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Thinking inside the box... Discover Digital in our free training seminars...
Plus... A Royal guest: The Duke of Kent pays a visit... Remote control: the latest Digital addition...

Installing Midas: A step-by-step illustrated case study... Latest dates and venues for training seminars...

Another Frequently Asked Question... Win one of 500 Midas brackets in our Faxback competition!
  Deciding upon the stories for this
  issue of Instalment has made me
  realise just how much has happened
  since we last went to press. From
  continuing to celebrate Aqualisa’s
  Queen’s Award to introducing new
  products, it’s been a hugely busy,
  bustling few months.

  So, what do we have in store? Well, if you’ve ever been impressed
  with Aqualisa’s Quartz Digital and Axis Digital remote control
  option, you’ll be delighted to know that entry-level favourite
  Visage has now joined the club. Meanwhile, our brand new
  Aquastyle Electric has all the right value-for-money and
  performance credentials that are so important at the moment.

  Don’t miss page 4, which shows why the Midas Easy fit fixing
  bracket has proved such a success since its launch 18 months
  ago. Since our new digital training course kicked off just under a
  year ago – we’ve welcomed many new converts. Join the club by
  putting a digital training date in your diary now.

                              It’s that time of the year again –
                              Installer Live. You’ll find us on stand
                              no 521 – don’t forget to stop by to
                              say ‘hello’, not to mention find out
                              about some fantastic product deals!

                              That’s all for now – read on and enjoy!

                              Janet White
                              Marketing Communications Manager
Queen’s Award update

HRH Duke of Kent, during his visit to Aqualisa

Last Summer, Aqualisa’s digital bathroom                              Our very special guest, HRH Duke of Kent, was whisked around

                                                                      Aqualisa’s Westerham, Kent, premises and given the opportunity
technology was recognised with one of the
                                                                      to find out at first hand just how intelligent digital showering and
country’s most prestigious business accolades                         bathing can be. George Letman, Aqualisa’s CEO told Instalment:

– a Queen’s Award for Innovation. And,                                 “Right now, British manufacturers, especially those involved
                                                                       with innovation, need as much encouragement as possible,
several months later, we’re still celebrating –
                                                                       so the ongoing support shown by the Queen’s Award Scheme
most recently by rolling out the red carpet in                         has been extremely welcome – and we were very honoured
                                                                       to host such an important guest.”
honour of a royal visitor.

     New remote control
How do you make an installer favourite, best-selling, award-winning shower better?

Well, in the case of Visage Digital, it was never going to be easy… but the addition of

an optional wired remote switch might just be the answer.

The introduction of the switch means that all of Aqualisa’s digital shower ranges can

now be activated remotely. Neat, compact and featuring an LED display, the switch

can be used from up to 10 metres away – so install it wherever it’s most convenient

– just outside the bathroom door, on the landing or for en suites, even in the bedroom!                 Remote control for Visage Digital
The Midas touch
Malcolm Newland, an installer from Caterham, Surrey, demonstrates the Midas touch…

Malcolm’s been shower savvy          Malcolm has positioned the         More and more of you are          Malcolm uses the pipe locking
– he’s opted for a Midas 100         bracket horizontally on a baton    using plastic piping – and the    clip that is supplied with the
that is packaged complete with       underside – but thanks to the      Midas Easy fit bracket is fully   bracket.
its Easy fit, fixing bracket. The    bracket’s elongated, horizontal    compatible with both plastic
bracket can be popped out of         and vertical holes – fixing is     and copper piping.
the box separately – allowing        possible from virtually any        15mm Grip-tite connectors are
Malcolm to fit the bracket,          direction. Another bonus is        included with the bracket.
whilst the valve and other           the bracket’s compatibility
fittings stay sealed until they’re   with virtually any standard size
needed. Ideal for jobs with first,   exposed bar valve.
second or even third fixes.

Training for a Digital
                                                                        Whether you’re just starting out or simply
                                                                        want to bring yourself up to speed with
                                                                        one of the industry’s fastest-growing
                                                                        technologies, our new, dedicated-to-all-
                                                                        things-digital training course is a must.
Aqualisa’s Easy fit Midas fixing bracket – part of the Midas range of exposed thermostatic
shower and bath/shower mixers has been a hit with time-pushed installers. The bracket can
be used on a variety of surfaces and makes fitting the valve simple and straightforward.
Additionally, it can be used with standard fit exposed shower or bath shower mixer valves.

These handy blanking caps are       Three months have passed            Malcolm attaches the valve to
also included with the Midas        since Malcolm completed             the bracket and it’s job done.
bracket. They’re not only useful    the shower’s first fix. The
for pressure-testing, but, if       bathroom has now been tiled         Like many bathroom fits,
you need to ‘mothball’ your         and he fits the Midas valve’s       Malcolm’s Midas shower
installation whilst other jobs      chrome covers. The covers           installation took place over the
are completed, will ensure dust     feature special mastic grooves      course of several months.
and debris stay clear.              to ensure the valve’s thread is                                              “When you’re doing repetitive
                                    concealed. Look closer and the
                                                                                                                 jobs, it’s important not to waste
                                    bracket’s extra large, mesh inlet
                                    filters are also visible – making                                            time. The Midas bracket is a good
                                    for much easier maintenance.                                                 toolbox trick and the fact you can
                                                                                                                 use it on a wide range of fixing

                                                                                                                 surfaces makes it invaluable.”
                                                                                                                 says Malcolm Newland.

