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European Christmas tree decorations exchange


									              European Christmas tree
               decorations exchange
                  Europe Direct – llagollen – uk

Actions to be taken now:

   1. Make the Christmas decorations with your classes. These should be
      representative of your region or your country. For example, Welsh schools in the
      past have made Welsh Love Spoons out of various materials and painted them.

   2. Put together an information pack on celebrating Christmas in your region or
      country. Things to include:

          -   The geography of your region/country.
          -   An introduction to the language of your region/country, include how to
              say Christmas greetings in your language.
          -   You may want to include some local/regional history.
          -   Write about your region/country’s Christmas traditions – how do families
              celebrate every year? Do you have any festivals/parties at this time?
          -   Write down any famous Christmas ‘myths’ from your region.
          -   Write about what kind of food you eat and include some recipes so that
              your partner schools can try and make your festive food too!
          -   Include some traditional Christmas songs – this could be just the lyrics, or
              you may want to include a CD.
          -   You pupils may want to write down some of their personal experiences of
              Christmas or draw pictures of how they celebrate Christmas.

   3. Await the arrival of your decorations: decorate your European Christmas tree,
      make a classroom display, and even have a European Christmas celebration. You
      could make some of the recipes and play some of the European Christmas music!

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