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Oracle Financials by welcomegong

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									Oracle Financials

Table of Content:

   1. About the Document - Explains about the contents of this document

   2. Overview on oracle financials – Gives you an overview about the Oracle
      financials and its wide usage.

   3. Features of Oracle financials – Explains about the features provided by
      oracle Financial and their benefits, area of usage.

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This document clearly explains the features on Oracle Financials products that
provide organizations with solutions to a wide range of long- and short-term
accounting system issues.

This document gives a clear picture on the below features using which Oracle
Financials can meet accounting management demands.

      Oracle   Assets
      Oracle   General ledger
      Oracle   Inventory
      Oracle   Order Entry
      Oracle   Payables
      Oracle   Cash Management
      Oracle   Personnel
      Oracle   Purchasing
      Oracle   Receivables
      Oracle   Revenue Accounting
      Oracle   Sales Analysis

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Oracle Financials products provide organizations with solutions to a wide range
of long- and short-term accounting system issues. Regardless of the size of the
business, Oracle Financials can meet accounting management demands with the
following Features:

1: Oracle Assets:
         Ensures that an organization's property and equipment investment is accurate and that
the correct asset tax accounting strategies are chosen. Oracle Assets automates asset
management and simplifies accounting tasks. Using a unified source of asset data (with data
from your Oracle applications as well as external feeder systems), Oracle Assets gives you
visibility into your assets worldwide. Standard management tasks-such as asset transfers,
disposals, reclassifications, financial adjustments, and tax legacy data conversion-can be
streamlined with automated business flows. Standard accounting, operational, and registry
reports are available to ease reconciliation and analysis.

Enhance Value by combining with the Entire Oracle E-Business Suite
Oracle Assets works seamlessly with other Oracle E-Business products to drive better decision-
making, sustainable financial discipline, regulatory compliance, and optimized business
processes at the lowest cost.

              Lower the Cost of Asset Ownership
               The traditional way of managing assets-manual processing and disjointed
               systems—is slow, expensive, and error prone. With Oracle Assets, you can
               manage your assets in a single system that automates many standard
               transactions to reduce these costs and improve the accuracy of fixed-asset
              Securely Manage Assets
               Use reliable and timely information to properly manage your enterprise's fixed
               assets. Create standardized reports or perform ad-hoc inquiries for quick and
               easy access to asset details.
              Increase Efficiency with Self-Service
               Oracle iAssets provides real-time self-service asset transfer functionality to
               simplify and streamline the complex task of tracking inventory ownership and
               location. Armed with asset information, you can make better decisions about
               managing your current assets as well as planning for the future.
              Comply with Local and International Regulations
               Oracle Assets supports complex and diverse reporting requirements including
               multiple currency and worldwide financial and tax standards. Tailor your
               depreciation calculation or choose from a pre-defined method to meet regulatory
               requirements in any industry or location.

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2: Oracle General Ledger:

        Offers a complete solution to journal entry, budgeting, allocations, consolidation, and
financial reporting needs .Oracle General Ledger provides highly automated financial
processing. It can import and post 42 million journal lines per hour, making it the fastest and
most scalable general ledger on the market. It also provides tools for effective management
control and real-time visibility to financial results — everything you need to meet financial
compliance and improve your bottom line.

              Gain Efficiencies with Highly Automated Financial Processing
               Automate journal processing for recurring and allocation journals. Convert and
               load raw data from external systems or upload mass journal entries via
               spreadsheets. Run posting, reporting, translation, and consolidation processes in
               parallel to accelerate reporting time.
              Establish and Maintain Superior Internal Controls
               Guarantee data integrity with a single ledger to manage all financial
               information. Actual, budget, summary, foreign currency, statistical and average
               balances are automatically synchronized, rendering reports immediately
               available and always accurate. Mandatory checks and balances prevent the
               occurrence of out-of-balance situations. The chart of accounts can be customized
               to best fit your company's needs, and is used to control information access.
              Increase Enterprise Visibility
               Increase visibility into performance by investigating and reconciling balances
               online. Drill down to any level of detail including detail balances, journals, and
               the underlying sub ledger transactions - all from a single drill path. Oracle
               Applications Desktop Integrator provides a desktop-based extension of Oracle
               General Ledger to analyze financial statements, create budgets, upload
               conversion rates, create reports, and more.
              Capitalize on Global Opportunities
               Capture and report on any number of currencies from the balance level to the
               sub ledger transaction level. Currency conversion, revaluation, remeasurement,
               and translation are all performed in accordance with local and international
               accounting standards.
              Improve Financial Services Profitability
               Robust average balance functionality comes standard in Oracle General Ledger
               to allow companies in the financial services industry to perform sophisticated
               transfer pricing and profitability analysis calculations to comply with regulatory
               reporting requirements. Oracle General Ledger is also integrated with the
               Oracle Financial Services Applications.

