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					What Is Zip Code?
  ZIP (Zone Improvement Plan) Code Established in 1963, in the US the system of
5-digit codes that identifies the individual post office or metropolitan area delivery
station associated with an address. The term ZIP code was originally registered as a
servicemark (a type of trademark) by the U.S. Postal Service, but its registration has
since expired. In many countries, the equivalent of a United States zipcode is named
postal code. A sequence of numbers and/or letters near the end of an address, which
provides some guidance in sorting the mail. For example, Canadian postcodes such as
H3Z 2Y7 and T0L 1K0 include both numbers and letters. Some countries such as
Great Britain even have variable length postcodes, for example A1 2BC or KL8M 9N.
A good zip code locator software can distinguish these types of international
postcodes to quickly understand what is required.
  The History Of ZIP Code
  Zipcodes set a milestone in mail history. The US Post Office Department in 1930
moved the bulk of the US domestic mail by rail, despite the growing transport
accessibility offered by the airlines. Tens thousand mail-carrying trains crisscrossed
the country, moving round the clock into every metropolitan area and smallest village.
Imagine the distribution ovehaul for the major railroad hubs of the country. Years
from 1930s to 1960s are remarkable for many great changes for the United States. By
1963, fewer trains, making fewer stops, carried the mail. The character, volume, and
routes of mail changed as well. More and more business oriented mail functons were
required - by 1963, business mail constituted 80 percent of the total volume. This time
also coincide with the penetration of computers, which brought a growing mass of
utility bills and payments, bank deposits and receipts, insurance premiums,
advertisements, magazines, credit card transactions, department store and mortgage
billings, and payments, dividends, and Social Security checks traveling through the
mail. At that time is was becoming evident that apart of generating so much new types
of mail, computers can be also used to sort these envelopes, too, by means of first
generation zip code locator software.
  ZIP stands for Zoning Improvement Plan which began on July 1, 1963 as a solution
to the explosive growth of business mail. The Post Office didn't require anyone to use
the new postal code system at the beginning, but in 1967, the Post Office required
mailers of second-class and third-class mail to presort by ZIP Code. ZIP code should
be properly written in capital letters and it was chosen to suggest that the mail travels
more efficiently, and therefore more quickly, when senders use the code in the postal
address. By July 1963, a five-digit code had been assigned to every address
throughout the country. The first digit designated a broad geographical area of the
United States, ranging from zero for the Northeast to nine for the far West. This was
followed by two digits that more closely pinpointed population concentrations and
those sectional centers accessible to common transportation networks. The final two
digits designated small post offices or postal zones in larger zoned cities.
  ZIP Code Locator Software
  Even though snail mail has taken a backseat to electronic mail, we still need to
communicate and stay in touch via the conventional mailing system, and will continue
to put zipcodes to good use. Think about that the next time you send grandma a
birthday card or need to have a package delivered to a remote area in Iowa. Imagine a
website visitor looking for a service station for his Ford truck somewhere in Texas?
Everyone knows one's zipcode or postal code nowdays, so it is a good start for a
search. A ZIP code's address and the city name written on the same line do not
necessarily mean that that address is within that city. The Postal Service designates a
single default place name for each zipcode. For better search, there exists a database
of zip codes and geo coordinates. Geo coordinates explicitely difine an exact place on
Earth, so given two ZIP codes, a smart piece of software can calculate the distance
and give you nearest stores, shops, stations, whatever you may fancy looking for.
Many zip code search software products feature advanced algorithms and innovative
approach to processing massive databases quickly and efficiently.
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