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Harlequin's Range of Ballet Barres - 4 page brochure - Ballet


									                 HARLEQUIN’S RANGE
                  OF BALLET BARRES
      Whether you choose portable free-standing or permanent wall-
      mounted ballet barres, you’ll realise they are almost a prerequisite for
      the dancer. Without a comfortable and sturdy barre it is hard to do
      the essential warm-up and stretching exercises. Both amateurs and
      professionals can minimise the risk of injury by stretching properly to
      increase blood-flow to the muscles and improve flexibility whilst
      achieving an elegant stance.

Single and Double Wall-Mounted Ballet Barres
Harlequin's Wall-Mounted Barres feature various shaped mounting plates to suit the design of your studio. All have strong fixings to the
wall: four fixings for the single bracket and six fixings for the double bracket. Brackets are available in various powder-coated coloured

•   Brackets are supplied complete with            •   Wooden barre is 5cm (2") in diameter       •   Choice of colour: black available as
    screws and plugs and can be mounted                and 150cm (60") long. Other lengths            standard, additional colours including
    at any height                                      available manufactured in beech.               grey, white, metallic to order.
•   Barres are set at 21cm (81/4") from            •   Lengths of barre can be joined inside          Chrome plated also available to order.
    the wall to the centre of the barre.               the bracket heads to hide the joins
    On the double bracket the two wooden               and give the impression of a
    barres are spaced 20cm (8") apart                  continuous length of barre, for example
                                                       along the entire length of a studio wall

    Double Wall-Mounted                                Single Wall-Mounted
    Ballet Barres                                      Ballet Barres

                                                                Custom colours
Single Bracket each                £27.50 + VAT                 to order

Double Bracket each                £48.75 + VAT

Wooden Barre
- pine 150cm length                £26.00 + VAT
- beech 150cm length               £35.00 + VAT
- beech 230cm length               £68.00 + VAT

All prices subject to delivery

                T H E            W O R L D        D A N C E S         O N        H A R L E Q U I N            F L O O R S
                                 PROFESSIONAL FREE-STANDING BARRES


                                                                           ‘T’ joint
Professional Free-Standing Barres
                                                        Barre Extension
Small Freestanding barre 132cm (52”)                    Kit
Beech or Aluminium barre version        £235.00 + VAT

Medium Freestanding barre 182cm (72”)                   Aluminium barre
Beech or Aluminium barre version        £285.00 + VAT

Large Freestanding barre 360cm (142”)
Beech or Aluminium barre version        £520.00 + VAT

Beech or Aluminium barre
extension kit 178cm (70”)               £235.00 + VAT
comprises extra lengths of barre,
cross joint and ‘T’ joint

                                                                          Cross joint

All prices subject to delivery
Our professional studio quality   • Height from floor to top of lower barre 82cm (321/2")
barres are lightweight yet very   • Height from floor to upper barre 105cm (411/2")
stable. Constructed from          • Barre diameter 4cm (11/2")
anodised aluminium with a         • Adjustable feet for stability on an uneven floor
smooth silver finish. Available   • Can be set-up in various configurations using extra components
with your choice of aluminium       i.e. Continuous line, L shape or even in a square

or beech barre.                   • Approximate weights: Small barre - 9kg, Medium barre - 12kg
                                    Large barre - 20kg

                                  • Extra lengths can easily be added to   make the barre as long as required

                                    Beech barre version

The Wells Summer School

Large Freestanding barre
  Brackets                             Under Window Wall-                           Floor-Mounted Brackets
  Other bracket designs                Mounted Brackets                             There are many occasions when it is not possible
  available to order.                                                               to fix ballet barre brackets onto a wall - perhaps in
                                       Custom designed brackets to allow wall
  Contact us for details.                                                           front of mirrors or where a wall is not suitable to
                                       barres to be fitted across most windows
                                                                                    accept fixings. Harlequin’s floor-mounted ballet
                                       or obstructions. Available to order.
                                                                                    barres are designed to be fitted at the same time
                                       Price will depend on actual dimension
                                                                                    as the installation of a Harlequin sprung floor,
                                                                                    whereby the vertical leg of the barre support is
                                                                                    mounted onto the substrate and the sprung floor
                                                                                    built around it. These barres can also be mounted
                                                                                    onto an existing floor, providing, of course, that it is
                                                                                    not sprung.

                                                                                    Floor-mounted brackets installed on a Harlequin
                                                                                    Activity Floor at Colchester Institute.

  End Bracket
  Other bracket designs available
  to order. Contact us for details.
  Other bracket designs available
  to order. Contact us for details.

                                       Wall-mounted brackets and end brackets
                                       installed at Essex Dance Theatre,

  Floor-Mounted Single Bracket each                       £80.00 + VAT
  Floor-Mounted Double Bracket each                       £92.50 + VAT
  End Bracket each                                        £19.50 + VAT
                                                                                    Floor-mounted brackets showing base plates.
  All prices subject to delivery

                                                     British Harlequin plc
                                 Festival House, Chapman Way, Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN2 3EF
     Tel. 01892 514 888 Fax 01892 514 222 Freephone 0800 28 99 32

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