Door Decoration Contest Criteria

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					                         Door Decoration Contest Criteria

1. All doors must reflect the Homecoming theme in some tangible and clever way.

2. All doors must be visually appealing, imaginative and creative.

3. Judging will be based on originality, level of complexity, artistic merit,
   creativity and relevance to the theme.

4. Creations must exude school spirit and be supportive of FSU.

5. Creations must reflect FSU and Homecoming in a positive manner.

6. Decisions of the judges are final.

Award points as follows:
Up to 10 points in each category. Total for the overall points.

Relevance to the Theme ____________

Creativity _____________

Originality _____________

School spirit ______________

Visually appealing __________

Imaginative _____________

Complexity _____________

Artistic Merit _____________

Supports FSU and the Homecoming spirit ___________

Originality _______________

Overall point TOTAL_________

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