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					 Tender Document for Supply, Installation and Maintenance of Integrated
                         Software on Accounts and Administration
          (HRIS, Attendance, Leave, Salary and Accounts Management System and Reporting)

                                 Part-I             Technical Bid
Section –I: Organisation Details
Company Name
Establishment Details
(Central Govt/ State Govt/Public Ltd/Pvt Ltd
Company registration no
Telephone Number
Fax Number
Contact Person
Description of Vendor
Branch offices Details
Statutary Registration Details
(VAT, CST, Service Tax, PAN, EPF etc)
Total Years of Existence
Services Offered
USP of the organisation
Quality Certification
If any

Section –II: Company Overview (not more than 600 words)

Section-III: List of similar projects Executed for Central / State Government Organisations or PSUs
in the last five years

Section–IV: Brief Introduction to similar projects Executed for Central Government
Organisations (if any)
Section-V: Requirement Scope and Options

5.1 Scope of Work
       Functional requirement study and analysis for finalising the requirements.
       Design, Develop and customise and supply the software solution with the system modules
        and features mentioned below.
       Strictly open source platform is to be used to develop the software application.
       Installation and configuration of server software and commissioning the software application
        with dummy data.
       Data migration and entry of essential master data for commissioning the solution.
       User training for application users and system administrator.
       Technical support during the warranty period of two years.

5.2 Software Architecture and Technology Options

The following technology options are proposed for implementing the software solution
        Sl No         Technology     Browser         Application RDBMS               Platform

5.3 Overview of the Solution (not more than 200 words)

5.4 Required Application System modules
State of the art Open source technology is to be used to develop the Application.
System Modules:
       General Administration
       HRIS –Human Resource Information System
       Biometric Attendance and Leave Management System
       Payroll & Accounts Management (As per 6th CPC and common format of accounts applicable
        for Central govt autonomous organisations)
       Purchase and Stores Accounting and Management
       Authentication/System Administration
       Reporting

5.5 Functionalities required from the proposed solution

System Management
       User Account creation and modification
       User Roles allocation and modification
       Date back-up recovery
HR & General Admin
       Employee Information System
       Recruitment management
       Probation management
       Leave management
       Loan management System
       Medical, LTA/LTC Reimbursement
       Appraisal management
       Exit management-Retirement, Resignation & Termination
       Travel & Tour management – Domestic and Foreign
       Transfer management
       Receipt & Despatch management
       Asset Management
Payroll Management
       Payroll System
       Attendance Management(Biometric)
       Personal Income tax management
       Pension management
       Loan accounting
       PF accounting
       Pay Bill, Salary Slip & Salary Register
       Arrears
       Abstract of salary
       Schedules of PF , LIC ,PT ,Incom tax ,Loans etc.
Purchase , Stores & Purchase Account management
       EMD management-Refunding/Cancelling
       Negotiations & order placing
       Receipt, cross checking and installation of equipments
       Stock registering – pass – order preparation

       Sanctioned bill and invoice to accounts for payment
       Closing/ reopening of the purchase record
       Account wise purchase details
       Classification and stocking
       Automatic updating of stock on purchase and distribution
       Stock verification
       Annual stock reports
       Automatic recording alerts
       Utilization analysis
       Performance evaluation of purchase and distribution
       Part payment management
Financial Accounting & Management:
       General Ledger
       Accounts receivables
       Accounts payable
       Costing
       Budget
       Fixed deposits accounting
       Voucher – entry authorisation, Payment
       Budget check/Control
       Fixed asset accounting
       Bank reconciliation
       P&L Balance Sheet
       TDS Accounting while payment/ Receipt transaction

Note: The above mentioned functionalities are only indicative, however the actual requirement may

Section-6: Required General Technical Features of the Solution

    1. Technology:
        a. State of the art open source software technologies.
        b. Web browser user interface for all functionalities
        c. Multi tier web technology architecture with each tier fully independent

       d. Support of multiple OS and support of All commercial web browsers such as Internet
            explorer, firefox, etc
   2. Standard Features:
       a. Scalable upgradable robust and secured
       b. Real-time application for providing real-time information to all stake holders
       c. Internet based application
       d. Integrated solution with single time data capture. No duplicate data entries.
       e. Built in automated data backup and restore feature.
       f.   Administrator defined roles and privileges to users and groups.
       g. Online help manual
   3. Security Features
       a. Authentication of users with unique “Userid” and “Password”. Authorisation of users
            with roles and privileges for specific functionalities
       b. Secured login functionality with lock out features
       c. Secured database without any direct access to database
       d. Multiple levels of Access rights(Delete/Edit/View etc)
       e. Audi trail- Transaction log and user log
   4. Administrative Features
       a. Easier for deployment and administration
       b. Definition of users and groups relation in the system
       c. Option for creating new users and groups in the system
       d. Option for granting Access rights to users and groups
       e. Option for taking data backup at predefined frequency.

