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					                                                                               Newsletter 14 / 2009-2010
                                Dear Parents                                   Friday, 23rd July 2010 

Dear Parent               1     Dear Parents
Calendar Dates            1 
Congratulations      3          As the academic year comes to an end can I take this opportunity to thank you all
Events                 3 & 4    for the support you have given to your child and to the school during the last year.
PTA News              4         Without it the school would not be the school it is. Without a doubt the last year
Catering                  5     has been successful and hectic!
Sports News           5         With this newsletter you will receive the 2010-11 Information for Parents booklet.
General Notices   6 ­ 9         We would appreciate it if you would take the time to familiarise yourself with the
PrizeGiving        10 ­ 13      contents over the summer holiday. Please ensure that you pass on any changes in
                                your contact details to the school office, which will be open as usual during the
                                holiday period. The first newsletter of next term will appear in the first week of
                                You will also find attached to the Newsletter a copy of a letter received last week
                                from OFSTED with regard to the continued good progress and standards achieved
                                by the school. The letter explains how good schools are inspected less frequently
                                than satisfactory schools. We will continue to strive to become an outstanding
                                school by the time of our next inspection in 2011-12.
                                Yours faithfully
                                Mr S Ash
Contact Us:                     Headteacher
Main Office: 
01298 813118 

Pupil Absence Line: 
                                Calendar Dates 
 01298 811878 

Fax Number: 
 01298 812055 
                                   Friday, 23 July                  2.00 pm finish – break up for the summer holiday
Address:                           Sunday, 25 – Tuesday 27 July     Peak 11 Gifted and Talented Year 9 Summer
Long Lane                                                           School, Sheffield Hallam University
Chapel­en­le­Frith                 Tuesday, 24 August               Year 11 GCSE Results Day 10.00 am
High Peak 
SK23 0TQ 
                                   Thursday, 26 August              Year 10 GCSE Results Day 10.00 am

Email:                             Monday, 6 September              ) Staff training days
enquiries@chapel­en­le­            Tuesday, 7 September             )
frithhigh.derbyshire.sch.          Wednesday,
                                     8 September                    8.40 am School re-opens for Years 7 and 10
School Website: 
www.chapel­en­le­                  Please note that this year we are staggering the start time.
                                   Please see page 2 for the arrangements.

 Special notice re first day of term

Arrangements for staggered start
Wednesday 8 September 2010
As a result of feedback from staff and parents last year we are intending to trial a staggered start to the first
day of term, in order to give the new Year 7 some extra attention on Day 1 and to introduce Year 10 to Key
Stage 4. Please make sure your child is familiar with these arrangements and if you have any queries please
contact the school office. The office will be staffed throughout the holidays.

Pupils in next year’s Year 7 and Year 10
Pupils who walk or who travel by car should arrive in school for registration at 8.40am. Pupils in Year 7 or
10 who use a school bus or a service bus should catch their normal bus from the normal stop at the normal
time as listed in the Information for Parents booklet which has been handed out. An electronic version of the
booklet is on our website.
Year 7 pupils should go straight to the Hall. Year 10 pupils should go to tutor rooms, details of which will
be in reception.

Pupils in Years 8, 9 and 11.
Pupils who walk or travel to school by car should arrive in school in time for registration at 9.45am. Pupils
should not arrive before 9.40 as this will disturb the activities for Years 7 and 10.
We have made special arrangements with the bus company to lay on a second set of school buses. The
buses will depart from normal stops at the times below. Please make sure that your child
knows the time of departure.

Pupils who travel by service buses should time their journeys to arrive in school for registration at 9.45am.

