5 Steps To A Successful Internet by gyvwpgjmtx


									STEP 1. Find something you feel is a good business opportunity. You can scour the
internet for all sorts of different business ideas and opportunities. Doing a search on
any search engine with the keywords Work At Home, Business Opportunities, Home
Based Business, Affiliate Programs, Make Money Online, etc., will produce 1000's of
different search results. Affiliate programs are THE ABSOLUTE BEST business
opportunities out there because the ONLY thing you need to do to run your internet
business is to market your affiliate link. With a traditional business you must deal
with inventory, storage, packing, shipping, complaints, returns, phone calls, emails,
checks and credit cards just to name a few! Not so with affiliate programs, once
someone has clicked on your affiliate link your only job is getting the next person to
click on it. Sweet deal!
     STEP 2. Get your own webpage. You want to put your internet business on a
webpage of your own. A webpage is like a store front. It projects respect to your
business and who you are. Think about it. Do you feel the same about buying from a
vendor on the street as you do about buying from a person in a store? They 鈥檙 e
both vendors, but the store gives you a certain feeling about the person you are buying
from that a street vendor just can 鈥檛 give you! Your webpage dose not have to be
fancy. If you only have a brief description of what your webpage is about along with
individual descriptions of your product or products people will respect that. If it is
affiliate programs you have decided upon, simply put a BRIEF description of what is
being offered along with your affiliate link. Do not disclose too much in your
description because people might THINK they know what it is all about and not click
on your link. You want to let your affiliate website do all the selling for you. These
sites are professionally designed to maximize the number of people who buy or join
so a brief description, just enough to spike their curiosity, is sufficient.
     STEP 3. Get your own Blog and make one post a day. A Blog, short for, 鈥淲 eb
Log,鈥?is a great way to establish yourself as an authority figure on whatever topic
you decide. As people return to read your daily articles, they will eventually come to
view you as an authority on whatever your Blog is about. They will eventually
develop confidence in what you are saying, and will begin to trust you. As a result
some people will check out your webpage to see what you have to offer them, and
people tend to buy more from people they know and trust. Their confidence in you
will be an additional factor that will compel people to buy from you. There are many
places online that will host and let you set up your Blog for free.          STEP 4. Put
Cost-Per-Click(CPC) advertising such as Google AdSense on your website. Having
Cost-Per-Click advertising on your website is a way to earn additional income that
can be VERY substantial. Most people who visit your website will not buy from you.
If people are going to leave your website, wouldn 鈥檛 you rather them leave through
a link on your website that will pay you money every time someone clicks on it?
Google makes putting their AdSense on your website E-A-S-Y! The ads are relevant
to the content of your website. Google can even put its AdSense on your Blog as we
鈥檒 l.
     STEP 5. Write and submit articles to article submission sites. This is the most
important advice you need to know. This is how you will get FREE advertising!
People are searching the internet for free information. When you submit your articles
online, the search engines will eventually find them and will spider every word. When
people do a search using keywords or phrases that are in your articles, they will turn
up in the search results, so be sure to insert highly searched for keywords and phrases
into your articles! You will need to include at the bottom of all your articles your bio.
Your bio will contain a brief description about who you are along with a link to your
website. It might read for instance [ John Doe is the owner of yoursite.com. John
helps people to work at home using various business opportunities that include
affiliate programs. If you desire your own home based business visit
http://www.yoursite.com] The more articles you write and submit, the higher the
chances are of your articles keywords and phrases showing up on search results. The
more links you have pointing back to your website, the higher your websites page
rank with the search engines will be, meaning the higher up on the search results will
your article turn up, so don 鈥檛 stop writing and submitting articles! I do want to
stress however, quality over quantity. Take your time and check your spelling,
grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, etc. No one will take what you have to say
seriously if you don 鈥檛 write correctly.
     So there you have it! Having a successful internet business is simply a matter of
understanding how things work, and applying that knowledge. It dose not take any
special skill or any great intelligence. If you follow these five steps, you cannot fail.
The most important thing, as with anything in life, is persistence. Continue following
steps three and five and watch your internet business grow!

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