Basketball Shooting Drills - Shooting Drills by malj


									                              Shooting Drills
                            7 Grade Basketball

   1. Group Practice-Provide each student with a basketball. Demonstrate
      and have the students practice the correct shooting technique. If not
      enough equipment is available, have the students demonstrate the
      correct shooting motion without the ball.

   2. Shooting on the goal:
        a. Utilizing all of the goals available, have the students get into 2
            lines at each goal. Each line should have a ball to use for
        b. Beginning on the side of the goal, demonstrate and have the
            students practice shooting the ball off the backboard.
        c. Students should take one shot, get the rebound, hand the ball to
            the next player in line, and proceed to the back of the opposite
        d. Upon success, allow students to move to different positions and
            distances around the goal.

   3. Lay-ups:
        a. Dribble to the basket at a 45 degree angle, stop and shoot a lay-
        b. Shoot the ball so it bounces off the backboard into the basket.

   4. Dribble and shoot:
         a. Dribble towards the basket, stop and shoot at the goal. Use the
            correct technique and vary the distance.
         b. Dribble on the other side of the basket and repeat the shot.
         c. Take turns and vary the distance of the shot.

Notes: Provide a ball to every student in order to maximize practice time. If
this is not possible, use stations to maximize instruction.

Remind students that the success of the team depends on the practice habits
of the players.

Incorporate fitness into each lesson.
Standard I: Demonstrate competency in many movement forms and proficiency in a few
movement forms.
1M1-Demonstrates ability to combine skills.
1M2-Exhibits basic strategies related to specific lead-up games.
1M3-Demonstrates basic competency in more complex motor and advanced specialized
skills related to specific sports activities.
Standard II: Applies movement concepts and principals to the learning and development
of motor skills.
2M1-Analyzes and applies basic concepts to improve movement, dance, fitness, game
and sports skills being practiced.
2M2-Demonstrates how practicing movement skills improves performance.
2M3-Analyzes and applies advanced movement and game strategies.
2M4-Recognizes and applies principles necessary for safe and skilled physical
Standard IV: Achieves and maintains a health-enhancing level of physical fitness.
4M1-Participates in and sustains moderate to vigorous physical activity in a variety of
Standard V: Demonstrates responsible personal and social behavior in physical activity
5M1-Participates in cooperative activities in both leadership and follower roles.
5M2-Utilizes time effectively to complete assigned tasks.
5M3-Participates in establishing and following rules, procedures and etiquette that are
safe and effective for specific activity situations.
Standard VII: Understands that physical activity provides opportunity for enjoyment,
challenges, etc.
7M1-Participates in challenging activities and in activities requiring the utilization of
newly acquired skills.
7M3-Demonstrates enjoyment from participation in physical activities.

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