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									Brand Guide
         2011 - Salon Edition

An introduction to Hive’s new brand guides for 2011
I                     ntroduction
              Welcome to our new Hive category brand guide

    Designed to introduce you to our new branding
    structure, we present you with our intentions for the
    future branding of Hive.
                                                            It is important that the Hive brand evolves with the
                                                            ever changing requirements of you, the therapist and
                                                            your client alike. Taking this into consideration at all
                                                            times, we have scrutinised and evaluated the brand,
    We have stepped forward with four distinctive brands    leaving no questions unanswered, to come up with a
    which now sit under the Hive company umbrella.          brand which we feel represents the modern therapist
    In doing so, our aim is to make clear recognisable      and client.
    product categories, increasing shelf presence and
    range clarity.

    The ‘HIVE’ Logo

                                                 Long established as a symbol of confidence for beauty
                                                 professionals making their purchase decisions, the Hive
                                                 hexagon is of utmost importance for the future of Hive.
                                                 However, even this has fallen under scrutiny within the
                                                 company re-brand. The Hive gold has now been replaced
                                                 with a one-colour mono logo. This simple twist on the
                                                 original logo, allows for complete flexibility with all
                                                 aspects of design and marketing, and not least adds a fresh
                                                 contemporary look to the established brand.

                                                 The newly adopted Hive corporate colour is a rich deep purple,
                                                 a colour associated with quality. This will appear on all Hive
                                                 corporate branded stationery, documents, marketing materials
                                                 and communications. The aims of our re-brand are to:

                                                  create a single, consistent and clear visual identity
                                                   for Hive and it’s brands
                                                  project Hive as a professional and contemporary organisation
                                                  standardise Hive’s visual representation in all areas
                                                  establish Hive as a market leader

Brand overview                   Hive of Beauty Ltd

           The Hive logo will represent Hive of Beauty Ltd. As our
           primary company logo, this will appear on all packaging.
           Each brand category will now exist under Hive, as per
           the list below:

                                       “Options b y h i v e ” now incorporates
                                       all waxing products, including spatula
                                       waxing, treatment products, roller
                                       waxing and paraffin therapies.

                                       See page 4 for more details

                                       “Rituals b y h i v e ” will cover all
                                       implements, accessories and salon
                                       essentials. This will incorporate a large
                                       section of our hanging products.

                                       See page 5 for more details
   designed for therapists

                                       “Lash b y h i v e ” will represent all
                                       products designed for eyelash
                                       treatments, including eyelash tinting,
                                       perming and false lashes.

                                       See page 6 for more details

                                       “Solutions b y h i v e ” exists as our
                                       predominant skincare range,
                                       incorporating manicure, pedicure, hot
                                       stones and aromatherapy products. This
                                       will remain under our current Solutions
                                       brand guidelines.

    op-tion noun;                    the power or right of choosing
    Options has existed for many years under our Hive                        providing two choices of wax but under one category
    waxing brand. Originally launched as our high                            brand. Formulations will remain exactly the same as
    performance yet economic range, Options waxing                           previously branded Hive products.
    products have established themselves as popular
    salon favourites, causing us to re-think it’s relevance.                 The Options range will incorporate all types of
                                                                             waxing, including spatula, roller and paraffin. The
    Given this established popularity, we have now                           differentiations are visualised below, which we hope
    decided to adopt ‘Options by Hive’ as our full waxing                    will create an overall brand experience, together
    line; this will include our Hive Gold Waxing range,                      with an enhanced customer experience, the separate
    now re-branded to Options Gold Standard, thus still                      brands being easily identified on the shelf.

         Dark         Mid         Light
        Purple       Purple      Purple

                                                                                                                                                       e Roller Heads are produced from high quality shock and heat resistan

                                                                                                                                                      ound the lip and eyebrows and any other areas where a narrow film of
                                                                                                                                                      ermo plastic. Designed to provide accurate and consistent delivery of

                                                                                                                                                       ad provides for improved and even distribution of product across the
                                                                                                                                                       pilatory product to the treatment area, the patented grooved roller

                                                                                                                                                       al width of the head. The mini heads are ideally suited for working

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    ace on top of roller depilatory cartridge and rotate clockwise on

                                                     roller waxing
                                                     starter kit
                                                                                                                               mini roller heads x6

                                                                                                 heads  s

      roller waxing
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Directions for use

                                                                                                 waxing with
                                                                                                                                                      ax is required.

                                                                                                 complete confidence
        Bright        Plum

         Pink                                        waxing with
                                                     complete confidence

                                                         Roller              Roller     Roller

                                                     spray paraffin
                                                     starter kit

      paraffin waxing

        Cyan         Indigo                          waxing with
                                                     complete confidence

                                                       Paraffin            Paraffin   Paraffin

rit-u-al noun;  any practice or pattern of behaviour
regularly performed in a set manner

Our accessories, implements and salon essentials         The use of header cards and blister packaging will be
range has now been re-branded under ‘Rituals by          significantly reduced, replaced instead by preprinted
Hive’. The move forward will create an eye-catching      Rituals bags, which instantly add visual appeal and
yet professional impact on the shelf, together with a    reflect the high quality of the products.
clear brand identity.

                                       designed for therapists

    As the popularity of lash treatments increases, we           This move brings the three popular treatments into
    have taken the move forward to consolidate our               one streamlined class, with easily identifiable purple
    eyelash tinting, perming and false lash range. In            and pink colour coding. Joining together these two
    what was a somewhat fragmented range, the re-                key colours from both the Options and Rituals range,
    brand under the suffix of ‘Lash by Hive’, now sits            creates a united shelf presence, which links the full
    together as a strong single brand.                           product collection together as a whole.

                                                                                                 eyelash tinting protective sheets
                                                                                                 96 protective sheets

                                                                                                 an essential accessory for eyelash tinting, the
                                                                                                 sheets provide maximum client protection
                                                                                                 during salon treatment

                                                                                                 Product code HBE7300
                                                         the professional choice for eyelashes   Hive of Beauty, Tamworth, Staffordshire UK, B79 7TA

The change over...
The implementation of the                         We hope you are as excited
re-brand will start October                       about the new-look Hive,
2010 and we anticipate will                       as we are. We thank you in
continue until early next year.                   advance for your co-operation
                                                  whilst the transition takes

   The next step...
    2011 will also mark the launch of our           Marketing Department on 01827 317752
    new catalogue to complement the re-             or by e-mailing
    brand, together with a new website    
    and marketing programme.

    If you have any questions regarding             We look forward to
    any of the points raised within this            working with you...
    document, please contact the Hive

                                        Contact us
           mainline: 01827 316603    sales: 01827 317757 / 317759    fax: 01827 316623
                 e-mail:     visit:
             Lovell, Lichfield Road Industrial Estate, Tamworth, Staffordshire, B79 7TA


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