Contract 038 (Smiths of Marple)
      Whaley Bridge Nimbus                       9.20
      Chapel-en-le-Frith High School             9.40

Contract 039 (Smiths of Marple)
      Whaley Bridge: The Jodrell                          9.20
      Whaley Bridge: Nimbus Antiques                      9.23
      Chapel-en-le-Frith High School             9.40

Contract 189 (Normally Bowers of Chapel-en-le-Frith) (also known as 040)
      Bridgemont                              9.20
      Opposite Buxworth Primary School        9.25
      Chinley Station                  9.30
      Chapel-en-le-Frith High School   9.40

Contract 189 (Normally Bowers of Chapel-en-le-Frith) (also known as 041)
      Chinley Station                 9.30
      Chapel-en-le-Frith Town End             9.36
      Chapel-en-le-Frith High School  9.40

Contract 042 (Smiths of Marple)
        Whaley Bridge: Jodrell                            9.15
        Whaley Bridge: Park Café                          9.20
        Chapel-en-le-Frith High School                    9.40 

Service 069
      Hayfield Bus Station                              9.04
      Birch Vale Grouse Inn                             9.07
      Low Leighton                                      9.11
      New Mills Bus Station                             9.15
      Newtown Post Office                               9.20
      Furness Vale                                      9.25
      Bridgemont                                        9.30
      Chapel-en-le-Frith High School                    9.40

Pupils who travel by taxi
All taxis will arrive at school as usual for 8.40am. Provision will be made in the Learning Support
department for pupils with Special Educational Needs. Other pupils who travel by taxi will need to go to
their tutor rooms and will be able to assist with the induction of new Year 7 pupils.

If these arrangements cause you any difficulties please do not hesitate to contact us to make
individual arrangements for the supervision of your child. Parents should contact the school
office or Ms Higgins by email over the holidays; karenh13@chapel-en-le-

 Congratulations to… 
    v Year 10 students who received some excellent feedback from their work experience placements.
      Many thanks to parents who were able to host a student for one or two weeks’ placement. We are
      always keen to increase our range of placements and if you host a student in 2011 please contact Mrs
      Louis at school (email:

    v Our musicians who performed so well at the Youth Presents Music evenings with our partner
      primary schools.

    v Prizegiving Evening: this year our prizes were presented by the Rev. Carl Edwards, from St Peter’s
      Church in Fairfield and an old boy of the school. An excellent evening of awards took place. A full
      list of prize winners is attached to the newsletter.

    v Year 11 – who performed with distinction on the dance floor at their Prom at the Moorside Hotel.

    v Our Year 7 team in the Highfields Peak 11 Maths Challenge day and to all the Year 7’s who dressed
      up in Maths Week as numbers. 

We will be saying farewell at the end of term to a number of colleagues who are leaving us: Mrs Killingworth
(Learning Support) back to the USA; Miss Vernon and Miss Mottram, moving out of the area; Mrs Hill
(Children in Care) and Mr Wirth (Assistant Head) moving to other schools with well deserved promotions;
Miss Taylor off to teacher training.
Miss Clarke, appointed to the English department, will be replacing Mrs Killingworth as tutor for RKHh and
Miss Yates will be replacing Miss Vernon as tutor for JVNc. Parents will receive a separate letter about this.
Some of you may be aware that Mrs Jones our Head of Learning Support is currently unwell and Mrs Smith is
acting in her role at present. Because of her additional responsibilities we have arranged for Mrs Wilson,
CLM for English to act as tutor for JSHb in September. 

On-line learning and parents
You may be aware that students have been using the school’s new Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) in
some subject areas. This is an on-line facility designed to support pupils’ learning.

As part of our development of the VLE, we have also introduced an area for parents called Parent Zone
which has been trialled this term by a small group of parents. We would like to thank these parents for their
support of this development; if they have any views or comments Ms Langford would still welcome them. We
hope to extend the initiative to all parents in the Autumn Term, you will receive details once arrangements
are in place.

Ski Trip 2011
We are in the process of planning a ski trip which will take place in the February half term, departing
Saturday 19th February 2011 and returning Saturday 26th February. It will be to Austria, but as yet the exact
resort is still to be confirmed. This is very much a budget trip compared to recent ones and the cost will be
The cost is inclusive of
5 nights dinner, bed and breakfast
Coach and ferry transportation
5 day ski pass
5 days hire of ski equipment
5 days of 4 hours ski instruction
Comprehensive insurance cover.
We will be travelling with IBT Travel Ltd who are fully ABTA and ATOL bonded and “volcano proof” We
have had superb trips with them for that last 10 years or so. If your child is interested, letters will be
distributed at the start of next term.

