Get-togethers held in the Portakabin at Park Children's Services by dfsdf224s


									 Support, Friendship and Social Activities
       Family nights and Outings
        Tea/Coffee Homebaking                           STRANRAER

    Get-togethers held in the                A local friendly support/social group for
          Portakabin at                       anyone, Male or Female, who has had
Park Children's Services Stranraer             Cancer, going through treatment, or
  Fortnightly Thursday Evenings                been touched by cancer in any way
            7.30pm - 9.00pm                         or are a friend or relative.

             All Welcome                                    2010
      For more information contact                 For more information contact
     Bosom Buddies: 075-2265-0129                 Bosom Buddies 075-2265-0129
                Charity No:1089464
            Dates of meetings                                            Dates of meetings

        Thursday 7th October 2010 -                         Wednesday 24th November 2010 -
     Vie Party (Breast Cancer Awareness
       Month Fundraiser) 7.30pm-9pm                     Breast Cancer Care, Horizon Hotel, Ayr. 1pm.
          (friends and family invited)                 Signs and Symptoms of Possible Reoccurrence
                                                                      (for those already registered)
       Thursday 21st October 2010 -
     Get Together Evening 7.30pm - 9pm
                                                            Thursday 25th November 2010 -
     Wednesday 27th October 2010 -                    Bosom Buddies 1st Birthday Party - 7.30pm - 9pm.
    Visit to Largs Bosom Buddies,7.30pm
       *(Arrangements still to be made)                       Family and Friends Welcome.
        Thursday 28th October 2010 -
   Building Healthy Communities Open Day                       Friday 26th Novmber 2010 -
           (Long Term Conditions) -                   Friday Coffee Get-Together at Kirkland Tearoom,
      Ryan Centre (time to be arranged)                              Leswalt at 12 noon
       Friday 29th October 2010 -                 *(Bosom Buddies meet for this every last Friday of month)
BHC Area Partnership Meeting - Library 10am

      Friday 29th October 2010 - (New)                         Thursday 2nd December 2010 -
    Friday Coffee Get-Together at Kirkland      Psychic Night - Custom House, Stranraer, £6.00 each for night.
         Tearoom, Leswalt at 12 noon
      *(Bosom Buddies will meet for this                            *(Time to be arranged)
          every last Friday of month)

      Thursday 4th November 2010 -
                                                             Saturday 4th December 2010 -
  Jewellery Evening with Isabel - 7.30 - 9pm      Bagpack (Collection for Bosom Buddies) - Morrisons 10am
          (friends and family invited)

    Wednesday 10th November 2010 -                             Thursday 9th December 2010 -
       Meeting with Rowan Main, from                          Bosom Buddies Christmas Lunch -
            Cancer Research UK
    *(Time and Place still to be arranged)                          1pm - Custom House
      Thursday 11th November 2010 -                (Bosom Buddies will close until Thursday 6th January 2010)
Marie Curie Speaker(Clare Stroyan)7.30 - 9pm)
                                                           (Activities marked with * are subject to change)
                                                            (Other Activities may still be added to this list)
                                                      Please use suggestion slips if you have any Activity ideas.
                                                                               Thank you

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