Section-7: Project Schedule (Maximum 50 Weeks)
                   Sl No             Activity           Time in       Duration in weeks

Section-8: Required Hardware and Software Infrastructure:

       8.1 List of IT Hardware and Software Infrastructure required and will be supplied by
            the vendor
              Sl No      Description/ Specifications            Qty           Unit

        8.2 Networkking to be provided by BOPT(ER):
           i.   Local Area Network within the enterprise for all departments who need to have
                access to the solution.
          ii.   External Connectivity using leased line connection and/or broadband connection for
                interlocation connectivity and for online document filing with hardware routers and
Section-9: The general and Payment terms and conditions
   i.   The price quoted by the tenderer shall be inclusive of the additional hardware and software
        required for running the application.
  ii.   The price quoted shall remain valid for a period of six months from the date of opening the
        Tender or till the completion of the work.
 iii.   No Travel Expenses on any context shall be reimbursed by the BOPT (ER) to the members
        of the party developing the software.
 iv.    The software shall be tested by a third party selected by BOPT(ER) before releasing the
        payment towards the work of vendor.
  v.    Refundable Earnest Money Deposit @ 2.5% of the cost quoted is required to be paid in
        the form of DD in favour of Director, BOPT(ER), Kolkata and Payable at Kolkata,
        along with this Tender Form. If the same is not paid, the tender will be treated as invalid
        and will not be considered at all.
 vi.    The tenderer to whom the work order will be issued have to pay a security deposit @
        15% of the cost quoted in the form of Bank Guarantee within ten days from the date of
        intimation of the release of work order, on Receipt of the Bank guarantee the EMD will
        be refunded to the successful tenderer.
vii.    The tenders not in accordance with the above mentioned instructions and not complying for
        the asked documents shall be summarily rejected. All conditions mentioned in this document
        must be concurrently fulfilled.
viii.   Fall Clause : In case of reduction in taxes/levies by the Government during the period, the
        benefit of the same shall be passed on the BOPT(ER)
 ix.    Risk Purchase Clause : If the tenderer fails to complete the work as per the requirements,
        BOPT (ER) shall have the right to get it completed from the open market at a higher cost
        which shall be recovered from the tenderer.
  x.    Penalty (for late delivery) clause for upto 15 days : Penalty for late delivery will be charged
        @ 0.5% of total value per 5 days up to a delay of three months or @10% of the total quoted
        value per 5 days subject to maximum of total value of the cost quoted.
 xi.    Shortcomings, in the tender submitted if any, will not be informed to the tenderers.
xii.    The supply order will be placed in the name mentioned in cash-receipt/       Income tax, Sales
        Tax statement and for any reason change in name of supplier will not be made.

 xiii.   The contract agreement (MOU) for this work is liable to be terminated at any time later, in
         case any of the information furnished by the tenderer is found to be untrue.
 xiv.    Free training after the implementation will be provided to the employees of this Board for
         minimum five days by the vendor.
  xv.    Free Comprehensive onsite warranty of the Software inclusive of scope of further upgradation
         with 15 more reports for a period of two years after certification of successful implementation
         by the appropriate authority will be provided by the successful bidder.
 xvi.    The mode of payment shall be as under : Following Payment Schedule should be maintained
         (slight adjustment will be made at the time of signing of MOU).
                      i. 30% - On submission of complete documents on Software requirement after
                         study of the existing system.
                     ii. 30% On installation of the developed of Software after testing at the
                         Vendor’s place.
                    iii. 20% After successful implementation after installation (error and bugs less
                         than 2%).
                     iv. 10% After one year completion of successful running of the system.
                     v. 10% After two years completion of running of the system.
xvii.    The Director, BOPT (ER) reserves the right of rejecting any or all the tenders without
         assigning any reason.
xviii.   In all the above cases, the payment shall be released only after certification from a third party
         selected for the purpose.
 xix.    Additional information regarding functioning of BOPT (ER), present system of
         computerization, hardware available, etc. may be had by visiting the office of BOPT (ER) in
         person during 11.00 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. on Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.

                                     PART-II Price Bid
 Section-10: Vender Quoted Price:
 The following will be the cost for Supply, Installation and Maintenance of Integrated Software on
 Accounts and Administration for BOPT(ER) as per the details and terms and conditions furnished in
 this document.
 The cost for the project will be Rs. _____________________ (Rupees:_________________________
 ________________________________________________________________________) exclusive
 of applicable government taxes.
 Signature                                 :
 Name of the authorized person             :
 Designation                               :
 Contact No                                :


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