Parent Teacher Association News
World Cup Raffle
Thanks for all your support with the raffle this summer. The lucky winners were:

1st     iPod                     A Mycock
2nd     Signed football          D Coe
3rd     Hamper                   B Hodgson
4th     Go Ape voucher           S Foster
5th     Wine                     Noble
6th     Wine                     L McCann
7th     Wine                     E Kerr
Many thanks for your support with the 600 Club. Whilst there may not be any draws in July and August it
doesn’t stop you joining (please contact Ms Wyles in the school office). At only £8.40 for a year, it is an easy
way to support the PTA.

                         Weather Lottery – the PTA has signed up to the lottery at 
                or via the school website at www.chapel­en­le­ 
                to support the running of the new minibus.  It is open to 
                         anyone over 16 years of age.  For every £1 invested the PTA gets 30p. 
                         We have already had winners!  Why not try your luck? 

v TEAS: Can you help with refreshments at school evening events? Please phone either the Chair, Jeremy
  Stobart (01663-751150) or Secretary, Janet Copley (01298-813164).
v If you would like to contact the PTA, please ring Jeremy Stobart, Chair of PTA on 01663-751150 /
  07748497220 or Janet Copley, Secretary on 01298 813164. Alternatively, email to school at and we will forward your message to the Chair. 

v Events: many thanks to everyone who supported the recent car boot sale and the world cup raffle.
v Advance notice: Why not come along to our next Committee meeting in September or the Annual
  General Meeting in early October. Dates will be in the first newsletter of next term.

Cashless system:
   Credit by cheque:
   We have had a number of parents stating that they are unsure whether their child is spending the money given to
   them on a school meal in the Restaurant. A simple way of ensuring this is by sending them with a cheque made
   payable to Initial Catering which can be credited directly on to the card between 8.00 a.m. and 8.40 a.m. (on any
   day) in the Restaurant (maximum £50).

   Replacement cards:
   Any lost cards must be reported immediately to the Restaurant Catering Manager where the card will be stopped
   and a temporary card issued. The value on the card will be transferred to the temporary card. The pupil is given
   up to 5 days on the temporary card to find their original card; if this does not happen, a charge of £3 must be paid
   for a replacement card with their original details on. Please contact Ms Richer, Catering Manager on 01298-814677
   if you require any more information.

 Sports News 
The year has come to an end with a sunny and successful school sports day with all the pupils, staff, ex-
students, our local MP and parents outside enjoying an action packed programme with exciting races.
Congratulations to Hollins who won! The overall sports trophy for this year was won for the first time by
COMBS! Well done to all house members (and their leader Mr Jones!)

Other highlights this month have been:
   · Liam Thorpe who finished a superb 8th at the English Schools’ athletics championships in the shot. He
       threw a personal best by a metre-13.30m- and enjoyed competing in this prestigious event that was
       televised live on Sky television.
   · The year 7 athletics girls team won the North Derbyshire miniathlon at Tupton Hall School and the
       boys team finished 3rd. The year 9/10 athletics team also won the Quad kids event at Tupton with
       both Georgia Greenhalgh and Frankie Oakes finishing in 3rd place. Well done to all team members!
   · The camping trip in activities week, despite the interesting weather, was a huge success with pupils
       embarking on 3 challenging walks on and around the Kinder area. Pupils also enjoyed the delights of
       cooking, tent pitching, scavenger hunts and survival exercises despite the rain, thunder and wind!
       Well done to all campers; you should be very proud of yourselves! 

 General Notices
Whaley Bridge bus charge
The Local Authority has recently decided to re-measure the route for students resulting in a number of
households now falling within the 3 mile boundary and so not being eligible for free bus travel. If you are
affected by this you will have received a letter from the County Council indicating how you can appeal against
their decision.

