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									                                              Great Yarmouth Borough Council climbed into the top quartile for Benefits
                                              processing after a 3-year performance partnership with Northgate Kendric Ash.
                                              The Council eliminated its backlog, started turning claims round in 24 hours, and
                                              achieved its best-ever collection levels for Council Tax and Business Rates.
                                              Working practices have been transformed, staff turnover is down and morale is up.

                                              Great Yarmouth goes from bottom to top

                                              Productivity	up	by	72%            Government	praise                    Service	up	21%
                                              Great Yarmouth Borough            Change of Circumstances              Revenues have also improved.
                                              Council has climbed from          (COCs) are down by 75%, from         Council Tax collection is now
                                              the bottom to the top of the      42 days to currently 10, which       97.1% and NDR is 98.6%.
             •	 Claims	backlog	
                                              Benefits ratings after working    has reduced LA error. Training       Customer service is up, too.
                                              on performance management         and better quality checking          The first-call resolution rate has
             •	 New	claims	in	27	days
                                              with Northgate Kendric Ash.       have raised accuracy rates to        risen from 60% to 81%.
             •	 COCs	in	14	days                                                 98%
             •	 Council	Tax		                 Northgate Kendric Ash is the                                           Staff retention has improved.
                collection	97.1%              consulting arm of Northgate       Overall, the Council is achieving    Internal opinion surveys
             •	 Business	rate		               that works with local             its best-ever results, and this      confirm ‘pride in service’ and
                collection	98.6%              government to raise efficiency.   has been recognised by the           high morale following the
             •	 Staff	turnover	down           It began a 3-year partnership     government.                          transformation of people’s
             •	 From	bottom	quartile	         with Great Yarmouth in                                                 service and output. The
                to	top                        September 2005, just before       James Plaskitt, Parliamentary        performance management
                                              the Council installed a new IT    Under Secretary for the DWP,         culture has stimulated a
                                              system.                           wrote:                               productive new work ethic,
             “Our pioneering                                                    ‘In view of the Council’s            where resources are used
             performance partnership          The partnership eliminated        improved claim processing            better and co-operate across
             with Northgate                   a Benefits backlog of 5,200       times, I have decided that there     departments.
             Kendric Ash has                  claims and helped to cut claims   is no longer a need to closely
             driven continuous                processing by 72%, from 95        monitor performance. I would         Better performance also
                                              days to 27 days. A ‘fast track’   like to congratulate the officers    means the Council doesn’t
             improvement”                     24-hour claims guarantee          and staff of the Council’s Benefit   have to hire temporary staff or
             Derek	Baker                      system improves processing        Service.’                            automatically replace leavers.
             Head of Revenues,                times still further.
             Great Yarmouth Borough Council
                                                                                      Also, Northgate Kendric Ash               By the end of the contract,
                                                                                      aims to ensure that clients               Great Yarmouth had climbed
                                                                                      always enjoy a zero net cost for          into the top quartile for
                                                                                      its service. It has produced over         Benefits performance.
 The Nelson Museum                                                                    £150m in cashable benefits                And these improvements
is in Great Yarmouth.                                                                 across 85 authorities.                    are sustainable because
Nelson’s Monument,
   properly called the                                                                                                          performance management is
 Norfolk Naval Pillar,                                                                At Great Yarmouth, it worked              now embedded in the Council’s
       was built on the
                                                                                      with the Revenues and                     culture.
 South Denes in 1819
     to commemorate                                                                   Benefits team to achieve step
        Nelson’s death                                                                changes within a performance              Richard Packham, Great
        at the Battle of
    Trafalgar in 1805.
                                                                                      framework. It set quality and             Yarmouth’s Managing Director,
                                                                                      financial targets for people              said: “I am confident that we
                                                                                      to satisfy national and local             will maintain this excellent
                                         Zero	cost                                    performance indicators, and               performance without Northgate
                                         Northgate Kendric Ash                        reviewed them monthly.                    Kendric Ash”. Such post-
                                         provides guidance and hands-                                                           contract sustainability is the
The performance                          on support to transform both                 Risk	and	reward                           true measure of a successful
                                         organisation and services, using             It was a risk and reward                  performance partnership.
management                               and increasing the skills of the             contract. Northgate Kendric
culture has created                      Council’s own staff.                         Ash risked loss of fees in the
                                                                                      event of under performance.
a productive new                         It has improved the operating                Equally, success depended on
work ethic                               environment and capability of                the Council staff — and its
                                         over 7,500 council staff, and                readiness to embrace change.
                                         raised service levels for millions           The scale of the productivity
                                         of citizens.                                 increase is due largely to the
                                                                                      shift in culture by having a
                                                                                      restructured, re-trained and
                                                                                      performance-managed team.

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