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									                Instructions For Your Braces (Orthodontic Appliances)

    Our aim is for your treatment to be completed as quickly as possible to a high standard. For this to
                          succeed it is important that you follow these instructions.


A normal diet is recommended, but generally cut food up smaller to reduce the chewing required. Never bite hard
against the appliance. Sticky or hard sweets and chewing gum are completely banned for the duration of the
treatment. Fizzy drinks such as Coca Cola should be avoided.

Oral Hygiene

Food will tend to stick around the teeth more than normal. This may cause decay, or gum infection unless extra
care is taken with tooth brushing. Use a small soft toothbrush with the fluoride toothpaste of your choice, or the
toothpaste prescribed by us, for cleaning the appliance, teeth and gums. Brush for two or three minutes after
every meal and last thing at night. Pay special attention to each individual tooth and the gum margins. We advise
you to buy a brace care pack available at reception.

Removable Appliances

Some of your treatment may include the use of a removable brace. It is important you wear this exactly as
instructed. This includes wearing the appliance at all times except for the brushing of your teeth.
  If you fail to keep your teeth and brace clean we will have to abandon the treatment to avoid permanent
                                              damage being done.
Possible Problems

Loose bands or brackets may occur. If detected please contact the practice. Please do NOT attempt to remove
them yourself. The teeth may be a little tender for a few days when a new wire is fitted. Your usual painkiller may
help. Sharp edges or wires may occasionally irritate the lip or cheek. You can buy some soft wax from us to apply
as a temporary measure.

The Use of Elastics

We sometimes use small elastic bands "elastics" to apply a force on the teeth. When elastics are given, they form
an essential part of treatment. They must be worn exactly as instructed. Do ask for extra elastics if you run out.


It is essential that you attend all booked appointments. Failure to attend, or cancellations on the day of your
appointment, may result in us having to stop your treatment.

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