reports)

        d) Better documentation of project expenditures (copies of the receipts). Detailed list of
           expenses that are categorized receipts required for large expenditures (amount to be
           determined). (This is also in the documentation work group)

    4) International Grant Work Group

        a) What may be an unreasonable request for funding in the US may not be for an international
           grant request. What rules need to be put in place for international grants?

        b) Put in place subject matter experts that know enough about these countries to evaluate or
           help the committee with international evaluations

        c) Are there any laws that SWE needs to investigate that would affect the transfer of funds for
           international projects? (export laws or corporate restrictions)

Treasurer – Reviewed FY10 with board to see if any funds to be left on the table for FY10 to assist in
reducing expenses. Developing next step for strategic financial planning.

Reviewed first draft of conference budget with HQ and with finance committee. Review meetings held
for assessment documentation, safeguarding slides and other miscellaneous documents. As year of
education of Senate, board, etc we are making progress to ensure all understand financial information.
Received the FY11 input and developed summary that was provided to HQ for budget development and
waiting yet for 1 set of input for the budget.

Presented State of SWE and the Safeguarding presentation at Region i.
Held a discussion with both Chairs for $60 for SWE60 or leadership challenge. Had 1 commitment.


None yet identified.


Finance – Assessment documentation is posted for region governors and for sections to use.
Monthly budget meetings are being held to get concerns out and identify issues. Issues are answered
quickly by HQ and actions are followed up on. Only 2 people are working on the manual re-write so they
will review the information at the next monthly meeting and get additional volunteers if possible.

PDG – January 1, 2010 committee conference call (8 members participated in the conference call)
   DR #292 University of Iowa Section - High School Conference – Approved $250
   DR#293 Region A Members-At-Large - Member-At-Large E-Week Activity (in Redding, CA) -
    Approved (requested additional information about not charging admission and sponsors) $800
   DR#294 Virginia Tech Collegiate Section - Dancing Through the Decades - Disapproved (Does not
    meet the PDG criteria because of the fundraising aspect)

March 31, 2010 committee conference call (6 members participated in the conference call, 1 members
participated by documenting their comments by on-line submission)
       DR #295 Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Introduce a Girl to Engineering Workshop –
        Disapproved (section not in good standing)
       DR #296 Cornell University - Prospective Candidates Weekend – This is a university recruitment
        event. The program development grant committee does not fund university recruitment
        events. - Disapproved
       DR #297 Tulsa-Northeast OK - Dress for Success – The $300 for gift cards was not approved. The
        section should solicit donations from local business for door prizes. The committee
        recommended inviting I63, Tulsa University SWE section to this event. – Approved $250
       DR #298 North Alabama - Celebrating Earth Day the Green Way – The committee commends the
        NAL SWE on their unique approach to planning an outreach event. The committee
        recommended that for future events that they should charge a higher participant fee (at
        minimum the fee should cover the cost for the movie). The section has insurance for the event
        and the event is on the outreach calendar. – Approved $3,500
       DR #299 Detroit: Professional Development Conference - Building Career Resilience – The PDG
        committee did not fund the full amount requested. The committee does not fund speakers or
        travel for speakers (recommend asking speakers to donate their speaker fee or charge enough
        to cover the speaker fees). The proposal did not use the expense template and the budget
        submitted was confusing (the in-kind donations were clearly identified but were in the expense
        section). The registration costs needed be higher and at a minimum the registration costs
        should cover the expense for the food. Detroit has an open event, DR #289 Girls Engineering
        Exploration, that must be closed prior to receiving funding for this event. – Approved $2,900
       DR #300 Southeast Florida - Making it Matter Junior Badge Workshop – The committee has
        approved DR #300. The committee asks that the section add the event to the outreach
        calendar. Southeast Florida has an open event, DR #287 Engineering Family Fun Day, that must
        be closed prior to receiving funding for this event. If DR #287 is not complete PDG will fund the
        one event that the section chooses. – Approved $501
       DR #301 University of Iowa - Girl Scout Day! – The committee asks that the section add the
        event to the outreach calendar. The committee recommends charging a registration fee that at
        a minimum that would cover the food expense. University of Iowa has an open event, DR # 292
        University of Iowa High School Conference that must be closed prior to receiving funding for the
        event. If DR292 is not complete, the Program Development Grant Committee will fund the one
        event that the section chooses. - Approved $241.64
       DR #302 California Polytechnic State University - Building an Engineer Day (BAE) – The
        submission does not meet the PDG program requirements because it is not directed towards
        women and girls. Disapproved
       DR #303 University of Louisville - D.A.W.G.S Program (Design and Assembly of Wheelchairs with
        Girl Scouts) – The committee had questions about the grant proposal and sent out questions
        out to the in an e-mail.
       DR #304 SWE International Pilot Group in Germany: Step Forward - Professional Development
        Conference in Mannheim 2010 – The committee recommended charging a registration fee for
        future events even if it is a small amount. Approved - $1,369.41
       DR #286 Engineering Field Trip for Girls in Secondary Schools in Nigeria – Ogunbor Odegua
        Florence – The committee has disapproved the following expenses for this project: flight,
        lodging, press release, television coverage and photography. The PDG committee’s policies do
        not fund travel expenses for members or television coverage. The expense for the press
        release and photography were high and are not necessary for the success of the project. The
        misc costs line item was left in the budget and can be used for any necessary costs related to the
        press release. The project was approved for $2,700.

Treasurer – Working on budget tracking reports for fy10 with monthly review of the reports on the BOD
call. Scorecard info updated quarterly.


Senate reports were provided on a monthly basis but no comments sent back or any questions. Next
year the Senate has planned a communiqué to ensure everyone sees the information posted.

PDG - Now that we have expanded to become an international society, PDG is receiving international
grant requests. The committee does not feel that we have enough international experience to
understand what would be unreasonable. PDG worked with the international members to complete the
evaluation of DR #286 Engineering Field Trip for Girls in Secondary Schools. The committee needs to
determine if the grant rules should be consistent for all proposals or if international grants should have
different rules.

Several sections have applied for two grants in FY10. There are no restrictions on the amount of grants
a section can apply for within a year but all grants must be closed out before additional grants are
approved. The committee will continue to monitor this trend to determine if the number of grants that
the section can apply to in a year should be restricted.
          FY10 Society of Women Engineers Board of Directors Report

 BOD Member               Executive Director &        Reporting
 Position and Name:                                                  3/1/10 to 5/31/10
                          CEO: Betty Shanahan         Period:


At the end of April, membership (renewals and new) was:
Type        4/30/10    4/30/09   4/30/08    4/30/07       4/30/06   4/30/05   4/30/04    4/30/03
Collegiate: 10,120     11,465     11,153     11,183       10,761    10,908     10,801    11,418
Professional: 8,018     8,787      9,040      8,630        7,941     7,337      6,800     5,962
Total        18,138    20,250     20,193     19,813       18,702    18,245     17,601    17,380

Membership Renewal Marketing
SWE and ME membership renewal campaign launched in April to help drive increased membership
retention rates. Elements of the campaign included branded HTML e-mails, renewal letters, website
homepage animation and landing pages. The campaign also included social media content to promote
membership benefits and allow SWE members to post their own experiences.

                                 SWE and ME e-mail header image

Fund Development
Please treat information about fund development relationships and discussions with current and
potential partners as confidential.
Corporate Partnership Council
FY10 Goal:    48 Members                      Status on 5/231/10:   60 Members
New members:
        The Timken Company

Upcoming CPC Meetings:
        August 12, 2010, 8:00 AM-4:00 PM, South San Francisco, CA (Genentech campus)
        November 3, 2010, 4:00-6:00 PM, Orlando, FL (part of WE10)

Corporate Membership
FY10 Goal:    80 members                      Status as of 5/28/10: 74 members
Individual Contributions
     FY10 Leadership:           Goal:      $1,000                   Status on 4/30/10:     $575
     FY10 Board:                Goal:     $15,000                   Status on 4/30/10:  $11,800**
     FY10 General:              Goal:     $25,000                   Status on 4/30/10:  $62,081
     FY10 CPC (Unrestricted):   Goal:    $100,000                   Status on 4/30/10: $107,122
**We have contributions or pledges from 13/13 BOD members.

$60 for SWE's 60th
We launched the “$60 for the 60th” campaign following WE09. With a gift of $60, members can help
us celebrate SWE’s first six decades of success. Contributions to this campaign are unrestricted.
The campaign is being promoted through member e-blasts, in SWE magazine and in All Together,
SWE’s electronic newsletter. The $60 for SWE’s 60th Campaign will run until the SWE60 Finale
Celebration at WE10 (November 4-6, 2010).
Through May we have had 42 contributions for a total of $3060 (one contribution was for $600).
Grant Funding (government, private foundations and corporate foundations)

        3M                        $22,500
        Agilent                   $20,000
        Intel                     $30,000
        Northrop Grumman          $75,000
        Rockwell Automation       $13,500
        Verizon Wireless            $7,000
NSF Funded Enhancing Engineering Society Outreach
The team of principle investigators will be meeting on June 15 for a kick-off of the project. Betty
Shanahan and Jennifer Scott will be attending the NSF’s Joint Annual Meeting that includes the PIs for
recipients of Gender Equity Grants in June 7-10.
Individual and Planned Giving
The individual giving section of the SWE website has been updated to better organize content and
align branding identity with Support the Legacy brochure. The recognition levels created by the
Planned Giving Task Force have been added along with the personal giving testimonials that were
recorded during WE09. Check out these great clips.
The Task Force Chair plans to lead some training for making individual giving “asks” in the coming months
(prior to the FY11 installation).

