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									                                      Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America
                                 Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Detroit

                           The Shepherd’s Staff
                           Volume III, Issue 1                                                        February 2011
Hail Virgin Theotokos
   full of Grace, for                              Metropolitan Nicholas’ Message
  Christ our God, the
 Sun of Righteousness,
 has dawned from you,
   granting light to
 those in darkness. And
                           B    eloved Faithful,            Christian expression call guidance and the wisdom of
                                                            upon us to change?        a spiritual father.

you, O Righteous Elder,                                        My family in Christ, real        For the faithful in the
                               Life is always filled with
rejoice, taking in your                                     Christian change begins for     parish community, this per-
 arms, the Deliverance
                           changes. It matters little
                                                            us when we truly invite         son is most appropriately
   of our souls, who       from which aspect of our
                                                            our Lord Jesus Christ to        your local parish priest. He
grants us Resurrection.    lives we consider the sub-
                                                            enter our hearts and our        is the one who carries the
                           ject: there is a constant
    Presentation                                            homes, not to stay for a        priestly responsibility to
                           sense of change in the lives
  Of our Lord in the                                        short visit equal to our Sun-   assist and guide your Chris-
       Temple              of human beings.
                                                                                            tian walk within the local
      February 2               Whether we talk of                                           parish family.
                           faith, or politics, or world
                                                                                             While there are times
                           news, or finances — or the
                                                                                         when one may choose to go
                           hopes and dreams that indi-
                                                                                         somewhere else for the
                           viduals hold dear — the
                                                                                         healing sacrament of con-
                           only thing that is constant is
                                                                                         fession and/or guidance, it
                                                                                         is the local priest who shep-
                               While we are all aware                                    herds and guides you in the
                           of the changes that occur in     day morning Divine Liturgy local parish on behalf of the
                           world events, oftentimes         participation, but to dwell Bishop.
                           we ignore the reality that       and live in us forever. And
                                                                                             As we prepare to enter
                           our Orthodox Christian           as you may understand,
Inside this issue:                                                                       the period of Great Lent, I
                           faith also calls us to           where Christ dwells, the
                                                                                         would lovingly advise all of
Bishop’s Schedule    2     change: even when we             Father and the Holy Spirit
                                                                                         the faithful to find an op-
                           recognize the unchangeable       are also present.
Youth News           3                                                                   portunity to speak to your
                           aspect of the faith “given to
Philoptochos News    4     us by the Apostles,” we              This sense of change priest, to open your heart
                           ourselves are called upon to     calls upon us to regularly before God, and to find a
                           experience real change.          and frequently evaluate our real and meaningful change
Featured Articles    5                                      hearts and our commitment in our Christian walk.
Friends of the       6-8      So how does it hap-           to the Lord. To be clear, it
                                                                                             With every blessing,
Metropolis Listing         pen? How does a faith            is not possible for us to
                           which holds a touchstone of      make such an evaluation
Metropolis News      9     stability in its 2,000 year      alone: we all need the
                                                                                         +Metropolitan Nicholas
 Page 2                                                                                            The Shepherd's Staff

                                        Bishop’s Schedule Highlights
 5 - 13     Meeting of the Holy & Sacred Synod                          Ecumenical Patriarchate, Turkey
 15 - 20    Metropolitan Kallistos Ware Visit to Detroit                Detroit area
            (please see flyer on page 9)
 27         Pastoral Visits                                             Holy Trinity Church - Grand Rapids, MI

 4-6        Ordination of Dcn. Perikles Kallis to the Holy Priesthood   Annunciation Church - Buffalo, NY
 11         Parish Visitation                                           Assumption Church - St. Clair Shores, MI
 12         Parish Visitation                                           TBD
 13         Parish Visitation                                           Holy Cross - Farmington Hills, MI
 14 - 17    Eparchial Synod Meeting                                     NYC
 18 - 20    Parish Visitation                                           Holy Trinity/St. Nicholas Church - Cincinnati, OH
 24 - 25    Annunciation of the Theotokos                               Annunciation Cathedral - Detroit, MI
 27         Greek Independence Day Parade                               Annunciation Cathedral - Detroit, MI

                                           Thank you from Nashville

A     s you remember from our previ-
      ous issues, we asked for your
assistance to help the victims of the
                                            who were assisted. Here is one of the people, helping in any way you can. Our
                                            latest:                               heating unit is working just fine.

Nashville 2010 floods. The Metropolis          “To Whom It May Concern:                    All the world of thanks!
of Detroit received $66,600 for these                                                      Micky & Beulah Fitzgerald
                                            Just a little note of Thanks. Thank God for
relief funds. Our office continues to       people like you that really care about other   PS: Have a Happy Holiday!”
receive thank you notes from those

                                                      Save the Date!

                                                            Metropolis of Detroit Philoptochos Presents:
                                                                   “An Afternoon with Vefa”
                                                                 The First Lady of Greek Cuisine
                                                                        Vefa Alexiadou
                                                                        Saturday, April 2, 2011
                                                                         More details to follow!
  Volume III, Issue 1                                                        February 2011                       Page 3

                    YOUTH MINISTRY NEWS by Eva Kokinos                                           DID YOU KNOW??

