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                                                                    makes a
                                        June 2010

      IN FOCUS
    Covering Boleyn, Green Street
    East and West
                                                    Justice is being done in Green Street as offenders
                                                    give Queens Market in Green Street a fresh lick of
       Thanks to the Community Payback scheme – a partnership         “Thanks to the work that these offenders have done and the
    between Newham Council, the Metropolitan Police and             other volunteers who’ve helped, we’ve saved thousands of
    Probation Services – Queens Market is looking a lot fresher.    pounds,” said Roy.
    Community Payback is a scheme which sees low-risk                 Trader and vice chair of the National Market Traders
    offenders serve sentences that repay local communities as       Federation Queens Branch, Manish Patel is also pleased with
    part of their punishment.                                       the work that’s been carried out. “It’s brilliant to get this work
       Market development manager, Roy Wayre, explains how          done. It brightens the place up. The offenders and volunteers
    the project came about. “Traders were commenting that the       have worked for around five weeks now and they have done a
    market needed a good cleaning. So, with the help of the         really good job. The market looks a lot cleaner,” he said.
    Boleyn Safer Neighbourhoods Team we lobbied for offenders         The work is being carried out by a team of Community
    to come down and paint the market.                              Payback offenders every Wednesday over an eight-week
       “But the project turned into a wider community effort with   period. All the paint and equipment is supplied by the council.
    volunteers from Newham Community Recycling and Ground             After the painting work is completed, the market will
    Work East London also mucking in alongside the offenders to     be given a high-pressure wash to complete the thorough
    freshen the place up.                                           clean up.

Roy Wayre and Boleyn SNT Sgt Janine Wratten
are impressed with the work that community
payback offenders have done at Queens Market
Keep your                                  Sandringham pupils
houSe Safe                                 show pride in their area
from burglarS
thiS Summer
Green Street Safer Neighbourhoods
Team (SNT) work tirelessly to keep
your area safe but you can do your
bit by making sure your house is
  Here are a few handy tips:
  • make sure you close all windows
     when you go out
                                                                          The clean team – Sandringham pupils with (back l-r) council staff,
  • avoid leaving ground floor or                                         Cllr Sharaf Mahmood and Sgt Richard Martin
     accessible windows open at night
  • if you are going away on holiday,
                                           Sandringham Primary School students               Around 112 youngsters from Year 5
     ask someone you trust to visit
                                           showed pride in their area when they           collected a bag of rubbish each from
     your home. If you’re going away
                                           came out in force to give their streets        the streets around the school. As an
     for a longer period remember to
                                           a good clean as part of a nationwide           added incentive, the SNT offered to
     cancel any regular deliveries, e.g.
                                           campaign to create a cleaner London.           some pupils the chance to visit their
     milk, post
                                             The Capital Clean-Up Campaign                custody suite – which is where people
  • make sure you have window
                                           took place from 7-11 June and                  who are arrested are kept, sometimes
     locks on all windows
                                           Newham Council put out a call                  in a prison cell! The visit will happen
  • if you are installing new doors or
                                           to organisations to get involved.              later this month.
     windows they should be certified
                                           The Green Street East Safer                       Sgt Richard Martin went round with
     to British Standard BS 7950
                                           Neighbourhoods Team (SNT) answered             the children helping them tidy up, and
     (windows) or PAS 24/1 (doors)
                                           that call and enlisted Sandringham             said: “We want people to feel as proud of
  • don’t leave valuables on display
                                           pupils to help.                                our neighbourhood as these kids are.”
     e.g. laptops visible from outside
  • install automatic lights that switch
     on inside and outside the house.
  If you have any concerns or              Feral pigeons spread disease
questions contact your Boleyn                Did you know that by feeding                  Nuisance pigeons at Hamara Ghar
SNT on 020 8721 2841, Green                  pigeons you could be helping                  poo all over the taxpayers’ pocket
Street East SNT on 020 8721 2526             spread flu-like viruses or other
or Green Street West SNT on 020              diseases? If you’re caught giving
8217 4397.                                   food to pigeons you could be
                                             prosecuted and fined up to £80 for
                                             littering a public place.
                                                 Flocks of feral pigeons are
                                             making themselves at home
                                             around the seating area in the
                                             square outside Hamara Ghar on
                                             Green Street – adjacent to Queens
                                             Market – because people are
                                             feeding the pigeons. Waste food
                                             left for pigeons also attracts foxes,
                                             rats and mice.
                                                 This has caused the area to               the square three years ago at a
                                             become fouled with pigeon                     cost of £1,000 and three days
                                             droppings which makes for an                  later it was just as dirty as before.
                                             unclean shopping area in addition             The pigeon droppings also cause
                                             to the possible risk of spreading             structural damage to the area
                                             disease.                                      and are costing the taxpayer. Our
                                                 Community engagement officer              message is simple – stop feeding
                                             Rupert Stevens said: “We cleaned              the pigeons.”