                                  Sample Individual Giving website page

Professional development
Web Seminar Updates
         Planning webinars on the following topics:
            o Workforce Reentry (Summer)
            o Managing Up (Summer)
            o Retention Study (Fall)
         Recently completed Webinars:
            o Developing Your Work/Life Strategy
            o Communication Styles: Power or Pitfall
            o Managing Global Teams
            o Building Membership
            o Hardwiring Sustainability into Your Organization's Business Strategy
            o Strategic Crisis Management

FY09 & FY10 Webinars (as of 2/20/10)


                                                                   Total Registration
                                                                                        (1 lowest - 5 highest)


My SWE Communities-July 29, 2008              SWE                        242                 4.10          3.81

Gaining the Competitive Advantage-
                                              Kellogg                    647                 4.46                 4.4
September 28, 2008
Diverse Perspectives Drive Innovation -
                                              Kimberly Clark             440                 4.30          4.12
November 20, 2008
Work Life Balance - Part 1
Balancing Act: Managing the Demands of        Abbott                     716                 4.09          4.04
Work and Home-December 11, 2008
Part 1 - Can’t We All Just Get Along:
Improving Your Emotional Intelligence         Bank of America            454                 4.25          4.27
Quotient (EQ)- December 18, 2008
Part 2 of Work-Life Effectiveness Series -
Managing Workplace Stress - January 8,        Honeywell                  373                 3.94                 4.0
Part 2 of Improving Your Emotional
Intelligence Series - Can't We All Just Get   Honeywell                  522                 4.15          4.39
Along? - January 15, 2009
Part 3 of Work-Life Effectiveness Series -
Taking Control of Your Time-January 22,       Abbott                     555                 4.45          4.27

                                                                   Total Registration
                                                                                        (1 lowest - 5 highest)



Part 3 of Improving Your Emotional
                                              Medtronic                  429                 4.41           4.44
Intelligence Series -January 29, 2009
Part 1 of Career Futuring Series - The
                                              Alcoa                      570                 4.32                  4.4
Career Security Profile -February 12, 2009
Engineers Week Webinar: SASS-E Girlz -        Dorothy M. & Earl
                                                                         362                 4.72           4.38
February 17, 2009 [Outreach]                  S. Hoffman
Part 2 of Career Futuring Series - Career
                                              Alcoa                      315                 4.22           4.35
Risk Assessment -February 26, 2009
Part 3 of Career Futuring Series - Career
                                              Alcoa                      499                 4.39           4.45
Risk Assessment – March 19th

He Said/She Said Part 1 - May 7th, 2009       BAE SYSTEMS                380                 4.35           4.42

Minimize the Pain of Change and               Booz Allen
                                                                         335                 4.10           4.00
Maximize Your Result – May 21st, 2009         Hamilton

He Said/She Said Part 2 – May 27th, 2009      Boston Scientific          303                 4.16           4.28

He Said/She Said Part 3 – June 9th, 2009      FM Global                  271                 4.16           4.28

Become a Change Agent and Accelerate
                                              ITT                        219                    4.2                3.8
Your Success – June 18th, 2009

Totals/Avg. for FY09                          -                    7,631                     4.26           4.22
                                                                   Total Registration

                                                                                        (1 lowest - 5 highest)



Values Based Leadership Part 1 –
                                             HP                           319                4.39           4.10
September 14th, 2009
                                                                Total Registration
                                                                                     (1 lowest - 5 highest)



Values Based Leadership Part 2 –
                                          HP                           284                4.28          4.13
September 21st, 2009
Values Based Leadership Part 3 –
                                          Abbott                       262                   4.5        4.42
September 28th, 2009
Little Things Mean A Lot: From
Microinequities to Micro-Affirmations     Kellogg’s                    242                4.64          4.55
September 30th, 2009
Role Modeling 101: Inspiring Girls in
Engineering                               ExxonMobil                   281                4.29          4.07
October 6th, 2009
Collaborative Negotiation – Part One
                                          Southern Company             344                4.38          4.25
October 29th, 2009
Collaborative Negotiation – Part Two
                                          BAE SYSTEMS                  221                4.71          4.65
November 10th, 2009
Collaborative Negotiation – Part Three
                                          BAE SYSTEMS                  224                4.33          4.50
November 17th, 2009
Delegating Authority
                                          BP                           268                4.63          4.14
December 2nd, 2009
WOW! That's Engineering                                                              (took the
                                          Motorola                     103                              4.56
February 4, 2010                                                                        avg of
Collaboratively Negotiating for the
Compensation You Deserve – Part 1         Boston Scientific            272                4.35          4.35
February 11th, 2009
Collaboratively Negotiating for the
Compensation that You Deserve: Part 2     Boston Scientific            191                   4.40          4.80
February 25, 2010
Increasing the Involvement of Girls and
Female Mentors in FIRST                   SWE                          136                   4.50          4.33
March 2, 2010
                                                                      Total Registration
                                                                                           (1 lowest - 5 highest)



An Engineer's Perspective on
                                          Walt Disney Parks
Developing a Work/Life Strategy                                              295                   4.86          4.61
                                          and Resorts
March 11, 2010
Building Membership
                                          Agilent Foundation                          49           4.50          4.50
April 6, 2010
Communication Style: Power or Pitfall?
                                          FM Global                          376                   4.42          4.22
April 8, 2010
Managing Global Teams
                                          HP                                 302                   4.47          4.33
April 29, 2010
Hardwiring Sustainability into Your
Organization’s Business Strategy          Kimberly-Clark                     150                4.67          4.67
May 13, 2010
Strategic Crisis Management
                                          Southern Company                 TBA                   TBA            TBA
May 27, 2010

Total                                                                 2,445                     4.43          4.33

WE10 Programming
We had an overwhelming response to SWE’s Call for Participation. Roughly 500 abstracts were
submitted for the conference. At this point, the program is essentially completed with all speakers
confirmed. Status summary:
         15 Career Enhancement Series sessions
         Almost 200 professional development sessions planned for the conference.
         Trumba online calendar has been developed for WE10 – this includes:
           o Scheduling for sessions (subject to change until July 1st)
           o Scheduling for business meetings
           o Scheduling for special events
           o Scheduling for tours

         Plenary descriptions have been drafted and speakers are being confirmed.
         Policies and guidelines for speakers have been posted to the WE10 site.
        Keynote speaker, Tana Utley.
        Virtual conference/participation at WE10. Planning to webcast 3 plenary panels, and the
         keynote. 12 popular sessions will be selected for replay after the conference.

Planning two podcast interviews (with senior women managers) related to the webinar topic of
“Managing Up.”
Peter is close to completing a full audit of CLCC modules. Lists of recommendations and
enhancements have been drafted. To be discussed (high level) at the June CLCC meeting in Pittsburgh.
IACET Accreditation
SWE’s application to IACET for accreditation to provide CEU/PDHs was approved and SWE has been
granted a site visit. Site visit planned for June 18th.

WE10 Conference
Sales and Sponsorship
As of 5/28, sponsorship sales are at 82% of budget and booth sales are at 94% of budget.

WE10 registration is live with a soft-launch. The new registration vendor has proved a significantly
improved experience for our attendees.
WE10 Marketing
WE10 website launched. Site features include:
        Interactive online calendar
        Website optimized for viewing on smartphones (iPhone, Blackberry, etc.)
        Promotional videos for attendees, industry exhibitors and universities
        Enhanced exhibitor listings to generate additional advertising revenue

WE10 Save-the-Date postcard mailed to SWE faculty advisors and deans in May (Internal SWE list
and dean’s list purchased from ASEE.)
                                    Save-the-Date postcard image

WE10 Exhibitor promotional brochure completed and distributed to Show Management Services to
support booth selling efforts.
For the first time, we will promote the conference and other PD opportunities to HR professionals
through the SHRM (Society of Human Resource Managers) conference at the end of June. Our
promotion is on the theme of “Amplify Results.”

                           Imagery for Conference Marketing to Employers
Karen visited Orlando, 5/23-5/24. She conducted convention center and hotel site visits with Show
Management and CMI (the A/V contractor) in preparation for WE10 conference in Orlando in
Magazine and Publications
The Yearbook Issue of SWE Magazine was particularly strong in content, with both historical articles
and the best Yearbook section yet. The interaction between the region leadership and magazine staff is
becoming more effective each year. This issue will be a real keepsake.
The compilation of all SWE Literature Reviews will be released in June. This was done thanks to a
grant from the Claire Boothe Luce Program of the Henry Luce Foundation.
The first drafts of paper for the 60th anniversary journal are due on June 11. When the papers are
received, the first review will be done by other researchers contributing to the journal. Once the papers
are reviewed, the authors will have until August for revision.

To date five women from Cummins at the CRTI facility in Pune have joined SWE. They were excited
to receive their first digital issue of SWE Magazine (Summer 2010) and to begin watching the webinar
replays. A multi-day professional development conference is being planned for Spring 2011. A first
draft of a proposal for funding from the Indo-American Science and Technology Forum has been
prepared. A formal proposal will be submitted in June.

K-12 Outreach
The freshman application cycle has closed. 1,350 individuals completed applications for freshman
scholarships. This large number of scholarship applications continues to highlight that we need to
leverage the system to limit the number of candidates that the judges get.
Wow! That’s Engineering! – Upcoming Sections and Dates for 2010
        San Diego, CA – August 7, 2010
        Pittsburgh, PA – September 18, 2010

Wow! That’s Engineering! – 2010 Data
                               Girls   Parents Volunteers                African
 Event Location      Date     Attended Attended Attended White Hispanic American                     Asian
Cleveland State     4/10/10      41          23           33         57%       4%          33%         6%
              Objectives                 Cleve             Pitt                   Notes
                                                                Represents the percentage of girls
Facilitate a change in attitude about
                                                                who said they did not want to be an
careers in engineering by introducing
                                                                engineer before the event and
participants to the creative,             31%        NA      NA
                                                                changed their mind as a result of the
innovative, and forward thinking
                                                                event. Note: about 50% of girls
sides of engineering.
                                                                report that they are undecided.
                                                                Represents the percentage of girls
                                                                who reported that the hands on
Engage participants in hands-on                                 activities "Made me more confident
activities that build self-confidence                           in my ability to succeed in
                                          50%        NA      NA
and critical thinking skills around                             engineering and Increased my
engineering principals.                                         confidence in my ability to
                                                                participate in engineering projects or
Foster mentoring relationships                                  Represents the percentage of girls
between participants and role models                            who reported that they would talk to
to encourage an expanded sense of         66%        NA      NA an engineer that they met at the
community and a deeper                                          event if they had questions about a
understanding of what engineers do.                             career in engineering.
Connect priorities about what
participants want in their future work                          Represents the number of girls who
and life to the work and life of an                             reported that a career in engineering
                                          78%        NA      NA
engineer by sharing personal stories                            matched what was important to them
and celebrating the accomplishment                              in work/life.
of women engineers.

