Friday 19 February - LET THE BIG SWAP BEGIN

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					Friday 19 February
                        T                                        E                          G
                                                                         11am Fairtrade Banana workshop As a part of Fairtrade Fortnight
                                                                                                                                            A        Thursday 4 March
                                                                                                                                                                              E                                   N
7-11pm Skill Dating with Fairtrade guest speaker Similar to              RISC has invited performance artist Anti-Cool to work with the public       2pm-3.50pm Fair Trade and Social Development: a producer’s
speed dating, except you swap skills with a new friend. Bring some       and perform! She will be working with some RISC volunteers and              perspective 2-hour lecture as part of the International Development
friends and items, which represent your skills. Tom Allan of Trading     visiting shops in Reading to find out where their bananas come from.         post-graduate module. Open to all. Vinay Devaiah, Manager of a
Vision brings you up-to-date about fair trade & enjoy live music from    The journey will be filmed with abstracts shown on Saturday 27th.            South Indian Tea Estate, in discussion with professor Chris Garforth.
Afrobeats group Limpopo. Event will be documented by Candida Lucca       Booking important to agree meeting point. RISC Global Café, 35 London       Agricultural Building, School of Agriculture, Policy and Development,
and exhibited in Reading High St during Fairtrade Fortnight. RISC        St, RG1 4PS Shehnoor 0118 958 6692 or                  Room 1L08 UofR, Earley Gate. Mark Laynesmith 0118 378 8797
Conference Hall, 35-39 London St, RG1 4PS £3 entry book Shehnoor         Saturday 27 February
0118 958 6692 or                                                                                                                Thursday 4 March
                                                                         9pm The Banana Project A performance and short film in celebration           7pm Tea for Two… & much more A chance to meet Vinay Deviah
Saturday 20 February                                                     of Fairtrade fortnight by artist Anti-cool. RISC Global Café, 35 London     who will tell us how tea is produced, how fair trade works on the
10am-4pm Oxfam Fairtrade Tasting Join us to taste fair traded teas,      St, RG1 4PS Shehnoor 0118 958 6692 or                  ground and what difference it makes to workers’ lives. Can you tell the
coffee and delicious snacks. Learn more about fair trade from Roger      10am-12.30pm The Big Brew Partake in tasting fairtrade tea and              difference between non-fair traded teas and fair traded teas? Fairtrade
Elbourne. Oxfam Shop, 8 High St, RG7 5AN Victoria 0118 939 3868          coffee. Roger Elbourne, who has worked for many years with Oxfam,           tea tasting & snacks included. RISC World Shop, 35-39 London St, RG1
                                                                         will do a short talk. Play the snakes and ladders trade game & watch a      4PS Bente/Nathan 0118 958 6692
Monday 22 February                                                       screening about fair trade and a Traidcraft stall groaning with fairtrade
Official opening of Fairtrade Fortnight 2010 Launch of the new
                                                                         gifts and foods. St Barnabas Church, Elm Rd, off Shinfield Rd, RG6 5TS
                                                                                                                                                     Saturday 6 March
Reading fairtrade website                                                                                         9am-4pm ‘Choose Fairtrade’ tasting stall Look for the Fairtrade
                                                                         Vernon Welch 0118 987 3163
                                                                                                                                                     Mark. Taste fairtrade products samples and get information from the
Wednesday 24 February                                                    Sunday 28 February                                                          stall. Organised by Reading OXFAM and Soroptimists. Morrisons, Rose
5-8.15pm The Big Brew at the True Food Coop                                                                                                          Kiln Lane, RG2 0HB Jackie Oversby 0118 987 3623
                                                                         10.30am Service: What is Fairtrade and what does it mean? With
Taste a variety of Fairtrade teas, coffee and snacks while checking
                                                                         Rev Robert Weston followed by Traidcraft Stall & fairtrade teas and         11am-4.30pm Fairtrade: good Enough? What’s the difference
out the organic market. Wesley Methodist Hall, Queens Rd (entrance
                                                                         coffee. Park United Reformed Church, Palmer Park Ave, RG6 1DN               between the ethical standards big brands boast about? Visit the stand
Watlington St.) True Food Coop 0845 330 8272
                                                                                                                         for free tea or coffee and look behind the certifications to find out if you
Thursday 25 February                                                     Monday 1 March                                                              are happy with what they offer. Reading Trade Justice/WDM group RISC
7.15 for 7.30pm Green Party Quiz Night Team Quiz Prizes, raffle,                                                                                      Global Café, 35 London St, RG1 4PS
                                                                         8.25am Secondary School Assembly Short presentation by Poppa
stalls, acoustic music session for final hour. It includes a round of
questions about fair trade & raffle prize. Fairtrade beverages served.
                                                                         Bleach for the whole school, with students from over 20 different           Sunday 7 March
                                                                         countries. Pupils only. Leighton Park School, Shinfield Rd, RG2 7ED          9am/11am/5pm Mass Mass with fairtrade announcement followed
RISC Conference Hall, 35-39 London St, RG1 4PS Reading Green Party
0118 988 9283/966 7183                                                   7pm Fairtrade Tasting Stall Fairtrade Tea sampling & information            by Traidcraft stall, teas and coffee. Our Lady of Peace and Blessed
                                                                         Stall in the University Palmer Building Foyer                               Dominic Barbery, 338 Wokingham Rd 0118 966 3711
4.30-8pm Swap to Fairtrade Compass, a food service distributor, is
organising an event to engage and enthuse their staff about Fairtrade.   7.30pm How Fair is Fairtrade? A producer’s perspective Reading              10.45 am Big Brew Event After church service, enjoy Fairtrade tea,
Open to all local groups who might be interested. Madejski Stadium,      University welcomes Vinay Devaiah, a Fairtrade tea producer from the        coffee & biscuits & check out the different FT crafts & foods on the
RG2 0FL Kate Lewis                           South of India to talk about his experience, followed by a debate. Open     Traidcraft Stall. St Barnabas Parish Centre, Grove Rd, Emmer Green,
                                                                         to everyone. Talk to be filmed on behalf on Reading University Student’s     RG4 8LN Owen Jewiss 0118 947 5003 or
Friday 26 February                                                       Union and will be available online. Room 109, Palmer Building, UofR,
10.30-11.30am Fairtrade Tea and Coffee + Breakfast Join the                                                                                          10.30am Service: What is Fairtrade and what does it mean Rev
                                                                         entry from Christchurch Rd Sara Johnson 0118 378 4121
right honourable Mayor Fred Pugh for a Fairtrade Quiz & taste the                                                                                    Robert Weston followed by Traidcraft Stall & fairtrade teas and coffee.
ever expanding range of exotic Fairtraded foods. Staff will be asked     Wednesday 3 March                                                           Park United Reformed Church, Palmer Park Ave RG6 1DN www.parkurc.
what usual shopping item’s they will be swapping for fair trade items!   5-8.15pm The Big Brew at the True Food Coop Taste a variety       
Reading Borough Council staff only. Mayors Parlour, Civic Centre.        of Fairtrade teas, coffee and snacks while checking out the organic                                           market. Wesley Methodist Hall, Queens Rd (entrance Watlington St.)
                                                                         True Food Coop 0845 330 8272
EXHIBITIONS                                                                                                                                                              ht 19 Februa
Monday 22 February - Friday 6 March                                                                                                                                  tnig            ry
weekdays 9am-5.30pm Fairtrade Exhibition in the Foyer of the                                                                                                     For                    -
Civic Offices The Exhibition will include the Museum of Reading’s


