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									When I left Ford Motor Company and made a decision to start my very own business,
the first place that I looked was the network marketing industry. I had put in 35
successful years at Ford, and I would have liked to put in successful years at my own
  I had dabbled in network marketing many years back and found it to be very
engaging, but I have been taught a great deal since that point and I would have liked
to do this the best way and give me the greatest opportunity for success that I could.
I'm going to give you the 10 steps to success in network marketing, that I learned the
hard way and by implementing these into your business, you can bypass some of my
  1.Commit and Follow through Your call to start, build and grow your business is a
very serious one. Consider the commitment you are making. Treat it as a business and
it'll pay you like a business. Treat it as a hobby and it will pay you like a spare time
  2.Look For The Right Company Find a corporation that has got the right product for
the right market. Products that are high in demand and have solid value. A robust
compensation plan with solid and supportive leadership that will help and train you
with a long-term vision of growth.
  3.Duplication many individuals forget the first word in network marketing. Building
a web of similar minded people. Leveraging your products through your network is
your business. Ensure your company has a system of duplication that you can plug
your people into.
  4.Surround Yourself With Success Become part of the company community. Success
never travels alone. Hook into those folks that are making it and become a sponge.
Absorb what they are giving out. Listen and learn and watch what occurs.
  5.Keep Communication Lines Open Stay in touch with the person that brought you
in and keep in contact with those you bring in. Help them to get began on the right
foot. Building a solid framework is going to be a big key to your success.
  6.Accountability Find a mentor or somebody that you're going to be held responsible
too. Someone that is successful and that you can connect with.
  7.Have Patience So many folks will leap straight into a network marketing business
because a friend told them about it and they don't give it any thought at all . Studies
indicate that after 63 days they will give up. This is your business. No one builds a
successful business in 63 days. Give yourself a window of between 2-5 years.
  8.Chart Your Success Set some goals and map out a scheme to reach those goals.
Have a balance of internet marketing and offline promoting. Try different systems and
watch which ones are working for you and which ones that are not.
  9.Make Good Business calls Your business calls should invariably be based on facts
and not on fear they need to be worked out without all of the emotional tags attached
to them.
  10.Seek sensible Counsel Getting sound advice comes from good resources. Rely on
the wisdom of successful and experienced folks in your industry, not your wife,
family or mates. Of course , you would not want to be seeking advice about the brain
surgery you've got to have, from your 8 year old child who likes playing with his
doctor kit!
 The network marketing industry is a 120 bln dollar per year industry. There are many
successful stories to write about. Decide today that you're going to become the next
 If you have a success story or are only starting in the network marketing industry,
please let me know about it. I might love to hear about you and your experience. .
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