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									                         Accounting Software

Program              BS Accounting

Credit Hours         3

Duration             15 Weeks/ 30 sessions


Resource Person      Amer Hussain (FCMA, M.phil)

Counselling timing


                     Phone# 5212801-10   Ext. 355
Capsule Statement

This course explores the use of the personal computer for computerized Accounting system. A
General Ledger, Peachtree Complete Accounting, Pro Accounting software packages are used for
journalizing transactions, posting and generating summary reports include Income Statement, Balance
Sheet and Cash Flow Statements, as well as to demonstrate proper management of accounts receivable,
payable, inventory, payroll, and fixed assets. This course will also be used to introduce students to
spreadsheet software i.e. Sage currently used in accounting offices.

Learning Objectives

After studying this course the participants should be able:
     1. Use Accounting Software with an understanding of accounting principles.
     2. Utilize general ledger software to properly record financial transactions and prepare internal
        and external reports for corporations.
     3. Utilize fixed asset, payroll, and perpetual inventory costing systems to properly record
        transactions and prepare appropriate financial reports.
     4. Transfer data from accounting software to a spreadsheet program and perform additional
        operations on the data.
     5. Convert a manual accounting system to a computerized system and perform all required
        accounting setup procedures.
     6. Utilize the computer to conduct horizontal, vertical, and ratio analysis of financial data.

Learning Methodology

The Course

The course shall be covered as stipulated in the outline.

Regularity and Punctuality:

Regularity and punctuality will be very strictly observed. You have an allowance of only the number
of absents as allowed under UMT policy. This includes the leaves that you get approved from your
Batch Advisor. In case you exceed the limit, you will get an ‘F’ in the course. Regarding punctuality,
you will be marked present only if you arrive in the class within five minutes of the scheduled time.
Any absents during the presentation sessions will result in deduction of 1 point each from the class
participation marks. This means that the class participation marks can go into the negative as well. If
your group is making a presentation and you are not there, you get a zero. If you miss a Quiz you get
zero in that Quiz. Your group will lose 5 points if you deliver your report after the given date.

Class Participation:

Positive, healthy and constructive class participation will be monitored for each class. Particular
emphasis will be given during the presentation sessions. The manner in which the question is asked or
answered will also be noted. Your behaviour, as business executives in the class will contribute to the
class participation marks.
Consultancy Service:
During this programme consider me as your consultant. You are free to discuss the progress of your
courses any time you want. However to avoid inconvenience setting up of appointment is


All of the activities held during the session will be evaluated; the final grades for the course
will be as follows:
Quizzes                                   15%

Assignment                                  10%

Project                                     10%

Mid-Term                                    25%

Class Participation                         05%

Final exam                                  35%

Total                                       100%

Recommended Software
   2. SMAP
                     CALANDAR of ACTIVITIES
                                       Fall, 2010

Session                                     Activity

                Introduction to a computerized accounting system,
                Accounting cycle for service and merchandising
  1, 2          Hard and Soft record for Businesses. Journal, Ledger and Trial

          Peachtree Complete Accounting
           Assignment # 1                         Short Test # 1
              Sample Accounts of a private Ltd Company.
              Use of toolbar, Navigation tabs.
  3-5         How to check Chart of Accounts, Trial Balance, Financial Statements,
               and General Journal.
              Payroll records and taxes for employees

          Short Test # 2
              Company Information
              Defining Chart of Accounts
              Account Type Listing
              Accounting Period
  6-9         Cost Center
              Posting Methods
             and default information
          Practice Question- Hand out

               Account Receivables and Payables data base,
               Sales and Purchases term and conditions
               Cash, bank and credit invoices
               Receipts and Payments Journals
 10-12         Customer and Suppliers Ledger and Graphs and Charts.
          How to make adjustments in the old record, Correction of different types of
          errors and omissions and passing of general entries.
          Adjustments and Post adjustment Trial Balance
          Comprehensive problem for a merchandising business with Chart of
          Accounts and Use of a voucher system

          Short Test# 3 and Assignment# 2
          Adjusting Entries including Accrual, Deferral, Depreciation, Provision of bad
 13-15    debts and their effects on Income Statements, Balance Sheet and Cash flow
          statements. Practice Question- Hand out
        MID TERM

        Short Test # 4
        Inventory Management
            Coding of inventory items
18-20       Inventory Valuation Methods
            Inventory Reports
            Pricing methods

        Assignment # 3
             Payroll Record and updating of data
21-23        Employee detail and Setting pay levels
             Payroll register and Payroll Sheets
             Entries and Checking of record
        Short Test # 5
        Financial Reports
             Income Statement
24-26        Balance Sheet
             Cash Flow Statement
             Comparative Income Statement
             Percentage Income Statements
        Introduction to spreadsheets. Preparation of Worksheet of a Public Ltd
        Company on Spreadsheets.
        Practice Question- Hand out

        Practice Sessions

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