Aspire Website
In the period from March -May, Aspire saw the following changes in activity as compared to this time
frame last year.
        40% increase in site visits
        152% increase in page views
        81% increase in page visits
        163% increase in average time on the site
        38% decrease in bounce rate (or the number of visitors that immediately leave the site).
Aspire Calendar Update
Since early August when we released the Aspire Outreach Events Calendar, we have received over 70
submissions representing approximately 4400 girls and 800 adult influencers reached through our
reported outreach programs.
Training Volunteers
FIRST: Increasing the number of Girls and Female Mentors in FIRST webinar was held March 2, 2010
         41 members attended live
         127 visits to the replay page

Girls Inc.
ExxonMobil Foundation awarded a program development grant to the Society of Women Engineers to
be used to support SWE’s partnership with Girls Inc. SWE and Girls Inc. have created TEEMS
(Together Exploring Engineering, Math, and Science). TEEMS pilots have concluded in Wilmington,
NC and Boston. A new application has been submitted for a TEEMS program in Huntsville, AL and
we will be doing workshops, trainings and national rollout at WE10.
SWE attended the FIRST Championship in Atlanta, from April 14-17. SWE was provided booth space
as a strategic partner. From SWE HQ, Randy Freedman and Betty Shanahan attended. In addition, the
Outreach committee work group lead for FIRST and local Atlanta section members attended. Also,
long-time FIRST champions and SWE members Jean Hoppert and Marie LaPlante attended.
There were 20,000 people in attendance and we estimate that we spoke with 2700 girls and adult
influencers about SWE outreach, scholarships, membership and potential sponsorship of FIRST teams.
FIRST will take a more active role in our Wow! That’s Engineering! signature events. We have a
hands-on FIRST activity scheduled for our August 7th event in San Diego.
Invent it Build It Outreach Event at WE10
A partnership event scheduled for Saturday, November 6th at WE10. SWE will be using ExxonMobil
Foundation grant money for SWE/GSUSA partnership to fund this event
Stakeholders include:
         SWE
         WGBH
         GSUSA

Target Audience:
         250 Girl Scouts 9-12 grade
         SWE Volunteers
         GS Troop Leaders
This event will be much like a Wow! That’s Engineering! event, with a few key differences.
        It will be Girl Scout focused
        It will involve SWE members as volunteers from around the country and the world
        It will incorporate Design Squad hands-on activities into the event.

        GSUSA will recruit girls
        SWE will develop a logo and look for the event and recruit volunteers and conduct

ExxonMobil Foundation is very pleased with the plans for this program and they are glad to see
significant progress in using the funds designated for a SWE/GSUSA activity.

Public Policy
Diversity and Inclusion Fuels Innovation in STEM” Capitol Hill Day
On March 24-25, 2010, SWE organized the 2010 "Diversity and Inclusion Fuels Innovation in Science,
Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)" Capitol Hill Day. While SWE has co-sponsored
other Capitol Hill Days previously, this was the first one SWE took the lead in organizing, and the first
to be solely focused on issues related to diversity and STEM.
The 2010 Capitol Hill Day events consisted of training for participants and a Capitol Hill reception on
March 24, followed by a Capitol Hill breakfast and Congressional visits on March 25. Speakers at the
training who provided attendees with insight into current policy issues related to diversity in STEM
included: Jacqueline Michaels from the Department of Education Office of Civil Rights; Dr. Kelly
Mack, Program Director for ADVANCE at the National Science Foundation, and Dr. Arundhati
Jayarao, Congressional Fellow in Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s (D-NY) office.
On March 25, Dr. John Veysey, Senior Legislative Assistant from Representative Daniel Lipinski’s
(D-IL) office, served as the breakfast keynote speaker. A Ph.D. by training, Dr. Veysey provided
attendees with some tips on talking to Congressional staff, and more insight into the workings of a
Congressional office. After the breakfast, Congressional visits were scheduled for attendees with their
Congressional representatives.
The following 17 STEM and diversity organizations co-sponsored the event:
        American Association of University Women
        AIChE-Women’s Initiative Committee
        American Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering
        American Nuclear Society
        American Society of Civil Engineers
        American Society for Engineering Education
        ASME Center for Leadership and Diversity
        Association for Women in Science
        IEEE-USA
        MentorNet
        National Center for Women and Information Technology
        National GEM Consortium
        National Society of Professional Engineers
        SAE International
        Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers
        Society of Manufacturing Engineers
        WEPAN

SWE Recognition of Policy Makers

President’s Award
During the March 24 reception at Capitll Hill Day, SWE presented its 2010 President’s Award to
Ms. Brenda Manuel, NASA Associate Administrator of Diversity and Equal Opportunity, in
recognition of her outstanding contributions to promoting diversity and inclusion in the STEM
fields through her (and her team’s) recent work related to Title IX and STEM. NASA
Administrator Charles F. Bolden, Jr. was in attendance during the reception, and helped SWE
present the award.
Certificate of Appreciation
Also at the March 24 reception, the Society presented a SWE Certificate of Appreciation to
Representative Vernon Ehlers (R-MI), who will retire after this term of office and who has been
a longtime champion of the need to improve science, technology, engineering and mathematics
(STEM) education in America’s schools. In addition to Representatives Vernon Ehlers (R-MI),
Representatives Marcia Fudge (D-OH) and Paul Tonko (D-NY) also provided remarks at the
Note that marketing programs and projects for WE10, professional development, membership, and
outreach are included in those sections.

Website Traffic and Social Media – Updated Statistics

SWE Main Website Traffic
Usage in 2010 (Y-T-D through May 27)
        167,378 visits (33,475 / month) 7% increase vs. 2009
        442,158 page views (88,432 / month)
        2.64 pages / visit
        2:25 time on site
        45.32% bounce rate
        56.33% new visit

Top Content Pages (page views)
        Scholarships            89,059
        Membership              17,408
        Member Log-in           16,395
        Search                  12,708
        About SWE               12,384
        Find Local Section 10,883
        Awards                  10,329
        Join SWE                 9,786

Social Media
Overall participation continues to grow. Social media is becoming a more significant
communications channel for our members. Content related to SWE activities, announcements
and industry news is posted on a regular basis from the marketing group.
        Facebook: 5,380 fans (Increase of 102% vs. May 2009)
        LinkedIn: 2,375 members (Increase of 540% vs. May 2009)
        Twitter: 527 subscribers (Increase of 505% vs May 2009)

Industry Award for Social Media – SWE received a Tower Award (Silver) for Social
Media/New Media Campaigns from the Business Marketing Association (Chicago.)
Career Center
Quarterly e-news update for SWE career center enhancements and job search/recruiting tips sent
to registered job seekers and registered employers.
SWE ID System – Correspondence and Business Cards
Updated designs for SWE correspondence materials and business cards. Business card ordering
process updated. With the new design and working with a new vendor, expenses for printing
cards should decrease.

                                       Business card sample

FY11 election has been completed and the results announced.

SWE’s tax returns have been filed. Because of the decreased revenues, we have a refund.

Staffing is proceeding per the plan to bring staff on as late as possible. Details are included in
SWE’s phone system will switch over on 6/16 from Bostrom to SWE. At that point, SWE
employees will begin answering the main SWE number, handle SWE faxes and on 6/17 take
over response to the and email messages.
Marcia Lampela has been focused on getting procedures and work instructions up-to-date with
current practices for all programs.
Jen Scott has assumed interfacing with the corporate members.
Because this transition will happen so close to the end of the fiscal year, Bostrom will close out
the finances and handle the audit for FY10 and our new finance and accounting firm will pick up
with FY11.
SWE employees have moved over to the PEO model on 5/16. The first payroll was run on 5/28.
All employee insurance will transition to new carriers on 6/1.
Lester McNair joined the staff on 5/24 as Programs Manager, reporting to Director of Operations
Marcia Lampela.
Mary Carravallah will join the staff on 6/7 as Membership Director, reporting to Executive
Director Betty Shanahan.
We have an offer to a membership coordinator outstanding.
We are in the process of making an offer to a receptionist.
We will invite all new staff to attend all or part of BOD4 to meet the board members.
Other Staff Activities
SWE’s Washington Representative, Melissa Carl, is on maternity leave with her new daughter
Margaret Carl.
Karen Horting has been elected to a two-year term on the Board of the Commission on
Professionals in Science and Technology (CPST) and she attended her first meeting on May 8.
Karen is also serving as a track co-chair for the Deputy ED Programming Track for the 2010
CESSE Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh on July 13-16.
Karen attended and represented SWE HQ at South Central Michigan Charter Banquet, 5/20.
Randy Freedman represented SWE at the NCWIT K-12 Alliance meeting.
Marcia Lampela represented SWE at the NSBE conference and replaced Betty on a panel for
women in engineering.
Betty and Cathy Pieronek presented on Title IX at the National Alliance for Partners in Equity
Professional Development Conference.

Membership Retention
                   Overall            Collegiate     Professional
FY10 goal          18,535                10,485           8,050
April 2010         18,138                10,120           8,018
% to goal              97.9%                 96.5%           99.6%

Membership Retention
                   Collegiate         Professional
FY10 goal               50%                   70%
April 2010              46%                   69%
Corporate Partnership Council
FY10 Goal:   48 Members                  Status on 5/231/10:     60 Members

Corporate Membership
FY10 Goal:  80 members                   Status as of 5/28/10:   74 members

We have received 17 messages to from March 1, 2010 – June 1, 2010.
03/06/10 Question regarding membership Login & password. Responded on 03/08/10 & issue

03/10/10 Question regarding chapter website & templates for chapter website. Responded
         03/16/10 issue resolved .

03/12/10 Question regarding membership roster. Responded and completed on 3/12/10.

03/16/10 Question regarding member login & password. Responded and completed on 3/16/10.

03/23/10 Question regarding membership dues. Information provided on 3/23/10.

04/08/10 Questions regarding login & password for Region website. Responded & completed
         on 4/08/10

04/08/10 Member request address change. Responded & completed on 04/08/210.

04/09/10 Member request login & password. Responded and completed on 04/09/10.

04/09//10 Question regarding membership status. Responded and completed on 04/09/10

04/11/10 Question regarding chapter rebate. Responded & completed on 04/12/10

04/13/10 Question regarding career center login. Responded and completed on 04/13/10

04/23/10 Question regarding section officer change. Responded and completed on 04/23/10

04/29/10 Questions regarding Corporate membership. Responded and completed on 04/30/10

05/13/10 Question regarding membership renewal. Responded and completed on 05/13/10

05/15/10 Member request change in section. Responded and completed on 05/17/10

05/18/10 Questions regarding membership renewal. Responded and completed on 05/18/10

05/27/10 Questions regarding membership renewal. Responded and completed on 05/27/10
Contract for new Member Services Center
Extend David James Group contract


     Focus on addressing SWE Counselor needs and ensuring that Outreach WGs are on task towards
      meeting their goals in FY10.
     I attended Region C & E conferences - Ft. Worth, TX & Philadelphia, PA respectively. During
      Region E Conference, I was able to spend some dedicated time with my RCR mentee – Christine
      Pitner – working on her academic and career development plans, as well as strategizing on her
      future involvement with SWE, as she considers graduate school v/s immediate entry into the
      workforce upon graduation from Cornell.
     I coordinated and attended multiple SWE Calls for SWE Counselors, Scholarship Committee, &
      Outreach. Additionally, I participated as a judge for the SWE DNE Award and freshman

-   A follow-up to the Programs & Services Assessment was conducted during the BOD telecon in
    March. The BOD requested that the Outreach Team revisit the review of the Teach Members to
    Learn area. The following is the modified response to the original assessment.
    *Feedback is annotated in blue

    2. Teach Members to Learn
    Discussion: Webinars done this year. Also, in discussion with the LCC.
    Requested $15K for 3 webinars and some travel do some sessions. 250 SASS-E Girlz registered.
    SASS-E – information on how to work with counselors.
    Difference between teaching girls vs how to do a program? Do we need to separate out doing a
    program vs how to work with girls? Expanded program how to work with kids.
    Action: Work with Alison to reword the program name to include both (program and effective
    training) and the description. Update the whole document.
    Budget: $3000 for each webinar. The speaker is free. The technology is costly. Plus $4000 for
    Decision: table – discuss on a future BOD call.