Health 4 Life Programme
We are very pleased that we have been offered the opportunity to participate in the Health 4 Life
programme next year. The programme will be run by Dawn Whitehead and her team and is supported by
the Health Authority. The aim of the programme is to build youngsters’ self-esteem and confidence and to
encourage active healthy lives. We will be working with young people from Years 7 and 8, in small groups
throughout the year. Each set of lessons will be for 1 hour a week for 12 weeks. We will be identifying
youngsters who may benefit in September and you will receive further details if your child is invited to
participate. However, if you feel your child would benefit or you have concerns about their diet, eating
habits or levels of fitness please do let Ms Higgins know so that they can go on the lists.

School uniform is supplied by Headmasters of New Mills, Market Street, New Mills, (next to ‘The Torrs’
public house), tel/fax 01663-744254, email They are open from
9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Saturday (closed Wednesday).

Uniform can also be purchased from Finesse Schoolwear in Macclesfield. They are at 98-100, Mill St,
Macclesfield, SK11 6NR and can be contacted on 01625 616986.

The school believes uniform standards are important and seeks to maintain high standards in our students.

Please note: If you are unable to send your child to school in correct uniform, please provide a note for
your child to show staff. This avoids the need for your child to be challenged throughout the day and also
avoids wasting valuable teaching time by phoning home to ascertain if the reason the child gives is valid.

Pupil absences
Absence from school has to be recorded every day for morning and afternoon sessions. If your child is off
school for any reason, please ring to let us know on the first day of absence. You can leave a message on the
pupil absence line on 01298-811878 or, if the voice-box is full, use the school number (01298-813118). You
can also email the absence to We appreciate your

Uniform Costs
There is now help available to support the costs of school uniform for the hundreds of thousands of kinship
carers: typically grandparents, uncles and aunts looking after nieces, nephews and grandchildren. The various
schemes available are summarized by, the website for grandparents.

Key Stage 3 Assessments
Teachers’ final assessment of the standards reached by students in National Curriculum subjects by the end
of Key Stage 3 (Year 9) are submitted to the Department for Education each Summer. Individual assessments
have been sent to parents on the recent reports. An overview of standards achieved by pupils in Year 9 in
this school is attached to this newsletter.

Head lice
Unfortunately, we have had a recent spate of head lice, particularly amongst Year 7 and 8 pupils. Could I ask
all parents to check their children for lice and treat accordingly and promptly. 

College and Sixth Form Open Days 2010 / 2011: For 2010-11 Year 11 parents

Parent and student information:

Chapel-en-le-frith High School Post 16 Information Evening
Wednesday 6th October 2010 (from 7.00pm onwards)

Aquinas College:
Thursday 7th October 2010   (from 6.30pm onwards)
Wednesday 13th October 2010 (from 6.30pm onwards)

Buxton Community School:
No dates available as yet.

Cheadle & Marple Sixth Form College:
Saturday 9th October 2010 (10.00am – 1.00pm)

Chesterfield College:
No exact dates set as yet – we have been informed that there will be one in November 2010 and one in
February 2011

Macclesfield College:
Wednesday 3rd November 2010– post GCSE’s              (6.00pm – 8.00pm)
Tuesday 16th November 2010 – post A’Level             (6.00pm – 8.00pm)

New Mills School (Business & Enterprise College):
Wednesday 20th October 2010 (7.00pm – 9.00pm)

Stockport College:
Thursday 30th September 2010 5.00pm – 8.00pm)
Thursday 14th October 2010 – A’ Level & Visual Performing Arts only (5.00pm – 8.00pm)
Thursday 4th November 2010 – Construction, Engineering & Building Environment (5.00pm – 8.00pm)

Thursday 17th February 2011    (5.00pm – 8.00pm)
Thursday 23rd June 2011               (5.00pm – 8.00pm)

University of Derby (Buxton):
Friday 10th September 2010
Saturday 9th October 2010
Friday 29th October 2010
Saturday 27th November 2010
Saturday 5th February 2011
Saturday 26th March 2011 (applicant only)
Saturday 11 June 2011

New Facebook app to help parents keep kids safe online 

You may have seen the news recently mentioning a new ‘app’ that has been launched for Facebook to 
help protect children who are online.  If you have children who are on Facebook we thought you may 
want to find out more, here’s some info that explains it: 

This free application is designed to keep young people safe while they are having fun networking 
online. ClickCEOP is the name of the ‘app’ which links your child directly from their Facebook 
profile to help, advice and reporting facilities of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) 
Centre – the police agency set up to tackle child abuse.  By adding the app, young people and parents 
can get support from CEOP on a range of issues – viruses, hacking, dealing with bullying online and 
they can report someone who is acting inappropriately towards them online. 

