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					                       CURRICULUM VITAE

SURNAME:               Lodden
FIRST NAME:            Fred
ADDRESS;               The Kindlings
                       Co. Kildare
DATE OF BIRTH:         7 August 1952

CONTACT NUMBERS 045 – 482202 OR 085-7160026


1958 – 1964            Multatuli Primary School – Hilversum – The Netherlands

1964 – 1970           Rembrandt High School – Hilversum – The Netherlands
Subjects and Grades: Dutch, English, German, French, Geography, History, Physics, Algebra
and mathematics. (Honours in all subjects)


1972 – 1974, 1977 – 1979

Subjects:      Accountancy, Financial Calculation 1 + 2, Statistics 1 + 2, Economy 1 + 2,
               Corporate Law, Tax & Social Security Law.


Philips Training Centre: Computer Program Schedules
Jan. 1976 – Mar. 1976

Apple Training centre: Apple spreadsheets/Words
Apr. 1983 – Jun. 1983

Dutch Broadcasting Training Centre:
Oct. 1983 – Jan. 1984 Dbase Programming
May 1985 – Jun. 1985 Introductory Course Radio and Television Programming
Dec. 1991 – Jan. 1992 Microsoft Excel and Word under Windows
May 1994 – Jun. 1994 Access 2.0 Database


General:         Languages, News, Current Affairs, Home Computer and Internet.
Sports: Triathlon, Ice-speed skating, Baseball, Sea Fishing, Motorbikes

Company/Period          Position
Petrogas Ltd – Oct 2007 – Present, beside Vayu Ltd.        Contract - Financial Accountant
       Internal Audit regarding various petrol stations and Head Office
Vayu Ltd.
Jan 2007 – Sep 2007 Contract - Financial Accountant
       Preparing Audit Files
       Liaison with financial institutions, auditors, Revenue Commissioners etc.
       Weekly reporting to the Board regarding Cash Flow position/forecast. Asset Base Report,
       Cash management, Fx management. Budgetting.
       Monthly reporting to the Board regarding Management Accounts versus Budget,
       Monthly payroll, Intrastat, VIES, Balance Sheet audit– Bi monthly Vat
       Monthly Customer cost-benefit analysis, assessment of profitability potential customers
       Trading of gas and balancing of daily gas requirements and capacity requirements

L&F Consultancy
June 2005 – Dec 2006            Have set up my own company and I am presently contracted by a
privately owned commodity company, Vayu Ltd., to set up the Due Diligence Files and
highlighting areas to the Board of Directors in regards to cost saving measurements, efficiency
improvements,, creating a strategy to improve the cash flow situation and the implementation of
the aforementioned items.
MDY Construction Ltd.
Dec.2004 – June 2005                        Financial Controller
         Preparation of Annual Financial Statements
         Preparation of Audit Files
         Monthly Management Accounts
         Monthly Work In Progress reports
         Weekly Cash flow Forecast
         Developing and implementing electronic banking system
         Managing 3 members of staff
         Responsible for all financial transactions and tax returns of the company
         Liaison with Financial Institutions regarding lease contracts, pension fund, insurance
         contracts, banks, auditors etc.
         Reporting to the Financial Director/Majority shareholder

Concast Building Ltd. - Newcastle
Aug. 2001 – Nov.2004                       Cost and Management Accountant Concast Group and
Assistant Plant Manager Grangeford Precast Ltd.
        - Monthly management accounts for 3 separate companies and consolidated accounts
        plus analysis
        - Preparation of annual audit files and statutory accounts
        - Developing and implementing of product cost price calculation system
        - Efficiency and productivity analysis
        - Developing and implementing costing structure
        - Cost/benefit calculations regarding Fixed Assets investments
        - Procurement and implementation of satellite tracking system for transport fleet
        - Reporting to Financial Controller and Managing Director
Compaq Financial Services Company ( Leasing Company) - Dublin
Jun. 1999 – Aug. 2001                      Financial Analyst
        - Preparation of Statutory Accounts in US GAAP and Local GAAP where required
        - Audit reports and liaise with the auditors
        - Monthly Financial Reports + Analysis (Trial Balance & P&L)
        - VAT 8 Directive claims in 2 countries, Austria and Luxembourg
        - Setting up EMEA financial reporting structures for Small and Medium Business Leasing
        - Managing staff ( 2 )
        - Reporting to European Finance Manager and European Finance Director
Buy & Sell Ltd - Dublin
Dec.1997 – Jun. 1999 Company Accountant
        - Annual Statutory Accounts
        - Monthly Management Accounts for 3 companies and consolidated accounts plus
        - Cash flow forecast
        - Monitoring and analysing Costs versus Budgets
        - Implementing and re-structuring financial software systems
        - managing staff ( 4 )
        - Reporting to Managing Director
Softech Telecom Ltd. - Dublin
Sep. 1996 – Dec. 1997                      Manager Accounts Department
        - Annual Statutory Accounts
        - Monthly Management Accounts for 2 companies plus analysis
        - Implementing of a new computerised financial system
        - Monitoring and analysing Costs versus Budgets
        - Cost price calculations of software products
        - Sales, maintenance and efficiency contract analysis per country
        - Managing staff ( 2 )
        - Reporting to Financial Director and Managing Director

Cuisine de France Manufacturing Ltd. - Dublin
Mar. 1996 – Sep. 1996                    Cost and Management Accountant
(Contract)       - Management of product costing
        - Payroll system
        - Credit control
        - Developing and implementing of a computerised system to control the cost of Transport
        - Developing and implementing of a computerised system to control the cost of Oven
        Maintenance Contracts
        - Efficiency analysis of manufacturing processes
        - Weekly/Monthly cost reports to the Managing Director

National Pen Ltd. - Dundalk
Jan. 1996 – Mar. 1996                   Telesales promotion pens
(Contract)      Responsible for Telesales and order processes of promotion pens in the
        Benelux market.

Dutch Broadcasting Corporation (N.O.S.) – Hilversum – The Netherlands
May 1982 – Dec. 1995 Financial Controller N.O.S. Television - News
Gooiland Sewage Refinery – Hilversum – The Netherlands
Sep. 1979 – May 1982 Project Accountant

Council of Laren – The Netherlands
Sep. 1973 – Sep. 1979 Junior Project Accountant

Dutch Army (Obligatory)
Mar. 1972 – Sep. 1973 Tank driver

Audit Firm Gooiland - Hilversum The Netherlands
Sep. 1970 – Mar. 1972 Junior Auditor


NAME COMPANY                                             TELEPHONE

D.Britton               Petrogas Ltd
Group Financial Controller                               01 - 5124800

T.Ennis                 Vayu Ltd.                        01 – 2948430
Managing Director

L.Daly                  Concast Building Ltd.            01 – 6288055
Financial Controller/ Company Secretary

D.McCarthy            Compaq Financial Services          01 – 2142418
European Finance Director

J.Whelan                Buy & Sell Ltd.                  01 – 6080700
Managing Director

H.Woods                 Softech Telecom Ltd.             01 – 2953416
Managing Director