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3: Oracle Inventory:
              Helps an organization make better inventory decisions by minimizing stock and
     maximizing cash flow. Oracle's Inventory Management provides advanced, real time
     inventory transactions & visibility functionality for a wide variety of business types. As
     demands for compliance to industry wide, governmental or customer compliance
     mandates increase, enterprises are increasingly looking to flexible supply chain
     management applications to creatively step up to new pressures while reducing the
     costs associated with inventory handling and distribution. Oracle Inventory provides
     flexible and configurable transactional support without compromising your global
     inventory visibility, product genealogy integrity or multi dimensional inventory
     visibility. Oracle Inventory supports:

           Inbound, outbound, and reverse logistics transactional support
           Finished goods, raw materials, and work in process components tracking
           Manufacturing, distribution and after-market service & spares environments
           Active Alerts & Intelligent Messages for proactive management of chaotic
            supply chains

           Provide real time global inventory visibility and enable users to find product by
            owner, location, cost, project, lot, serial number and other material attributes
            such as grade
           Increase operational efficiency by streamlining inventory management processes
            such as replenishment, order fulfillment, manufacturing, inventory counting, and
            service through tailored user interfaces, business processes, active alerts, and
            intelligent messaging
           Quickly react to recalls, quality issues and inquiries through global product
            genealogy compliance for both lots and serial numbers
           Full integration with Oracle e-business suite applications including Order
            Management, Procurement, Discrete Manufacturing, and Service
           Compliance support for Electronic Records & Electronic Signatures in support
            of 21 CFR Part 11 regulations
           User interfaces designed for high volume materials management data entry
           Consigned, Vendor Managed and Project-based inventory tracking
           Comprehensive costing methods

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4) Oracle Order Entry:
Provides organizations with a sophisticated order entry system for managing customer

       However, your customers may not take note of your operational execution. After all,
       they expect to get what they ordered when they want it. To achieve a Perfect Order
       from your customer's point of view requires much more:

             Recognition in any channel—whether online, through a distributor,
              electronically, or your own call center customers expect a consistent experience
              and that all elements of their longstanding business relationship carry through
             Special Pricing—Again, through any channel, customers expect to get the right
              price...their price
             Accommodation of Unique Specifications—From special labeling, to custom
              packing, to demands for a minimum remaining shelf life, customers expect that
              you will consistently meet their requirements
             Perfect Installation—When a complete solution involves both physical goods
              and services, arrival of these elements must be perfectly aligned

       With ever-changing market conditions, trends, and business innovation this list will
       continue to grow. What is required is the ability to respond agilely and cost effectively
       to these shifts.

       Oracle E-Business Suite family of Order Fulfillment applications streamline and
       automate the entire sales order management process, from order promising and order
       capture to transportation and shipment. Oracle Order Fulfillment captures multi-
       channel demand, including EDI, XML, telesales and web storefronts. It provides the
       foundation for agility and business innovation—enabling your business to make
       logistics a source of competitive differentiation.

       The Order Fulfillment Solution includes a full range of seamlessly integrated
       applications including Order Management, Advanced Pricing, Deal Management,
       Configuration, Warehouse Management, Mobile Supply Chain Applications, and Oracle
       Transportation Management

       Oracle Order Management enables companies to gain competitive advantage from the
       Order Management process. Customers who use Oracle's Order Fulfillment Solution
       are able to:

             Economically capture and process the Perfect Order
             Adapt to customer demands while ensuring profitability
             Improve Order Profitability
             Reduce Order Management Costs

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             Scale to handle large order volume

5) Oracle Payables:
 Lets an organization process more invoices with fewer staff members and tighter controls.
Helps save money through maximum discounts, bank float, and prevention of duplicate

       Enhance Value by combining with the Entire Oracle E-Business Suite
       Oracle Payables works seamlessly with other Oracle E-Business Suite products to drive
       better decision-making, sustainable financial discipline, regulatory compliance, and
       optimized business processes at the lowest cost.

             Lower Costs
              Automate invoice processing using a variety of tools including Electronic Data
              Interchange (EDI), XML messages, Evaluated Receipt Settlement (ERS) and
              business-to-business e-commerce. Control cash flow, minimize errors, and
              eliminate inefficiencies by using specialized payment tools.
             Instill Corporate and Fiscal Discipline
              Enforce business rules to lower exposure to fraud, error, and unauthorized
              payments. Automate the routing and approval of invoices according to the
              unique requirements of your business. Leverage joint controls with other E-
              Business products such as Oracle Purchasing and Oracle General Ledger.
             Improve Business Relationships
              Oracle Payables works with iSupplier Portal to help suppliers enter and check
              the status of their own invoices. Employees also benefit from Oracle Payables
              when it is used with Oracle Internet Expenses to provide employees with
              multiple ways to submit expense reports.
             Grow Globally
              International business requirements including foreign-currency transactions,
              global tax regimes, and future dated payments can be easily managed. To meet
              country-specific statutory requirements, Oracle Payables supports automated
              calculation and accounting of partially recoverable and non-recoverable value-
              added tax, sales and use tax, withholding tax, and regional and local taxes.

