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									                                Web Collaboration
                             Service-Level Description

                             STANDARD SERVICE DESCRIPTION
Web Collaboration Services    Web Conferencing keeps people in touch by providing the ability to easily
                              present and share information in virtual online meetings—anywhere or
                              anytime—using a computer with Adobe Flash Player, Internet connection, and
                              optional webcam. The NIH Web Collaboration team:
                              • Provides Adobe Connect to the NIH Community
                              • Provides Adobe Connect training: live (through CIT Training) and online.
                              • Facilitates the integration of audio conferencing with Adobe Connect
                                  through supported teleconference providers.
                              • Provides online FAQ, tutorials, and other information
Monitoring Services           • Monday-Friday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm EST: electronic monitoring and
                                  personnel on duty.
                              • Weekdays after-hours weekends and government holidays: electronic
                                  monitoring and personnel checking email (
Disaster Recovery Services    • Ensures redundancy by having three dedicated Connect servers.
                              • Nightly backups are stored for 30 days.
Services Not Included         • Desktop computer support, such as configuration or application
                                  installation, except for:
                                      o Adobe Connect meeting add-in
                                      o Adobe Presenter plug-in for PowerPoint
                                      o Adobe Connect Outlook plug-in
                              • Resolution of problems caused by the improper use or abuse of equipment
                                  and/or infrastructure components.
                              • Support for protocols or hardware not supported or recommended by CIT.
                                  SERVICE AVAILABILITY
Service Coverage              •   CIT provides Web Collaboration services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
                              •   CIT provides Web Collaboration support from Monday-Friday, 9:00 am –
                                  5:00 pm EST.
                              •   Support outside standard hours may be arranged in advance at the
                                  discretion of the support personnel.
Service Availability          •   CIT will provide 99.9% system availability for web meetings.
                              •   CIT will provide 99.9% availability of resources to support services,
                                  exclusive of scheduled maintenance activities.
                              •   CIT will ensure 99.9% reliability of archives.
                              •   In the unlikely situation that CIT opts to discontinue NIH web
                                  conferencing services, a notice will be given to customer along with new
                                  system conversion assistance at least 12 months prior.
                              •   If CIT is unable to meet system availability target levels, CIT will provide
                                  the Customer reimbursement for unavailable services based on a
                                  calculated formula, upon request.
                              •   Teleconference providers and caption services provide auxiliary services
                                  which are integrate with the Web Collaboration system and are supported

                               by CIT, but are not controlled by CIT. Therefore CIT is unable to
                               guarantee service availability.
                                SERVICE OPERATIONS
System Monitoring and      CIT will manage and monitor the servers, which are part of the NIH Web
Support                    Conferencing services, 24 hours, 7 days a week.
System Maintenance         All services and/or related system components require regularly scheduled
                           maintenance (“Maintenance Window”) in order to meet the establish service
                           availability levels.

                           These maintenance window activities will or may render the systems and/or
                           applications unavailable for normal user interaction for the following locations
                           and timeframes:

                           Type: Monthly NIH Web Meeting Maintenance
                           Location(s): Data Center Building 12
                           Timeframe: 3rd Saturday of every month; 10 pm - 6 am
                           • Coordinate with the online customers as needed prior to the scheduled
                              maintenance window

                           Type: Monthly Hosting Systems Branch Maintenance
                           Location(s): Data Center Building 12
                           Timeframe: 4th Friday of every month, 10 pm - 6 am

                           If services and/or related components require emergency maintenance in order
                           to meet the established service levels, CIT will conduct the following

                           Type: Emergency Maintenance
                           Location(s): Data Center Building 12
                           Timeframe: Dependent on type of emergency
                           • Will notify the NIH community as needed prior to the scheduled
                              maintenance window based on the established protocol.
                           • Will coordinate with the NIH community to develop a priority scheme if a
                              shut down of service is necessary.
                                  SERVICE DELIVERY
Service Delivery Metrics   •   Delivery of new Connect account: one business day.
                           •   Submission of request for optional audio conferencing account with
                               Premiere Global: one business day.
                           •   Required notice for standard live support: two (2) full business days
                           •   Required notice for support with untested integrated video or audio: two
                               (2) weeks
                                 CUSTOMER SUPPORT
Response Times             •   For non-emergency calls during business hours, CIT will provide a two (2)
                               hour call-back or email response upon the creation of the service request
                               ticket (by the NIH IT Service Desk). Customers will be able to track their
                               service request tickets via a web-based client.

                            •   Emergencies will be handled within a one (1) hour call-back window upon
                                receiving the alert via established protocols.
Trouble and Problem         •   Primary contact for NIH Web Collaboration services is the NIH IT Service
Reporting                       Desk.
                                    o Normal hours of operation are from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm Eastern
                                         Time (for end-users in the continental United States), Monday
                                         through Friday.
                                    o After hours of operation are from 6:00 pm to 12:00 am, weekdays.
                                    o Hours of operation during weekends and holidays are from 8:30
                                         am to 5:00 pm.
                            •   After-hours support can be available for emergency and mission-critical
                                issues that cannot be delayed until normal hours of operation.
                            •   Methods of Contact:
                                    o Phone:
                                              301-496-4357 (301-496-HELP) (local)
                                              866-319-4357 (toll-free)
                                              301-496-8294 (TTY)
                                    o Web:
                                    o E-Mail:
                            CUSTOMER RESPONSIBILITIES
NIH Web Collaboration       •   Agrees to fund all CIT services requested.
Customer Responsibilities   •   Ensures that access to web meeting rooms is provided one (1) hour prior to
                                an event.
                            •   Provide access to network and computing resources, as necessary.
                            •   Ensures that audio is captioned when required to meet Section 508
                                requirements (

                            Meeting Support
                            • For any Meeting Support service, customer agrees to:
                                    Notify CIT 48 hours prior to an event via established protocols
Evergreening                •   Video service environments and requirements inevitably change and the
                                SLA needs to define an evergreening process to ensure that the support
                                agreement keeps pace with the reality of user requirements.
                            •   CIT recognizes that the SLA covers a set of services that is not all
                                inclusive of those that may be used by the number of video service users.
                            •   Changes to the SLA and comments regarding fulfillment of the
                                commitments of the SLA will be solicited from the customers of the NIH
                                Video Service and the ICs participating in the service.


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