2010 “Holiday Hoops” Tournament—Sterling Heights, MI

S   t. John the Baptist Church hosted another successful
    “Holiday Hoops” GOYA Basketball Tournament. The
tournament was held December 27-29, 2010. Teams came
from Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio.                                                               The CrossRoad Pro-
                                                                                                   gram at HC/HC
     CONGRATS to all teams on a job well done!                                                     now accepting
Here are the results of the tournament:
                                                                                                      Visit http://
              Girls 1st Place Team: Holy Trinity Church — Grand Rapids, MI
         Junior Boys 1st Place Team: Assumption Church — St. Clair Shores, MI
         Senior Boys 1st Place Team: Assumption Church — St. Clair Shores, MI
                                                                                                crossroad/about.html to
                                                                                               download the application.
   2011 St. Nicholas Summer Camp Reunion and Winter Retreat—Nashville, TN                      Applications must be post-
                    Our friends at Holy Trinity Church in Nashville, TN hosted a beautiful St. marked by March 1, 2011.
                    Nicholas Summer Camp Reunion and Winter Retreat . The retreat was held
                    January 14-16, 2011 and the theme was “The Essential Church.” Participants
                    enjoyed fantastic food, great discussion, and an awesome dance and karaoke
                    night! Thank you to the Holy Trinity community for hosting the event. And
                    we thank all those participated! See you at camp!!!!

                                                                                                 Ionian Village is ac-
Summer Camps in the Metropolis of Detroit                                                       cepting registrations
The Metropolis of Detroit is blessed with three summer camp programs! 2001                           for 2011! Visit
Camp Registration is just around the corner. For information about the pro-           for
grams we have in our Metropolis and registration information, check the offi-                  details about registration,
cial camp websites or email for information.                           and two new travel pro-
                                                                                                 grams for young adults
              MDSC (Metropolis of Detroit Summer Camp) — Rose City, MI                                 ages 19-28.
                   St. Nicholas Summer Camp — Pleasantville, TN
                     St. Timothy Summer Camp — Croghan, NY

 February 5, 2011         Greek Folk Dance Workshop                                             ST. JOHN CHRYSOS-
                                       St. Nicholas Church—Troy, MI                              TOM ORATORICAL
 February 12, 2011        Michigan Area GOYA Pre-Lenten Dance                                           FESTIVAL
                                      Sts. Constantine and Helen Church—Westland, MI            Download this year’s top-
 February 18-20, 2011     37th Annual Dayton GOYA Basketball Tournament                        ics, tips, and list of recom-
                                       Annunciation Church—Dayton, OH                           mended resources for the
 March 5, 2011            MI Area GOYA Lenten Retreat                                            elementary, junior, and
                                     St. Nicholas Church—Ann Arbor, MI
                                                                                                  senior divisions. Visit
 March 12, 2011           NY Area GOYA Lenten Retreat                                
                                     Holy Spirit Church—Rochester, NY
 April 1-3, 2011          Fall Creek Falls GOYA Lenten Retreat                                       religioused/sjcof
                                         Holy Trinity Church—Nashville, TN
  Page 4                                                                                      The Shepherd's Staff

                                            Philoptochos News
By Eleni Zaferes               plified the true meaning of    extremely excited to be         nent office (“home”) for
                               Christmas and the mission      hosting Vefa Alexiadou,         the National Philoptochos.

O      n behalf of the Me-
       tropolis Board and
chapters, I wish everyone a
                               of Philoptochos.
                                 Over the past year
                               through your generosity
                                                              the first lady of Greek cui-
                                                              sine, on Saturday, April 2nd
                                                              at the Somerset Inn in
                                                                                              With over 28,000 mem-
                                                                                              bers and 450 chapters, the
                                                                                              new Philoptochos Center
healthy and happy New          for the Partners in Philan-    Troy, Michigan. Vefa is the     of Philanthropy will enable
Year.                          thropy, Philoptochos has       leading culinary authority      the National office to up-
 Once again, the Philopto-     assisted those in need in      in Greece today. She com-       date its facility into the 21st
chos throughout the Me-        our parishes giving over       bines her culinary talents      century to better serve its
tropolis extended their        $13,000 for clothing, food,    with scientific principles to   members and chapters for
philanthropic arms so that     medicine, utilities, trans-    modernize Greek cooking         generations to come.
those less fortunate could     portation and rental costs.    without sacrificing authen-      We invite everyone to
have a wonderful Christ-       We appreciate your assis-      tic character and flavor to     join us for an “Afternoon
mas season. Our chapters       tance and ask that you con-    the traditional cuisine. No     with Vefa”. More infor-
were collecting for food       tinue to sponsor this pro-     kitchen in Greece is with-
banks and homeless shel-                                                                      mation and invitations will
                               gram as the need is great      out one of her 14 cook-
ters and providing toys and    and economic difficulties      books.                          be sent after February 1st ■
granting wishes for chil-      still exist.                     Proceeds from this fund-
dren. Philoptochos exem-         The Metropolis Board is      raiser will benefit a perma-

                                                MEFGOX News
By Irene Georgantas            our Federation is com-         politan area. The conven-       we have focused attention
                               prised of church musicians     tion will take place July 14-   on other special services of