new fairtrade loan box, which can be loaned by Berkshire schools after
Fairtrade Fortnight. The World Shop display shows the large range


of fairtrade products now available making it possible to choose a
fairtrade lifestyle. Civic Centre, Reading Borough Council, RG1 9SN
David Sutton

                                                                                                                                                    Re a d
24th February-18th March
In the Light of Fairtrade A photographic exhibition by Candida Lucca,
documenting local people and their skills. It examines direct and

equitable trade between people locally and asks the viewer to consider
the transactions we make with people across the globe. What actions

should we take as consumers to ensure that our everyday exchanges


are fair and equal? Also look out for Artist Jethro Leonard’s projections
                                                                            Fairtrade 2010                                                                        is
on Saturday 27th February. Reading High St Shehnoor 0118 958 6692
                                                                            Reading Fairtrade Steering Group has rung the changes. David Sutton
                                                                            has taken over as Chair with a much-expanded range of activists. He                        a Fa i r    tr
Reading in the world                                                        organised the 2010 Fairtrade mini-directory and has also produced
Reading has a strong tradition of solidarity and joint working with         a new Directory of groups and organisations plus other interesting
communities in the ‘Global South’. It has twinning links with Nicaragua     information and contacts. This will be available for downloading from
and Barbados. There are active Oxfam, Christian Aid and Palestine           22 February on the updated website:
Solidarity groups. Local churches and Reading University are especially
active on fair trade issues, and RISC offers a centre for activities,
education and fair trade. Reading Council passed the first Fairtrade
resolution in 1996, and the Fairtrade Foundation officially accredited       If you want to be included in the Directory, contact David Sutton:
Reading as a Fairtrade Town in 2004.                              , and to be included in next year’s Reading
                                                                            Fairtrade events listing, contact: Bente Madeira
Reading University Campus                                                   This year’s flagship employers – committed to promote fair trade
Reading University has worked hard to become a Fairtrade accredited         within their workplace – are Readibus, Unison Thames Valley team and

and participate in the Fairtrade Town Steering Group. For information on    the trades union, Unite. The Spread Eagle is Reading’s first Fairtrade
their activities check Spar & Junction 11:         pub selling fairtrade coffee and honey beer.
Global Trade Rules                                                          All local schools within the central School Meals contract with RBC
We continue to campaign against the unfair trade rules which                supply fairtrade food, and tuck shops sell fairtrade products.
underpins all trade especially on European Trade Rules with the African,    •45 cafes and restaurants now serve fairtrade beverages or snacks
Pacific and Caribbean countries check out:                 •16 shops, 34 supermarkets & 4 mailorder firms stock fairtrade goods
                                                                            •40 churches are now registered as fairtrade churches
                                                                            •a further 48 businesses, organizations or groups regularly use
                                                                               fairtrade products in their offices, canteens and meetings.
                                                                                                                                                    fairtrade events
                                                                            For further information:
                                                                            Reading Fairtrade Steering Group                                         19 February-7 March 2010
                                                                            c/o RISC, 35-39 London Street, Reading RG1 4PS
                                                                            Chair: David Sutton
                                                                            Events: Bente T Madeira 0118 9586692 or