If you have a Facebook profile, add and bookmark the app which can be found here: 

It's thought that around a quarter of eight to 12­year­olds are signed up to social networking 
sites, even though most say you have to be 13 or older to have a Facebook profile. 

Once added to their profiles, young users will receive regular messages from CEOP and its partner 
organisations who operate ‘behind the button’ to make children safer.  CEOP’s new Facebook page 
( will also contain polls, news alerts and status updates.  The page will look at 
topics that teenagers care about, such as celebrities, music and exams and will link these subjects to questions 
about online safety. 

If your child is on Facebook, get them to search ‘ClickCEOP’ where they can then add it to their 
Facebook account.  Users can either add or bookmark the ‘app’ so it appears on their profile, as not 
only a constant source of help and reassurance for them but also as a strong visual signal to their 
friends, family and others that they are in control online. 

Summer Holiday Junior Gym – Chapel Leisure Centre

Over the summer holidays we will have having an extra two Junior Gym Sessions per week.
There will be the regular Junior Gym session on Saturdays, which takes place at 10.00 am and
11.00 am with the extra session taking place on a Tuesday and Thursday at 11.00 am.

We are also doing a Lunchtime Special of a sandwich of your choice, crisps and a drink for £2.50, if you
would like to stay for lunch afterwards.

Book in at reception or call the centre on 01298-811733.

Summer Activities
Details of the Derbyshire Youth Service programme are attached

School Calendar 2011-12 Academic Year

5 September 2011                           INSET Day
6 September 2011                           INSET Day
7 September 2011 – 20 October 2011         Autumn Term: First half
21 October 2011                            INSET Day
22 October 2011 – 30 October 2011          Half term
31 October 2011 – 20 December 2011         Autumn Term: Second half
21 December 2011 – 3 January 2012          Christmas Holidays
4 January 2012                             INSET Day (Flexible provision)
5 January 2012 – 10 February 2012          Spring Term: First half
11 February 2012 – 19 February 2012        Half term
20 February 2012                           INSET Day
21 February 2012 – 30 March 2012           Spring Term: Second half
31 March 2012 – 15 April 2012              Easter Holidays
16 April 2012 – 1 June 2012                Summer Term: First half
7 May 2012                                 Bank Holiday
2 June 2012 – 10 June 2012                 Half term
11 June 2012 – 20 July 2012                Summer Term: Second half
21 July 2012                               Summer Holidays

KS3 pupils recently enjoyed “Mathsweek” during which they were enjoyed a series of puzzles,
games, competitions and online activities.

Congratulations go to everyone who took part but most especially to the winners.
Fancy Dress competition:
1st . Shannon Bentley and Yasmin Jones ( 118 girls)
2nd. Jack Bullock (007)
3rd. Maria Lynam (cat with 9 lives)
4th. Tamera Carrington ( 666)

Poster competition winners(tied): Steph Hadfield, Chloe Hopley

Online maths activities winners:
“Ice Ice Maybe” Oli Derham
“Bidmas Blaster” Dominic Stobart
“Pyramid Panic” James Williams
“Flower Power” Peter Burley
“Algebra Meltdown” Sophie Cocks
“Save Our Planet” Alice Piper”
“Transtar” Ben Bailey

Overall Joint Mathsweek Champions: Amy Whittaker and Luke Webb.

The Family Fun Quiz was won for the second consecutive year by James Davis and his family.

Huge thanks are due once again to our kind sponsor for the event, “Chronicle Accountants” of
Whaley Bridge.