I  n a few short months the
   Mid-Eastern Federation
of Greek Orthodox Church
                               from both the Detroit and
                               Pittsburgh Metropolises,
                               the location of our annual
                                                              17th 2011. Any inquiries
                                                              may be directed to Ted
                                                              Niforos, MEFGOX Vice
                                                                                              the Orthodox Church
                                                                                              (vespers, Paraclesis, etc.)
                                                                                              While some business is also
Musicians will be holding      meeting is alternated from     P r e s i d e n t               conducted during the
its 64th annual convention     year to year.                  (           weekend, the evenings are
in the Detroit Metropolis.        This year the musical       or State Representatives        spent enjoying each others’
We will be hosted by the       arrangement by Chris Zer-      Elaine Charalambopoulos         company with some social
church of St. Nicholas in      vos will be done, his se-      (        activities. And of course
Ann Arbor, Michigan, un-       cond liturgical arrange-       or     Ann         Grimm        the weekend culminates
der the guidance of Father     ment, under the capable        (        with our combined partici-
Nick Kotsis, and Director      direction of Evey Simon,          If you have never attend-    pation in the Sunday morn-
and Chair Jon and Niki         director of St. Nicholas of    ed a MEFGOX convention,         ing hierarchical Divine Lit-
Wardner respectively. Last     Troy, Michigan. Regional       you are in for a special ex-    urgy. We invite you to
year we were hosted by the     rehearsals will begin soon     perience of fellowship that     join us. We will keep you
All Saints Church of Can-      to learn this new liturgy in   extends over several states.    posted of upcoming re-
onsburg, Pa. (For the first    all parts of the Federation.   We convene on Thursday          hearsals and preparations
time the combined voices       And in keeping with our        afternoon to begin with         for the convention.
sang the liturgical arrange-   mission, a special effort      educational workshops re-         With Love in Christ,
ment of Nancy Takis, un-       will be made to attract        garding our faith and Or-
der the direction of her       more participants from         thodox musical traditions.        Irene Georgantas
husband Stan Takis.) Since     youth choirs in our Metro-     Over the last several years       MEFGOX President ■
  Volume III, Issue 1                                                               February 2011                                Page 5

                                             How to Prepare for Lent
                                 a car in the frigid cold, but       cheese, buy some                      first priority of Lent to
                                 I can tell you that today,          soymilk. Look at the cal-             benefit from a spiritual
                                 wherever they travel, they          endar. You can see that               book.
                                 have a fully stocked emer-          we actually start fasting                 Next, prepare
                                 gency kit, including a can-         before we start fast-                 “hopefully.” Are you go-
                                 dle! It’s like the Boy              ing. There is no such                 ing to get all the way
                                 Scouts say: Be Prepared.            thing as “Mardi Gras” in              through Lent without any
By Fr. David Smith*
                                     On February 13 this             the Greek Orthodox                    falls? Probably not. But

                                 year, we come to the be-            Church, where we have a               you must certainly set out
    ome years ago, parish-
                                 ginning of the Triodi-              party on the day before               with the idea in mind that
    ioners of mine were
                                 on. This period of the              Lent starts. No! Rather,              you will have a spiritually
travelling on a highway
                                 church calendar comprises           we prepare ourselves – we             beautiful and beneficial
when a snowstorm closed                                              move into the fast in a
                                 the three weeks (four Sun-                                                Lent 2011, and when you
the road. They were stuck
                                 days) leading up to the             gradual and orderly way.              fall, resolve to get back up
in their car for eight
                                 beginning of Lent. It’s a               Next, prepare                     and keep trying.
hours, and they ran out of
                                 period of prepara-                  “librarily.” Pick out a                   And finally, prepare
gas quickly. Thanks to
                                 tion. Here are four ways            book that you want to                 “prayerfully.” What a gift
God, they knew that the
                                 that we can use the Triodi-         read for Lent – before                we have, that time from
flame from a single candle
                                 on to prepare ourselves             Lent starts. Ask your spir-           March 7 until April
can warm the inside of a
                                 for Great Lent:                     itual father to suggest               24! What a blessing the
car, and they had a vigil
                                     First, prepare                  something appropri-                   Church has given us. Dur-
candle. They lit it, and it
                                 “refrigeratively.” By this, I       ate. Get ready in your                ing the Triodion, prepare
kept them warm, and per-
                                 mean that we must use               mind to put down the                  to receive that gift!■
haps alive, until help ar-
                                 this time to get our refrig-        magazines and the newspa-             ____________________
rived.                                                                                                     * Rev. Fr. David Smith is the Pre-
                                 erators ready for the               per, the remote and the
   They hadn’t specifically                                          DVDs, and make your
                                                                                                           siding Priest at the St. Sophia
                                 fast. Use up the meat and                                                 Church in Syracuse, NY.
prepared to be stranded in

                                                   Psalms and Hymns
Prepared by Barbara Minton       with whom we chant/sing?            whom he has uttered the same          ornament for women. It peoples
                                 Saint Basil provides an expla-      prayer to God? So that psalmo-        the solitudes; it rids the market