       Feedback: It is important to understand that key to the success of SWE's Outreach Efforts is not
       just recruitment of girls into the engineering, science, technology, and math arena, but effective
       delivery in the messaging regarding S.T.E.M. and S.T.E.M. careers; that same timely & correct
       messaging is equally important to the longevity within S.T.E.M. careers/pursuits that these
       young girls will commit themselves to in adulthood. The Outreach Committee does endorse
       hybrid programming to support each of these areas.
        Outreach Working Groups have begun initial planning, with the main goal in FY11 to focus &
        strategize on development and growth of our Adult Influencer programs (Connecting
        Educators, SASS-E Girlz, Parents Presentation from Wow!) The Training & Adult Influencer
        Working Groups have been working in concert with the LCC Chair/Committee for module
        development. With the dissolution of LCC in FY11, outreach is in the process of discussing new
        methods to expand delivery of the adult influencers training modules. The WG targets a
        completion date of the revamp by end of FY10. A modified program titled Maximizing the
        Message is currently under development, which will include components of both training adult
        influencers on proper messaging techniques, as well as appropriate and effective
        implementation of Outreach Programs.

-   The EWeek WG is working to find out more about what sections are doing during Eweek and what
    best practices are. The Work Group put together links to websites as well as a 'blurb' for the Aspire
    website and SWE newsletter that is linked to useful Engineers Week planning websites.
-   The Outreach Program Manager has uploaded the information onto the website.
-   The Wow! That's Engineering! survey was used as a starting point to determine what outreach
    program surveys should contain. When finalized, this survey tool will be made available for sections
    to use for other outreach programs. This survey will help sections to measure the affectivity of their
-   Updates are periodically being made on the website. Biggest updates this year to the Aspire page:

    Event Calendar (which is also being used to send sections post event surveys to collect information
    on outreach events)

    Wow! page was updated for better organization

    Eweek page - one-stop shop for information on Eweek, tips on activities to do for Eweek, etc.
    Link to National Lab Day

    New feature called Ask an Engineer where people can ask questions for female engineers and SWE
    members from Disney
-   An event will be held at WE10 that will be co-hosted by SWE, Girl Scouts and WGBH. The goal is 250
    girls. It shall be held Saturday, November 6 from 9am – 3pm. The name of the event will be Invent
    It Build It. SWE/GS/WGBH has chosen the media campaign for event. SWE is responsible for
    providing event volunteers and Y. Simms & R. Freedman are developing a strategy for event
    volunteers and training.
-   In addition, a survey for sections to report on outreach programs has been developed in Survey
    Monkey. Any section that posts a program on the Aspire calendar will receive a request (from
    Randy Freedman) to complete the Survey Monkey survey of their program. This will help us to start
    collecting general information on outreach events.
-   Girls, Inc. TEEMS pilot events are ongoing. The pilot program in Wilmington is completed (was 11
    weeks long). The event is Boston will be wrapping up shortly. The program will be rolled out to the
    entire membership during WE10.

-   All Outreach Region Reps have connected with their region leadership, and are working on best
    practices to communicate outreach information within their own region. Outreach Region Reps
    have also started working more closely with the WGs to ensure transfer of information.
-   3 Webinars have been held so far this year on role modeling, Wow! That's Engineering!, and FIRST.
    All Webinars can be replayed from the Aspire website.
-   The new electronic scholarship processing system has proven extremely successful. Several judges
    across the regions have provided excellent feedback on the efficacy of the system. Special thanks
    to Marcia Lampela and Suman Patil for their efforts!
-   Kudos to the Outreach Committee, HQ, and all of the fantastic volunteers for the tremendous




    -   Electronic Scholarship Processing System has performed well for the freshman scholarship
    -   Successful establishment of a small tiger team of five, very involved, SWE Counselor
        Coordinators has occurred. This team is currently assisting current coordinator, Kelly Schable,
        with generation of SWE Counselor resources & addressing the various SWE Counselor needs. A
        plan is in work to formalize this team; proposed ideas to address this groups needs are in work
        with HQ – special thanks to Marcia Lampela for her help! Go To Meeting Training for SWE
        Counselors has been planned for early FY11. Additionally, efforts to ensure proper succession
        planning for the SWE Counselor Coordinator role is in work. Special thanks to Kelly Schable for
        her consecutive, multiple years of service and dedication in the SWE Counselor Coordinator
    -   FY11 Chair-Elect Interviews have been conducted and recommended individuals have been
        submitted for the BOD Motion


     Metric Tools for the Effectiveness of Current SWE Outreach Programs – Should be earmarked as
      a priority need for viability of not only outreach programming, but continued corporate
      sponsorship of SWE’s initiatives/mission
     SWE Counselor Coordinator, Kelly Schable, has identified many needs of the SWE Counselor
      Volunteers – some of these needs, and accompanying recommendations, are paraphrased
         o   Run SWE Counselor training at least once per year at national conference
                  Wi-Fi for Training on Communities @ Session.
         o   Train regional trainers to present training at Region Conferences.
                  SWE Counselor/Faculty Advisor Module
         o   Ensure SWE Counselor Accountability
                  Hold Counselors accountable for Sections not meeting charter requirements,
                     annual report submission, and up-to-date information at SWE HQ
                  After the due date, we need to get a separate list of those who have not
                     submitted reports
                  How do we impose responsibility for annual reports on SWE Counselors, and its
                     impact on collegiate section standing?
                  Track responses @ beginning of academic year
                  Counselor is supposed to be elected – black hole.
         o   Create/maintain a user-friendly “Forum” for Counselors to enable easy location of
             reports and other resources, sharing of best practices, lessons learned, and other
             valuable information
                  May need to use another electronic media b/c communities is confusing
         o   Ensure smooth transition of SWE Counselor Coordinator role from the Collegiate
             Interests Committee (CIC) to direct report under “Director of Education”
         o   Annual reporting process is broken – SWE Counselor cannot sign-off on annual reports
             b/c they have no visibility; it was only a survey that went out – could not be printed.
                    Is annual report & financial report form electronic or paper downloadable this
                     time (communities)?
                    SWE Counselor signature authority necessary before submission?
                    Confirmation email from HQ that it was received
                    Where does it go when submitted electronically?
                    Is it possible that they can upload it to a repository & able to confirm receipt by
                     checking the repository; can they can archive it?
     Unresponsive to/Loss of Communication between Dir of Ed and Committee Lead – need to
      place focus on ensuring effective communication between committee leads and directors in
      future FYs.
     Researching alternative telecon numbers to reduce committee telecon expenses - more
      emphasis needs to be placed on finding an effective solution for this to successfully complete
      the work tasked to our leaders!

The scorecard has been updated and we are making great progress with green status in all
categories of finance (except expenses compared to same period last year), outreach
excellence, professional excellence (except attendance numbers), industry catalyst and
inclusive community (except one region not implementing pipeline process). CPC membership
is above goal but all other membership categories are struggling with the economy especially
joint memberships.

I’ve been trying to obtain more Dell engagement with SWE including enhancing a “benefits of
SWE” presentation and an upcoming presentation to the Dell women’s organization board. I
supported selection of collegiate board representative, BOD 2020, WIA survey and personnel

INWES now has Charity status in Canada and 501c3 status in the USA. 2010 INWES Regional
Conference will be held August 26-31 in Washington, DC

I helped write an updated deck on BOD 2020 results to present at BOD4. I wrote the
description for the ethics committee members and chair and am helping to identify a
strategic planning committee chair. I also helped interview the two collegiate board
representative candidates.

For the Dell women’s organization board presentation on SWE that I will be giving in
June, Karen Horting has provided substantial information on SWE history and places
where Dell can benefit from SWE tools. I’ve included specifics on how Dell can best
leverage SWE for publicity, leadership, recruiting and retention. We will determine
which pieces of this presentation may be helpful to the CPC. I am working on getting
Dell executive speakers for the Annual Conference.

As I’ve met with several Dell executives to obtain more SWE support, I’ve generated
more interest. So far for 2010, Dell has sponsored one woman for the Smith Specialist
to Strategist: Business Excellence for Women in Science, Technology and Engineering
program and I’m working to obtain scholarships for several Dell women to attend the
Smith Directing Innovation: Business Acumen for Women in Science, Technology, and
Engineering program.

I met with Anna Salguero and obtained email feedback from Gail Mattson to learn more
about the President position based on their past experience in this role. I also provided
consolidated BOD feedback on the WIA survey to Dr. Anderson-Rowland and we will be
having some conference calls to update the survey. I helped present engineers for
change and vision 2020 motions.

I continue to use the SWE magazines to encourage more women to join SWE and I
have a personal goal to obtain 3 new SWE members by the August installation.

Gail Mattson, International Network of Women Engineers and Scientists Representative

The 2010 INWES Regional Conference will be held August 26-31 in Washington, DC,
hosted by AAAS. In conjunction with seminars on international STEM projects and fund
development; the INWES Board of Directors will be holding their annual meeting and
the new INWES Education and Research Institute will hold a Board meeting. The
Institute now has Charity status in Canada and 501c3 status in the USA. INWES would
like to invite SWE members who are interested in finding out more about INWES and
international activities and projects to attend. The Regional Conference rotates
countries each year so this is a unique opportunity for SWE members to get more
involved via attendance at the workshops and/or potentially as speakers on STEM
topics and/or as speakers from companies who would share their approach to selecting
international projects for funding. The overall topic for the 2010 INWES Workshop is
"Opportunities for Developing Country-Specific Women in Science and Engineering
Education, Workforce and Economic Development Projects."