Winners at Prizegiving Evening - Years 7-10 students:

                                             Combs House
Year 7 Winner: Mary Quijana                     Year 9 Winner: Alex Whelan
Year 8 Winner: Harry Hibbert                    Year 10 Winner: Cathryn Saxby

Year 7 Winner: Jacob Holland
Year 8 Winner: Megan Eastwood
Year 9 Winner: Ben Bailey

Product Design Winner: Josh Barratt
Food Technology Winner: Gabrielle Lamb
Textiles Winner: Jessica Lomas
Engineering Winner: Jack Walmsley
Catering Winner: Elysha King
Hall’s Mica Hardware Trophy for Young Technologist: India Lomas
Harry Hall Award for Technology: Kerry Thompson

Year 7 Winner: Alice Piper
Year 8 Winner: Joe Berry
Year 9 Winner: Ruth Worsley
Year 10 Biology Winner: Catherine Wheeldon
       Chemistry Winner: Joshua Bennett
       Physics Winner: Ashleigh Galley
BTec Science Winner: Megan Edge

Year 9 Winner: Nathalie Bedford
Year 10 Winner: Robert Weston

Lucas Trophy for Lower School Science: Emily Ratigan
Peakdale Molecular Award for Chemistry: Joshua Bennett

Year 7 Winner: Caitlin Coley
Year 8 Winner: Jasmin Brooke
Year 9 Winner: Macauley Quinney
Year 10 Winner CIDA: Carl Catlow
Winner AIDA: Ellie Goss

Business Studies
Year 10 Winner: Holly Robinson

University of Derby Award for Work Related Learning: George Prior and Gina Brailsford

                                             Kinder House
Year 7 Winner: Katie Llewellyn
Year 8 Winner: Amy Turner
Year 9 Winner: Jonathan Burt
English Language Winner: Sophie Parkes-Morgan
English Literature Winner: Robert King

Living Edge Magazine Award for English Literature: Bethany Shire

Media Studies
Year 10 Winner: Jordan-Leigh Copestake

Health & Social Care
Year 10 Winner: Lauren Welsh

ASDAN Life Skills
Year 10 Winner: Sophie Keable

Certificate of Personal Effectiveness
Year 10 Winner: Joel De Rosenwerth

Modern Foreign Languages
Year 7 French Winner: Kyle Knowles                    Year 9 French Winner: Scott Osbaldiston
       German Winner: Scott Lomas                            German Winner: Katie Lonsdale
Year 8 French Winner: Matthew Drabble                 Year 10 French Winner: Rowan Jones
       German Winner: George Buxton                          German Winner: Mollie Rowland

Year 7 Winner: Emily Ratigan                          Year 9 Winner: Conor Higgins
Year 8 Winner: Dan Taylor                             Year 10 Winner: Joe Malamed

F.R. Somerset Award for Drama: Leonie Price

Year 7 Winner: Beth Marsden                           Year 9 Winner: Ross Hartley
Year 8 Winner: Sadie Parkinson                        Year 10 Winner: James Whitehead

Young Instrumentalist of the Year: Jack Parker
Lucas trophy for Vocalist of the Year: Jennifer Hague
Lucas trophy for Musician of the Year: Shane Carrington
Chapel Male Voice Choir Award: Peter Danson

Year 7 Winner: William Jones                          Year 9 Winner: Rowan Jones
Year 8 Winner: Lorna Ormiston                         Year 10 Winner: Jack Cooper

                                            Bowden House
Year 7 Winner: Joshua Pearson                         Year 9 Winner: Lyndsey Slater
Year 8 Winner: Tiffany Zuccotti                       Year 10 Winner: Thomas Raper

Year 7 Winner: Chloe Hopley                           Year 9 Winner: Matthew Cook
Year 8 Winner: Sean Gleaves                           Year 10 Winner: George Clitheroe

Religious Education
Year 7 Winner: Kate Hodgson                           Year 9 Winner: Jake Gregory
Year 8 Winner: Amy Whittaker                          Year 10 Winner: Christian Ogden

Physical Education
Year 7 Winner: William Hammond                        Year 9 Winner: Alice Andrew
Year 8 Winner: Matthew Greenwood                      Year 10 Winner Core PE: Chloe Hall
                                                              Winner GCSE PE: Jessica Wright

