16 Tricks for maximum use of laptop battery by gyvwpgjmtx


									If you also have a laptop probably already have experienced a situation that allows
laptop connection to electricity and forced to do so from your laptop battery you use .
Depending on the laptop if you have fully charged , your laptop in about two and a
half hours battery will work .
  But the facts are very simple with respect to their performance substantially increase
your laptop battery will help you in moments of crisis to come . In this scheme , we
introduce a maximum 16 points for the use of laptop battery performance battery that
pay you 2 hours to 4 hours is completely guaranteed .
1 - See Defrag regularly - The faster your hard drive to act is less active and thus the
rate of exploitation of its energy from your Apple A1189 battery is reduced one way
for Hard Disk Defrag to improve the performance of its successive time And regular ,
so do not short .
2 - Reduce light LCD - Today, 99 percent of laptops on the market Taphayy that are
disabled or have a light LCD display them adjust better when you use the battery light
on your LCD in the least possible If , some models feature reducing activity and CPU
utilization of the power supply to its optimum shape , have such capabilities side of
your laptop while using Thinkpad x300 battery and do not forget .
3 - to programs that hide in the background are implemented to stop - if you have
antivirus that automatically start to scan hard drive or a tool like Google Desktop is
installed on your system in a permanent Index files and hard drive and review ... Take
them to work . All these activities cause more CPU performance and battery
PA3356U-3BRS are reduced . All these tools are functional in the battery when you
use can disable .
4 - remove the extra hardware - Mouse Some types of USB Cool Disk and do not
forget ... because they also need power supply and VGP-BPS9 battery you will use .
5 - more memory to your laptop , add - whatever your Ram memory process that is
more in the Virtual Memory or Virtual Memory Your system is loaded will be less ,
since the virtual memory and processes in It involved hard drive to make more use of
the Toshiba PA3478U-1BRS battery while you are having more RAM no cause will
not use more energy . On the other hand , when you want heavy programs that require
high volumes of Virtual Memory they have run more of RAM can help you bring
great energy and reduce consumption .
6 - Hard Disk Drives on CD or DVD is preferred - no matter how the hard drive
power supply to swallow your feet do not CD or DVD drives , while the existence of
a CD into the drive , even if not in use can also each of Sometimes the line is because ,
if you really need a CD or DVD when placed in battery mode, you use the best
solution from the preparation and implementation of an image by image above is a
virtual drive software .
7 - pin battery to keep clean - not bad Sometimes pins Keep your Dell Inspiron 630m
Battery ( Reply to ) because it transfers more complete and better flow between the
battery and the laptop is better performance and more complex Be .
8 - Take care of your battery - the battery care is an important requirement if you do
not use too much battery should not forget that each time you recharge the battery
should be charging every two or three weeks once used much faster than you
otherwise What do think the difficulty is the Dell Latitude D620 Battery . On the
other hand a battery charger Li-on ( lithium ) should never be completely empty and
completely empty battery in just about old models is recommended.
9 - The system can not Hibernate Standby - put the laptop in Standby status in the
interval when it is not required namely through the use of batteries can reduce energy
consumption and the other hand, when you need it immediately from your job
Hibernate resume , but the situation almost turned off the system and keeps it at the
same time the need for speed is Falsh Standby mode .
10 - to reduce the temperature of a laptop can help - whatever the temperature of your
laptop will be reduced by better performance and what performance is faster and
better performance will increase its Vostro 1720 battery , so always network input and
output air to clean your laptop Your laptop and put in a situation that the proper air
flow to it .
11 - Power Options to set Windows - the Power Options in Windows Control Panel
and go to it to know the proper way to set you in the Power Schemes section , put on
Max Inspiron 1420 battery automatic settings are chosen that can Cause the Dell 6400
battery to maximum efficiency .
12 - additional work and time to delete - if the battery status when she typed a letter
you decide to listen to MP3 MP3 player is better to use your laptop Taptan that the
reason is clear.
13 - buy your laptop right - if you really are someone that HP G60 battery life is better
for you is crucial for cost models that their batteries are more efficient and certainly
more powerful for these models and this type of batteries should pay additional costs
See .
14 - rechargeable battery and CD - Most laptop batteries today are Li-on type and
need not do so , but if the model uses a very old CD fully charged Pavilion DV2000
battery and charging regenerated every 15 days is recommended.
15 - Turn off Auto save feature - while working with tools like Microsoft Word and ...
memory automatically or disable the auto save feature causes your hard drive is
permanently engaged . If you 're worried that the Apple Macbook Pro battery is all
you've done and what not saved , you can go from the same part of Power options
settings so that you defined during the Yi finish Hibernate battery system and your
information next time that You have access to electricity is again Dstrstan .
16 - reducing card activity - lowering Rzlvshn screen and off screen ... Syvrhay
luxury and less activity can cause the graphics card and thus increase laptop battery
performance will be.

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