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					                                                                                       September 2010
Factsheet 5
External membership
This factsheet can be made available in alternative formats. Please make your
request at the Library Help Desk, telephone 01642 342100 or email

Members of the public may join the Library at Teesside University and take advantage of some of
the services offered from the Library, which is on Southfield Road. They can also browse stock for
reference purposes free of charge.

How can I join the Library?
Members of the public can access our Library free of charge through the Inspire NE Scheme. This
scheme permits access to browse our printed collection and access our photocopying facilities.
Ask at your local library for more info about Inspire NE or go to the website

If you wish to borrow material, we offer two main categories of external membership:

Blue Membership
This enables you to borrow up to six standard loan items (loaned for up to 4 weeks) at any one
time and is offered to individuals at £20 per annum.

Gold Membership
This enables you to borrow a maximum of eighteen items at any one time:
Up to 12 standard loans (loaned for up to 4 weeks)
Up to 6 weekly loans (loaned for 1 week)
Up to 3 overnight loans (need to be returned by 11am the following day)

The gold membership is offered to individuals at £50 per annum and to institutions at £100 per
annum. In the case of the latter, any member of an institution or company may use the corporate
membership card to borrow items, although we do require the principal contact from the institution
to complete the registration card and to be ultimately responsible for the return of all items

Are there any restrictions to membership?
Yes. You need to be 18 or over to access facilities in the Library.
Where can I get a registration card?
You can pick one up from the Library Help Desk or you can contact us by telephone on (01642)
342100, pressing zero to speak to a member of staff to ask for a card to be posted out to you.

Do I need to supply a photograph?
No. The Library can capture your image digitally for your library card.

How can I register?
In person at the Library Help Desk. You will require some proof of identification with your address
on it e.g. a household bill or your driving licence.

Can I pay by credit card?
Yes. There are a number of payment options:
      Cash at the Library Help Desk
      Cheque at the Library Help Desk (payable to Teesside University)
      Credit or debit card at the Library Help Desk or by telephone to (01642) 342100.
      NB. Institutional members can request to be invoiced for the membership cost. Please ask
      at the Library Help Desk for further information.

Can I borrow all types of material?
Yes, within your membership category. Blue membership only entitles you to borrow books that
have a loan period of up to four weeks. (These books have white date labels inside). Gold
membership entitles you to also borrow weekly loan items (these have a yellow date label inside)
and overnight loans (which are available from behind the Library Help Desk and have a green date
label inside).

Will I have to pay fines if my loans go overdue?
Yes, all Library members have to pay fines if their loans go overdue.

How much are the fines?
Standard loans are fined at 10p per day up to a maximum of £3 per item.
Weekly loans are fined at 50p per day up to a maximum of £6 per item.
Overnight loans are fined at 50p per hour up to a maximum of £6 per item.

How long will I have to pay my fines?
We will remind you of any outstanding fines on your account. If they remain unpaid you may be
invoiced or suspended from borrowing.

Can I renew my loans without coming into the Library?
Yes. You will need your borrower number and a PIN.

How can I renew my loans?
In a number of ways:
       Using our self services in the Library on the ground floor
       By telephone at any time by calling (01642) 342100
       Using the Internet by accessing your account via The Catalogue at
       NB. You will require your borrower number & PIN to renew items over the telephone or via
       the Internet
Where can I get my PIN?
If you weren’t given a PIN when you first collected your Library card, you can ask for it at the
Library Help Desk or contact the Library to request that it be posted out to you.

Can I access any IT facilities in the Library or from home once I am a member?
No. Membership does not include access to electronic resources of information or use of the PCs
in the Library.

Can I photocopy in the Library?
Yes, you can purchase a photocopy card from the Library Help Desk. We have a self service
photocopier located on the ground floor. B&W copies cost 4p & each card comes with 50 units (£2).

Can I request items that the Library does not have in stock?
No. Membership does not include interlibrary loan requests.

I would like to join the Library but cannot afford the membership fee. Are there any
External readers may apply to the Director of the Library for a remission of the borrowing
subscriptions in cases of hardship by writing to the address below:

The Library
Teesside University
Tees Valley

Please ask at the Library Help Desk to confirm if you are eligible to request an external
membership of the Library as a number of reciprocal arrangements are in place with other

I am a student at another university. Can I join the Library?
Yes. You can join free of charge through the SCONUL Access Scheme. Please check the website
for further information & an application form at Please note that
we do not currently permit access to our electronic resources through the SCONUL Access
Scheme, due to licensing restrictions.

Can I use the facilities in the Library without becoming a member?
Yes. Members of the public are welcome to browse our printed collections for reference purposes
without becoming an external member, covered by the Inspire NE Reciprocal Scheme for reference
access. Ask at your local library for more information on how to apply for this or check the website

Is the Library open all year round?
Yes, except for Bank Holidays and at Christmas. You can check the Library’s opening hours by
calling (01642) 342100 or by visiting the Library website,

Can I renew my membership?
Yes. Membership can be renewed up to 30 days prior to expiry. We will need to see evidence of
your continued eligibility, such as your SCONUL Access or Inspire NE Passports or payment of the
relevant fee along with proof of identification including current address.