High Peak Land Sportsman of the Year Award: Francis Oakes
High Peak Land Sportswoman of the Year Award: Rebecca Lisle
Robert Drabble Memorial Trophies: Ben Jackson, Charlotte Young
Inter-house Sports Trophy: Winners to be announced in house assemblies

Year 7 Winner: Hannah Owens
Year 8 Winner: Oliver De Rosenwerth
Year 9 Winner: Lara Dunn

Robert King (Head Librarian), Jack Ashton, Sarah Vincent, Jess Newman, Sarah Tolley,
Lorenzo Llull-Grimshaw, David Twaites, Ben Bailey, Charlotte Liddle, Niall Burgess, Joshua Bennett,
James Davis

                                             Hollins House

Pupils Achieving 100% Attendance:
Year 7        Tegan Barber, Jordan Barlow, Callum Barnes, Ryan Bowden, Tamera Carrington,
              Rebecca Coe, Gregory Davis, Adam Dranfield, Ryan Hancock, George Hill,
              Jacob Holland, Kyle Knowles, Katie Llewellyn, Jessica Lloyd, Nathan Lomas,
              Alice Piper, Nadia-Mei Ribot-Smith, Matthew Soles, Callum Vernon, Imogen Wilkins

Year 8          Max Armstong, Nicole Bergin, Joseph Berry, Kai Birch, Megan Eastwood,
                Lauren Griffiths, Benjamin Losel, Liam Mellor, George Newman,
                Lorna Ormiston, Mark Quijana, Ben Shelmerdine, Jasmin Stokes

Year 9          Lindsay Adams, Megan Breslin, Danielle Cass, Matthew Cook, Samuel Coulduck,
                Ellie Drayson, Ross Hartley, Alexander Norman, Matthew Plant, James Rothwell,
                Victoria-Lee Southern, James Wickham, Nikita Wright

Year 10         Joshua Bennett, Hannah Bowers, Carl Catlow, James Davis, Ryan Flynn,
                Matthew Green, Eleanor Holland, Jessica Lomas, Jacob Miller, Christian Ogden,
                Thomas Raper, Mollie Rowland, Sarah Tolley, Lauren Welsh, Catherine Wheeldon,
                James Whitehead

House Merit Prizes
Kinder – Claire Hesketh                 Combs – Kieran Bradley
Hollins – Matthew Cooper                Bowden – Rebecca Coe
Ferodo Mogul Friction Trophy (highest individual merits): Kieran Bradley
Cartledge House Trophy (awarded to the house with the highest number of total merits): To be announced

Academic Excellence
Year 7 Awards for Academic Excellence: Rebecca Coe, Chloe Hopley, Claire Hesketh,
Matthew Whelan, Joel Barnett, George Biggin
Year 8 Awards for Academic Excellence: Martyn Bonham, Millie McDonald-Webb, Amy Whittaker,
Sophie Cocks, Jack Robinson, Benjamin Hall

Year 9 Awards for Academic Excellence: Rhiannon Williams, Lindsay Adams, Alice Andrew,
Alexander Whelan, Jonathan Burt, Ben Bailey

Year 10 Awards for Academic Excellence: Bethany Shire, Gabrielle Lamb, Robert King,
Sarah Vincent, Leonie Price, Robert Weston, Tobias Gundry-White

Babcock and Brown Award for All-Round Achievement: Robert King
Tom James Award for Excellence: Jennifer Hague
The Robert Barratt Trophy for Progress: Olivia Lander

Service to the School Community
PTA Award for Contribution to School Life: Rebecca Lisle
United Co-op Award for Contribution to the Community (Years 7 & 8): Daniel Taylor
United Co-op Award for Contribution to the Community (Years 9 & 10): Holly Robinson
Victor Burdekin Award for Contribution to the Community: Jamie Beswick
St Thomas Beckett Award: Joshua Stanton
Buxton Rotary Club Award (dedication to community): Hannah Mycock
Finess of Macclesfield Award for Community Well-Being: Danni Parker
J S Sports Award for Community Cohesion: John Cossee
Smiths of Marple Award for Ambassadorship: Jessica Newman