                                                                               your way
                                                                               to a fitter
   Keepin’ ‘em lean and mean - (front)
   boxing instructor Perry Holland

 Hop, skip and punch your way to a fitter and healthier you    your hand and eye coordination and balance. Classes are
 in a new fitness class launched by Newham Council at          taught by qualified boxing instructors from the Amateur
 Beckton Community Centre.                                     Boxing Association of England.
   The fitness classes are based on training methods used
 in boxing. In the one-hour classes expect to do some            The classes are totally free and are for all ages
 pad work – where one person wears a pad while the             and abilities. They run every Friday until 20 August,
 other practices punching; and shadow boxing – trying out      5-6pm in Katherine Road Community Centre, 254
 boxing moves by yourself with an imaginary opponent.          Katherine Road, E7. There’s no need to book, just
 You’ll also be learning some pretty fancy footwork.           drop-in. For more information contact the centre on
   As well as boosting your fitness levels, you will improve   020 8548 9825.

 Have your say in                                               Teenage troublemakers
                                                                given two-year ASBOS
 shaping Green                                                  A group of troublemakers were given a two-year ASBO

 Street’s future
                                                                after making life hell for the residents of Wrens Court in
                                                                Gwendoline Avenue.
                                                                  Six teenagers, including one troublemaker from Green
                                                                Street, threatened residents in Wrens Court over a three-
 Do you want to have more of a say in how planning
                                                                year period. Residents were subjected to repeated acts of
 decisions are made to help shape Newham’s future?
                                                                vandalism to their homes, with fireworks and glass bottles
 Well now you can – Newham Council wants to hear
                                                                being thrown at their properties. In one incident, a car was
 your views on how their new planning policies should
                                                                crashed into the wall of a family home and then set on fire.
 be shaped.
                                                                  The court heard how Abdul Kasru, 15, of Third Avenue,
   These planning policy documents will set out how the
                                                                Manor Park; Hobibur Rahman, 18, of Direlton Road;
 borough should develop until 2027, both in your local
                                                                Stratford; Faisal Miah, 17, of Pond Road, Stratford; Shojibur
 area and across the borough.
                                                                Rahman, 16, of Direlton Road, Stratford; and Rofiqual
   To hear what you have to say in response to the
                                                                Hussain, 16, of Crescent Road, Plaistow; Yassin Touati, 16,
 exciting ideas being put forward by experts and local
                                                                Plashet Road, Green Street; were connected to a string of
 residents, the council is holding a consultation from
                                                                anti-social behaviour at Wrens Court and the surrounding
 Monday 28 June until Saturday 31 July.
   You can find out more and fill out the questionnaire
                                                                  The ASBO bans them from the area, drinking alcohol in
 to give your opinion by visiting
                                                                public and associating with other members of the group in
 planningpolicy or you can pop into the regeneration
 tent at the Mayor’s Newham Show on 17 and 18 July
                                                                 To report crime or anti-social behaviour call your
 and have your say there. Alternatively, you can view the
                                                                Safer Neighbourhoods Team:
 document at your local library and log on there to fill in
                                                                •	 Green	Street	West	on	020	8217	4397
 the questionnaire.
                                                                •	 Green	Street	East	on	020	8721	2526.

