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					                                   Self Advocates in Leadership

                           SAIL UPDATE
                                                 July 2010

   Hard to believe it’s already July! Hope you are having a great summer!
   September 14, 2010 is our first meeting at the Airport (see insert)

         Betty Schwieterman from Disability Rights Washington comes to SAIL
Betty Schwieterman and George Adams have been attending a meeting about abuse and
neglect. They were wanting to bring some questions to the group. A couple key
questions were: What are the resources out in the community for people who have
experienced abuse and neglect? And, Who would you tell if you were being abused?
This is good information for the larger group as they decide what to do next. Thank
you, your comments really make a difference!

                  Began Work on our 2011 Legislative Agenda!
The group had limited time to talk about the 2011 Legislative Agenda. It was decided
that the FAIR slogan should be used again including the puzzle pieces. Everyone still
really likes the overall look of the brochure. We are planning to take an updated
picture at the September meeting. So now the group has the real work ahead,
deciding on issues. Come and make your voice heard!
          Nominate Someone for the Chris Purnell Advocacy Award
Chris Purnell was a member of SAIL who we honor with an Award in his name. He was
positive, had no problem with speaking out and was willing to get in the middle of
advocacy things. Do you know someone with these qualities? Who has worked
particularly hard in advocacy this year? If you would like to let nominate someone
please let Emily know at 1-888-754-8798. Thank You!

                                    A Note from the Chair
July 2010
Hello Everyone!
Please be ready to work on our legislative agenda. Think about what is most important
to you this session. We want to keep the services we have, so we will have to work
hard! Think about who would be good to receive the Chris Purnell Advocacy Award.
Ken Larson, Chair
            For more information about SAIL, contact Emily Rogers:; 1.888.754.8798
                          Brian Dahl Brings Information to SAIL
Brian Dahl from the Developmental Disabilities Council brought information about how
to get connected to some surveys that the Council is doing. There is money for people
to earn for going out on the surveys with Brian. He also brought the latest values
statement that we are continuing to work on. Thanks for coming Brian!

  SAIL Meeting Announcement
                                   Tuesday August 10, 2010
                                      1:00 pm-4:00 pm
                                    La Quinta Inn-Seatac
                                      2824 South 188th Street
                                         Seattle, WA 98188
                                       Phone: (206) 241-5211

       1:00           Welcome and Introductions

       1:15           Conversation about SAIL’s 2011 Legislative Agenda

       2:00           Break

       2:15           Conversation about SAIL’s 2011 Legislative Agenda (Continued)

       2:45           Nomination’s for Chris Purnell Advocacy Award

       3:00           Where is the meeting going to be next month?

       3:30           Next Steps

       4:00           Go Home!
              For more information about SAIL, contact Emily Rogers:; 1.888.754.8798