                                                                 Measure                                              Q1        Q2        Q3        Q4
                            Measure                                        Update Owner FY09 Results   FY10 Goal
                                                                   ID                                              (J, A, S) (O, N, D) (J, F, M) (A, M, J)

Goal #3 – Industry catalyst - Objective 4: Increase number of
discussions with industry, government and academic influences:
                                                                             Dir of Ext
 # of events that are sponsored by SWE Nat'l                      S10        Initiatives     5            2           0         2          5         5

 # of publications/presentations participated in by SWE           S11                        20           10          3         5          9        12




FY11 Chair-Elect Interviews have been conducted and recommended individuals will be
submitted for the BOD Motion.

Preparing to transition the action items for strategic objectives for the membership development
to the new Director of Membership Initiatives. Those near term actions include
     Motion to create and charter the Membership Initiatives Advisory Board
     Board Approval of the Membership Initiatives Advisory Board strategies and objectives
     Continue to form the first International CIG and support the three pilot groups
     Continue to offload the CIC strategies that go beyond membership
     Cleanup and Clarify the Charter for MCC
     Cleanup and Clarify the Charter for Membership

Due to the low membership numbers this year, the Membership Committee spent time
brainstorming ideas and discussing ways to increase membership growth and retention. They
are actively working on C2C Membership material for Section Presidents and also compiling
Best Practices.
      Several telecoms were held to brainstorm ideas to increase membership growth and
      Working on developing slides and information to send to Collegiate Section Presidents
       to promote C2C membership
      Brainstormed idea to work with Mattel to incorporate SWE material in the new Computer
       Engineer Barbie – HQ already working with Mattel and material will be up to Mattel.
      Brainstormed idea to use the new Barbie for Membership Drive prizes. Plan to put
       together a list of ideas on how to hold a Membership Drive and distribute to Sections.
      Would like to try and target Women in Government and Academia more as they weren’t
       hit as hard as industry on lay-off, etc. Committee needs to identify a working group
       within the committee to working on this.
      Still throwing around the idea of updating the membership toolkit or at least putting
       together a How to on where to find everything easily.
      Requested RGs send Chair best practices from their Regions. Plan is to publish these
       best practices to all the Regions/Sections.

The Collegiate Interests Committee has successfully transitioned all coordinator positions to
other committees to enable the committee to be more strategic. In addition, CIC has
established a majority of the Collegiate Interest Representatives (CIRs) or liaison positions with
other collegiate focused committees. The RAA of a CIR is to participate in both CIC and their
represented committee and bring collegiate issues from their liaison committee to CIC as well
as bring CIC strategic goals for implementation on the liaison committee. To close things out for
the year, they have a meeting in late June to review the RAA of the CIRs, finalize the strategic
goals for collegiates, refine a strategic plan for phasing out CIC in FY12, and to transition the
The Multi Cultural Committee will have their first telecom under the leadership of the new
chair and chair elect this month.
The International Member Team leadership transition is underway.

     WE10 Conference: International Members will have a booth at the Career Fair. We will
     be looking for someone to lead overall coordination of booth activities. Members
     should plan to have some kind of display for the booth showing activities/events in their
     local area.
   Germany: The PD Conference sponsored by John Deere was held in Germany in
     March. There were approximately 30 participants, both German and foreign. Good
     feedback from participants thus far. Karen Horting was unable to support the event due
     to medical issues. Siddika Demir attended in her place. Team will plan an additional
     event in the fall to include Karen Horting and investigate connecting with new local VW
     employees transplanted from GM. Anca is continuing to investigate partnerships with
     other Women's organizations.
   India: HQ is starting to see membership from Cummins employees. The team is
     beginning to meet with other businesses in the Pune area to open up more
   Japan: JWIN is planning to send members to WE10 Conference. They are interested in
     having a booth at the conference which prompted the request for the International
     Members booth.
   CIG Pilot Group: no update; Stacy Woodson is leading this team.



Goal #4 – Inclusive Global Community. Obj. 4.1 – Improve the SWE membership and
leadership profile to reflect the demographics of women in engineering and technology.

        The Membership Initiatives Advisory Board will be chartered to focus on this goal.

No open action items.


                               The 2010 INWES Regional Meeting

The 2010 International Network of Women Engineers and Scientists (INWES) Regional Meeting
will be held August 26 – 27, 2010, in Washington, D.C., at the headquarters of the American
Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). The INWES Regional Meeting is hosted
by the AAAS Directorate for Education and Human Resources Programs and the AAAS
International Office.

The overall topic for the 2010 INWES Workshop is "Opportunities for Developing Country-
Specific Women in Science and Engineering Education, Workforce and Economic Development
Projects." Sessions will include:

***Sources for identifying prospective funding agencies;
***Understanding international funding agencies and how they work;
***Understanding how science and education ministries develop and support projects; and
***Tips for developing projects with corporate funders.

The workshop will include plenary sessions, small group working sessions, and a poster
session. The small group sessions will include guided questions to (a) help participants identify
possible funding opportunities/resources and (b) develop plans for STEM projects and outreach
activities in their specific country or region.

Poster abstracts will be accepted for programs and materials related to STEM education,
career, and workforce development programs for girls and women. This is an opportunity for
organizations to highlight projects that they have conducted in their country or region. The
abstract deadline is July 26, 2010.

The registration fee for the conference is $125. The registration fee covers breakfast, lunch, and
a reception on Thursday, August 26th, as well as breakfast and lunch on Friday, August 27th.
Registration will open June 1, 2010 and information regarding nearby hotels will be posted at
this time.

The registration link for the INWES Regional Workshop can be located at

INWES is an international organization for women in science and engineering. Since 1965, the
group has hosted the International Conference for Women Engineers and Scientists (ICWES),
every three years. The next ICWES Meeting will be held in Australia on July 19-22, 2011.
INWES is also a UNESCO affiliated organization. For more information about INWES see

PD committees have been busy since BOD3. The CLCC and LCC teams conducted sessions at regional
conference and local events. The Awards Committee judged and recommended the FY10 Individual
Awards Recipients, while the Strategic Awards Assessment Taskforce provided recommendations on
process changes. The Collegiate Leadership Forum team is preparing for the event in August.

Several activities in the past month have focused on the deactivation of the LCC, which will be discussed
at BOD4.

Director of Professional Development
     Presented “Using SWE Energy to Fuel Your Career” breakout session at the Region J conference
        April 9 – 11 in Richland, WA.
     Participated in the March, April and May BOD teleconferences.
     Transitioned Collegiate Leadership Forum (CLF) into the PD umbrella.
     Met with the LCC to discuss deactivation of the committee and plan forward.
     Ensured Q4 PD goals were updated in the scorecard.
     Provided slate for FY11 PD leadership. Partnering with HQ on selection of the Curriculum
        Committee Chair. Reviewing candidates for Leadership Coaching Taskforce Committee Chair.
     Participated in Planning Giving Taskforce meetings. Will be attending training to learn how to
        best ask for donations.
     Spoke at the Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics (OSSM) Board of Trustees luncheon
        on June 9 . Discussed challenges with STEM workforce and the need to get government more
     Provided input to FY10 BOD Accomplishments.

Awards Committee (AC)
    Individual Award submittals were reviewed with recommendations provided to the BOD for final
    Section and regional awards are currently under review.

Strategic Awards Assessment Task Force (SAATF)
     Evaluated nomination process, judging and approval processes, and notification process for
        needed changes.
     Benchmarked other organizations’ award programs to assist in developing process improvements
        for SWE awards.
     Developed recommendations for improvements as outlined in report being presented at BOD4.
     Beginning to resume focus on awards.

Leadership Coaching Committee (LCC)
    Full report distributed directly by Justina Mikals on June 7 .

Collegiate Leadership Coaching Committee (CLCC)
     Conducted approximately 40 training sessions this year, reaching approximately 600 SWE
     Conducted first webinar, Building Membership, in April.
     Received average evaluation scores of 4.6 out of 5.0 from participants.
     Planning CLCC strategy meeting in Pittsburg on June 26-27.
     Full report with regional details will be provided once the strategy meeting is complete.
Professional Development Advisory Board (PD)
     No progress since BOD3.
     Planning next meeting for July to align strategy for FY11.

Collegiate Leadership Forum (CLF)
     Transitioned the group under the PD umbrella.
     Planning for CLF in San Francisco August 12 – 14.
     Developed initial budget, agenda, and accommodation request.
     Planning event at national conference to reunite past SWEFLs.
     Determining other methods to better leverage SWEFLs as SWE advocates.

      Motion to approve the Individual Awards Recipients for 2010
      Motion to deactivate the Leadership Coaching Committee (LCC) for FY11 and adopt the Leadership
       Coaching Taskforce Charter. Further move to establish final LCC activities that will be supported.

      FY10 Operations Plan Goal 2: Women in engineering and technology will excel professionally, and
       their achievements will be showcased and valued. Objective 2: Increase the quality of professional
       development programs for all career stages. Strategy 1: Create consistent, quality, professional
       development programming at all levels in the society. Metrics: Create baseline for use and
       applicability of programming via surveys within 30 days (initial) and within 6-12 mos. (follow-up)*
       *may change based on recommendation in updated PD plan.
       o New metric with scores are showing on the Q2 scorecard.
      FY10 Operations Plan Misc Goal: Obtain accreditation so SWE can grant Professional
       Development credits.
       o Curriculum committee created.
      FY10 Operations Plan Misc Goal: Develop transcript feature to track online and in person training
       o Supporting Peter as needed. Funding is being solicited for this project.
      FY10 Operations Plan Misc Goal: Improve CLCC and LCC to increase the use of downloadable
       activities, blend of face to face and online and increased use of webinars.
       o CLCC conducted a webinar in April on Building Membership.
      FY10 Operations Plan Misc Goal: Develop Inclusion and Cultural Awareness webinar track.
       o No update.
      FY10 Operations Plan Misc Goal: Develop a draft competency model that can serve as the baseline
       for the leadership curriculum.
       o Competency model adopted.
      FY10 Operations Plan Misc Goal: Complete SAATF Charter.
       o Update being presented at BOD4.

                                                                      Measure                                                      Q1        Q2        Q3        Q4
                              Measure                                           Update Owner FY09 Results      FY10 Goal
                                                                        ID                                                      (J, A, S) (O, N, D) (J, F, M) (A, M, J)
Goal #2 – Professional Excellence - Objective 2: Increase the
quality of professional development programs for all career stages:

    Total # of programs from all career stages                          S5                         18               20             4         9         15        23
    Total # of attendees - local and national                           S6        Dir of PD       7632             8000          1420      2445       3531      4658
    Total # of programs used after 60 days                              S7                        88%              90%           90%       90%        90%
    Attendee feedback results from initial surveys                      S8                    4.2 out of 5.0   4.4 out of 5.0     4.3       4.4        4.4       4.4
    Attendee feedback results from follow-up surveys                    S9                         n/a         3.5 out of 5.0     n/a       4.1        4.0

      Reassess need for BOD Operations subcommittee – no progress
   Began discussing BOD members serving as mentor to SWEFLs and collegiate leadership. The CLF
    team is open to a more delineated mentor path when the BOD mentors region governors who then
    mentor the collegiate.

