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									Austin, TX Chiropractor, Dr. Michael McClung, Provides Natural Solutions
For Back Pain Relief

Austin, TX, 08-FEB-2011 -- Dr. Michael McClung, Austin Chiropractor, has
recently been recognized for his success in providing safe and natural
solutions to individuals suffering from back pain. The doctor uses a
holistic approach to address the root cause of the pain and address the
immediate pain as well as give patients the care needed to prevent
recurrences of pain.

When interviewed recently, Dr. McClung stated, "Back pain is becoming a
more common malady because people are not getting the exercise and
movement they need to keep their body healthy. In many cases, an
individual who works in a sedentary job will participate in activities
that over-exert their muscles and spine causing chronic pain. My goal is
to provide the care that is needed to give people long-term relief from
back pain and increases their ability to enjoy activities and sports
without fear of recurring pain."

The doctor conducts a thorough physical examination to determine the
areas of the body that have been damaged or injured and are causing pain.
The chiropractor also discusses past medical history, diet, exercise and
lifestyle with patients to find other factors that may be contributing to
the pain.

After analyzing the data that has been collected, the doctor creates a
comprehensive program that addresses the immediate pain that includes
chiropractic manipulation and may include deep tissue massage to relieve
inflammation and swelling of the tissues and muscles surrounding the
area. The doctor may also recommend changes to the diet in order to
increase important vitamins and nutrients that the body needs to heal and
regenerate damaged cells and tissues more quickly.

To get more information on the methods and techniques used by Dr. Michael
McClung, Austin Chiropractor to relieve back pain safely and naturally,
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