1920s Landmarks in New York by gyvwpgjmtx


									The Empire State Building is one of the most powerful icons of New York for a good
reason: not only is it a structure that commands such majesty and awe that it is one of
the most-visited attractions in the city, but the amount of time that it has been around
for has turned it into a historically recognisable landmark in its own right.

 The incredible Empire State Building isn't the only landmark that was built during
the 1920s, however. A period of intense industry, the 1920s saw plenty of fascinating
buildings being constructed which are still around - and still very popular - even today.
Joining the art deco Empire State Building are other recognisable structures, like the
distinctive Chrysler Building, which was the first building in the world to surpass the
1,000 foot tall mark. The Empire State building, which was completed a year later in
1931, then beat it in height and went on to be the world's tallest building for a good
forty years afterwards.

 When it comes to residential zones, none are as recognisable as New York's. If you
want to see some stunning examples of early twentieth century residential areas, head
to Central Park and go for a wander around the exterior. You'll find beautiful buildings
on both Fifth Avenue and Central Park West, and if that isn't enough you'll also find
excellent examples on Riverside Drive, which can be found along the banks of the

 Getting back to the big stuff, a visit to the GE Building will prove awe-inspiring as
this art deco style building is the slim and eye-catching focal point of the Rockefeller
Centre, and 40 Wall Street, also known as the Trump Building will similarly impress.
This iconic building was part of the era’s race to become the world's tallest building
and managed to hold the accolade for a grand total of around six weeks.

 While there is never anything to yawn about in New York City, there are certainly
some high points to be had when it comes to its 1920s architecture. Whether it's the
world's tallest skyscrapers or beautiful old-fashioned residential zones, New York City
never fails to impress with its incredible aesthetics. If you're planning a visit, why not
consider booking one of the luxury New York hotels that overlooks the city's stunning
skyline? You'll be able to enjoy a view like no other that showcases the capital of the
Empire State's beautiful cityscape.

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