T     he psalms and the
      hymns of our Orthodox
faith offer us so much more
                                 nation of all that our psalms
                                 and hymns offer us and how
                                 the singing of these psalms
                                                                     dy, bringing about choral sing-
                                                                     ing, a bond, as it were, toward
                                                                     unity, and joining people into a
                                                                                                           places of excesses; it is the ele-
                                                                                                           mentary exposition of beginners,
                                                                                                           the improvement of those ad-
than we realize. Most of us      affects us:                         harmonious union in one choir,        vancing, the solid support of the
who sing cannot imagine                                              produces also the greatest of         perfect, the voice of the Church.
                                    A psalm implies serenity of
worshipping without singing                                          blessings, love. A psalm is a city    It brightens feast days; it creates
                                 soul; it is the author of peace,
praises and prayers to God;                                          of refuge from the demons; a          a sorrow which is in accordance
                                 which calms bewildering and
that is why so many of our                                           means of inducing help from the       with God. For a psalm calls
                                 seething thoughts. For it softens
chanters/singers - have                                              angels, a weapon against fears        forth a tear even from a heart of
                                 the wrath of the soul, and what
chanted or sung for the                                              by night, a rest from the toils of    stone. A psalm is the work of
                                 is unbridled it chastens. A psalm
Church for 40, 50, 60 years                                          the day, a safeguard for infants,     angels, a heavenly institution,
                                 forms friendships, unites those
or more. Also, where could                                           an adornment for those at the         the spiritual incense.■
                                 separated, conciliates those at
we ever find the kind of rela-                                       height of their vigor, a consola-
                                 enmity. Who, indeed, can still
tionship we have with those                                          tion for the elders, a most fitting   - Saint Basil the Great
                                 consider as an enemy him with
  Page 6                                                                                                  The Shepherd's Staff

                         Friends of the Metropolis (as of December 31, 2010)
His Eminence                        Kuvshinoff, Boris and Barbara    Petros, Kathy                        Holy Cross GOYA
+Metropolitan Nicholas              Mellas, Dean and Beth            Soufleris, Adam and Nickie           Hountalas, Fr. Dean and
                                    Pavlakis, Peter and Elizabeth    Swansbrough, Robert and Mary         Presbytera Olga
Ann Arbor, MI - St. Nicholas        Pefanis, Jerry and Athena        Tigiros, Elias and Sharon            Alexander, Milton and Helen
St. Nicholas Parish                 Scouras, George                  Tingirou, Eleni                      Barr, Anthony
St. Nicholas Philoptochos           Tassy, Gust and Marion           Trohanis, Jean                       Blough, Michael and Catherine
St. Nicholas GOYA                   Vafiopoulos, Helen               Zotos, Alex and Jennifer             Boudouris, Tino and Mary Jo
Kotsis, Fr. Nicolaos and                                                                                  Brock, Angel
Presbytera Sandra                   Carmel, IN - Holy Trinity        Cincinnati, OH                       Casoglos, Thomas and Mary
Paul, Presbytera Eva                Holy Trinity Parish              Holy Trinity/St. Nicholas            Collias, Rosemary
Baldwin, James                      Holy Trinity Philoptochos        HTSN Philoptochos                    Culley, George and Katherine
Bekiares, Penelope A.               Gounaris, Fr. Anastasios and     Apostolides, Vasso                   Fekaris, Steve and Bettie
Chiatalas, Louis and Marguerite     Presbytera Maria                 Assaley, Lewis and Patricia          Heller Family
Daniels, Tony and Clevie            Dickos, Dennis                   Boulmetis, Samuel                    Hountalas, Christos
Fry, Jack D.                        Dickos, Theone                   Brown, William                       Kargilis, Alexander and Mary
Grias-Radwanskim Sophia             Douvis, Harry E.                 Caneris, Anthony and Antoinette      Katsias, George and Irene
