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									How could you possibly choose the best tropical vacation spots without first
considering Hawaii, Indonesia, or the Maldives? Of course, there are also the Virgin
Islands, Bermuda, the Bahamas and Bora Bora. Finally, don’t forget Jamaica and
Santorini Island! These are all the best places to start before you begin narrowing
down your list of spots.
  Bora Bora, Santorini Island, and the Maldives are by far the most exotic of the top
ten tropical spots. Bora Bora is located in French Polynesia deep in the heart of the
South Pacific and tucked away in a tropical lagoon. Santorini Island and the Maldives
are also known for their exotic appeal and magnificent views.
  The next three tropical spots that need to be given serious consideration are Bali,
Indonesia, and the Virgin Islands. Bali is great because of the exotic location known
for its aesthetically superior beaches and scenic views. The Virgin Islands are also top
on our list. The most famous beach in the Virgins is Magens Bay Beach and this is
one of the spots that should not be missed.
  Moving down our list of top spots are Bermuda, Jamaica and the Bahamas. These
offer a rich cultural heritage and have the benefit of being close to home in Europe or
the US. Jamaica has some wonderful beaches along with a rich and unique culture.
Bermuda is only about 50 miles away from Florida's East Coast margarita before you
are landing on the beach!
  Finally, you will have to consider Hawaii on your list of top ten vacation spots. Maui
and Kauai are probably the two nicest places to go and still remain inside the United
States. Maui will take you away from hectic city and place you under the relaxed arm
of Mother Nature. Kauai, Hawaii will do even more because it is even less crowded
and more laid back than Maui. Start planning your tropical island vacation today so
you can find the best vacation spot for you!

 Tropical Vacation Spots

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