•If	your	group	has	an	activity	to	promote	please	contact	us	on:	020	3373	2684	or	email•
       spotlight on...                                                                                   WHAT’S ON
                                                                                                         GREEN STREET
       ShrewSbury Children’S                                                                             Hop, skip and punch
                                                                                                         fitness classes
       Sure Start Centre                                                                                 Fridays, 5-6pm
                                                                                                         Katherine Road
       Do you want to make sure your
       child gets a sure start in life?                                                                  Community Centre,
       With 21 Sure Start Centres                                                                        254 Katherine Road, E7
       across the borough - you’re                                                                       (see pg 3 for details)
       spoilt for choice.
          Newham’s Sure Start Children’s                                                                 Mayor’s	Newham	Show
       Centres are a year-round, one-stop-                                                               Saturday 17 and Sunday
       shop for a wide range of services that            Getting messy at playtime                       18 July
       support parents, mums-to-be and                                                                   12noon -6pm
       younger children, ensuring your child            classes and activities on at the centre:         Central Park
       gets a good start in life.                       • every Monday from 28 June for                  High Street South, E6
          The centre in Shrewsbury Road is                four weeks - Baby Yoga, 10-11am                (see	pg	8	of	The	Newham	
       just one of those centres that offers a          • breastfeeding support group drop-
       jam-packed programme of activities                 in session, 19 July, 16 August and
                                                                                                         Mag for more details)
       for children; as well as support                   30 August, from 2-4pm
       groups and classes for parents.                  • four-week baby massage course                  For even more things to do
       You can choose from baby yoga,                     for 0-12-month-olds, starting                  check out the What’s On in
       healthy eating and baby massage;                   Tuesday 6 July; 10.15-11.15am.
       to breastfeeding support groups                    For more information on
                                                                                                         Newham	calendar,	where	
       and English for speakers of other                courses and activities at the                    you’ll find listings for more
       languages classes.                               centre, or to book your place                    than 6,000 events:
          On the first Saturday of every month          call the centre on:                    
       from 11am-1pm, families can come                 020 8430 6050.
       along and join in a morning of great               Shrewsbury Children’s Centre                   If your group has an activity
       free activities including outdoor sports,        is located at 2 Shrewsbury Road,                 to promote please contact
       arts and crafts, messy play and                  E7 and is open Monday-Friday,                    us on: 020 3373 2684 or email
       cooking to music.                                9am-5pm, and the first Saturday        
          Here’s a taster of the many free              of each month from 11am-1pm.

   Councillors out and about: If you would like a councillor to visit your community organisation, school, place of worship, meeting or
   event please call 020 3373 1267 or email To email your local councillor write

 Jo Corbett   Riaz Ahmed Mirza   Pearson Shillingford   Nirmal Chadha   Sharaf Mahmood   Rohima Rahman   Mukesh Patel   Rustam Talati   Harvinder Singh Virdee
                  Boleyn                                    Green Street East                                 Green Street West
Jo Corbett              10 - 11am            Nirmal Kaur Chadha        10am - 12pm              Mukesh Patel               Elmhurst Primary
                                             Second Saturday of the    Katherine Road           First, second and third    School,
Second Saturday of      Priory Park Centre,  month 10:30am - 12pm Community Centre
the month               106 Parr Road, E6                                                       Friday (alternating)       Fourth Friday 6 – 7pm
                                             Katherine Road                                     6 – 7pm                    Upton Centre
10:30-11:30am                                Community Centre,         Rohima Rahman
                                                                                                Elmhurst Primary           Harvinder Singh
Priory Park Centre,     Pearson              254 Katherine Road, E7 Second Friday of the        School,
                                                                       month 10am - 12pm                                   Virdee
106 Parr Road, E6       Shillingford         Fourth Saturday of the    Katherine Road           Upton Park Road, E7        First, second and third
                        Third Friday of the  month                     Community Centre         Fourth Friday 6 – 7pm      Friday (alternating)
                                             10:30am - 12:00pm                                  Upton Centre,              6 – 7pm
Riaz Ahmed Mirza        month                St Edmund’s Parish        Third Friday of the      Claude Road, E13           Elmhurst Primary
Fourth Saturday of      6 - 7pm              Church 464 Katherine      month                    Rustam Talati              School
the month (except       Priory Park Centre,  Road, E7                  10am - 12pm Katherine First, second and third       Fourth Friday
bank holidays)          106 Parr Road, E6                              Road Community           Friday (alternating)       6 – 7pm
                                             Sharaf Mahmood            Centre
                                             Every Saturday                                     6 – 7pm                    Upton Centre
    Need to talk to Mayor Sir Robin Wales? Being an elected mayor, Sir Robin is directly accountable to you. Look out for Question Time
    times and dates in the Newham Mag, visit or call 020 3373 0437.

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