Kales, Anthony and Joyce            Eaton, Joseph and Florie         Carumpalos, Constantine              Kourtakis, George and Audrey
Kapetan, Michael and                Hershberger, Dawn                Galanes, George                      Krear, Elizabeth
Karen Munson                        Hristova-Kazmierski, Maria       In Memory of Al Jones                Liadis, John
Katsikas, Christos and Panorea      Kokinos, Bobby                   Jonson, George and Sophia            Malis, George and Annette
Kleanthous, Costas and Sylvia       Kokinos, Pete and Argie          In Memory of Marion Mavridoglou      Morris, Georgia
Opple, Chris                        Pappas, Vicki                    Kapourales, Louis                    Nuechterlein, Lanny and Andrica
Phan, Sem and Katherine             Payne, Martha                    Moraites, Dena                       Pesaros, Panayotis and Sonia
Pliakas, Vasilios and Kyriakoula                                     Parsenios, Lewis                     Power, Edward and Maria
Raphael, Joan                       Chattanooga, TN                  Perdikakis, Gus                      Rafaill, Chris and Lynn
Vlahadamis, Kosta                   Annunciation                     Raptis, James                        Shukla, Margarita
Yates, Bill and Margaret            Annunciation Parish              Siegel, August                       Stefanakis, George and Terrie
                                    Annunciation Choir               Zaferes, Patricia                    Voutsinas, Kostas and Diana
Battle Creek, MI                    Annunciation GOYA                                                     Williams, Katherine
Sts. Constantine and Helen          Annunciation Philoptochos        Dayton, OH – Annunciation
Sts. Constantine and Helen Parish   Ballas, Fr. Stavros and          Annunciation Parish                  Fort Wayne, IN - Holy Trinity
                                    Presbytera Thea                  Annunciation Philoptochos            Holy Trinity Philoptochos
Bloomfield Hills, MI                Andrews, George                  Emroll. Fr. Mark and                 Doublas, Gregory
St. George                          Andros, George and Maria         Presbytera Ginny                     Gogos, George
St. George Parish                   Awala, Berih and Akberet Hadgu   Jannides, Michael                    Hanewald, Thomas and Smaragtha
Pathenos, Fr. Nicholas              Berros, James and Susan          Sempeles, Leigh                      Katsis, Maria
Iakovides, Dimitri                  Bougdanos, Maria                 Stathopoulos, Alex                   Koulianos, Dionisis and Maria
Tsouris, Mary                       Bouloukos, Dino                                                       Maggos, El and Voula
Vlahos, Nikolaos – In Memory of     Campa, Pedro                     Detroit, MI                          Nakos, Nikos
Voula Vlahos                        Cornea, Paul and Ana             Annunciation Cathedral               Spirou, Arthur and Mary
                                    Demetry, Willodene               Annunciation Philoptochos            Turner, Christian
Buffalo, NY - Annunciation          Dimopoulos, Barbara              Annunciation Pioneers
Annunciation Parish                 Ellis, George and Betty          Gaggos, George and Anna              Grand Blanc, MI – Assumption
Annunciation Philoptochos           Etherton, Wayne and Yolanda      Gaggos, James and Mary               Assumption Parish
Annunciation GOYA                   Fairbanks, Bobby and Voula       Inempolidis, Evelyn                  Chinonis, John and Linda
Annunciation Youth Council          Fotiadis, Nicky                  Papas, John and Rebecca              Kaloydis, John and Karen
Christakis, Fr. Christos and        Fox, Ann                         Pervanis, Koula                      Politis, George and Rita
Presbytera Lisa                     Gaitanoglou, Takis and Jenny     Tapazoglou, Nicolaos and Christine
Alethea’s Chocolates                Gulas, Ani                       Trupiano, Mahey
Besseghini, Victoria                Gulas, Marion                                                         Grand Rapids, MI
Blakeslee, Ronald and Maria         Gulas, Venetia                   Elmira, NY – St. Athanasios          Holy Trinity
Cervi, Vassilia                     Hopper, Richard and Chrisi       Greven, Peter and Georgia            Bogdan, Fr. James and
Danakas, George T.                  Kosmidis, Alex and Cheryl        Vardakis, Paul                       Presbytera Joan
Gikas, Sam                          Kouris, George and Politimi                                           Marcus, Fr. Nicholas and
Gioulekas, Goldie                   Mena, Michael and Vicky          Farmington Hills, MI - Holy          Presbytera Liza
Kalambukas, Andrew and Coleen       Mousourakis, John and Donna      Cross                                Afendoulis, Chris and Phyllis
King’s Court, Inc.                  Murry, Maira                     Holy Cross Parish                    Afendoulis, Clark and Katherine
Kouvoutsakis, Paul and Donna        Petros, John and Voula           Holy Cross Philoptochos              Anton, Gust J.
  Volume III, Issue 1                                                                    February 2011                              Page 7