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6) Oracle Cash Management:
Lets you perform bank reconciliation and cash forecasting.

       Oracle Cash Management is an enterprise wide solution for managing liquidity and
       controlling cash. Cash Management gives you direct access to expected cash flows from
       your operational systems. You can quickly analyze enterprise wide cash management
       cash requirements and currency exposures, ensuring liquidity and optimal use of cash

       Oracle Cash Management is part of the Oracle Financials family of applications

             Forecast cash flows in any currency and in multiple time periods
             Streamline the reconciliation process
             Monitor for exceptions and fraud
             Forecast based on historical or future transactions
             Manage the cash cycle efficiently and with control

7) Oracle Personnel:
 Improves the management of employee- related issues by retaining and making available every
form of personnel data.

8) Oracle Purchasing:

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 Improves buying power, helps negotiate bigger discounts, eliminates paper flow, increases financial
controls, and increases productivity.

        Oracle Purchasing – Oracle Purchasing is the centerpiece of Oracle Advanced
        Procurement and in many respects, its enhancements are the centerpiece of R12. Primary
        among these enhancements is the introduction of the Professional Buyer's Work Center
        (PBWC), a central 'launch pad' from which professional buyers can assume command
        and control. The PBWC provides an intuitive web-based UI that puts key procurement
        functions at the finger tips in an elegant and consistent layout.

               Tolerance based auto-approvals for supplier and requestor driven change requests
               Multi-Org Access Control for Shared Services
               Style sheets that match tasks with screen layouts
               Support For Complex Services, including:

                    o   Financing Terms (Advance Amount and Recoupment Rate)
                    o   Retain age Terms (Maximum Amount and Rate)
                    o   Pay Items (Rate, Lump sum, or Milestone)
               eBusiness Tax integration
               Enhanced Document Communication (new layouts for .Pdf's and support for new
                attachment types)
               Pricing Improvements (Integration with Advanced Pricing & mass re-pricing of
                purchasing documents)
               Support Contingent Workers as Purchasing Users
               Automate the Entire Procure-to-Pay Cycle: Define suppliers and agreements;
                then automate your entire purchasing cycle from purchase order to settlement
               Improve Supply Base Management: Take central control of all supplier and
                item master information with an application that tightly integrate suppliers into
                your organization by leveraging advanced supply management capabilities
               Adapt to Any Purchasing Practice: Adapt the application to your organization's
                purchasing practices with uniquely configurable policies and an open architecture
                that integrates legacy and supplier systems

9) Oracle Receivables:

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. Improves cash flow by letting an organization process more payments faster, without off-line research.
Helps correctly account for cash, reduce outstanding receivables, and improve collection effectiveness.

        Oracle Receivables allows you to streamline invoicing, receipt, and customer deduction
        processing while improving cash flow, optimizing customer relationships, and providing
        strategic information. As a sub ledger, Oracle Receivables provides the flexibility to meet
        the demands of a global market with strong financial controls to assist in instilling
        corporate and fiscal discipline.

        Enhance Value by combining with the Entire Oracle E-Business Suite
        Oracle Receivables works seamlessly with other Oracle E-Business Suite products to
        drive better decision-making, sustainable financial discipline, regulatory compliance, and
        optimized business processes at the lowest cost.

               Streamline Your Operations and Increase Your Cash Flow
                Oracle Receivables seamlessly manages your invoicing needs and offers
                importing capabilities to extend this service to non-Oracle ordering systems.
                Facilitate account collection with correspondence tracking, instant access to
                current customer account information, and collector task scheduling.
               Instill Corporate and Fiscal Discipline
                Ensure compliance with accounting standards and company policies by mapping
                your business model to the appropriate revenue schedules. Promote strong
                internal controls through function security, approval processes, and appropriate
                dissemination of information.
               Expand to Global Markets
                With Oracle Receivables, your enterprise has the flexibility to respond to global
                needs, support diverse regulatory requirements, and optimize customer
                relationships in the global economy

10) Oracle Revenue Accounting:
Gives organization timely and accurate revenue and flexible commissions reporting.

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11) Oracle Sales Analysis:
Allows for better forecasting, planning. And reporting of sales information

        Dramatically Improve the Effectiveness of Your Sales People
        Oracle Sales Analytics provides hundreds of key performance indicators and more than
        130 reports in five customizable dashboards. These analytics solutions dramatically
        improve the effectiveness of your sales people by providing real-time, actionable insight
        into every sales opportunity at the point of customer contact. With more accurate sales
        forecasts and enhanced identification of potential problems and opportunities, Oracle
        Sales Analytics helps close business faster and increase overall sales revenue.

               Analyze pipeline opportunities to determine actions required to meet sales targets
               Determine which products and customer segments generate the most revenue
               Understand which competitors are faced most often and how to win against them
               Identify up-sell and cross-sell opportunities within existing accounts

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