3 Fun Exercise Games For Kids by gyvwpgjmtx


									It is no secret that it is important for children to get lots of exercise every day. Some
experts say that children should be getting a minimum of at least 1 hour of vigorous
play per day. I would agree that should be a minimum number. I can remember the
days when I would go outside and play all day- (8 hours or more.) Today is different
though and it is increasingly difficult to get our children off the couch and off the
video games and get them outside. This is one of the contributing factors for the
dramatic increase in childhood obesity.
  So what is the solution? Do we kick them out of the house and tell them not to come
back till dinner? Probably not as I know I wouldn 鈥檛 do that to my 6 and 7 year old
daughters based on the potential safety issues. Get them involved in an organized
sport perhaps? Sure that is a good idea, but then there is the argument that our kids
today are heavily scheduled in organized activities which both cost money and
involves me carting them around everywhere. I do believe that organized activities are
great for kids, but have children forgotten how to go outside and play? Video games
and Cable TV have made it too easy for kids to just sit there and do nothing.
  Here are some ideas that may help. Here are some active games your kids can play.
They are fun, they can do them at home and they will get some well need exercise in
the process.
  Game #1 Fitness Bingo This game is played just like regular Bingo but exercises are
added. First you need to designate each letter in the word B.I.N.G.O. For example the
letter 鈥淏鈥?will =10 Jumping Jacks, 鈥淚鈥?will=5 Push-ups and 鈥淣鈥?will=
a 20sec hamstring stretch. You get the idea. What happens is if when a BINGO
number is called out and the player does NOT have that number on his or her board
then they have to do that designated exercise.
  Game #2 Obstacle Course- This is something that can easily be done outside, inside
or both. Simply set up a challenging course and run through it. It will be best to time
the course to see if they can improve with each attempt.
  Game #3 Bowling Pin Relay- This is a game that involves a lot of running and some
throwing skill as well. Take some of those plastic toy bowling pins or some plastic
cups will do the trick. Place 5 or so in a row spread apart by about 3 feet. Next take a
football or some other ball and run up to a designated spot about 15 feet from the row
of pins and attempt to knock one pin down at a time. After each throw attempt the
thrower must gather up ball and run it all the way back to a starting line some 25-35
feet behind the throw line. This is a great game for a larger group but can work with
even just one player against the clock.
  Games that you can do around the house that involve exercise are a great way to stay
active and to do something different then sitting watching the television or playing a
video game!
  You can get more ideas for Fitness Games here!

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