4p Marketing Strategist- China's killer Marketing by gyvwpgjmtx


									When businesses more competitive in the discussion now to be taken when marketing
strategy, "Marketing Killer" has been quietly lurking around us, they are ordinary
people with a detachment in the conventional and marketing practices, decisively and
quickly to opponents to defeat and customer firmly in control in the palm of the hand,
almost without warning, caught off guard would be unimaginable income in the
pocket the profits.

 In this era of pan-marketing, "Marketing killer" their every move whether it merits
further attention and study? The focus is no longer just a point or local, I think, be
able to do this, certainly as "The World is Flat" and create a lot like Lenovo, Haier
Such enterprises.

 Order to more clearly understand the "marketing killer", have a look at the existing
marketing, mostly a "suicidal" behavior. Also the most old fashioned of price
competition, and always thought that doing Advertisement Branding is the use of
cheap labor, poor means of production (including raw materials) created many of the
"inexpensive" goods stacked in various channels, the recovery of small loans with
supporting the so-called branding ads. When the monetary tightening financial
problems when the chain can no longer rely on the meager profit to maintain only
without a fight.

 Enterprises such as China, too many!

And "killer marketing" their way of thinking the market is unique because they are
doing the right things first, selecting the right is the Blue Ocean, Red Sea and not
stained. 99% of the marketing tasks have been completed before the launch of
products, that is spared Research The effort, targeting only ready and quick success.
Read "Prison Break" "24" know that Mike will lead several people why the success of
Prison Break? Terrorist attacks on the President's car on what basis?

 Reason I have these industry expert known as "Killer Marketing", there is no
derogatory, in fact more or learn from, and indeed at times and Life The killers have
much in common. For example, I have tried these people classified??

 Drug type. I think Shi Yuzhu called on behalf of, a press conference when he
declared that "the journey" come out and market, his customers will be swept Online
games Zone, out of control, several hundred thousand Consumption A lot of people,
and this consumer group is still growing, so these consumers can not help sustainable
consumption. As far as I know, "journey" game does not do much advertising.

 Abduction type. The house will be expensive for those who believe "there must be
their home," the majority of people in disguise "abduction-style" consumption is
Estate The only way to obtain excessive profits business. You do not buy today,
tomorrow will be price increases, the media has done a lot of free advertising; enough
money, lend it to you, so they had a mortgage, so you have to tighten their belts
spending a decade or two.

 Bloodthirsty type. This type of general lurking in the not very mature Securities
Industry, which no doubt is a typical representative of their crops. They will sacrifice
the interests of small retail pain above the low vision group on top, to grab outrageous
profits. This is a rich Drama Of special performance, consumer marketing to
consumers the value of a future, in the end the value of dash, are renowned for the
wise eyes of the beholder, so the emergence of small retail investors, thanks to a small
deficit problem. In addition, there is a broker that can issue unlimited warrants
worthless, there are brokers on the 1st of this year's example of one billion profit.

 Killing type. This "killer marketing" the most vulnerable in the drug Food Cosmetics
industry figure appears. When a family enterprise products in a section some
paradoxical problems, its most competitive rivals will be sent behind the scenes
"marketing killer" non-purchase of their death is not, a lot of negative publicity will
emerge in the media, until the product to block or slow moving .

 As China's economy growing market, there will be more and more dazzling
"Marketing killer." Also devise strategies around the 4P marketing theory such as the
business owners, is not the start to do other it?
 I am an expert from China Auto Suppliers, usually analyzes all kind of industries
situation, such as rocker swivel chair , patio rattan furniture.

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