The Region Governors, MALs and RCRs/RCCEs accomplished a variety of goals in FY10,
including implementing the region leadership pipeline process in 9 of 10 regions, approving new
section, MAL and region bylaws (in regions C, E, F, G, H & i), and updating the RG Procedure
to reflect the change in governance structure and RCNE (Region Collegiate Newsletter Editor)
to RCCE (Region Collegiate Communications Editor) name change.

The region leadership pipeline process was also a success in FY10 in terms of providing
candidates for region elections. All regions had a full slate of candidates, with many regions
having contested elections in multiple positions. Also, for the first time the RCR, RCCE and
RCS (Region Collegiate Senator) elections were held at the same time, with the same process.
Similar to region elections, the collegiate leadership election was a success, with a full slate of
candidates, many contested elections and a respectable voter turnout. The RCR/RCCE
Coordinator and Coordinator-Elect were pleased with how smoothly the collegiate leadership
elections went this year compared to elections held in previous years.

Work on the Mega Issue 102, creating a more consistent member experience, continued with a
focus on regions in FY10. All regions began implementing templates and best practice
recommendations from the Region Conference Task Force, and as a result all region
conferences provided improved and or additional professional development sessions for
members. Additionally, Region G and Region J kicked off new region award programs and
Region B endowed a region scholarship.

Region Governors also spent a considerable amount of time identifying struggling sections, and
working with sections that required revitalization. As a result of the Region Governors’ efforts,
several sections have been revitalized, such as Puerto Rico, while several other sections, such
as Spindletop, have been deactivated. Also, three professional sections were chartered from
the MAL organization in FY10, with Greater Binghampton as the most recent addition.

MAL representatives have been working on a variety of initiatives throughout FY10, including
the National Lab Day and Founder’s Day initiatives. MAL representatives have successfully
used these initiatives to generate more discussion within the MALs and several representatives
have started to see more of the membership begin to speak up. Additionally, three editions of
the MAL newsletter were published in FY10, improving communication and activity throughout
the MAL organization.

All FY10 region conferences were hosted between January and April 2010. Conference
attendance and sponsorship remained at or above FY09 levels and several regions reported an
overage from the conference fundraising efforts. Below is a list the dates and locations for the
2011 region conferences.
FY11 Region Conference dates:
  o Region A – Feb 25-27, Santa Clara University
  o Region B – March 4-6, Palm Springs, Region hosted
  o Region C – Maybe El Paso, TX, have not received completed bid yet
  o Region D – March 4-6th, University of Tennessee Knoxville
  o Region E – UVA in conjunction with MALs & Region, no date set
  o Region F – March 26, RPI, Troy, NY (near Albany)
  o Region G – February 18-20, Ohio State
  o Region H – February 4-6, University of Michigan
  o Region I – March 4-5, Colorado School of Mines
  o Region J – bid in progress, Willamette Valley & Oregon State

Region A

Region A is winding down it’s year with the upcoming Region Award Banquet planned for June
27, 2010 in Livermore CA. It will be a daytime event of Bocce and informal award recognition,
hosted by the Mt. Diablo section. Other items under way are in the planning phase, including
the Installation Party for President Elect Siddika Demir, the Region ABJ meeting in Reno (Sept
17 – 19) and the Region Conference at Santa Clara University scheduled for February 27-

Region B

The Sonora Region Conference hosted by the Phoenix Section and ASU Section was a
successful weekend of events and speakers. The overall attendance exceeded expectations
with over 300 people in attendance at the conference. Also, the career fair was sponsored by
over 20 companies. The Sonora Region has continued to complete the region work through 6
committees. The committees are hosting monthly telecoms and will be reporting back at the
next Region Conference Meetings. The committees have helped create a new website,
approved 4 new region procedures, established the new endowed scholarship, and are creating
a region conference package. The Sonora Region Council has also established a Balanced
Scorecard for the Sections and this is generating some friendly competition between the
sections/MALs. The scorecard results are sent with the bi-monthly region communication.
Additionally, members of the Sonora Region have successfully reached 8247 K-12 students
with outreach events within the region this year, and are still aiming for 10,000 by the end of
June. Furthermore, region leadership has successfully held 5 region council meetings this year
and has approved the FY11 budget. All sections are in good standing and have elected officers.

Region C

Region C leadership team has spent the last quarter focusing on following through on end of
year activities. Candidates were identified for each position on the Region Leadership ballot,
with the most difficulty coming from identifying the candidate for the Society’s Nominating
Committee. The Region C Lt. Gov and RCR have worked tirelessly to solicit and work with local
universities to submit bids for hosting next year’s region conference, with some success. The
Region is hoping to close out with two bids and a vote on bids during the first actions of the new
fiscal year. Region leadership has also been driving section presidents (both Professional and
Collegiate) to complete their initial bylaws updates, prior to the EOY. As this year wound down,
the Governor also took the undesired action to deactivate one professional section, who had not
been maintaining the minimum requirements to stay in good stand, for the past two years. (The
Spindletop section, C007, was deactived in May.) On a high note, the Region Conference
funding resulted in a $9k surplus, which was distributed amongst the hosting sections and the
region’s seed money in support of future conferences.

Region D

The Region D conference was held March 5-10 at the University of Memphis. The theme was
“Strategic Women Evolving through Innovation”, and the conference was a success with 268
participants, 10 SWE memberships raffled to transitioning members, and collegiate and
professional sections receiving 14 region awards. Also, the Region D newsletter, Diva
Dialogue, has been well received and the final FY10 edition was published May 21.
Additionally, the Puerto Rico professional section has been revitalized, as they have submitted
quarterly reports and leadership roster. On May 15th the section hosted a meeting for the first
time in more than 3 years.

Region E
Region E has focused this year on improving communications between the region and sections
and between collegiate and professional members. A full scale campaign was undertaken by
the professional sections and the RCRs to reach out to many noncompliant or inactive collegiate
sections this year and bring them back into active, compliant status. As a result of these efforts,
the noncompliance rate for the Region’s collegiate sections has dropped from 92% at the start
of FY10 to 37% as of May 1st. This effort will continue into FY11 with meetings already planned
for the fall semester with several of the remaining noncompliant collegiate sections. The Region
will also publish its first edition of a Region Newsletter this month to share best practices,
successes, and ideas among Region members. Additionally, Region E welcomed two new
groups to its roster this year. The Greater Binghamton professional section (E013) was
chartered on April 12 and the Pennsylvania State University Collegiate Interest Group (CIG)
was formally recognized in March. A new collegiate section at Liberty University in Virginia is
continuing along in its chartering process into FY11. The Region has also been concentrating
this year on expanding the leadership pipeline process that began last fiscal year by identifying
and coaching more candidates. In recent years, it has been a struggle to obtain interested and
qualified candidates for Region officer and committee positions and fill out the Region slate.
This year, since implementing the pipeline process, the Region E Region Nominating
Committee was able to develop a full slate of qualified candidates well in advance of elections
with several contested positions. Also, many professional sections have hosted or will be
hosting special 60th anniversary events this month. Since Region E contains three of the four
founding professional SWE sections within its borders, many sections are also celebrating their
own anniversaries this year as well. Sections hosting special 60th anniversary events this spring
include Baltimore-Washington (SWE and Section 60th), Greater Syracuse (SWE 60th and
Section 25th), New Jersey, Twin Tiers, and Rochester. Region E hosted a successful Region
Conference in March at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA. Nearly 400
collegiate and professional members attended the conference which was themed “SWE at 60: A
Strong Foundation for Engineering Success” in honor of SWE’s 60th anniversary this year.
Furthermore, the Region kicked off its fundraising program at the Region Conference this year
selling T-shirts designed by program coordinator Marge Inden to raise money to eventually
endow a Region scholarship. This marks the first of a number of fundraising activities which will
progress into FY11 to support this goal. New Region bylaws and procedures were voted on and
approved at the Spring Region Meeting in conjunction with Region officer elections. Another
Region accomplishment associated with the Region Conference this year is that Region E has
prepared and submitted a packet for the Region Conference Programming Excellence award for
the first time in recent years.

Region F
The 2010 Region F Conference was a resounding success. Held April 10 at Boston University,
it was attended by over 250 collegiate and professional members, and 18 companies at the
career fair. The morning keynote speaker was Jill Tietjen, PE (lifetime SWE member and past
President) with a fascinating look at the timeline of historical women in science, engineering,
and technology. The Region F business meeting was held on April 11 and Region F approved
the new bylaws template, elected a full slate of officers for FY11, and accepted the conference
bid for the FY11 Region F conference scheduled for March 26, 2011 at Rensselaer Polytechnic
Institute (RPI) in Troy, NY. Also, a Collegiate Interest Group (CIG) is forming at the University
of New Haven in Connecticut. The professional CT SWE Section has agreed to be their
sponsor on the CIG application form. .

Region G

Region G held a successful region conference at the University of Kentucky in Louisville on
March 5-7, 2010. Attendees attended professional development sessions, learned about a
career in the FBI at the Keynote Address, and attended region meetings. The updated region
bylaws template was approved and a new region treasurer was elected. The first Region G
awards were awarded, including NASA engineer Kim deGroh receiving the Region G Gem
Award. Region G is preparing for FY11 by preparing for the third annual Region G Leadership
Summit on August 28, 2010. Region leaders are working with a corporation in Columbus, Ohio
to secure their sponsorship by hosting the event. This will be the first time to have corporate
involvement in the event. The plan is to utilize the Region G Corporate Partnership Council
(CPC) funds to pay for Friday night hotel rooms and event meal costs for the over 60 attendees
to the event. Sections will receive training from LCC/CLCC along with having time to think
strategically to create visions and goals for their sections for FY11. By meeting at the summit,
geographically close professional and collegiate sections are able to collaborate on their goals
along with linking their goals to region and national goals for the upcoming year. The region
council will meet during the summit to review and pass new region policies.