                         Friends of the Metropolis (as of December 31, 2010)
Christopoulos, Peter and Maria      Pridnia, David and Liana              Obradovic, Milan                  Sfikas, Presbytera Stella
Dimitriou, Angelo and Pat           Rahib, Margaret                       Poplos, Theodore and              Andrews, Chris and Julia
Georgeson, Menas and Fronsene       Skorich, Dan and Cathy                Stephanie Storgion                Billo, John and Jennie
Gray, Mark and Alexis               Smith, Richard L.                     Semos, Vasili and Liane           Botsaris, Chris
Kalyvas, Tim and Lina               Sweeney, Evie Zois                    Sinis, Harry and Magda            Carden, Kathryn
Koukios, Constantine                Vlahakis, Louis and Mary              Taras, Dimitri and Mary Katherine Davis, Mark and Stephanie
Monoyios, Terry                     Zachos, Terri                         Taras, Kosta and Loretta          Demetry, Willodene
Neil, Chad Dimopolous                                                                                       Duncan, Angelia
Nicholas, Jim and Georgia           Lexington, KY                         Middletown, OH                    Gore, Jim and Stacy
Sarafis, Elizabeth                  Panagia Pantovasilissa                Sts. Constantine and Helen        Harman, Todd and Dawn
Schel, Connie                       Panagia Pantovasilissa Parish         Sts. Constantine and Helen Parish Hohnholt, Janet
Sellas, Deno                        Panagia Pantovasilissa Philoptochos   Sts. Constantine and Helen        Kirk, Benedict
Zarafonetis, Stratton               Annetts, Brett and Ruth               Philoptochos                      Lamberson, Lambert and Helen
                                    Douglas, Nicholas                                                       Mitchell, James and Bessie
Hot Springs, AR                     Hostetter, Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas      Muskegon, MI - Annunciation Mooney, Sonny
Zoodochos Peghee                    Kiriacopoulos, Ken and Kate           Annunciation Parish               Rogers, Helen and Lawrence
Delfos, Fr. Pierre and              Pandaru, Andronica                    Annunciation Philoptochos         Kamm
Presbytera Harriet                  Thompson, Randy and Tina              Mot, Fr. Catalin and              Saltis-Yaclumski, Phaedra
Fotioo, Peter                                                             Presbytera Felicia                Taras, Nick and Donna
McCrary, Stella                     Little Rock, AR                       Yankopoulos, Presbytera Ann
                                    Annunciation                          Achterhoff, Christina             Nashville, TN
Indianapolis, IN                    Annunciation GOYA                     Afendoulis, Alexander             St. John Chrysostom Mission
Holy Apostles                       Verdaris, Fr. Nicholas and            Afendoulis, Magdalene             Turner, Fr. Parthenios and
Holy Apostles Parish                Presbytera Maria                      Afendulis, James                  Presbytera Marion
Karozos, Gus                        Alley, Sam and Janet                  Afendulis, Phyllis G.             Demmas, Constance
Stevens, Georgia                    Diggins, Patricia                     Afendulis, Theodore               Marchetti, John and Linda
Stoenescu, Caterina                 Harb, Ron and Joyce                   Anton, Ted and Francine           Wagner, Charles and Edith
                                    McDowell, James L. and Susan T.       Baker, Georgia                    Williams, Heath
Ithaca, NY - St. Catherine          Pappas, James and Eva                 Baldas, Voula
Bantuvanis, George and Ann          Roy, Frederick                        Bati, John                        New Buffalo, MI
Bezirganian, John                   Sargent, David and Eva                Bouth, Mike                       Annunciation/St.Paraskevi
Stratakos - In Memory of            Tyler, Gordon and Martha              Clark, Ken and Nicci              Martin, Fr. Paul and
Fr. Efstathios Metallinos           Verdaris, John and Marlene            Danigelis, George                 Presbytera Nikki
                                    Vratsinas, Gus and Irene              Davros, Nickolas J. and Family    Anton, Gust
Jamestown, NY – St. Nicholas                                              Douville, Farrell and Mary        Garrison, Richard
St. Nicholas Parish                 Louisville, KY – Assumption           Dreleozis, George                 Govatos, Patsy
Zervos, Fr. James and               Wingenbach, Fr. Gregory               Encelewski, Christine D.          Hahn, Herbert and Elizabeth
Presbytera Anne                     Adams, Sam and Thelma                 Hoopes, Kenneth and Maria         Kerhoulas, Mike and Louisa
                                    Geromes, Nancy                        Karis, Othon and Kristi           Polymeris, Spiros and Donna
Lansing, MI - Holy Trinity          Vonallmen, Penny                      Ladas, Paul and Patricia          Stotis, Bill and Anna
Holy Trinity Parish                                                       Lutz, Helen Innis
Holy Trinity Philoptochos           Marquette, MI – Assumption            McNutt, Angela C.                 Plymouth, MI
Sietsema, Fr. Mark and              Assumption Parish                     Micheil, Rich and Teresa          Nativity of the Virgin Mary
Presbytera Katherine                                                      Nace, Doru                        Nativity of the Virgin Mary Parish
Brown, Alex and Mary                Memphis, TN – Annunciation            Oravitan, Ionut                   Govostes, Fr. Sean and
Colovos, Nicholas                   Annunciation Philoptochos             Pallas, Tom                       Presbytera Pamela
Economy, George and Stella          Annunciation GOYA                     Paris, John and Patricia          Sarelis, Fr. Charles and Presbytera
Gavrilides Management               Order of Ahepa - Memphis              Peliotes, Gust and Ethel          Angela
Gavrilis Dimitris and Jane Arnold   Christy, Fr. Paul and                 Riekse, Max and Nelly             Estate of Fr. Efstathios Metallinos
Heos, Pamela                        Presbytera Mary                       Roldan, Martha                    Bazakis, James and Maria
Joseph, Yvonne                      Anaston, Zoe                          Soimar, Michael and Corina        Demetriou, Cleo
Karagoulis, Michael and Lynne       Buring, Jacob and Michele             Stathas, Nick and Rita            Kheir, Angela
Malvetis, Anastasios                Farrell, Richard and Linda                                              Randall, Michael and Anne
Mansour, George                     Gallagher, Evangelia                  Nashville, TN - Holy Trinity      Zervos, George and Lisa
Morrow, Heather and Family          Graves, William and Renee             Hohnholt, Fr. Gregory and
Pascalenos, Olga                    Grayes, Theodore                      Presbytera Sofia                  Rochester, NY - Annunciation
Perentesis, Stephanie               Meng, James and Susan                 Vaporis, Fr. George and           Cook, Fr. Anthony and
Pogoncheff, Carl                    Morrison, Robert and Kathryn          Presbytera Kalliopi               Presbytera Elisabeth
  Page 8                                                                                                The Shepherd's Staff