Introduced by popular demand and running at both Aqualisa’s             Aqualisa Digital showers now offer and best of all, how opting for

Westerham premises and off-site, the course, which takes place          digital can have a retro-fit job done and dusted in as little as 2 hours.

over a morning and includes lunch, will get you switched onto           Sign up for a digital training course you might meet David May,

digital – and its many benefits – in no time. The fast-paced            one of Aqualisa’s Technical Product Trainers. David says,

itinerary covers everything from why you should consider digital        “Courses are free to attend, small in numbers and are very hands-on

over conventional showers to the latest developments, which             – so at the end of the morning, you’ll feel like you’ve really been

include digital bath fills and fitting a remote control. In between,    able to get to grips with digital. And, although the dedicated

you can expect to learn about how using digital can resolve             Digital course has only been running since January 2008, we’ve

typical plumbing challenges such as negative head, how to take          already hosted hundreds of installers – all of whom received our

advantage of ‘green’ features such as the eco setting that all          exceptional Digital Deal on the Day!”
Aquastyle Electric
The new kid
on the block
They’re affordable, straightforward to install
and don’t place any demand on stored hot
water – it’s really no wonder that electric
showers are experiencing a renaissance. And, as
always, Aqualisa is ahead of the game with the
brand new Aquastyle Electric.

Those with super-sharp recall will remember

the original Aquastyle shower – but, whilst

the latest Aquastyle Electric might share the
same name – its features and benefits are

very different. Active nozzles on the shower’s

handset work to maximise flow, an integral

phased shutdown means that retained hot

water is gradually flushed out at the end

of every shower – no more nasty hot water

hangovers – and the simplest of start/stop,

push button controls means Aquastyle

Electric’s no-fuss, functionality will find it

plenty of admirers.

Aquastyle Electric is available at merchants

and distributors now and 8.5kW, 9.5kW and

10.5kW engine sizes are available.
                                                                                                       Instalment 7

Out & About                                                 Training events
It’s amazing how a bacon butty can break                    Aqualisa has a team of full time trainers running seminars
                                                            throughout the UK all year round. If you would like us to hold
the ice… Aqualisa has been participating
                                                            a seminar close to where you live, let us know. When there
in breakfast meetings at merchants and
                                                            are sufficient interested installers in your area, we will
distributors since, ooh – possibly longer than              arrange an event.
we’d like to admit – but one thing’s for sure,
                                                            September 2009
they’re a great way to meet our installer                   2nd          Westerham                Thermo & Pump seminar
customers. Regularly taking place across                    3rd          Westerham                Digital seminar
the UK and Ireland, breakfast meetings are a                15th         Cambridge                Digital seminar
                                                            15th         West Midlands            Digital seminar
no-fuss, convenient way to update yourself on               17th         Westerham                Digital seminar
Aqualisa’s latest products – especially digital.            22nd         Cambridge                Thermo & Pump seminar
                                                            23rd         Westerham                Digital seminar
                                                            24th         Cheshire                 Digital seminar

                                                            October 2009
                                                            1st          Westerham                Digital seminar
                                                            7th          Westerham                Digital seminar
                                                            8th          Westerham                Thermo & Pump seminar
                                                            Dates and venues may change

                                                            For further details and dates of seminars:
                                                            telephone 01959 560042, email:

                                                            September means Installer Live and whilst we’d be the first to
                                                            admit we’ve set ourselves a bit of a precedent, we hope that our
                                                            2009 stand will be bigger, better and more informative than ever.
                                                            After months of planning, we’ll be unveiling a showering
                                                            showcase that will include everything from our best-selling Quartz
                                                            Digital family of products to the brand new Aquastyle Electric.
A trade morning event at Plumb Center, Haverhill, Suffolk

                                                            Luring you from the aisles will be our team of helpful,
There’s usually an incentive to grab as well                knowledgeable sales and technical folk and, just in case you
as a bite to eat, too – so keep an eye out                  should need any extra persuasion, there will be unmissable deals
                                                            available ever day. So, whatever you do, don’t miss us – we’ll be
for event details at your local merchant and
                                                            on stand 521 – and we’ll be looking forward to seeing you!
come along.
                                                            You can also see us at PHEX at Chelsea F.C. on 18th-19th Nov.
                                                         Frequently Asked Questions
                                                         Stuart Newbury tackles the most Frequently Asked Questions

                                                                      My client is on a budget but wants to install a reliable shower

                                                                      – what do you recommend?

                                                         A            In recent times, the launch of Visage Digital plus the Midas range of brass bodied

                                                                      exposed thermostatic shower valves are a runaway success. The recently launched

                                                                      Aquastyle Electric range enhances our product portfolio and means we now have a

                                                                      range of entry level products across our different technologies, enabling us to cater

                                                                      for all budgets, whilst maintaining the same level of service and reliability usually

                                                                      expected from more prestigious products. And now, a Visage Digital shower system is

                                                                      more affordable than a traditional shower plus pump. Outstanding value for money.
         Stuart Newbury
         Product Manager

                                                         Read all about it...
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                                                         request line on 0800 652 3669 or visit to download literature.

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          The Flyer’

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