Region H

The 2010 Region H Conference was held at University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign. The
section had an overage and $13,200 will be given to the Region. Also, in FY10, the $1,000 of
CPC money will be used for a travel grants. The Region increased the collegiate section travel
grant budget and the COR travel budget due to hard economic times and the distance to
national and region conference this year. The Region H bylaws have been approved by the
committee. The new professional template has been provided to sections as well. Also, Region
H continues to utilize the leadership pipeline. The region nominating chair is engaged and
leading this effort. All Region Officer positions were filled and Senator and Alternate Senator
positions were contested elections. Additional highlights include Cedar Valley holding their
chartering banquet on April 24th in Waterloo, IA and South Central Michigan holding their
chartering banquet on May 20th in Kalamazoo, MI. Also, the Region continues to have an open
dialogue on the Region boundaries and if they would like to move Michigan to Region G. A
decision will be made by the end of the FY if there is an agreement with this proposal.

Region i

Region I held a successful region conference at the University of Missouri on February 27th. A
successful region conference meeting occurred with two mega issues teams kicking off,
approval of Region bylaws and awarding of 12 transition memberships to graduated members.
The planning team did an excellent job and has now passed on their lessons learned to the
Colorado School of Mines in Golden, who will host the FY11 conference. A team has also been
kicked off to look at how Region I plans conferences and how the funding is split in order to
recommend changes, or no changes, for the region conference in FY12. A 2nd team was kicked
off at the region meeting to look at region awards and if awards should be added for Region i.
The banking situation for Region I was also resolved at the region conference. The signature
card was updated and the account is now current and available on-line for the treasurer and the
region governor. The leadership meetings continued and were held in April and the transition
meeting was held on May 20th. A full slate of region officers and a region rep to the national
nominating committee were presented to the region council and a vote is currently in process.
The collegiate leadership team for FY11 and the senators for FY11 have been elected and
notified of their new positions. Transitions are on-going, and the Region web site, community
and collegiate blog are used for communications.

Region J

Region J is ending FY11 on a high note, with a successful region conference in Richland, WA
with overage for the fourth straight year and over 110 attendees. The region also presented its
first Professional Development award to the Eastern Washington Section. Across the region
both professional and collegiate sections participated either individually or jointly in a variety of
professional development and outreach activities with the Girl Scouts and K-12 students.
Sections continued collaborations with organizations such as MESA, FIRST and e-Girls.
Region sections reported over $18,000 in scholarships and awards to students. Region J has
identified 3 mentors and 7 mentees to meet succession planning demands. Transition to the
FY11 region governor is in progress. The region governor’s observation of the region is for the
most part, sections are engaged in outreach and professional development and prominent in
their communities, truly “success on our own terms”!


The third professional section to charter from the MAL organization this fiscal year, Greater
Binghamton, became official on 4/12/10. Furthermore, during this current reporting period the
MALs have continued to work on and promote the initiatives put forth in the last reporting period.
The representatives are currently working with their MALs on both the National Lab Day and
Founder’s Day initiatives (Several Founder’s Day entries have already been submitted). They
have successfully used these initiatives to generate more discussion within the MALs and
several have started to see more of the membership start to speak up. At the same time MALs
are moving forward with forming committees to be ready for the next fiscal year. Also, several
new representatives are joining the MAL Council ranks for FY11 and MAL leadership looks
forward to the new ideas and faces. The second newsletter of the fiscal year was published and
a third is currently being finished. MAL leadership is looking forward to submitting the MAL
newsletters for a society award at the end of June, as a lot of hard work and dedication has
been put into each one. Also, Region D MAL’s successfully co-hosted the Region D conference,
held in Memphis. Furthermore, MALs are assisting several groups in working toward forming
sections, including Hawaii, Redding CA, Oklahoma City, Bloomington/Crane IN, and Southwest

FY10 was a very successful year for the RCRs and RCCEs where the collegiate leaders
seemed to connect with their collegiate members across the regions more than they have in the
past. RCRs worked very hard to get in touch with all of their sections and have helped many
struggling sections to get back on their feet. The RCCEs worked hard in a role that although is
defined on paper, is still struggling to connect with the collegiate members. Altogether,
compared to FY09, this year maintained a consistent and strong leadership excellence through
the entire fiscal year, and RCRs and RCCEs maintained an active and healthy relationship with
the coordinator and coordinator-elect. Opposed to last year where approximately seven RCRs
and RCCEs lost contact with the coordinators, this year contact was only lost with two RCRs
and RCCEs. The two that were not actively heard from were two of the three that did not attend
CLF, thus not sharing in the Leadership Burnout presentation. Thus, it can be said that those
who attend CLF are less likely to go AWOL from the year, especially since they have not
understood the importance of preventing leadership burnout, or at least recognizing when it is
occurring. Overall, the RCR-RCCE Coordinator and Coordinator-Elect are very pleased with
this year’s collegiate leaders and think they have far exceeded expectations in connecting with
the collegiate members. The biggest challenge of the year continues to be engaging the
RCCEs and really finding depth and acknowledgement of their position to the collegiate
members. Regarding accomplishments, RCR/RCCEs completed all of the goals they set for the
year including Blog usage surveys that were completed to understand the usage of the blogs
(No actions were taken as a result, but can be followed up with FY11 leaders), transition
documents were created for the FY10 and FY11 leaders, and the group pulled together a great
document on “What SWE Can Do For You” and this was distributed to the collegiate Presidents.
Another success was the completed elections for FY11 RCR/RCCEs and RCSs in all regions.
Elections were run successfully through HQ where all regions were using one timeline, no
regions went without candidates for any position and most regions had 2-4 candidates per
position, so there were very few uncontested elections. Also, a common trend amongst the
reports is the recognition of emailing Section Presidents personally verses mass emails. Many
regions have said this is a very effective way to encourage the section presidents to submit the
needed resources and engage in the conversation. This should be shared as best practice at




The regions and MALs have made excellent progress at exceeding the FY10 goals for the
leadership pipeline regarding the number of potential leaders and mentors identified across the
regions. A total of 104 potential leaders and 64 mentors were identified in FY10. Also, 9 of 10
regions implemented the leadership pipeline process in FY10. The region leadership pipeline
process will continue to be discussed at the region governance training call in June and RG
Summit in August. It is expected all ten regions will implement the process in FY11, and many
regions will have a fully functional process.

The Leadership Pipeline task force is working to complete the deliverables of their charter. Vi
Brown spoke with Peter Finn in March, and a conference call is planned with June 2 with the
task force team. Vi plans to complete a PowerPoint presentation by the end of June to wrap up
the task force work.

Regarding the goals for the DR, DDR, Regions and MALs, leaders assisted with identifying
members interested in outreach, increased the number of sections applying for PDGs, and
provided more professional development sessions at region conferences across the Society.
Additionally, as stated above the regions and MALs implemented the pipeline process, which
was evidence in multiple FY11 region elections with contested elections and a full slate of
candidates for all positions. Regions and sections also made excellent progress on bylaws. In
additional to the approval of multiple professional and collegiate section bylaws, the MAL bylaws
and many region bylaws with the new template were approved in FY10. Also, the RG
procedure was updated and is currently under review with the Procedures Committee. The
RCR/RCCE/RCS election was improved, as the election for all three collegiate leadership
positions occurred at the same time and with candidates identified for all positions.



Regions, MALs and RCR/RCCE’s have reported a variety of issues and concerns, which are
described below. Themes included overall lack of involvement and funding from membership
and sponsors, and leadership burnout. Additionally, Ebalina Roitberg resigned the week of May
24, 2010 as the Region C Governor. Carol Bachman, the current Region C Lieutenant
Governor will assume responsibilities and become the Region C Governor for the remainder of
FY10 and all of FY11.

Region A

Region A continues to experience turnover of key leaders and continues to focus on building the
leadership pipeline to ensure ready leaders to step up as needed in the years ahead. Region
leaders are seeking advice from others on how to interest members in national committees and
the office of National Nominating Committee Rep. The RG continues to find it challenging to
find or obtain the governance, policy, and procedural documents needed to best lead Region A.
An equal challenge is finding the time required to best lead the Region with increasing job
demands and personal constraints. Advice and mentoring is always welcome in this area. Note
an issue but point of interest is the Region A Hawaii Islands proposed section is interested in
Chartering in Region B, rather than Region A. They are to send talking points for Region
Council Discussion.

Region B

Many sections have noted facing obstacles of retaining current members, attendance at
meetings, recruiting new members, and funding.

Region C

Previously reported, the Region had two professional sections that were being investigated for
deactivation. At this time, C009 (Mississippi River City) has regained their active and in good
standing status, by resuming standard operating procedures, updating their bylaws and working
to increase their membership. Section C007 (Spindletop) was deactivated in May 2010.
Regarding the Collegiate sections, many have not utilized the RCR this year when they have
officer conflicts. Until the RCR started reading quarterly reports, she was unaware that one
president had quit and another one was in the process of being voted out of office. She also
discovered in a quarterly report that one of her sections was in debt. The Region C Lieutenant
Governor stepped in and was helping with all of these issues.
Region D

The RG replies to member emails and concerns on a daily (sometimes hourly) basis, however
some members are never satisfied. The RGs feels very satisfied with her work as Region D
Governor and she’s proud to say that the communication and leadership involvement had
greatly improved in the region. As always there is still room for improvement. Issues include the
leadership pipeline database, as it has been maintained by the Governor because the Region
Nominating Committee chair resigned. The candidates started completing the template but they
have not been very receptive to the spreadsheet format or the pipeline concept. It will require a
few years to successfully implement the leadership pipeline in region D. Progress has been
made with MAL leaders in the region but the governor has had several complaints from a MAL
member about inclusiveness of the MAL’s in the region. The Greater Asheville section
continues to be inactive; however contact with one of the members was made during the April
13th Region Council call. The University of Tennessee Chattanooga has requested to be
changed from SWE section to SWE CIG. RCR’s and the local section have been working with
the members to determine if this is the best option for the section. Also, the website Company
has been non-responsive to Webmaster and the new region website has not been completed.

Region E

Several sections have expressed concern at what they feel are large price increases for
registration, hotel rooms, and events at WE10. Given the fact that the economy is still sluggish,
there is concern that these increases may impact members’ ability to attend conference.
Several sections have expressed concern at what they feel are large price increases for
registration, hotel rooms, and events at WE10. Given the fact that the economy is still sluggish,
there is concern that these increases may impact members’ ability to attend conference.

Region F

From Boston Section: The SWE National website needs a significant amount of
improvement. It is difficult to navigate, not intuitive to use. There are too many log-in
points and too many layers to pass through in order to find information.
From NYCSD: The new SWE bylaws are quite confusing when it comes to the
responsibilities of the Section Rep. The new bylaws refer one to three other documents,
which could not be located.
Region G
The transition between treasurers is going slowly due to issues with the bank. Even with
repeated visits, PNC Bank does not seem to be handle address changes. Also, the section
vitality of the Kentuckania section is at risk. Their president has contacted the RG saying that
with only 18 members, she isn’t sure how to handle elections and she thinks they may need to
go inactive. The RG will be working with LCC to assist with their section.