                          Friends of the Metropolis (as of December 31, 2010)
(Continued from page 7)             Tassis, James                     Anagnost, Basil                   Tsiatalas, George
Gines, George and Family                                              Nicholas, James                   Xydas, Spiros
Markakis, Kathryn                   Springfield, OH - Assumption      Panarites, William and Kaliope    Yanoulaki, Peter
Stefanou, Gus and Florence          Assumption Parish                 Theodore, Dorothea
                                                                      Theodore, Eleanor                 Vestal, NY – Annunciation
Rochester, NY - Holy Spirit         St. Clair Shores, MI                                                Annunciation Parish
Holy Spirit Philoptochos            Assumption                        Toledo, OH                        Bahlatzis, Fr. Michael and
Cowles, Fr. Patrick and             Assumption Parish                 Holy Trinity Cathedral            Presbytera Kimberly
Presbytera Mary                     Assumption Philoptochos           Damaskos, Fr.Aristotle and        Michalopulos, Presbytera Magdale-
Chilas, Diane                       Assumption Senior Citizens        Presbytera Debbie                 na
Gesell, Melody                      Assumption GOYA                   Anagnos, Joyce                    Abdo, Moufid and Anita
Ginis, Panos                        Varlamos, Fr. Michael and         Ballas, Constantine               Bahlatzis, Danny and Gail
Kouides, Peter and Ruth             Presbytera Tina                   Melonakos, Anthony and Paula      Demetry, Helen
Sexton, Katherine L.                Bournias, James and Evangeline    Proestou, Maria                   Gianakouros, Dino and Mary
                                    Campbell, Delphine                Sieben, Paul                      Gianakouros, Harry
Saginaw, MI - St. Demetrios         Christopher, John and Alethea     Stathulis, Yanula                 Griswold, Richard and Hrisanthi
St. Demetrios Philoptochos          Gaggos, George and Anna           Tom, Antonia                      Ivan, James and Lynda
Cox, Fr. Irenaeus and               Genematas, Toula                                                    Karedes, Louis
Presbytera Alexandra                Gianoplos, Georgia                Traverse City, MI                 Laskaris, Joseph
Bistolarides, Fr. Peter and         Giftos, James and Patricia        Archangel Gabriel                 Markatos, Nicholas
Presbytera Peggy                    Gust, George and Georgiana        Olechnowicz, Fr. Iakovos and      Meagher, CeCelia
Ahejew, Petro and Samdra            Harlaftis, Panagiotis             Presbytera Joleen                 Skiadas, Ernest
Bazakis, Andrew and Ann             Jordan, Thomas                    Ealy, Ray and Martha              Summerlee, James
Caldwell, Larry and Peggy           Mendoza, Mary                     Kaly, Anthony and Barbara         Tzivanis, Thomas and Florence
Kalivas, Risty and Karen            Niarchos, Anthony                 Olechnowicz, Rebekah
Kookootsedes, Gust and Mary         Niforos, Theodore and Anna        Psaros, John and Donna            Watertown, NY - St. Vasilios
Massaro, David                      Pangalos, Despo                   Underwood, Robert and Theresa     St. Vasilios Parish
Metropoulos, Katherine              Petrouleas, George
Metropoulos, Panayiotis and Maria   Phillips, Peter and Toula         Troy, MI - St. Nicholas           Westland, MI
Ostler, Dennis and Soula            Ribble, Effie                     St. Nicholas Parish               Sts. Constantine & Helen
                                    Samaras, Robert and Marietta      St. Nicholas Philoptochos         Sts. Constantine and Helen Parish
Sault Ste Marie, MI                 Vlahantones, Louis                Dorozenski, Fr. Stratton and      Sts. Constantine and Helen Choir
St. George                          Voudoukis, Ignatios and Penny     Presbytera Denise                 Petrutiu, Fr. Teodor and
Gianakura, Peter and Georgia        Yanoulaki, Katherine              Dalamangas, Fr. Chris and         Presbytera Roxana
                                                                      Presbytera Niki                   Balaskas, Dorthe
Southgate, MI - St. George          Sterling Heights, MI - St. John   Arsman, Steve and Anita           Charalambopoulos, Elaine
St. George Parish                   St. John Parish                   Asher, Mike and Joyce             Chuey, Mark and Jean
St. George Philoptochos             St. John Choir                    Athans, John and Aristea          Kasotakis, Paul and Nanette
Karamanos, Fr. Philemon and         St. John GOYA                     Carson, James and Paula           Katsarelas, Sophie
Presbytera Helen                    St. John Philoptochos             Crosson, Patrick and Cindy        Livanos, Demetrios and Connie
Anonymous                           Kyritses, Fr. Nicholas            Deligianis, Leo                   Skouberdis, John
Bass, John and Panagiota            Burdalas, Peter and Chrisy        Deligianis, William               Stavropoulos, Gus and Maria
Constantakis, Clarence              Karamanos, Peter and Mary         Demery, Beck                      Stavropoulos, Peter and Marie
Cranford, Joanne                    Kotsis, Andrew and Itene          Feles, Gust and Anne
Galanis, Sam                        Kotsis, Harry and Katherine       Feles, Nicholas and Melanie       Other Friends
Karamanos, Peter and Mary           Lazaris Peter                     Feles, Paul                       Ahepa – Chapter #374 Northville,
Kircos, Angelo and Sophia           Lionas, James and Helene          Gryparis, Stratis and Ermione     MI
Kircos, John and Violet             Salonikas Georgios and Nicoleta   Hourdakis, Andreas                Ban, Alice
Kircos, Louis and Paula             Spyros and Katina Patouhas        Karamanos, Peter                  Bartz, Fr. Bill and Presbytera Emily,
Kontos, Chris and Francis           Souris, Bernice                   Korstanje, Ingmar and Marlo       Dumfries, VA
Kontos, John and Marika             Tangalos, John and Mary           Lafter, Mary                      Bartz, Presbytera Zafera
Kozaitis, Mina                      Tangalos, Philip and Alexandra    Lavrakas, John and Catherine      Demetris, Jack and Dolly
Minton, Barbara                     Tangalos, Theodore and Mary       Liakonis, Chris and Labrini       Metropolis of Detroit Philoptochos
Minton, Charles                                                       Papp, Gregory and Martha          Mid Eastern Federation of Greek
Minton, Nicholas                    Syracuse, NY - St. Sophia         Pervolarakis, Calliope            Orthodox Choirs (MEFGOX) ■
Nanos, Vasiliki                     St. Sophia Parish                 Simon, Basil and Evey
Papalas, Mary                       Smith, Fr. David and              Smith, William
Pappas, Barbara                     Presbytera Donna                  Spounias, Christopher and Maria
                                            His Eminence Metropolitan Nicholas and the
 THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 2011                   Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Detroit
      St. John the Baptist Church                 cordially invite you to welcome…
          Sterling Heights, MI
    Evening Presentation at 7:00pm
“Clergy and Laity in the Orthodox Church”
 (Book Signing and Reception to Follow)
                                                 [|á XåvxÄÄxÇvç
   FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 2011                `xàÜÉÑÉÄ|àtÇ ^tÄÄ|áàÉá jtÜx
         St. Nicholas Church
            Ann Arbor, MI
   Evening Presentation at 7:30pm
                                                    Éy W|É~Äx|t
         “Why Follow Christ?”
 (Book Signing and Reception to Follow)

