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                                   Gantry Crane
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Technical Specification
Gantry Crane


Description of Device
The Gantry crane is designed for safe and efficient removal, of spare doors and others
equipment on top deck.
The device consists of a movable Crane with two winches inside the top beam. The two
winches, runs freely throughout the length of the top beam.
The Gantry Crane is driven aft/forward by a two hydraulic motors / gears with disc brake
inside the boom.
As hydraulic power pack is mounted in the Gantry Crane, only electrical power is needed to
operate the Gantry Crane.

ODIM AS delivers external valves required according to ODIM AS hydraulic piping diagram.

The foundation beams is yard delivery.

Classification & Construction Details

The Gantry Crane is designed and calculated according to DNV's "Rules for Certification of
Lifting Appliances, 1994”

The Gantry Crane is made of mild steel.

Ambient conditions
Vessel acceleration and operational limit conditions;
(ref DNV Ship rules pt3, ch1,sec4)

Max allowable during operation;      combined vertical             0,45 g
                                     combined transversal          0,35 g - heel 8 deg
                                     combined longitudinal         0,25 g - trim 4 deg

Longitudinal Drive, Gantry Crane
Gantry crane drive and brake capacities;

Drive force each side          100 kN (distributed on 1 pinions each side)
Total drive force              200 kN
Brake force each side          130 kN (distributed on 1 pinions each side)
Total brake force              260 kN

Crane speed (longitudinal)
High speed                     0 - 32 m/min

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Technical Specification
Gantry Crane

Low speed                     0 – 16 m/min
Drive Unit                   : Two hydraulic motors / gears with disc brake.

Winches in the beam
There are two winches in the beam.

Drum dimension               : Ø685/Ø465 -150
Drum capacity                : 60 meters of Ø22 mm cable
Pulling force                : 94 kN on inner layer @ 180 bar
                             : 70 kN on outer layer @ 180 bar
Brake force                  : 140 kN on inner layer

Pulling speed                : 30 m/min on inner layer
                             : 44 m/min on outer layer
Oil pressure                 : 180 bar
Oil flow                     : 390 l/min (total for both winches)
Max. deflection of wire:     10 degrees aft, 10 degrees sideway

Drive Unit                   : Hydraulic motor with reduction gear and automatic fail-safe
                             brake (one for each winch)

Each winch is prepared for, and can easily be upgraded to constant tension control.

Transverse Drive, Winches (2 in beam)
Pulling speed                : Approx. 10 m/min
Oil pressure                 : Approx. 100 bar
Oil flow                     : Approx. 35 l/min (total for both wagons; 2 drive units)

Drive Unit                   : Hydraulic motor with automatic fail-safe brake, pinion (1 units
                             per wagon)

Surface treatment
According to offer.

Main dimensions and weight
Dimensions                                  ref dimensional sketch

Total width                  approx.        28,7 m
Total length                                2,5 m
Total height (from deck)                    8,8 m

Weights of Gantry crane with bogies and drives:      Approx. 50 tons (without
foundation beams - yard delivery)

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Technical Specification
Gantry Crane

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