Region H

H002: The dire state of the economy in southeastern Michigan (metro Detroit, Ann Arbor, and
Flint) and Toledo continues to significantly affect the section. For example, several major local
employers are in or have recently emerged from bankruptcy, including CPC members. This has
affected the location of the section's PD Conference and threatens the section's scholarship

H015: Section leaders sent out a pole and requested feedback on the options to alter
regional boundaries and received only eight responses. Of the responses, 75% in some
way favored the change of boundaries by selecting options 1-3. Only 25% (2
responses) showed preference toward keeping the boundaries the same (option
4).There was a suggestion to move some of Indiana to be part of Region G and also
more of a preference for keeping the LP of Michigan together (rather than moving only a
few sections).
Region i

The following issue is impacting the region: Several sections have been fielding questions about
sponsorship from local engineering companies. A guideline for this activity would be helpful.

The following are feedback items for your consideration: Agilent Kits are used many sections in
the region. Please find another sponsor if Agilent does not continue this endeavor.

Region J

Issue: Potential Section Decharter. The region has initiated the dechartering process for J009,
South Puget Sound, per J009 section officer request. The section, chartered in August 2006,
has suffered from declining participation and lack of succession planning, along with burnout
from the charter members. The region sent a survey to the membership May 6 to vote on
whether to continue the section, with a follow up call to discuss survey results to the
membership scheduled the week of June 1. The region has also contacted Walla Walla
University (J062) regarding increasing the membership to prevent dechartering.


When administrators were first notified that the list serv system was being changed, MAL
leaders were told they could look forward to new technology and that when the transition was
complete they be provided with a link with information on the new technology. While MAL
leaders were subsequently provided with brief instructions for adding and deleting subscribers
from the list servs and a link to access the new list servs, they were never provided with any
information about new features. Also, deceased members are still counted on the update
reports issued by headquarters, either as paid or unpaid, depending on whether or not they
were paid or unpaid at the time of death. It seems as though deceased members who paid for
FY10 will be included in the base for next year and counted as unpaid throughout FY11, and
that doesn’t make sense.


One of this year’s end of the year concerns is the Annual and Financial reports. HQ went to a
new report format and structure this year and did not convey the changes to the collegiate
leaders. Instead the RCRs had to convey the directions and requirements for completing these
reports. This path of communication is okay as long as there are no bugs in the system, but
RCRs and collegiate members were identifying bugs as they went along forcing numerous
emails between HQ and Wendy trying to chase down errors. It is suggested that HQ do a bit
more quality assessment before releasing these changes and perhaps release them earlier in
the year to give collegiate members time to get through the bugs before the end of their school
year. Also, similar to last year, it is difficult to understand the need and want for the RCCE
position. Each year the leaders struggle to get people to the blogs and because of this, the
RCCEs tend to lose interest in their role mid year. Wendy will be trying out a new focus on the
RCCE position for next year as communication has primarily been geared towards RCRs in the
past. If this isn’t successful, it is recommended that the RCCE role really be looked at for its
necessity from a Board of Directors level and perhaps figure out how to better utilize these
collegiate leaders talent. Additionally, RG’s were concerned that they need to maintain a region
website and a region blog. Is there a possibility to bring these together and move forward with
one or other? Then, professional and collegiate sections can both be given common
information verses relying on both to be updated, when usually they aren’t. Furthermore,
mentor relationships appear to be a struggle. Many of the RCRs are stating that they have not
had contact with their mentor since Annual Conference. This is probably attributed to both
parties involved, but the RCR/RCCE Coordinator and Coordinator-Elect are not sure this
program should be implemented again next year. Allowing collegiates to seek their own
mentors appears to be the most successful method rather than forcing mentor relationships that
perhaps the parties involved were not 100% committed to. It is suggested that the formal
mentoring program either be revamped or discontinued for its lack of success over the last few

                        FY09 Board of Directors Report

                     Speaker of the Senate                                   March 10 – June
 BOD Member:                                        Reporting Period:
                     Bernice Brody                                           2010

The Senate will end the year with at least 3 mega issues resulting in recommendations to the
board of directors. We are targeting votes on the motions late June 2010.

Updated senator training materials are being developed by the Senate Training committee and
planned for early July 2010.

The governance committee reviewed procedures and bylaws and recommendations are being
incorporated in procedures for a vote at November meeting. Bylaws changes are proposed and
being discussed by the Senate.

The CRF Taskforce has completed its report which is posted in the Senate community.
Conference calls are scheduled to discuss results with the Senate.

The motion to adopt the updated strategic plan passed.

The motion to appoint the Society nominating committee as the Senate nominating committee
for FY11 passed.

The call for Role of Alternates Task Force is awaiting the call for chair.

FY11 Mega issues chair elect and communications chair are still open.

Mega issues chair transition is completed.

Lessons learned for mega issues committee was completed.

Communications plan update for FY11 is nearing completion.

 At the conclusion of my term as Special Director for Women in Academia this year, I want to
say that I feel that it was an honor and a privilege to serve on the SWE BOD this year. Thank
you for this opportunity. I hope that I have helped to contribute to a better understanding
between women in academia and the BOD. My experience confirmed that there are still
misunderstandings about the women in academia by the BOD and it is imperative that good
communication continue to be cultivated between the BOD and WIA. WIA, in general, feels that
they are not valued or respected by the rest of SWE. Part of this misunderstanding and
perhaps mistrust is because there has not been WIA representation on the BOD. Engineers in
industry think and operate quite differently from engineers in academia. Perhaps some of the
friction grows out of the necessity for many processes and procedures which are necessary in
industry and may be absent in the arena of academia freedom. However, both groups are
engineers and both groups are critical problem solvers. By working together, we can solve
these problems.

During the past three months, the WIA survey was taken to final revision and submitted to
Headquarters to be put on Survey Monkey. The results will be analyzed and reported to the
BOD in late summer and early fall.


My primary work during this last period of time was to develop a final version of the WIA Survey
to be sent to women in academia and graduate students. In addition to my committee of Mary
Verstraete and Tricia Berry, I consulted with BOD members Nora Lin, Fran Stuart, and Melissa
Tata. Out of these discussions some misunderstandings were corrected and a better survey
resulted. The survey is now in the hands of Peter Finn. He has promised that the survey will be
on Survey Monkey by next Tuesday, June 15. We will send out the surveys, give a reasonable
amount of time for them to be returned, and send out at least one reminder notice. I will then
analyze the data, put it in a report, and submit the report to the BOD.

I participated in a second Membership Meeting call on May 5.

I am working with Betty Shanahan to have a panel/networking/reception for women in academia
and graduate students at SWE10, as requested by the Graduate Student Community.



1. Determine what the women in academia need and want from SWE. In order to do this, I
determined to develop a survey to be sent to women in academia and graduate students. In
the interim, a report was made at BOD3 and will be made at BOD 4 giving the BOD a preview of
some of the WIA issues. I appointed Mary Verstraete and Tricia Berry as interim co-chairs of
the Women in Academia Community. I moderated meetings and discussions of the women in
academia and the graduate student community at SWE08. I also met with the CIC chair. In
response to the CIC chair, I wrote, presented, and published a paper at the NACME/WEPAN
Conference held in April in Baltimore, Maryland. The purpose of this paper was to encourage
WIEP Directors to work in cooperation with SWE Advisors and the collegiate sections. Also, as
a result of good feedback on my Graduate School presentation at SWE09, I presented a
session on graduate school at the Region B Conference held in January. The session was well

2. Have WIA provide an umbrella organization for the Graduate Student Community. At
SWE09, the graduate student community determined that because of their rapid membership
changes, they did not want to be a separate Committee, but wanted to operate under the
umbrella of a Women in Academia Committee. WIA provided assistance to the graduate
students in creating appropriate sessions for SWE10.

3. Help ensure that there is a WIA track at SWE10. The graduate students determined
sessions for a WIA track, with assistance from Tricia Berry.

4. Make progress toward the establishment of a WIA Committee. Since the wish of the WIA
for the past two Annual Conferences has been to be a Committee with structure and a voice,
questions about this establishment are included in the WIA Survey. A WIA Committee Charter
has been drafted at the suggestion of a BOD member so that initial BOD concerns that may
exist can be addressed and resolved. A Charter will not be presented to the BOD until there is
further discussion of the Charter among the WIA Community and results from the WIA Survey
are obtained.

5. Develop and Distribute a WIA Survey. The WIA Survey has now been developed and
should be on Survey Monkey by June 15, 2010. Distribution of the survey will follow.

6. Analyze the results of the WIA Survey and report back to the BOD. This work will be
done in late summer and early fall.


See previous section.

The need for a way for the WIA voice to be heard and for the WIA SWE members to feel valued
and respected by SWE.

I worked on gaining insight and building my proposal for creating a permante board position
specificly designated for a collegiate member. I spoke to several board members and collegiate
leaders regarding position on the issue. I created a presentation for BOD 4 meeting.

I attended several Program Devolopment grant committee. I reminded them to check with HQ to
make sure they could have as smooth a transaction as possible.



I will create a motion for a bylaws amendment for creating a permanent position for a collegiate
member on the board.


1. Help with leadership taskforce – Have upcoming meeting with the taskforce and have been
transitioning my position to Rachael.

2. Creating a town hall style meeting geared to collegiate members- Done

3. Show ways to obtain funds ie program grants- joined committee

4. Mentor collegiates- done

5. Work on way to spread the swe presentation wendy and I chaired- done

6. Prepare presentation for BOD regarding the CBR position- done and will present during


See goals


I worked on gaining insight and building my proposal for creating a permante board position
specificly designated for a collegiate member. I spoke to several board members and collegiate
leaders regarding position on the issue. I created a presentation for BOD 4 meeting.

I attended several Program Devolopment grant committee. I reminded them to check with HQ to
make sure they could have as smooth a transaction as possible.



I will create a motion for a bylaws amendment for creating a permanent position for a collegiate
member on the board.


1. Help with leadership taskforce – Have upcoming meeting with the taskforce and have been
transitioning my position to Rachael.

2. Creating a town hall style meeting geared to collegiate members- Done

3. Show ways to obtain funds ie program grants- joined committee

4. Mentor collegiates- done

5. Work on way to spread the swe presentation wendy and I chaired- done

6. Prepare presentation for BOD regarding the CBR position- done and will present during


See goals