      Sacred Heart Seminary
           Detroit, MI
  Morning Presentation at 10:30am
   “Orthodox—Catholic Relations”

          Holy Cross Church
        Farmington Hills, MI
  Evening Vespers and Presentation at
                6:00pm                      His Excellency Metropolitan Kallistos Ware, author
“The Inner Meaning of the Divine Liturgy”    of “The Orthodox Church” and “The Orthodox
 (Book Signing and Reception to Follow)     Way,” will be visiting the Metropolis of Detroit for a
                                             series of discussions throughout the Detroit area.
                                            Please see the schedule of events and join us for the
 Sts. Constantine and Helen Church
                                             unique opportunity to meet this world-renowned
             Westland, MI
                                               Orthodox Christian theologian and scholar.
Hierarchical Divine Liturgy at 10:00am
     His Excellency Metropolitan
Kallistos Ware as Homilist, followed by            For more information, please contact
         reception and luncheon.                        the Metropolis Offices at
                                               (248) 823-2400 or
                                            The Shepherd's Staff

                                                                 Friends of the Metropolis
                                                 What Does Friends of the Metropolis Support?
                                 General: Fully fund the expenses of the Metrop- Outreach/Missions: Create opportunities to
                                 olis offices, programs and travels.               introduce our faith to society, participate in inter
                                                                                   -Christian and inter-faith activities as well as
                                 Education: Enhance scholarships and adult ed- provide quick responses to national disasters.
2560 Crooks Road                 ucation programs, as well as support the Me-
                                                                                   Hellenism: Develop programs for Hellenic Cul-
 Troy, MI 48084                  tropolis students at Hellenic College/Holy Cross.
                                                                                   tural Outreach, including language, history and
 Phone: (248) 823-2400           Support: Develop and provide educational and
   Fax: (248) 823-2401           instructional seminars and services to clergy and Leadership: Organize Metropolis Clergy-Laity        parishes.                                         Conferences, Oratorical Festivals, Christmas
                                                                                   Pageants and Adult Education Programs.
                                 Youth: Maintain and support the youth office
                                                                                   Special Programs: Website development, hos-
                                 and activities of a full-time Youth and Young
                                                                                   pitality to visiting dignitaries and guests, Charity
                                 Adult Ministries Director.
                                                                                   and Philanthropy.

The Shepherd’s Staff                                            Dear Friends of the Metropolis:
           Editor:               Dear Friends of the Metropolis:                    program, ministries and programs are implement-
     Alex Radulescu                                                                 ed on a Metropolis-wide basis which strengthen
                                 God has called us to do mighty deeds for the glory
 Phone: (248) 823-2414                                                              and enhance our faith and our joint ministry of
                                 of His name and for the love of His people.
         E-mail:                                                                    service.       You are called upon to join in this reality of “faith If you have not yet become part of the Metropolis-
                                 working through love” as we continue to manifest wide effort, I would like to invite you to join forces
     To subscribe to the         the love of God for His Church and His people.        with the faithful throughout our Metropolis in sup-
 Shepherd’s Staff e-mail list,                                                         port of the ministries which are part of the Office
 please send us an e-mail at     When you support the Friends of the Metropolis
                                                                                       of the Metropolitan.       campaign, you are part of a greater outreach that
  typing in the subject line:    proclaims with one universal voice that God is truly Thanking you for your kind and generous response,
                                 our hope and our rock of salvation.                   I remain, with paternal blessing and prayers,
NEWSLETTER SUBSCRIBE                                                                   +NICHOLAS
                                 Because of your devotion and help to the Friends
                                                                                       Metropolitan Of Detroit

                                 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
                                           I am pleased to support the work of Metropolitan Nicholas and the        Send this card in an envelope to:
                                                                                                                    The Metropolis of Detroit
                                           Metropolis through the Annual Metropolis Stewardship “Friends” Program   2560 Crooks Road, Troy, MI 48084

                                     $25               $50               $100              $250              $500           $1000          Other

                                 Name__________________________________Parish Affiliation:______________________
                                 Phone _______________________________Email_________________________________

  Annunciation of                    Check Enclosed (payable to the Metropolis of Detroit)
   the Theotokos
         March 25                    Please Charge My Credit Card                        Visa            MasterCard
                                  Account # ___________________Exp.__________Signature_______________Date__________

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